Updated: October 3, 2017

Although ghosts and shadow people could, arguably, be one and the same thing; the main/ghost are placed on separate web pages under the opinion that the two types of paranormal entities have distinctly different personality characteristics and visual attributes. Incidentally, the majority of main/ghost listed below, originally came from Ghosts Channel of the Undernet chatroom webpage which is no longer in operation although the chat room still exists.

If you would like to send a story to the site but unsure of the shadow people/ghost category, just send the story to me anyway and I'll determine the proper web page location. It has been along time since ghost main/ghost were added here, so if you have witnessed a ghost, please submit your story!

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Blog of a Haunted House
(long - 39.5 KB)

Eternally famous internet story by Brian Bethel

The Black-Eyed Kids

Stories of South Carolina - from Low Country native, Devkann

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Stories of Oregon - from Jon Norwood

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Stories of Poland - from Stephan Grass

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Journal of Ghost Hunting at Gettysburg

Gettysburg Day One - morning
Gettysburg Day One - evening
Gettysburg Day Two - morning
Gettysburg Day Two - evening