Subject: Re: Moms old house #2 For Carol
From: (Smirkie)

Date: Sat, 10 Jan 1998 17:55:08 GMT

Dear Carol,

Good tale. I had something similar happen to me when I first moved out to Edgewood, B.C. I was very pregnant when we moved into this old farmhouse. The stairs were very narrow and at almost a 45 degree angle. I was cleaning out the attic and was loaded down with armloads of stuff to get rid of. My arms were loaded so high I couldn't see the stairs and there was no hand rail. I thought if I just leaned against the wall until it stopped halfway down, I would be o.k.

Upon taking the first two steps, this lady dressed in homespun appeared in front of me, floating in the air. She didn't say a word, just held out her hands to say stop.

I took the hint and dumped half of what I was carrying and tried to go down the stairs again. No go. There she was again. I had to leave enough of the stuff so that I could see the stairs to go down. When I went up for the next was the same thing. She only appeared if she thought I was in danger. I didn't feel threatened at all by her. It wasn't that kind of feeling. I felt she was very concerned about the baby I was carrying.

I let it ride for a while because I thought my husband and the kids would make fun of me. Then, while trying to find a bread recipe that would turn out, something else happened. I was sitting in a chair in front of the wood stove, going through cookbooks looking for another bread recipe, when she appeared in the hallway between the stairs and the kitchen. I could see her very clearly. She was dressed in a gray homespun skirt and a shawl with a white, or almost white, blouse. She had a cap on that tied under her chin. She didn't say anything but she gave me a bread recipe as clearly as if she spoke. It worked so well (I had a goat for milk and good Durham whole wheat flour). It was a great recipe and I can't get that kind of flour here!

When my husband came home to eat lunch that day, he complimented me on the bread. I still didn't tell him about her because I didn't want to be teased. He paused after lunch and finally said: 'I have something to tell you and I don't want you to laugh at me, o.k.?' Then he told me of his experience with the lady. My oldest son, Nathan, walked by the table and said: 'Oh, are you guys talking about the Lady?' Just like it was nothing! We all laughed at ourselves for not being honest in the first place.

We talked about her, and by putting together all our experiences with her, we found that she had lost her baby to a fire. She was very sad and afraid for us, especially for the baby I was carrying.

It wasn't long after we moved from that place. However, when I had Luke, we went back there and stopped to show her Luke so she could see he was safe and healthy. Then we prayed for her release from this world so she could rest. The odd thing about it was that we never felt threatened by her. The people who live there now have not seen or heard from this lady in all the years they have lived there. That happened fifteen years ago.

Kate Davy