FAQ for Readers

What are Shadow People?

Are shadow people real?

Are all shadow people evil?

Where do shadow people come from?

Are shadow people ghosts?

Why am I seeing Shadow People?

What can I do to get rid of Shadow People


Submitter/submitter - Also known as "Story Submitter" is a person sending a story to The Official Shadow People Archives for upload onto one of three Webpages on the Website

Where you see email addresses in blue, stating: Send Email to (Story Submitter's name), the author is encouraging readers to respond and give opinions or suggestions about their stories.

Declaimer notices. Certain stories contain references to currently illegal recreational drug use. In some of these stories, the drug ingested produced the visions of shadow people reported whether intentional or not. The Official Shdow People Archives neither endorses nor encourages drug use of any kind but to be fair to reader and researcher alike, the mention of the drug use remains in the story although the reference to the actual drug involved, was removed.

FAQ for Writers

I am a writer. Can I utilize the stories from your website for my book/newspaper article/webpage...etc?

The stories belong to The Official Shadow People Archives. If the author allows use of their material for publication, this website gives its consent as well as long as The Official Shadow People Archives is cited in the article as well.