From: anonymous
Sent: Sunday, July 27, 2014 11:15:42 AM
Subject: My experience

I have seen a shadow man and I do think he was wearing a hat. He is completely dark black, darker than dark, no eyes or features but he is a full on man shape, very tall and thin. He is not a mass by any means. This occurred at my boyfriend's home in Rockaway Beach, New York.

One of the first nights there, I dreamt (BTW it seemed real, the dream did), of a man coming in and sleeping on the couch. I asked, in my dream, my boyfriend, ‘who was the man?’ He replied, “Oh, he is just a friend who sleeps on the couch. He will be gone in the morning.” That was a dream. Yet, I soon began seeing him while awake.

He appeared in the living room and stared at me, watching me. My boyfriend does not see him.

One night, I felt something was wrong; a tenseness like something was very wrong and there he was at the foot of the bed staring at me. I began praying. I know he was there because there are small lights from the electronic devices across the bedroom and this shadow man BLOCKED out the lights. I laid there staring at it, praying. Eventually it faded away and the electronic lights reappeared to me. He had stood between me (laying on the bed) and the dresser across the room with the lights from the electronic devices. My boyfriend has a dog that will suddenly bark aggressively at nothing. It occurs when I see this shadow man. I know it is not nothing, it must be that the dog can see something. At times the she shakes and becomes very frightened; nothing calms her. My boyfriend claims it is fireworks or gunfire out of OUR hearing range.

Once, I was ironing in bright sunlight and suddenly felt something was watching me. Something was wrong and I slowly turned around to see a dark shadow man watching me. I thought I felt its breath. I prayed over the house each time I saw it. Then things calmed down. The dog seemed calmer then too.

One day, my boyfriend and I came into the house in BRIGHT summertime sunshine and as we ascended the staircase, I saw the full on shadow man standing, this time on the first floor watching us. I felt it had moved down to the first floor because I prayed over the apartment upstairs. Also one night, as my boyfriend slept, I saw it walk into the bedroom. I prayed and it vanished but my boyfriend awoke very upset from a dream. I asked him, “What were you dreaming?” He refused to say, said it was very horrible and demonic he seemed very upset. We prayed nightly and it seemed to improve. I have to tell him about the shadow man. I did not want to because he fears such things.