From: Bronwen Black
Subject: Shadow experience
Date: Sun, 24 Oct 2004 17:51:54 -0500

Hello, I don't know if this is the right e-mail to write to, but I thought I'd give it a try.

Well I'm only fifteen and I've already had several experiences with the shadow man and such. I have fallen asleep, and woken up with bruises or marks that look almost like writing and don't wash off for months. I actually have some on my upper right arm right now, and it won't seem to wash off and has been there for two weeks. Around Christmas last year when I was trying on shirts in a department store, I found several marks or bruises on my stomach around my belly button piercing and they lasted for at least one month. As for specific stories, I have MANY!

Once when I was younger, I was sleeping soundly when I clearly heard in a deep woman's voice say the word, 'four'. I shot right up. My room was empty. I remember this so clearly because I believe it was a sign, and one day the advice will come in handy.

In grade eight I was again sleeping soundly when I woke up for no apparent reason, I just had a sick terrible feeling. My eyes shot around my room and in the corner in front of my door, blocking my only way out, was a dark tall shadow. I couldn't see its face but I could see its arms and they touched the floor, with fingers that crawled along the floor to my bed. I can't remember a lot, but I woke up screaming and crying. My mom found me and helped me back into bed, and told me it never happened. For the rest of the year, which is a little embarrassing, I slept with my lights on, and would wake up every hour or so looking around, so my sleep patterns were completely fu<ked.

In grade six, I was having a sleepover with about four of my friends. We had attempted a seance, but had given up and gone to bed. We all woke up to the sound of Meighan screaming, she said a woman had been watching her and was sitting on her feet. We all tried to calm her down, when one of my other friend's, Krystal, saw the same woman walk by the door. We all huddled together and before we knew what was happening the fireplace doors started to rattle incredibly. I jumped up and put a poker between the handles and it kept on banging, but eventually stopped. We ran upstairs and told my parents what had happened, and they insisted a pigeon had just flown down the fireplace, even though, the fireplace was shut. You could tell by the knob above the fireplace opening.

Another time, this year, my best friend and I were sleeping in my room, and I woke up. And a small woman with grey frizzy hair was staring at me an inch away from my face. She had like... black make up running down her face. I just stared at her, it wasn't particularly scaryŠit was sorta peaceful and amusing because she was standing on Liz's face who was sleeping on the floor. And Liz was still sleeping. So I fell back asleep.

Doors have always been opening by themselves in my house, and lights are always turning on by themselves. My friends and I have affectionately called the presence, "Adam". I'm not sure why but it seems to fit. And Adam can be helpful. Occasionally, in awkward conversations, a light will come on by itself and I'll say, "Thanks Adam, very helpful" and that creates a really good convo starter. Even if that is taking advantage of these crazy miracles.

thnx for reading

There are more stories, but I guess these are enough, :)