Subject: Ghostly Indian?
From: Lee Taylor <>
Date: Wed, 23 Apr 1997 02:10:29 -0700

In the early 1980s I was working my way north on the Applalachian Trail (Florida to Canada, east coast) and was near the Delaware Water Gap by mid summer.

I had made camp just back from the trail next to a small stream. Just before sunset, I was finishing up fixing dinner and suddenly got the feeling of being watched. Not threatening, just there. Looking around carefully, I eventually spotted a man next to a tree 50 to 100 feet away (working on memory). I no longer remember details of him save that he had no shirt, a wooden bow, and looked like an American Indian ("Native American" to the PC crowd).

I motioned him over to my camp and at first he just stood there, watching. The second time I held up the skewer of game (don't remember what type, exactly) and he started moving my way. When I set the food back down and looked up, he was gone. Looking around I didn't see anyone and figured whoever it was just decided to go elsewhere.

I had to walk about 15 feet to the stream to get water, in clear view of the fire the whole time. I had my eyes off the camp for no more than 30 seconds, but when I got back, half my dinner was gone!

The ground was soft and damp and there were no signs of any animal near my fire. Nor, when I checked afterwards, were there any signs of human footprints where I had seen the indian standing.

Now I'm not a city boy. I used to teach wilderness survival and am skilled in cutting sign, but there was nothing to read and there should have been.

-- Lee Taylor
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