Note: Below is an excerpt from a letter my Uncle Ed sent me dated December 17, 1997. While I realize that no one else reading this knows the integrity of my uncle as well as I do, I can vouch for his honesty. It is not in hischararcter to make up stories or exaggerate. Neither he or my Aunt Eileen were religious nor did they ever express a belief in an afterlife. This is really just a simple short story about an after-death communcation and there are far more impressive stories than this..... still it moved me that my uncle, a skeptic, would write personally of it to me.

Additional Note: My Aunt Eileen died from heart failure and suffered many years beforehand from incredible pain that doctors were unable to understand or give her any relief from. My uncle, a New York City school teacher, retired early to help care for her.

Here is the letter:

While I was visiting in Michigan, your mom and dad told me of your interest in hints and clues from the other side of death, things we hear about and can't explain.

Eileen died on June 9th, 1992. Our bedroom is entered from our dining room through a walk-in clothes closet. One night about midnight, and about four weeks after I lost her, I had undressed and was just about to get into our bed when I heard her voice coming very clearly from the closet behind me. I was not thinking of her when I heard her speak. She spoke only four words. She said, "Honey, are you alright?"

I didn't feel amazement or fear. I responded in a very ordinary way as I would have done at any time during our life together. I said, "Yes, Honey, I'm alright." Then I got into bed and fell asleep right away.

I think she just wanted me to know that love never dies and that she was watching over me. I never heard from her again.

I know how she was. She didn't want me to be unhappy. She just wanted me to go on with my life.