Subject: My guardian is a Roman Soldier
From: "Ama" <>
Date: 25 Jul 1997 09:30:16 GMT

From Jude Johnston (Ama Nazra's mother)

I am enjoying the news group via my daughter and would like to contribute this True story for your interest.

It was another cold morning, about 2.00am. As I walked down the hall of my house the light of the moon struck the frost outside and threw back a glow as bright as daylight.

The things that I particularly remember are the amount of light in the hall, the left cheek-guard on his face and the studs on the bottom of his leather tunic. The other thing I remember was how calm, and at peace, I felt. I wasn't frightened at all, not even startled, there was only a feeling of something light, like a shawl or light weight across my shoulders, a common feeling I get when things are not ordinary.

In the hall, in front of the bathroom door and next to the kitchen one, stood a Roman Legionaire. He was dressed for battle, with a short sword on his right hip, but no shield. On his head was a helmet with the upright spines running down the middle, from front to back. His face was in shadow but I got the impression that he was an older man with hawkish features, lined cheeks and a large, slightly hooked nose. He was a great big, gentle, sort of nice, character and - he was as solid as me. We didn't speak out loud. Being rather deaf, sound is always blurred for me, but his speech was the clearest I have ever heard.

Here's was was said:

Me: Are you there?
He: Yes.
Me: Are you friendly?
He: Yes.
Me: Who are you?
He: I am your homogenius. (a rough translation of this is spirit of the house)
Me: Only of the house, or me?
He: Of the house, and of you.
Me: What about the children? (I had two very young one's then)
He: Only you.
Me: You have to extend to the children.
He gave a half smile and nodded once. The moonlight moved across his helmet as he did.
Me: Do all homes have one?
He: Yes, generally they aren't seen. (He said something about 'lari'* but I don't remember what, or know what the word could mean)

I thanked him for being there and for the protection and for meeting him. He acknowledged me ... and vanished. (He didn't fade, he just wasn't there) I never saw him again, but felt him about quite a lot.

My daughter continues the story...

Jude Johnston


From Ama Nazra

It would have been a few years later. I was up during the night, or early morning, and walked from my bedroom into the hall. I turned towards the bathroom and saw ... a Roman soldier. He was tall and straight and carried a shield with the insigna of an eagle with outstretched wings. (Now you have to realize I was about 8 when I saw him, and knew nothing about soldiers or Rome or insignia on shields. It just looked like a big bird with his wingsoutstretched, stomach first.) I remember not being frightened, he seemed kind and gentle, and watchful, as if he was keeping an eye on me. This wasn't my first ghost, my grandmother was but that's another story, so I just said "hello" and walked around (or through) him and went to the toilet. He wasn't there when I returned.

Jump forward 14 years. My mother and I were comparing stories about ghosts after helping to clear a haunted apartment I was living in at the time, (another story). I told her about the Roman soldier, and she told me her experiences. This was the very first time we had discussed anything like this, and were both surprised at the things we both saw that were the same. So, not all ghosts are bad, or mischievious. Has anyone else had an experience like this? We'd love to know.

Best Wishes

Ama Nazra
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*Editor's Note: A reader emailed me in March of 2005 and stated that the 'lari' refered to in the story is probably 'lares': "Lares are little known compared to the famous Roman gods and goddesses, but were widely worshipped by ordinary Romans in classical times. They have been described as localised spirits or household gods - guardians of crossroads, houses and families. Some researchers link them with spirits of the dead."

...and many thanks to Andrew Tanner in Australia.