Date: Tue, 29 Feb 2000 18:48:00 -0800 (PST)
From: Lainie <
Subject: Day 1 Gettysburg

There is so much to tell you all, I have to break it down.

I arrived Friday about 2:30-3PM. My brother & I dropped our luggage off in our room, then went down to Bashia's room to let them know we arrived. Our hotel is right next to the first battlefield that occurred between north and south at Gettysburg. Actually it was built on the battlefield. Lee's Headquarters is there.

Krick arrived shortly after we did. We all decided to walk part of the battlefield. The field was very muddy and lots of water puddles. Didn't stop us. I went back to my room to get my camera & tape recorder, Bashia, Bear, Mike and myself opened the door and was hit with a strong odor of after shave, Bashia said it was Old Spice. The room reeked of it. My first thought was my brother's after-shave spilt. First he said he doesn't wear Old Spice, then when he went to check his after-shave, it was intact. With in a blink of an eye the odor dissipated. We all sensed a male sitting in a chair in the corner of the room. I laughed and said I was in for a fun night and we left.

There are 2 original cannons from the battle right behind the hotel. A Few feet from the cannons I had stepped into an ice-cold energy wind. The day itself was windy. This wind was different than the weather wind; it appeared to be coming up from the ground in a tornado swirl. I called Bashia & the others over to feel it. We all felt it; I could not pick up anything with this energy. Bashia & I were the braves one to walk across the muddy fields. Walking across the field, I had my tape recorder on. In several areas of the field, we would sense energy; cold spots and we both got the aroma of gunpowder. Body odor & gangrene. We walked around the monuments than sat down on one to rest. It was a monument honoring the New York Soldiers, being from NY my self, I called them over talked to them, I started to send out love energy from with in, with in seconds, we were surrounded by energy cold energy. So I just talked to them. Bashia & Bear just felt them.

It was getting late & we had to meet up with others at a restaurant, we called time out to go back and get ready to meet the others, all agreeing when we got back that night we would walk the grounds again.

We got back to the room and I replayed the tape back. There are several messages on it; I do have to relisten to it. but the last message was plain as day it said, "I AM DYING." We all heard it. We all agree to what it said.

I played it for the others at the restaurant they agreed also.

Will end this one here and tell 'First Night,' in another.