From: "Lainie " <>
Date: Sun, 25 Jul 1999 08:02:38 PDT
Subject: [GhostsChannel] The Ghost Teen who played Chicken

Editor's Note: The names, "Galaxey" (also known as "Gal") and "RC" are #Ghosts Channel irc (chatroom) nicknames.

This happened back in June when Galaxey was here on her annual visit to my house. It is just one experience of many we have had.

We were driving back from visiting cemeteries, and were on a road I have driven numerous times over the years.

At one particular point in this road, is a overpass you drive on where there is railroad tracks underneath. It has a slight incline. As I approached the incline I saw a young man, a teen-ager, maybe about 16-17years old. He was walking in the middle of my lane right towards us. I wasn't speeding at the time but slowed down even more, not sure what he was up to. I turned to Gal and said, "What the hell is he trying to do? Play chicken with us?"

Gal looked and asked "Who?" She did not see him. With that a car approached the incline coming in the opposite direction. Soon as we saw the lights the boy turned into a big round light, an orb, and went over the guard rail down towards the rail road tracks. Gal saw his light form and remarked with excitement. "Did you see that? I just saw a huge orb! It went up and over the guard rail."

I told her it was the boy. Though I saw him in both solid and his energy form, Gal only saw him in his energy Orb form. Though I have lived here for about 20 years, I do not know the history of that road or if anyone else has seen him. Now when I see people walking, I wonder, how many of them are a spirit in solid form.

Hugs & Blessings