From: Christiana
Sent: Wednesday, May 8, 2013 11:47:05 PM
Subject: Southcreek ' traveling ghosts'!!!

Hello dear people,

My name is Christiana and my story is a 9 year episode that first started in 2003 at a Pierce County Washington apartment, just 2 weeks prior to moving with my husband (&no kids) into a 4+ acre little ranch in Graham, Washington. We loved the place immediately and wanted to buy it--so, we did.

Getting ready to move was stressful and we got into an argument four days before we moved everything out and into the new place. That wasn't freaky or weird but this part is:

When my husband and me got loudly argumentative, a shrieking personal portable security alarm went off on the coffee table in our apartment living room. It was mine. He gave it to me to carry with me in my purse or coat pocket to use as intended of course. There was NO WAY that thing could have done that as it required a flip of a switch to operate the alarm mechanism. Strange.

Next--we got into the same loud argument again on the phone a few hours later while Mark was talking to me from the new Graham address and i was on the apt phone. It was exactly 2a.m. There was tee totally nobody else on that dark piece of property in Graham where Mark waited for me with just a coleman lantern and some candles for light in that half empty house. Nevertheless a repeat- repeat- insistent repeat LOUD knocking commenced on the back door- (with no back porch step-up built for someone to even be able to reach up to knock!!!) We had no electricity going, and nobody knew we were even going to move in there yet. The previous owners had been gone for 4 months and it stood empty all that time. I could hear the loud rapping on the phone and my husband insisted on going way back there into the big empty storage and frozen foods pantry--which connected the back door to that part of the house. I had a sick feeling by now that something weird was lurking around us. On the phone, I pleaded with him to ignore it. He went anyway and flung open the door which kept up the loud knocking till he grabbed the door knob. Pitch blackness greeted him coldly plus a face full of dust and cobwebs. Nobody but nobody was there--or could have been there. By this time Mark, too, is admitting that "something nonhuman was trying to somehow communicate with us' and generally just be freaky bizarre around our new home, but why?? He then permanently nailed that door closed.

We keep working and try to forget it. Sooo...we finally get moved in. Great! We love our dusty little house, and I get busy cleaning and organizing it. We had been there about 3 weeks when 'things' just started happening. Doors would be found mysteriously open that I had closed to bedrooms that weren't being used. The spare bathroom faucet would be found running or the shower would suddenly gush water and switch off drenching the entire unit. Kitchen cupboards would swing open as I read from my recipe books or wrote new recipes out. Radios would turn off and on and my cats would hiss and run from things that weren't there.

Once, as I composed a letter to my sister whom I hadn't seen in a long time, a big air inflated blue exercise ball in a bedroom started dancing--bouncing about 4 inches off the floor and landing. Creating a ping, ping, ping noise, and scaring my boy cat who walked out very afraid. I was horrified but tried to chalk it up to 'maybe an animal was outside and jiggled against the wall and made the ball move' since we had a lot of wildlife out there.

I took my prayer oil around and prayed aloud to the lord while anointing all portals, (doors and windows). As time went by these things continued once to twice a week and we got used to it. But the times when I did get afraid, I would yell out, "Father in heaven! help me! They’re doing it again!” and the activity would stop instantly.

So many things happened out there that I can't possibly recall all of it.

Suffice it to say, the place was pretty spooky. I told nobody, as I was somewhat embarrassed about these episodes since I had little to no explanation for it. There were noises outside too--sounds of cars driving up then footsteps would be stomping up the steps and onto the front deck. I would hear the boot brush being used by what sounded like a heavy man wearing outdoor footwear 'whoosh, whoosh, whoosh--stomp, stomp, stomp'...I would open the door to greet the person and nobody was there! This started happening several times per month and continued until we moved out- even when the other occurrences started to slow down.

We no longer live there, and have no more of these 'traveling ghosts' following us to our new address. Been gone now for 2 years, and I did drive to the old place last weekend to ask the new owner if "they have heard or seen anything unusual while living there", and was politely told, "No we haven't". "It's a good thing then." I said, "Have a great Sunday!"

I do know some bad things happened out there years ago. We discovered that a man had committed suicide by hanging in the barn. Sometimes there are just some houses and places that can't seem to let go of old memories.