Subject: Yet Another Ouija Story
From: Squid <
Date: Thu, 09 Jan 1997 18:16:09 -0500

For those of you familiar with my previous posting (the one about my roommate and her dream about running over the little boy), this incident occurred the following summer while living at the same house.

My roommates and I had made a habit of ordering pizza every Friday night. When we were finished, we would draw a Ouija board on the back of the cardboard box and goof around until we found something interesting to watch on TV. Then, we would throw the box into the fireplace. On this occassion, we started out with the usual inane questions. We soon grew bored and as a last resort asked simply, 'Is there anything we need to know?' The board responded 'yes' and then spelled out the word 'accident'. It continued on to tell us that I was going to be in an accident involving a blue sedan. The accident was going to occur on the first day of school and I was going to be run over by my ex-boyfriend. Of course, all my friends found this very amusing. It also said that I would be 'presumed dead'. We blew off the prediction and settled in for an evening of tube.

Several months later, I was invited to the movies by a friend. I borrowed my mother's car, a blue sedan. My friend had just arrived in town, and we had registered for fall classes together earlier that day. As I was making my way through an intersection, a van ran the red light and plowed into the side of my car. The impact was so great that the ignition lock snapped and the keys flew out onto the floor, leaving the car running. I was in shock and remember thinking that I had to shut off the engine. I had heard the keys hit the far door and bounce off under the seat. I opened my door, put one foot on the road and reached under my seat with my right hand. My head and left arm were just hanging over my left thigh. The boy who had hit me came running around the side of the car at that exact moment, screamed and ran back to his vehicle. I looked up in time to see his back. A couple of minutes later his friends came around the side of the car and were greatly relieved to see that I was OK. Apparently, the driver had thought I was dead.

A short time later, the police arrived and took statements from me and the driver of the van. Although it was not my ex, the driver was of approx. the same build and colouring and had the same first and middle name as my ex-boyfriend. His last name was different by only one letter (Gregory and not Gregor).