Subject: Friends Ghost Encounter ( 1 page long)
From: Tim Waters <>
Date:Wed, 23 Apr 1997 22:43:46 +0100

First of all may I thank everyone for the response I got from the group. My friend found it very supportive and gave her permission for me to tell you about her encounters. Lens Ghost

Jane is a nurse in England, She has worked in various settings including a mental institution it was whilst working here that she met Len, He was one of the male nurses there. He was a very religious man and used to have many conversations with Jane about the afterlife, saying that he firmly believed he would go to heaven and if he could prove it he would.

He, unfortunately, had no family and when he discovered he had cancer. Jane and her family were very supportive. After a couple of years, Len became too ill to live on his own, and rather than go into hospital, Jane invited him to live with them. The whole family became involved in his care, with the older children going into him and just talking about the day they had just had, He became a part of the Family.

Jane had a bell system fixed up for Len as he was now Bed ridden and therefore unable even to get to the toilet without help. This consisted of a simple doorbell with the bell in Jane's bedroom. Eventually, the inevitable happened and one night at approximately 3am, Len died.

At this stage, the family did not know, as Jane had left him half an hour earlier and was now sleeping. Jane's husband woke up and woke her. He was a little shaken and told Jane that Len had just walked into the room and spoken to him, saying, "Look after that wife of yours, she's something special." He knew that it was impossible for Len to walk up the stairs so said it must have been a dream. At this point, the alarm system, sounded Jane ran downstairs and into Len's room where she found him dead. As you can imagine the whole family was very upset.

A few weeks after the funeral, Jane's youngest daughter kept on saying that, "Uncle Len came and read me a story last night." Jane explained that he couldn't have, as he was in heaven now, but Sarah was adamant. Later on that same day as Jane was tiding up, she dismantled the bell and put it away, trying to come to terms with her friend's death.

Several hours later when the family was sitting round the table eating their evening meal, they all heard the bell ringing and just sat in shock. They kept hearing the bell off and on for the rest of the evening despite the fact that the batteries were not connected and that they had it on a coffee table in front of them.

After that day, they never heard the bell again, and Sarah did not have any more visits from Len. Jane believes it was Len letting her know that he was right about the afterlife, But who knows...

This is just one of the many stories my friend has told me and hopefully I will post some more soon. The names have been changed as was my friend wishes.

Blessed Be

Tim Waters