From: name withheld by request
Subject: spook at the door
Date: Sat, 18 Oct 2003 17:41:30 -0500
To: The Official Shadow People Archives

Hi I am new to this site and have really enjoyed the stories that are here. I would like to share one of mine.

For as long as I can remember I have had strange encounters. It was a fairly common occurrence to feel the end of my bed go down as if someone was sitting on it. The problem is I always slept in the top bunk! I could do nothing but put my head under the covers and pray. It was not something I could talk about with my folks sense they were very "no nonsense" people. The four of us kids shared the one bedroom. I on the top bunk, my two younger brothers shared the bottom bunk, and our baby sister was directly across from us in a large crib. If one of my brothers needed something or wanted my attention (me being the oldest, like a second mommy) it was not uncommon for them to stand on their bed and pull up on mine which did at times account for the added weight at the foot of the bed.

But I am merely saying all this to fast forward to this.

At the age of 20 I moved into my own apt it was a basement apt. I had one other neighbor to my left so I could open my door and look directly at hers. She and I were it for the basement tenants. Any way not long after moving in I was watching TV that was against the wall that was directly by my door. Now mind being in the basement I was just a few feet away from the building entrance so day or night I knew if any one entered that building because it was a very heavy metal door! You had the choice of either coming down about five steps to me or my neighbors place or going upstairs to a whole other floor. So I became accustomed to the sounds of people approaching ok?

Any way my particular entrance door had a very large space underneath it, since I did not have carpeting it was even more noticeable. So in other words if any one was on the other side of my door I could see the shadow of them underneath it. I was watching TV when I heard my doorknob jiggle as if someone had suddenly taken hold of it. Let me tell you being a single female I was paying some serious attention to this! So I leaned over in my chair to get a really good look under the door and there was nothing. No sooner had I straightened up in my chair than this time the doorknob slowly turned back and forth about three times! I hollered out "who is it?" and it instantly stopped. I thought perhaps someone really intended to go to my neighbor's apt for she was very social and had lots of friends.

Back to watching TV, it happened again! I got up enough courage to go to the door get on my hands and knees and looked underneath the door, nothing! I got up and flung open my door and no one was there. I was shaken up but I did not know what to make of it. I went back to watching TV when it began again, I jumped on my phone and called a male friend to come over and spend the night on my couch. I felt much better with him there because he was quite a big guy and we had been good friends since the third grade!

We stayed up quite late that night watching movies, laughing and talking. I finally retired to bed after getting him comfy on the living room couch. I don't remember what time of the morning it was when he called out to me there was something at the foot of the bed looking at him! I told him I didn't think it was funny to be making jokes at my expense. After convincing me that he was quite serious, I asked him to describe it. He said it was wearing what looked like a tattered old robe, her hair was standing all over her head and heavily matted, arms folded looking at him directly! As he was telling me of it, it disappeared. Thank goodness I never saw it but the knob turning was a frequent occurrence and no I never got used to that! Over the years other things have happened that I will be glad to share should any one be interested.