Subject: About Last Night
Date: 6 Jul 1997 20:11:25 GMT

OK, I finally have something recent to tell about in this group.

Last night, I had a house guest. My son's father, Jim, who lives out of state, came to pick up the boy and take him back to his home to spend a couple of weeks before school starts. Since it is a 12-hour drive for him back home, he slept in the living room on the couch and I went to bed in my bedroom. My son slept in his room. This is what happened:

Around 2AM, I woke up suddenly. I was just wide awake for no real reason. I don't remember any dreams before I woke up. (Usually when I wake suddenly, I can remember the dream I just had.) I looked at the doorway to the bedroom, and I saw the clear outline against the kitchen window of someone standing there. I can see the kitchen window from my bed when the door is open, and it is illuminated by the security lights outside. I could even see the pattern on the kitchen floor, but all I could see was the shadow of someone standing there. I didn't say anything at first, I thought maybe it was Jim checking on me or up to get a drink of water or something. Then, ANOTHER shadow joined the first one standing there in the doorway, only slightly behind the first one. I could see their feet, so this was not just someone standing outside the window, they were definitely INSIDE. Now, I have two roommates who are out of town. They are due back today, so I thought it may be them and they came back early. I called out their names, and the shadows just stood there. One shifted back and forth from one foot to the other like someone shifting their weight impatiently. I was getting kind of scared at this point thinking either they were playing a joke on me or someone had broken into the house.

I said, loudly, "Stop it, you're freaking me out! Turn on the light!" They just stood there. I heard a noise from the living room. Then, I called out to Jim to turn on the kitchen light. He said "ok," then I heard him get up, and saw the shadows both turn and go OUT THROUGH THE KITCHEN WALL. By the time he got to the kitchen they were gone. We checked the house, and all doors and windows were locked.

Anybody got any ideas on this?

"OK, everybody in this room who's telekenetic, raise my hand"