Subject: Close encounter of the computer kind
Date: 20 May 1997 00:14:17 GMT

In February 1990 I was living in my parent's house in Biloxi, MS. My mother had died some years before, and my father lived in the VA hospital home. Behind the house is a Garage with an apartment above it, where I used to live, but I had since turned the living room on the upper floor to an office. The Garage area had been renovated into a larger living room.

A friend of mine, "Joe" Pruitt was having marital problems and needed a place to stay for a few weeks, so I let him live in the "living room /garage area of the garage apartment building. One night we were talking and we began to hear noises like scurring rats on the floor above. This went on for days, but when we checked out the office upstairs, we say no signs of any vermin.

One day I discovered that a deck of cards on my office desk had been re-arranged and layed out in patterns. Each morning when me and "Joe" checked out the office we would find the cards in other positions and the rat sounds persisted.---Perhaps there was a Ghost?

I set up an old computer and turned it on. on the "basic" screen I wrote" Who are you are you a ghost or what we call a space alien?--Use keyboard to reply"

Who knows? if the entity could move cards it could punch a keyboard--It was worth a try. For two days there was nothing on the screen. One day "Joe" came running over to my house, he was upset. He had peeked into the office and saw a chair stacked on TOP of my desk. We both returned and I put the chair back on the floor. We left the room and retruned a few minutes later--SOMETHING was on the computer screen!


I had NO idea what it meant--I cleared the screen and we left the room once more. when we returned there was-- YEAS EI AM LOOSTEE DG55488765 4N NNNNEED HHELLP.... 4 MMONS 5565654: K ZZ syntax error WEE LOOOVEE YYOU /////// ZZ C

I copied down the text and cleared the screen again.--Next I turned on a tape recorder and left the room again. Upon returning we found KND^ syntax error KNO HOME NOW SPACEE SHIP DOWWN 4 MOONS 3N SSPPKS S:SW 22, 55 SHORTT ON SUPPPPLYYS NEEDD ASST V9MUCHH PRUTT WAE KNNW UUOU FROM FZAJTT55487 ZZ C

Upon playing the tape we heard the rat sounds again, the sounds of moving furniture and what sounded like a chinese gong--There is nothing around that house that could make a sound like that!. We then heard the keys being pressed at "machine gun" like speed--no human could type that fast. I heard "Joe" coming up the steps and commenting as he saw the screen and his running back to the house to call me. Joe ---who was once an officer in USAF" military intellegence" (no kidding) read the message and told me that he knew a "friend" who had a "radio" that could talk to these beings---He made a phone call and read the "numbers"(co-ordinates) to this friend. When we returned to the office we found THANKS BRO PRUTT WEE G WEEE GONE Z Z

We recieved no more messages after that--and no more sounds.---Yes I know this sounds kind of "hokey", but I am only recording events as they happened. Joe could not have done the writing, because he was with me when we were not in the office---He had no friends and did not have the character or imagination to pull such a prank if that is what it was. The tape sounds were VERY odd and most hoaxers could write much better. If this was not a hoax, then it appears that "space alliens" have a kind of "astral projection "ability. Also many "ghosts" and "poltergeists" MAY actually be "space alliens"--something to think about. TOM

Thomas M. Ray/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\

M. Ray