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Subject: Shadow People and Hauntings - vivid accounts

Hello - I am writing to share various shadow people stories and hauntings of my house.

My house is over 150 years old and is in a small town that's had a history riddled with disasters and murders. I purchased this house in 2004. Things have started moving, doors opening and slamming, something throwing my dog's toys through the air, as well as moving objects before our eyes, old bluegrass music playing from a radio that wasn't even plugged in, (and was in a box), conversations heard at night between a man and a woman, footsteps going through the house of an adult and a toddler (you can feel them as well as hear them), shadow people being seen walking in my back yard (NOT out of the periphery of vision, rather, seen right before your eyes), voices on digital voice recorder. A blond woman is seen walking through the house as well as a blond woman wearing a dark dress seen outside the house in broad daylight. I am sharing this story because this stuff is real. There's really no one you can confide in when this stuff is happening to you without them, as well as, you questioning your own sanity. I've been plagued with nightmares while living here and have dreamed of the house as it was long ago. Oddly enough, I was correct with how I had described the house and details that have not existed for years. I'm hoping to be rid of this by summer's end when someone arrives who can assist in this matter.

A week ago Wednesday, we had a severe storm and opted not to go to sleep due to an electrical line arcing on a felled tree. My boyfriend and I were in the front yard watching the storm and the arcs when we noticed that my neighbors were also outside doing the same. It was approximately 11:30 p.m. and we started talking about this same matter. I invited them to come over and check out my backyard because that is where you can feel something wrong. It feels as though you are always being watched and that someone is going to jump out and do harm to you. Three guys and my boyfriend walked to the barn and they all peaked inside and standing right in front of them on the other side of the door, was an extremely dark shadow of a man. All four of them gasped in shock and they said someone was in our barn. My boyfriend shined a light into the building to show that it was empty. Now, they all saw and described the same exact shadow man at the same exact time, so, I hardly believe that it was something to do with peripheral vision and "floaters" in our line of vision.

I am including some blogs that I have posted. I have pictures of a shadow person inside my house as well as pictures of hand prints that have appeared inside the house. I didn't want to attach them to this e-mail because, personally, I do not open attachments from people I do not know and I didn't want this story to be lost.

I prefer to remain anonymous and do not wish for my screen name nor name nor pictures nor location to ever be revealed.

Here are blog postings that I had created regarding this house and my experiences. I hope that it serves your research well. I am an intelligent, 30 year old female with no mental nor physical disorders and have no history of drug use and rarely drink alcohol. I do not drink a lot of caffeine and I do not smoke. I feel that these are factors worth mentioning to vouch for the validity of my experiences.

About My House...

I purchased a house a few years ago that is more than 100 years old. Sure...sure, some would argue that, alone, would stir the imagination into believe the impossible.

My life was quiet before I moved into this house.

My boyfriend's life was quiet before he moved in a year ago.

Personally, I do not "get into" this stuff...hauntings and such. I do not seek this stuff out, nor does it hold any particular interest within me. I would love to have that quiet life again.

Do you know how unnerving it is to watch a door open itself and then close itself when there is no one there? Sure, this could be explained on a draft in the house; however, the door opened as wide as it would for a child and then quickly closed and latched itself again.

Myself, my boyfriend and friends who have stayed the night, have heard the sound of footsteps of a child running through the house. OK, it can be dismissed as imagination in the darkness of a sleeping home; however, not only are these footsteps heard...they are felt through the wooden floor boards which are also carpeted. Something runs through. People who've lived there in the past, say that they will not return to this property for any reason. They've mentioned the child's footsteps running through the house before my boyfriend can ask them.

The house has changed hands many times over the last century and most people have opted to rent the house out and not live there. One person stayed there for only 3 weeks.

People have had weddings within its walls...have had funerals...

The television has changed channels here and there on its own. Usually, it acts on some sort of cue. I had once told my boyfriend that I was tired of watching him "flip, flip, flip" through channels. Then, the TV started going nuts and going up and down in channels. My boyfriend did not have the remote in his hands any longer, it was sitting on the arm of the couch untouched. I dismissed it; however, it was timed just perfectly. Then, it happened again...the TV kept changing to a channel that was showing one of those ghost investigation shows. It did it twice in one evening.

My boyfriend and I were standing at my computer looking at parts for an old car, when I heard a noise. He was standing behind me over my right shoulder. He said "It wasn't me" and his eyes were wide. I thought that he had farted lol. His eyes were still wide open and I turned to look over my left shoulder to a cabinet that holds model cars. One of them had just moved in a 45 degree angle to point toward us.

My dog goes nuts in this house. He has short hair and there are times that all of his fur will stand on end...making him look like a weird chia pet. He'll growl and stare for what seems like forever.

At other times, he will jump around the house as though playing with a child and will do tricks. There is nothing more frightening than to see your own dog go away from you, turn his back to you and then sit, put his paw up in the air as though someone asked for it and then see him move his paw as though "shaking hands."

There have been times when I've seen dog toys fly through the air that he could not have possibly thrown. I say this only because my lowest ceilings are 9' and I have cathedral ceilings that jet up nearly 20' over the vast majority of the living room.

Friends have heard the footsteps, banging in the kitchen as though everything is being thrown out of the cupboards and my boyfriend's mother was awakened in the middle of the night by who she thought was me. She was asleep on the hideaway bed in the living room when someone sit down in the recliner beside her. She thought it was me for some reason. That same night, at 4:30 a.m., I had awakened to use the restroom and the door separating the bedroom and living room is glass. I happened to look out and saw someone sitting straight up in the recliner in the darkness (there was a light on in the kitchen). I thought that it was his mother and just thought that was weird and then went back to sleep. That next morning, she asked if it was me sitting straight up in the recliner. She didn't know yet that I had thought I had seen her sitting straight up in the recliner.

A great deal of other things have happened in this house from objects moving to odd noises. The intensity has increased. We had thought that we had found human leg bones beneath the house earlier this year; however, when we had gone to retrieve them, they were gone. We did save two old shoes that were buried in the mud near the bones below my kitchen floor.

I've asked for an abstract on this property, and none exists...strange. No one can offer me any information. I've gone back and searched the county records of who has owned that property and received names, but that does not help either; for as, most owners rented this house out.

The classic "orbs of light" and other occurrences have appeared in photographs of events at my home.

June 22, 2007

Another quiet night...granted, I found myself gone most of the evening running errands. The joys of adulthood

The dog did only one thing weird throughout the rest of the evening. He likes to sleep on the bathroom floor when I soak in a hot bath. He suddenly sat up, turned his back toward me and was staring at something very hard. He sat there very still like a statue as though looking directly into something's eyes.

Maybe he had seen a bug hovering in the air or something. God knows that I didn't see anything. Then, very slowly, he started moving his head around as though following something and then he brought it back to looking straight forward with that hard stare. The fur on his back was starting to stand up at this point as he kept staring.

He moved his head again, very slowly, as though watching a pendulum that did more than just swing back and forth. His ears were at full alert and he didn't make a single sound.

After about one or two minutes, total, of this behavior, he suddenly laid back down on the floor and started pouting. Anyone who has a Boxer knows their infamous pout that is more like a child breathing after a heavy cry. Their breath shakes as they breathe in loudly and they huff out that air loudly when they exhale.

In addition, there was one sound in the kitchen as though the kitchen door had opened and someone walked in. I got up and looked, and there was no one there. The door was still closed and the kitchen was empty.

Other than that, it was a quiet night.

October 12, 2007

Well, it's been a while since I've posted a blog about the house. It's not been for lack of activity...just time.

Tonight, the house has been more active than it has in a couple of months. It started with an old teddy bear older than I am that jumped off of a shelf. Nothing bumped it and it had been there for quite some time undisturbed. The bear belonged to an old family friend who used to babysit me. She passed away just before I entered 2nd grade. I received the bear after she died.

After that, bumps were heard as though a door was opening and closing here and there through the house.

A shadow moved across the floor and nothing had passed through that portion of the room.

The dog is viciously staring and a certain spot in the large living room (where shadow was seen and where bear jumped) and he's just being too intense. He suddenly sat as though told and continued his staring.

The bear was placed back upon its perch and we have been waiting everything out.

I did meet someone recently who told me about two previous owners of this house. One died mysteriously and another died of a heart attack. In addition, one of the relatives of an owner was a very troubled young man who finally ended up in a fatal incident with police. He was just leaving this very house before it had happened.

It seems as though a lot of pain has existed within these walls. A lot of pain.

January 21, 2008

Late afternoon, I decide to tell my boyfriend about the blond hair I'd seen the night before (I had seen what appeared to be someone walking behind the fireplace). He said that would explain a model of his in that same area that was moved 180 degrees. He noticed it this morning before going to work. He said that he came out to the living room and that the room was somewhat warm. When he sat down on the couch, he said that the one spot on the couch was ice cold.

Then, he heard a knock on the kitchen door. No one was there so he walked around into the living room to look into the driveway. No one there. That was when he noticed his moved model. Granted, we did have a group of people in the house on Saturday and someone could have moved the model then.

I do not know how to explain everything else though. The group that was here does paranormal investigations. It feels as though they somehow charged this house. I feel at unease now.

The day after daylight investigation

Yesterday, January 19, 2007, a paranormal group came to my home to perform a daylight investigation just to look around and get a feel for the house's layout for the nighttime investigation set for next month.

After they left, the house grew more active. Most of the activity, I cannot pass off as the wind twisting the walls, the house settling nor the mice in the basement.

On this evening, my boyfriend and I were sitting on the couch watching TV. The dog was asleep at our feet. Something caught my attention out of the corner of my eye to my right. I turned my head just in time to see dark blond hair just above the fireplace mantel (the fireplace sits in the middle of a room).

My boyfriend didn't notice it from his seat, so I told myself in my mind that I didn't see anything. At that moment, the dog got up and stood at attention, staring where I had thought I'd seen something. Now, if that wasn't creepy enough, the dog started wagging his tail. My boyfriend did notice the dog's behavior, but I didn't say anything to him.

The Investigation

3:08 a.m., February 23, 2008

It's the conclusion of the paranormal investigation of the house. I must say, the house was co-operative! An orb of light moved up from floor to ceiling in front of the video camera in a dark room (I could dismiss it as a dust flake, but those do not shoot up into the air). The orb appeared right after a question was asked, to the effect "If there is anyone here, make your presence known."

The swing in the backyard moved with no wind and then just stopped when everyone was finally looking at it. A figure was seen in the upstairs bedroom window in a photo taken from the backyard. I could see the shoulders, head, and the dark shape of a body behind that pane of glass (once again, no lights on in that portion of the house and no backyard light shining either).

One member of the group saw a blond haired person walk by the fireplace (in the same location that I had seen it the month prior) and a black shape moved across his camera screen. He tried to video this; however, when the camera was aimed toward the fireplace, it would not record. Aimed elsewhere, the camera would record.

Lots of orbs appeared in photos and a beam of light was pictured in front of the swing. Oddly enough, the orbs of light were only present in photographs around women. If a man entered the picture, the orb would disappear.

In addition, we were all in the living room except for one guy in the kitchen. I suddenly got a cold chill and I audibly shuttered and said "Whew, cold chill" and at that exact moment, a walkie-talkie started chirping in the kitchen as though it was being used. The guy shouted out asking if any of us was messing with the walkie-talkies...but they were both sitting on the kitchen counter untouched.

It will be interesting to see all of the photos, video and to hear the audio that was taken in this house. This house has its own personality and it definitely makes it known as soon as you walk in. The air is heavy and feels as though it possesses an electrical charge. Moods can quickly change in this home and the hairs will lift on the back of your neck.

March 1, 2008

My sister stayed the night on Saturday, March 1, 2008. We went into the backyard at night with my video camera. It was rather quiet in the yard, though I felt at unease being there.

My sister is a large skeptic and she's really wanted to experience something. When we came into the house and watched the video, there is a male's voice...rather a dry, raspy whisper that announces "go home" when we're in the backyard.

A week before, a little kid's voice was caught on tape as saying "wait".

Needless to say, she says that she's now a believer now.

September 27, 2008

Once again, it's been a while since I posted to this site; however, that doesn't mean that the house has not been active. In the spring, the house received heavy damage from a storm. I'm thankful that the damage was mainly just cosmetic, but it's going to bring about a remodel of the house on the outside this fall.

"Supposedly" there is an older woman out there who owns a history book of sorts that mentions my house. If that is true, then that would put this house at about 210 years old when we had previously guess-timated 141 years. Also, if that story is true....a woman was murdered in front of my fireplace in 1800 after having her throat sliced "ear to ear" by an intruder.

Last week, my boyfriend learned the story of a young woman who had rented a house in this area...and possibly this house...who had her throat cut by a co-worker who was stalking her and broke into her house after work. The woman survived and went through a lot of therapy.

Whenever I ask anyone about the history of this town, they clam up. No one talks about anything. I find that very odd...what really did happen in this town? I know that a lot of blood was spilled in this postage stamp sized town years ago via murders and accidents.

As for house activity...on Thursday, September 25, as I closed my eyes to go to sleep, I could clearly hear a man and woman holding a conversation in the living room. It was loud enough that I could tell there was a conversation, but muffled enough that I couldn't hear. I almost went out to check the house for intruders, but I knew that I would not find anyone there.

Shadows still move in the house and the sound of doors opening/closing still happen. On September 24, I was standing in front of the fireplace telling my boyfriend about the history book I previously mentioned in this blog and as I said to him, "It makes you wonder about the old shoe buried beneath the house" the door knob of the bedroom door (the one doorway that's probably the absolute original to the house), started to jiggle and then it stopped.

It's a little unnerving to see and hear this stuff, but it is home.

Friday, October 10, 2008

During the course of the past two weeks, the house has been undergoing restoration work. I know...bad idea.
Strange thing...once the roof was being worked on, you could smell the pungent odor of mothballs. It was heavy enough in the air to burn your nose and eyes. Then, the smell would change to somthing like old fuel oil. Some say that bad odors are a sign of a bad energy, or evil energy. As soon as the workers went away, the house cleared itself. I filled the interior of the house (it's a very large house with several rooms) as well as wafted outside and lingered to every nose available.

An old, brass key was found behind the door trim of an upstairs bedroom today as more work was being coninued. I went to each old lock in the house (the house still has its original 1800's Remington lock door mechanisms; however, the key is too small to fit any of those locks. I don't know what it goes to.

Wednesday morning, I was awakened at 3:30 a.m. by the sound of someone running around on the roof. At first, I had thought that I had fallen back asleep after Richie had left for work and that the contractors had shown up. Then...I looked at the clock and realized that it was way too early for any of that to be possible. I laid in bed and listened to heavy banging on the roof and then there were fainter sounds as though someone hammering a board to a board. It was freaky as hell and I was too disturbed to fall back to sleep.

I tried to convince myself that it was the new roofing and/or the siding that had been hanging from the house. I went out at daylight and saw that none of these items had made the noises that I heard and where I had heard them. It really sounded like someone tromping around upstairs. I finally fell back asleep at 5:30 a.m. after listening to it for two hours. It really sounded like someone working on the roof...but I know that no one was here.

Heck, when I had heard the hammering, I even looked out the front window thinking that a friend of mine had showed up either very late or very early to take down some wooden tents he had set up in my yard earlier in the week. I looked out to an empty yard and the tents were still, it wasn't that.

Wednesday afternoon, I had seen the image of a woman wearing a long, gray dress standing in my front yard, plain as day. I had seen her as I came down the stairs. It was a catch out of the corner of my eye and I had turned my head enough to see the woman standing there as I had gone to turn to enter the living room to the immediate right (my right) as I descended to the bottom of the stairs. I'm very protective of my house and didn't want anyone in my yard so I had stopped and turned toward the front door to ask her what she was doing in my yard. There was no one there. There was no one around my front yard.

When the roofing was torn away from my house, it exposed the very old wood underneath. It's such an old house and it's not had a modern roof on it. Not in the traditional sense. Sure, it had shingles down, but they were right on top of the original timbers of the house's roof...not even decking. It was really something to see and quite a mess as well.

Behind the aluminum siding of the house, the original wooden siding was visible. I'm sure that this was a nice house back in its day. Right now, it's but a shell of what it once was and what it could be.