Date: Tue, 29 Feb 2000 18:55:08 -0800 (PST)

From: Lainie <
Subject: 2nd day

We had a late start. We had to meet more people at the visiting center at noon. As I was getting ready, Pugs and her hubby came. {Hi Pugs! (Don't tell Pugs this, she'll get a big head lol, she is very pretty and ten times as nice.)} I had told Pugs of our plans that we were meeting people then going back to Friendly's restaurant (Ugh! who served hockey pucks as hamburgers.) Pugs went to explore with hubby, and met with us later.

We were at Devil's Den, walking around and felt energy there but was disappointed in not picking up too much when we met up with Pugs again. At that moment I was drawn, called, demanded to go to this wooded area. At the time, we were trying to get group pictures. All the time while calling everyone together, I was being called down to these woods; I can't explain it, but who ever was calling me was angry I wasn't responding right away. We took several pictures, when we were finished I just told everyone I was drawn to the woods, I don't think I even said good bye to Pugs; had no idea she was leaving if she told me I don't remember, that is how strong I was drawn to the woods.

I didn't know till I started walking there that Denise had the same feeling. We approached the woods, and both us went right to the same area. We had to climb on boulders to get where we were drawn. On top of the boulders to the right there were other boulders that over lapped each other. It had a cave like opening. We didn't know it at the time, but there was another opening behind it, and Bear was up on the ridge video taping it.

When Denise & I approached this cave-like opening, we saw, in solid form, a soldier; he got shot and fell into this cave pit then disappeared. At the same time again, we didn't know Bear was there. I guess you could say Denise & I were in a trance-like state. On the video Bear taped, there is an Orb coming out the other end! He got it on tape! As we stood there looking into the woods, we felt very strongly they wanted us there, yet they weren't communicating. I couldn't get any communications from them, which is not like me, I communicate with the spirit realm all the time. They were not talking. We just sensed they wanted us there and did not want us to go.

As we stood there, I emitted the LOVE as I always do to them, telling them it was ok. We did pick up they were afraid or hiding that was it. They did not approach us when I sent the love out to them, nothing, but wanted us to stay. We finally had to leave, as we were climbing down the rocks & boulders we both felt that they didn't want us to leave. And at one point, we both at exactly the same time turned around to them to let them know we had to. Denise & I both felt sad we had to go. When we met up with the others, I told Hawk & Mark, I wanted to go back there that night. We did, will tell you that later. From there we went to Little Round Top, I felt energy & saw orbs on the hill going up to round top. Nothing extraordinary at that time. We went back that night, had experiences will tell later. Then we went to Pickets Charge, again energy & orbs. Nothing extraordinary happened. From there we went back to the room had coffee talked a bit, then went out at dusk to 'The Pits.'

We'll write about that next post in 2nd night.