Subject: True ghost story
From: (Kermit)
Date: Sun, 02 Feb 1997 16:55:14 GMT

Here is a true story, it happened to me some years ago when I was in my teens, its one I will never forget.

Many years ago I met a young lady who I started dating, she rented a flat in an area of Bristol, England called St. Andrews, its close to the centre of the city and full of large Victorian style houses, many of which are now divided up into flats and bedsits, some have been turned into hotels.

The young lady in question shared the flat with a female friend and soon my friend started dating my girlfriends flatmate.

One day we of course were invited to stay the night at this flat, which was on the top floor of the old house, which used to be the attic, I shared a bed with my girlfriend and my friend also with his, however being a flat the beds were in the same room, sometime after midnight mmy girlfriend woke me and pointed out something strange on the wall, it looked to me very much like a face which was moving around the wall, shortly after there was a terrific gust of wind which came down the chimney, then the duvet cover on our bed flew off, followed shortly by my friends cover, with that there was a suitcase on top of the wardrobe which emptied itself on the loor then the doors of the wardrobe started banging open and closed and the window mysteriously opened.

By this time we were terrified and we had fled the flat, my friend wearing only a coat he grabbed on the way out, we stood outside the flat watching the window slide up and down and lights being turned on and off for what seemed an age, the contents of the wardrobe flew out of the window and landed on the front lawn, this all seemed like an age but probably lasted no more than 5 minutes, in the morning we all went back into the flat and it was a right mess, the girls cleared their stuff from there and none of us ever returned.

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