From: anonymous
Sent: Wednesday, July 28, 2010 12:32:10 AM
Subject: The Chatterers

I have had many paranormal experiences in my life, at only 24. So many that I do not keep a record of specific details, like dates etc. One that sticks out the most, happened 3-4 years ago while my family was away on holiday and I was alone at home.

If I remember correctly, it was a Sunday night, in 2006, around between 8-10pm, in the Autumn; it was dark outside. My Family was to return this night from vacation. I was in my bedroom upstairs working on some music, playing it over and over, very much in my own zone. You could say that I drifted into another state of consciousness almost, some meditative state I sometimes slip into when alone for a certain period of time.

My music is playing. I'm in a zone. I hear a loud bang in my room, or just outside of my room on the landing. It was a noise that was hard to locate exactly, but it was close enough, like 6 to 10 feet away. I have heard these bangs before, they come from nowhere. To be honest I kind of liked these strange goings on, they excited me. You could say I felt a little special when they occurred. I simply brushed off this bang, as there was nothing in it, just like the rest of them, unexplainable. So it's back to my music and I'm back in a trance, inside of myself.

About ten to twenty minutes, I hear a key go in the front door (which I have heard many times, to find that noone was there) and the door opening. People enter the house chattering away while walking up the stairs. They are really chattering away to themselves, I cannot make out what is being said, it just sounds like harmless jabber to me. I also hear the stair steps creek as they are being walked on. I assume it is my older sister with her friends. She lives away but often pops down to see the family, and I thought she had called this time to see the rest of my family returning on this night. I think to myself, "Oh it's my sister and her friends, no big deal, I won't rush out to meet them". Plus my sister is always the type to charge into my room and make herself known.

So anyway, a minute passes and it's all silent, I open my bedroom door and I hear nothing, I see nothing. I check all the rooms upstairs and then I make my way to the stairs. I walk down the stairs and to my shock, I see that the front door is bolted. I had forgotten that earlier, I had bolted the front door, it shocked me, this is where my hair stood up. The door was bolted from the inside, and it is not a bolt that is connected to the door lock which requires a key from the outside. I check the rest of the house downstairs and there is nothing, plus every single window is closed along with every door. Everywhere is locked up tight. Trust me, when I am alone in a house, nobody knows it.

This was another one of those experiences I have had that simply puzzles me. There is no answer to it, and so I brush it/them off.

Twenty minutes later I hear a taxi pull up outside, it is my family returning.

Was this experience some kind of premonition maybe, of my family returning? Who knows? One thing I do know, every time my family head off somewhere, and I'm left alone in the house, I start to hear things as soon as they leave.

I can remember this experience like it was yesterday. Hearing them people gibbering away as they walked up the stairs. None of it felt unfamiliar, it all sounded so real and normal, but nobody was there.

I first visited this website about a year ago. I read some of the stories and found a few to be similar to my own experiences, especially this one.

It has taken me quite a while to get this short story down on here, I guess I wanted it to be perfect. I hope I have been accurate enough describing this.