Subj: Re: Permission for Ghost Story
Date: 11/6/99 5:39:06 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: Marycarlyn

<<Hi All:

I was wondering if anyone had any "true" stories about haunted schools, that
they would like to share?>>

Well, as a matter of fact, I taught in a supposedly haunted school.

Two of our teachers were very sensitive, and spoke of a ghostly nun (it was a catholic school, one of the teachers named the spirit Sr Mary Drafty) who roamed the halls in the morning.

Other teachers also heard noises: steps walking down the hall, the sound of keys in the lock and the front door opening, only to see no one.

The school secretary (who was a skeptic) used to be unnerved by the fact that the supply room door would open on its own when she was in the building alone. She finally just started opening the door when she came in, so she wouldn't have to see it open on it's own.

I also taught in the room which had been occupied by a much loved kinder teacher, who died suddenly the summer before I was hired (which was WHY I was hired--sad way to get a job.). The only weird thing that happened to me, was that my intercom would buzz the school office on it's own. I would be working in a far corner, and it would buzz, and the office would answer, wondering what I wanted. I had to tell them several times in a row that I was no where near the intercom. I think the previous teacher was playing with the great new intercom. : )

Finally, we had a cemetery right next door. When I went to school there from 1st to 8th grade, it was very cool looking--very gothic, with weeds and very very old tombstones all around. Anyway, the cemetery got remodeled, and the cool tombstones were replaced with those flat boring tombstones. One of the sensitive teachers thought the new stones had pretty engravings, so for an art project she had her kids do gravestone rubbings. Soon after, things began to be moved around, misplaced, and vanish, including her report cards, which were due, and which she had on her impossibly immaculate desk the day before. She went to the cemetery and made amends, promising to never disturb the stones again. She went back into her room, and the report cards were back on the top of the desk, where she left them.