From: anonymous
Sent: Wednesday, October 15, 2014 2:28:34 AM
Subject: shadow person experience

My experience. Now this may seem extravagant or unreal but I swear both these incidents were as clear as day.

As a child, I always had trouble sleeping. I would wake all the time in the middle of the night. The shadowy figures I saw happened few nights in a row [until I closed my door to sleep]. The shadow people I saw were dozens of them. I woke and sat up in bed like I had done many nights before; when I look out my door there was a line of them, one after another of these 6 foot tall black shadow figures. They did not have any defining features connecting them to be individualistic.

The upstairs of our house at the time had our bedroom doors [3 of them] in a half of a hexagonal shape. One after another single file they slowly walking into the center bedroom [My parents slept there and I was on the left]. They did not deter from their course.

After a couple nights of seeing this and becoming increasingly frightened, my emotion turned to annoyance. Thinking things like: “Why are you here? You cannot just exist without cause…” type things. As I reached the peak of that emotion, one turned and looked at me. Just one; the others did not seem to care. It did not advance towards me. This is when I started closing my door. It was like watching a long line of people at the ‘time card punch’ just as a large factory shift is let out and morale is low. I never saw a beginning or an end to the; I would wake to see them and fall asleep blocking my vision of them.

I don’t know why but it never dawned on me to say something to my family before that but after the one looked at me, I told my parents what I was seeing. Never got much of a response but after recounting a few times, my father told me that he had seen them his whole life. He said that when he was younger, they would come out of the fireplace. My parents didn’t make up stories/lies to comfort, especially my dad. They would be blunt about things if they were ever questioned so I have no doubt that he was being honest and that is why he never really responded in the first place.

I did not see them again until a couple years ago. This was not a shadow person though but it had the same properties, very dark and slightly translucent. The size of this one worried me: 6' by 6' and manta ray looking.

We have lights on our driveway that are individually motion censored. Sure, they turn on randomly sometimes; we live in an area with bush and critters so it’s no big deal but this time, both lights turned on at the same time. Kind of rare but possibly a bird swooping or something so it could have been that. But again, rare. So, I was looking out the window to see what was going on and then there was this giant square/diamond shape that flew in front of the closest light. It blocked a lot of light out so it was physically there. If you have ever taken a bed sheet and looked at lamp without a shade the dimming mimicked that…the light was blocked but not completely cutting out.

My first reaction, besides being taken back, was that it may have been a neighbor’s sheets left out over night that got loose and caught up in a wind. I went outside to grab them but, of course, there was nothing there. The direction it was heading was downwards into our carport. There is a fence lining the property there. By the angle, if it was a sheet I would have seen it on the ground or hooked on something. While I was outside, it wasn't particularly windy either; a gust or two maybe but nothing consistent. After realizing that there wasn’t any sheets to account for the sighting, I got freaked out and went inside.