From: Mahisha
To: The Official Shadow People Archives
Sent: Friday, January 16, 2009 2:17:12 PM
Subject: Death Warning-Shadows

I found this website while doing some research about shadow people. I guess my whole story can be categorized more than one way.

To start with, when I was about seven years old I recall my mother speaking about death warnings. As I grew older I began to notice a pattern there. Whenever my mother would speak of shadow people, death knocks, smelling funeral flowers, ect., within a two week period, a close friend or family member would pass away. I know this sounds crazy, but its very true. My mother has done this since about the age of 15, and she has never been wrong. This used to frighten me, so growing up she was very limited on what she would tell my sister and I.

When my grandfather, my mother’s father, passed away, I was eight years old, I had my first encounter with his spirit, his face appeared on my wall, it scared me into screaming fits and he disappeared. I told my mother about this.

I am 27 now and over the years I have developed these same warnings as my mother. For the most part, shadow people. They appear mostly at night and I can feel their presence there with me before a death. I can be sitting on the couch and feel it looking at me, then when I look up, I catch the last glimmer of it moving behind a corner or doorway. It scares me quite a bit.

I also have smelled roses before a death, and recently my aunt Dorothy passed away, and for three days after her death, an evil presence was in my home, it kept me up all night long, and even when I turned on the lights it stayed and would not leave. Then next day I called my mother and told her what had been going on and she said that it had been in her bedroom too. Strange.

I also can sense spirits and feel what they are feeling... sorrow, death, etc. I am sometimes drawn to certain places, cemeteries, homes, etc. and I had been drawn to a house close to where I live, to make this story not too long, I went there to investigate, I had such an overwhelming sense of fear and dread, there was an old brick building in the back, and I was drawn to it. So when I went in, my skin was extremely hot and I felt like something was standing right up on my back. I also took pictures, which showed several orbs. I was drawn to the upstairs of the building, as I went up, I felt a presence of a man. I spoke to him in my mind as I was taking pictures, all he kept saying to me was "death" over and over. When I reviewed my pictures, I noticed when I was communicating with him, there was only one orb, in front of me. That night when I came home, I got extremely sick and couldn't sleep all night. I am not sure why I fell ill. That experience scared me, so I have tried not to tap in as much.

My mother doesn't have the senses I have as far as feeling and communicating with spirits, but we do share death warnings. Is this something inherited…or what? I'm not sure what I have, but if someone can enlighten me, or give me advise I would be very appreciative.


Ms. S