From: Lainie <>
Subject: Dani's Guardian?

Hi All,

This just happened a few minutes ago.

For those of you who do not know, I babysit for 2 of my grandchildren. Dani is 1 years old.

She hasn't been feeling good; she is running a slight fever, cheeks very rosy, and just plain miserable. Could be from her teething, she was born with a hole in her heart that has not closed up, so we are concern when she gets sick.

As she lay sleeping in her playpen, I went over to touch her to see if she was still hot. I said a little prayer over her and asked that her guardian watch over her and make sure she will be ok.

I then went over to the sofa & lay down. I looked up at the ceiling over the playpen where Dani laid napping. I saw a mist, then it developed into a face. It was a male. He has a long face, beard, mustache, short stubby nose, high cheekbones, balding or bald, his garment appeared to the type Monks wear, with his head partially covered. His eyes were closed, a relaxed closed, not tightly closed, as if he was in prayer and or meditating. I lay there watching him for about 5 minutes, and then he just faded.

Well, she is awake now, all cool and no rosy cheeks, all smiles & playing with her toys instead of whining & clinging to me.

I think his prayer/meditation has worked. Thank you who ever you are. :) Let me run after her telling her NO! Don't touch it! Lol

Hugs & Blessings