From: Lainie <>
Subject: "ITSY"

Krick, Don't know if you want to post this one. Hugs RC

Itsy and I go back a lot of years. I have always known he was around when he wanted me to know. I will start explaining Itsy at the point when I decided to do EVP's.

One day I was down stairs doing laundry, when I heard the front door open and footsteps. My husband wasn't due home from work for at least another 2-3hours. I have a forest surrounding me; I thought maybe a hunter or a hiker came in. I slowly walked up the basement stairs trembling. I get to the top and peeked out and saw my husband. WELL!!!!!! Needless to say I went off on him. I told him, when he comes home earlier than expected, to yell, "It's me!" when he walked through that door.

A few nights later, hubby was on the midnight watch, I was home alone, talking in my channel #Ghosts on irc Undernet (another plug) when I decided to tape. I put the tape recorder on the floor in the hall near the smaller bedroom. I didn't ask questions, I just let it record.

I went back to the computer and chatted away about Ghosts. About 20 minutes later, I started to listen to the tape. There was nothing in the beginning of the tape; my ghost's buddies were disappointed at first. They all have heard how active my house is. Then about 3/4's of the way through, I got a male voice as loud and as clear as if he was a Physical human. His words were "IT"S ME".

At some point later, I asked him his name. He told me again as clearly as if he was a human, "I'm not telling you!!!" So he is affectionately known as "ITSY".

Itsy is a jokester, and I hate to admit he always made me nervous. I felt he was always in control, he called the shots.

Another time I recorded, and he said something that really got me angry. Well I stood in the hall and told him off. Now when I get extremely angry my vocabulary goes right to the gutter.

About 2 weeks or so after I told him off, a very dear friend came down for her annual visit. She is like me, sensitive to the spirit realm. One night I had another friend over, the 3 of us was doing a circle. We had 2 tape recorders going at the time. Both were in the kitchen where we were. One was on the table next to us the, other on the counter. Well he gave me back the words I said to him when I told him off. He said loud & Cleared F-U. Gal, Susan & I went into a hysterical laugh.

We don't know what reaction he was expecting from us, but I truly believed it wasn't laughter

I will post other experiences later.