Subject: NEW HERE----sharing my experience----ghost story
From: "velcronius" <
Date: Fri, 29 Jan 1999 04:16:14 -0800

Ok, first thangs first.....hello to all. I have just found this newsgroup.

Well, I guess I should answer the primary question here----Do I believe in ghosts or spirits?

My answer would have to be a definite yes. I have been a lucky observer of super-natural phenom. Yeah, I know ..first thought..."He must be a weirdo!!" Call me what you will, but at least take into consideration the first time I saw a spirit.

I was a child, living in the middle of the block, in the house I was raised in. I had a friend who lived on the same block; at the end. My friend went on vacation and it was my obligation to care for her pets while she was gone.

"Not a problem." I thought. My opinion would differ later...for sure.

I spent one of those days getting involved with the fun and games that went on in my neighborhood. My thought of my friend's pets were a distant land that day. As evening rolled around, my mother reminded me of my negligence to feed those animals. I grabbed my jacket and the key to my friends house and hurried down the block. I stepped up onto the front porch and unlocked the door.

When I opened the door I was amazed at the sight of...I'll call it...a spectre. Definitely a man, he was very tall shrouded by a dark 'long-shoreman jacket'. He also wore a tall (also black) hat. I could not make out facial features, but I still 'felt' him look AT me. I was welded to the porch, unable to run or flee. I felt forced to look at him and wait for his next move. Luckily his move was to dash deeper into the house. Not a float-like move but more along the lines of bi-pedal. When he moved he was only shape- shadow-ish. He disappeared around a corner headed into where the kitchen area is. At that moment, I was released, movement was enabled, and... what did I do?

Believe it or not, like an over-done horror movie scene, I ran up to that corner to look around. I did this without even thinking about it. Looking back, I STILL do not believe I did that.

The spectre was not there. Gone. I felt a knot grow in my throat as I realized that there were no exits in that area of the house. Totally, solidifying the fact of what it was I saw.

I turned and ran home with terror pushing me faster. I arrived at my house to meet my father coming home from work. I was so out of breath that it took quite some time for me to tell my tale. My father went down and checked the house and locked the door that I had left wide open. (yes, he also fed the cat)

When my friend returned from her vacation, I asked her about the incident. She said that she had seen him also, in the same hallway I saw him come from. Her mother also had similar experiences. I still have problems driving by that house to this day.

That’s my story.........