From: "shelxland"
Subject: My experiences....
Date: Fri, 18 Jul 2003 14:06:02 -0700

I have been in tune with the spirit world since I was a child. The subject has interested me my entire life. I've always just figured that shadow people are ghosts who are trying to get your attention or even just playing games. Most of the time I don't get a bad feeling from them other than that creepy feeling. I think that is less the energy from the ghost and more the fight or flight instinct that someone is invading our space whether physical or ethereal.

As a child I heard whispering throughout the house at night (I would think it was my parents but when I went in their room they were asleep), I saw typical shadow people out of the corner of my eye and even watched regular shadows "dance." During my teen years, I had ghost experiences here and there. At 17, I saw my first ghost full on. A man dressed in all tan who walked down a darkened hallway and through the closed door to my dad's bedroom. The house was dark, yet I saw him clearly. He wasn't glowing or illuminated. I just saw him, as if the lights were on.

Also at 17 I had my first "sleep paralysis" episode. Napping in the living room, I was suddenly fully aware of my surroundings but I could do nothing but breathe. I told my mom afterward about it and she said that it happens to her too, usually when she is overtired or sick.

It didn't occur again until I was 20. I had worked the early shift and had gotten off work at 2 p.m. When I returned home I was exhausted so I curled up on the couch to watch my soap opera and take a nap. My mom was on her way out the door to work. I closed my eyes and turned on my stomach, I hadn't even fallen asleep yet. I heard her start her truck and I heard it idling. At that moment I couldn't move again only breathe heavily. I wasn't so scared this time because I remembered that it had happened before and it would soon be over. I even remember thinking that it would be cool to tell my mom that it happened again. Just then something put its hands on my shoulders and I could feel the pressure like it was leaning over me. I thought it might be my mom, as I could still hear the truck engine. But then something was whispering in my ear. I couldn't understand it as it was all muddled. At that moment I heard my mom's truck drive away. In that one instance I was suddenly terrified. It whispered and held on for a few more seconds and then was gone and I was awake. I never did get my nap.

I've always connected this incident with the shadow people. I will say that other than a few frustrated ghosts here and there, this is the only other really negative energy that I have encountered.

I am now 32. I have not had another sleep paralysis episode since. However, I have been working with my dreams as well as lucid dreaming since around that time and figured my attention to my sleep and dreaming had kept them away.

I still see the shadow people regularly as do my kids and hubby. My 7 year old is practical and literal but has had an imaginary friend, Jobie, for most of his life. As he gets older we hear about Jobie less and less. However, my oldest son is very in tune to his holistic abilities and the occurrences around him. He is 10 and very in touch with the energy around him. As a small child he played with the ghost in our house, whom he called Conta. This child ghost was the most entertaining and interactive ghost we've had. However, as he gets older he is starting to make up stories as well so we can't be sure which is which.

When he was 2 we lived for a short time in a rental house. During these 3 months my son began waking up screaming and crying, inconsolable. He wouldn't let me touch him. I'd ask "do you hurt?" He'd say no. I'd ask "did you have a bad dream?" He'd say no. Every answer was no. 20 minutes later he'd stop crying, snuggle up in my bed and go back to sleep. In the mornings he wouldn't remember it happening. This happened 6 or so times and when we moved into our duplex the fits stopped completely. I've always wondered if these weren't related somehow to the shadow people or even sleep paralysis incidents. What do you think?