Date: Tue, 29 Feb 2000 18:57:02 -0800 (PST)
From: Lainie <
Subject: 2nd night

At dusk we went to Iverson Pits. It is said that the soldiers buried there, were later dug up & reburied in the national cemeteries. It is also said that you can see mist at dusk coming up from the ground. Bashia, Ladi, Bear andKrick (Krickette) left earlier and we were to meet them at the motel when we finished at Iverson.

At the Pits, I saw tons of orbs. Every time I would point out where there were the people with the digital cameras would snap and the orbs would show up. Snick felt a man behind her and an orb showed up in the pic.

I was drawn out in the field. I walked, then stopped, looked around, and then looked at the ground. There, lying on the ground, I saw a dead soldier. I told Thuy, Mike & Bear who followed me out there, Thuy went over to videotape it & he was standing on the 'soldier's head.' I kidded him and told him where he was standing and that he showed no respect for the dead. Then Mike came over and stood on the soldier's head. I was the only one who could see him. Bear videotaped the area of where I saw the body and the outline and print of a man showed up in the video.

I then went back to where the rest of the group was standing. As we were talking, I looked out over the field and finally saw "a soldier's legs walking!!!" I was so excited. I looked over to the left and saw another set of legs walking. Looking towards the left in the direction of a house, I saw yet a third set of legs! Ok, now I was happy as a pig in mud. I got my wish, I saw legs walking and I was THRILLED!!!!!!!

From the Pits we went back to Devil's Den. I went back over to the woods where Denise & I saw the soldier shot & die. It was dark by then. Mark, Mike, Bashia, Bear, Krick & Thuy came with me. Now the night was cold, damp, misty & foggy at some points. When we got to the woods & climbed the boulders, I felt warm, peace, at home; and the LOVE I had emitted earlier that day came back to me. Everyone could sense it. Mark & I stood there talking about different things all the time being very aware of being watched. The soldier that showed us his death did not reappear that night. Mark & I could see orbs, red & white ones, and see flashes, and what appeared to be a heavy mist/fog with light from within it.

You have to keep in mind, no matter what the weather is like, psychic energy is different and you can tell the difference. Well, it came to the point when we had to leave that area. I didn't want to go.... I felt such sorrow. I told the spirits I wouldn't be back, and the sadness was overwhelming. As we were walking up the road, we still had the warmth and peacefulness about us when, bang, the energy changed. An icy cold wind went through us; we all became cold, and we could feel the anger or negative energy.

Bashia, Bear & Ladi left us, they were hungry and couldn't wait so they went to eat dinner, then back to the hotel. The others were drawn to other areas around there; I was not, so I hung out at the car, while they did their thing. Finally we all got together and headed back up to Little Round Top.

Date: Tue, 29 Feb 2000 18:59:26 -0800 (PST)
From: Lainie <>
Subject: 2nd night Con't

When we got to Little Round Top, Krick wasn't feeling well so she left.† So the group now consisted of, Snick, Mike, Hawk, Barb, Mark, Denise, Thuy & myself.

Snick & Denise was drawn to an area, while the rest of us were drawn up a path. We spotted a tree with lots of orbs was snapping away, when we heard Snick & Denise let out screaming. We all ran down to them. Snick has a digital camera & when she senses something she snaps. Well she sensed something right in front of her face & snapped; it showed up in her view finer. It was ecto shapes of 3 soldiers a 4th one taking form and a large mass ofEcto that didn't form yet!!!!!

We all walked back down to that area, there were if I say hundreds upon hundreds of Orbs, I am not lying or exaggerating. We were snapping away. There was an orb on Mike and Mark I believe it was, we were surrounded by them. You could see them with the naked eyes as well as the pictures. It was great; this is the first time in along time I got excited about orbs.

Never in all my experiences have I had I seen so many at one time. It was an eerie feeling and I felt they were attacking us. But no one was hurt, I think one of the girls & fellows felt the same thing. The energy was awesome. If you spook easy, you would have run screaming for your life.

We were there for a very long time. We finally left and went back to the springs, where Bashia heard the growling. Snick had some unfinished business with a spirit there.

When we arrived at the springs I myself felt for myself, I had no more need there. Though I did feel, watch, saw orbs and was touched, this time it was for Snick.

We walked down the road and Snick kept calling out for the spirit to show himself. We walked down the road some distance, kept snapping pictures along the way, in each picture the same shape, size & coloring orb would show up.

We knew he was following us. We felt that was the spirit Snick was dealing with. He never showed his face or made an appearance, but he did have negative energy. The unfinished business continues with Snick.

By then it was way way after 10 pm, closer to midnight and we were all hungry and though we didn't want to leave, we had to. That was the end of my Gettysburg trip.

Through out the trip, I was touched constantly on the shoulder or had my jacket tugged on, that is a normal experience with me & spirits, I would just turn around and say 'Hi' to them. I did hear voices a couple of times, most of them were close to my ear but mumbled. I did try to send some on. If it worked, I do not know. I didn't get to visit the cemeteries and I need to go back for a week because so much energy is there, you can't cover it all in 1 and half days.

I would like to return one day on another trip and stay longer. I was with a wonderful GROUP of people and hope they come back with me. I am sure I left so much more out. Just about everywhere you go there is energy & orbs. There is touching & whispering. There are visions. I am not a war person, will not read or watch anything about wars. Though I saw visions that made me cry, I don't know if they were of my imagination but I'm sure all weren't. I saw hand-to-hand combat in a few areas. In that combat I saw an ear bitten off, kicking, punching, gnawing. It was a horrible vision. It wasn't like just punching each other. Not what I always thought of what hand-to-hand meant. I smelt strong odors of gunpowder, blood, death & decay in spots.

Hugs & Blessings


Editor’s (Krickette) Note: Yes, I kicked myself for leaving so soon and missing all the fun.