From: Brian Crabtree
Subject: just me
Date: Tue, 23 Sep 1997 14:19:04 -0700

While stationed at Kadena air base on Okinawa ( Its not called an Air Force base since the Navy and Marines use it too--but its controlled by the Air Force. ) some friends and i loved going to the myeda ( I know thats spelled wrong ) cape, its an almost sheer cliff area made mostly of coral. You can carefully climb down its face and go into several caves down there, we loved one big huge one that had a huge rock you could climb up on and almost touch the roof of the cave. You could look out and see the ocean and the rest of the cape. This cave was at one end of the cliff which formed a half moon type cresent bay shape. Also there was another underwater cave entrance that formed an indoor pool in the cave, we would throw a large watertight sealed flashlight in and it would light up the water like a swimming pool!! :)

Now during World War 2 the Japanese had a strong defensive position here and the battle was very bloody for this place!! One weekend while camping out in the cave, around three in the morning, i awoke to a sound. Looking out across the cape i saw strange lights and could distinctly hear gunfire. i woke up my friends and we all heard and saw the flashes of gunfire. At first we thought some wargames might be being done but this cape is a Japanese park and its located on the east coast south of the mid point of the island, with city on three sides and the sea on the forth, no wargames would be held here!!! The marine jungle training and wargames area is located up on the north end of the island where it is still mostly jungle!! The cape area is a small strip of jungle and coral and has a walkway thru it for people to stroll on. Some family turtleback crypts are there as well as burial sites of Japanese soldiers.

As we watched, more sounds were heard. Men screaming, orders in English and Japanese and the gunfire got very loud. We could see the flashes and hear the 'tatatatat' of machine-gun fire, heard the distinctive bark of m-1 rifles and felt the concussion of mortar rounds going off. We watched and listened to these sounds till 4:45 am or for one hr and 45 mins approx. I didnt have a watch but a friend did and i made it a point immediatly to ask him the time!!! Sorry for another windy story :)

Anyway, I've seen the ghost of my grandfather, my poisoned St. Bernard that was my best friend when I was 12. The run in I had with a ghost helping me get my boat--this happened in england during the same trip we took toscotland, in fact we had just gotten back to my dad's family from our journey thru Scotland and Glamis castle!! There has been the little girl in the house we rented prior to where we now are and a few chills on the Queen Mary.

Well thats a bit more about me lololololol

Till next time!! Your friend Jacobite

Brian Crabtree