Subject: Re: Dead kid playing with us
From: (Thomas Earl Acuff)
Date: 7 Jul 1997 01:25:54 GMT

When I was a little kid, I played with a little girl who told me that she lived a couple of streets over. I only remember that she wore a yellow sunflower dress all the time, and that she carried a jump rope with her all the time.

My mom thought that she was an imaginary friend, because she never saw the girl. One day, though, she saw us playing in the backyard from our garden. I had gone in to find something, I'm told, and my mom saw the girl start heading toward next door, where they were building a house. She was about to yell for her not to go over there. Mom says she looked down for a second, and when she looked up, she didn't see the little girl anymore. She looked around for her, but never saw her again, until a few years later.

Four years later, Mom looked up and saw the little girl and my little sister playing together. She looked exactly the same, and was carrying a jump rope.

After that day, she was never seen again.

The story ended on a strange note when a neighbor who had lived in the neighborhood for a while began talking about a family that was killed when their house burned down in the 1950's, and about the little girl who everybody knew by her blond hair and the little sunflower dress she wore all the time.

(I guess you can insert your X-Filesy ironic music here.)

Thomas Earl Acuff