From: "Ama" <>
Subject: The Haunted Unit in North Sydney
Date: Fri, 1 Aug 1997 11:57:09 +1000

Now this is the experience of what is called an Anniversary Ghost, which means it comes around usually, once a year.

When I first got married my husband and I moved into a unit in North Sydney up the hill from the Cahill Expressway. I didn't need an alarm clock - was woken at 6.00 am every morning by the traffic. The unit had been chosen for us by my mother and aunt (who is supposed to be very psychic (hoho)). It was on the second floor, with a balcony running along one side which was really 3 floors up because of the slope of the land. It had one bedroom with a connecting bathroom. The bedroom door was on a 90 degree angle from the front door, on the right ... like this: the lounge was to the right of the front door with a dining area off it and an oversmall kitchen. It had floor to ceiling windows (which I spent two weeks stuffing newspaper into the cracks, to stop them rattling (wind or no wind) with metal frames along the lounge room - nice view of the harbour bridge. Every other wall was cement. And so was the inside of the front door I found out later, its called a fire-retardant door.

Anyway, Phillip and I had been living in the unit for nearly six months when the problems started.

I can't say precisely when, but each evening when I got home from work I would have a huge rush of anxiety as I unlocked the front door, but it would disappear as I entered the bedroom. To start with I didn't pay muchattention, I was too busy with my life to worry about something small like that. It was only when Phillip had to do a 2 day shift on the base (2 nights) that the flat would 'get to me'. I didn't like being there alone much.

On the night in question I came home from work like usual, at about half past 5, and opened the front door. I walked into the unit and could hear the shower running. Now this surprised me as Phillip was on a 2 day shift and wasn't due home for 2 nights. It was Friday.

You could hear the shower running because the bathroom wall is in front of use as you come in the front door, a sort of small hallway.

I went into the bedroom and there was no sound of the shower. I looked into the bathroom and there was no shower running. O.K. I thought - trick of the mind (remember the anxiety attacks at the front door). I walked back into the hallway, and I could hear the shower running!. I did this a couple of times - each time getting more and more puzzled.

Now you have to realise that *different* things have been happening for most of my life. So I didn't worry too much until ... nightfall.

First the windows started to rattle (even still stuffed with paper). The shower got louder and I could hear someone singing.

I went into the bathroom and there was a woman with very long dark hair having a shower, behind her own shower curtain, while mine was still hanging there.

I stared, stunned, for just a minute before ... from the frontdoor came the loud banging of someone trying to BREAK INTO THE UNIT. The fear hit me like a truck. I was terrified. I watched that frightened woman get out of the shower, grab a towel (and I backed out before she walked through me, mind you she was a solid figure) and walked out of the bathroom, around the bottom of the bed and stand in front of the front door.

(I crawled onto the bed where I could see the door and, tucking up my knees, just hugged them. I didn't move until it was over.)

The woman stood staring at the shaking door, her face terrorised. She waited, we both did, for the man to get in. I don't know how I know it was a man. I just know he was using a sledge hammer to try and break down the door. (This was later confirmed by the owners of the unit). He kept trying for I don't know, a quarter of an hour, if he said anything I don't remember, I was just overwhelmed by her terror.

And yet, in the back of my mind, was the fact that it was her terror and not mine, and I watched in fascinated horror as the scene played out.

In the end it stopped, and they both vanished. On the carpet under where she was standing was a mark the owners' couldn't remove. The front door has had a panel of wood affixed with screws across the damaged part.

I stayed in the unit that night, but the next day I went home to mother! I rang Phillip from there, as there wasn't a phone at the unit, and told him the story. It was the first time I'd really told him about anything unusual happening to me. He was great. Mum and I arranged to have the unit blessed and cleared. It was done, but we didn't stay to see the result.

A fact I found out after - the people involved in the drama are still alive. The man never got to the woman. I don't know why it happened, I was just glad to be out of there. And since that day, tenants never stay for a whole year.

Best Wishes

Ama Nazra
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