Subject: Re: Ghost stories
Date: Thu, 12 Nov 1998 20:16:35 +0000

I have enjoyed looking at your web site about peoples experiences with ghosts and have a couple to relate of my own.

The first is similar to the story of the shadow people that you have. After coming out of the Royal Air Force in 1988, I worked for a while as a plain clothes security officer in a large London Hotel ( as you are probably aware by now I am a Brit!). This hotel had quite a history as it was built on the site of a 15th century leper colony. After that it became a hospital before becoming a hotel in Victorian times.

The 4th floor was always a bit "weird" with cold spots and lights flickering etc. My particular experience happened about 4pm one afternoon. I was checking the 4th floor. At the far end, the corridor was shaped like a "P" and doubled back on itself. In the loop of the "P" was a lift and stairs with glass doors on each side of it. As I walked past these doors, I saw a dark shape standing by the lift. It turned to "look" at me and all I could remember were eyes looking at me. I blinked and looked again but the figure was gone.

My second experience happened a couple of years later. I was now a prison officer working with young offenders. I was on nights and myself and a fellow officer were using the gym. After my workout, I had a shower while Paul used the sunbed. As I came out the shower I saw wet footprints leading to the door and from the door to the outside gate. They stopped about a foot from the gate. I showed Paul and asked if he was pratting about but he denied it. We looked closer at the prints and they were the size of child’s feet. Upon checking with our senior officer (and doing a roll check) it transpired that the gym was built on the site of the old houseblock 4 which had always been a bit strange apparently.

I swear that these are true and if you want any more info do not hesitate to contact me.

Rich Windsor