From: Rita
Sent: Thursday, February 7, 2013 2:13:32 AM
Subject: ghost on ward 5a

My name is Rita, I work at a mental hospital that is 126 years old. I have heard so many tales of ghost at this hospital but never really believed in ghosts. After 2 years of working here, I encountered my first experience of a ghost or something paranormal.

It was 10pm, there were a seven- girl staff in the nurses' station talking and waiting on shift change. The clock was on a brick wall over my head. All of a sudden, the clock stood out from the wall at the bottom, lifted up off the nail and flew across the room, landing at a girls feet. It landed face down, breaking the face of the clock. Everyone in the room stood with mouth open, horrified at what they had seen. There was no way to knock the clock off the nail; it had to be lifted off the nail. There was no way to bump the wall and knock it down because it was a brick wall. Seven people saw this happen.

I have been working at the hospital 4 years now and tonight I encountered my next experience. I am still working on the same ward. Outside the same nurses' station in the hallway, I saw a woman that was not a patient nor any one I knew. It was 10pm and I was locking a door across the hallway from the nurses' station. I looked up and saw a very pretty black lady about 30 years old, very pretty skin, very smooth with no blemishes and neat, short, well-manicured hair. She was wearing a jogging suit like I remember from the 80's or so. The top was white with a light pastel pink and yellow horizontal stripe; the pastel pink pants had the band around the ankle. She had her head down slightly while walking down the hallway. As she passed within 5 feet of me, she glanced toward me and quickly put her hand to the side of her face to hide it, as if she was embarrassed. I stepped across the hallway into the nurse station and asked the nurse if she saw the lady and who she was. No one saw her but me.

I quickly went down the hall, checking each room and to the bathroom, only to find no one there. The nurse and I went to each room, checking every bed but never found anyone that matched the description of the lady I had seen. She just disappeared.

This woman was not smoke, not a shadow; she was real. I still don't understand why I saw her and no one else did. The nurse said she was watching me lock the door across the hallway. This person would have to pass between me and the nurse, so why did she not see her and I did?

I was not afraid of this person, she didn't appear to be a threat but she was no one I knew or recognized, so she didn't belong there. The clothes she wore did not look like any that our patients wear. What I saw is etched in my mind. Even though I did not see her face clearly, I did see the side of her face enough to know she was a very pretty lady.