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From: Ann
To: The Official Shadow People Archives
Sent: Friday, August 1, 2008 10:45:46 AM
Subject: Shadow people experiences


I live in Canada and I do a paper route in the early morning hours around 4 am. One morning I was in the midst of doing my newspaper run when I was walking towards a drive way. I saw out of my peripheral vision a dark shadow with a hat on. The weird thing is I didn't feel scared. Now I can honestly tell you that I would normally be bolting to my car and locking my doors cause I rarely see anyone on the street and being that I am a female I can tell you that it doesn't take much to make me skittish. He was coming from a parking lot of an apartment complex and though he was walking towards me I felt almost like I knew him. I had just reached the house I was delivering to and had expected to turn around and see the person somewhere near the front of the driveway when I realized there was indeed no one there. This experience made me laugh to myself. Keep in mind it happened in such a quick instant that I can't even tell you how fast it was. I can't explain it but I just didn't feel scared.

I could never understand when I read in the past about people seeing spirits and not feeling fear but now I understand cause I've experienced it. Another experience I had was when I was at my part-time job in a small retail store where I work evenings at a mall. The clothing store had just been closed and I swear I had seen out of the corner of my eye a black sort of figure walking towards the back plus size section of our store. This experience was more creepy and I can't explain why but it had a somewhat malevolent feel to it. After that experience I decided to not allow myself to have the experiences anymore. By just saying to myself that I won't allow it that I have the control to not allow the experiences to happen that they have stopped. Just not knowing what I was dealing with was enough for me to say stop enough already. Now if I could just predict the numbers to the next lotto.. :)


From: name and email withheld by request
To: The Official Shadow People Archives
Subject: shadow people
Date: Saturday, August 02, 2008 7:37:19 AM

This happened to me in 92-93 in Calgary Alberta. I had many friends there, but one in particular I now think this was related to.

This friend could not even get close to my house without my German shepherd going absolutely crazy, wanting to tear him apart, and I never knew why. Then a year later, myself and my brother decided to leave Calgary for greener pastures, so we stopped into see this friend of ours, minus my dog, as she died of pancreatitis. We had a couple of drinks but in no way was I hammered, as I didn't want to be sick, as I was driving the next morning.

We stayed in the upstairs bedroom of this house that was extremely old but had been rebuilt inside out. Anyways, that night I still remember it like it happened yesterday. I was pulled off my bed by these small 3 black creatures, but I could see my body under the covers and my brother lying next to me sleeping, as I was pulled into the corner of this room. They were swarming me and trying to pull me through the floor, and I could see every detail of the room as the moon was shining in through the window.

They didn't have much detail to them except they were small, maybe 2ft tall, and had no facial expression. I tried yelling to my brother who couldn't hear me and I knew he couldn't 'cause I could see my body lying there. I begged someone to help me, and I was literally thrown back into my body.

I got up to see everything exactly as it was my bro laying the same way with his arm hanging down and the moonlight coming through. I have had dreams that were real like, but this was not a dream. And no amount of dream experts will tell me it was. I think whatever was in that house, must have attached itself to my friend, as my loyal dog was trying to protect me at the time and I couldn't see it.

I swear this is all true, and I will, unfortunately, remember this for the rest of my life.

To: The Official Shadow People Archives
Subject: black being
Date: Wednesday, August 06, 2008 2:47:01 PM

Hello, just wanted to take some time to tell my story.

Me and my girlfriend went to bed at around 23:00. It was already dark outside and also in the room. I closed my eyes and 1 minute later (still pretty awake) i saw the area with my eyes closed. At one point in my vision i saw a black dark being on the sidewalk standing still towards our house (18 m.) and 4 seconds later it slid in one straight line (18 m.) through the front door, through the hall and standing still just on the other side of the wall where we slept. I jumped out of bed to see but the hall was empty. I don't understand. My girlfriend was also half awake but experienced nothing.

I am 26 years old and since i can remember, from an age of 7 i see this dark entity, especially when i'm trying to wake up from an odd dream in my sleep. The only thing i have to fight is this black thing that tries to pull me back. Then i can wake up, drink some water and sleep quietly thereafter.

It wanted to pull me in a bad dream. It waited behind the wall for me to fall in sleep. This is not a scene from "Freddy". i had it before those movies came out or before i couldn't understand that movies. Further, i have not psychic abilities or anything.



From: anonymous
To: The Official Shadow People Archives
Subject: Re: Shadow People Sighting
Date: Wednesday, August 06, 2008 6:23:46 PM

For most of my life, I thought that I may have imagined what I saw as a small child but an episode of "Hauntings" on the Discovery Channel in which they mentioned shadow people brought all of the memories back. I grew up in New Orleans in the 60's and 70's and we lived in the St Bernard Housing Projects at the time of the sightings. The first sighting happened when I went to a neighborhood park. It was a very small play area actually and there were monkey bars in the middle of it. I saw two shadow people sitting on the monkey bars in broad daylight. One was sitting up top and the other at the bottom. I ran back home. The second sighting was in front of our apartment building. I came downstairs and there were bushes in front of the porch. I saw a shadow person hiding behind the bush as if he was waiting for me to come down. I went back upstairs.

The last time I saw one was the weirdest time. I was at my grandmother's house in the "Irish Channel" section of uptown New Orleans during thunderstorm. My aunts and uncle were only a couple of years older than me and I couldn't have been more than 5. At any rate, they told me that while it that thundering, we should be quiet because that was God talking. I was defiant and went outside and yelled up at the sky. A shadow person with wings flew down at me and I screamed and ran inside. That was the last sighting.

I thought I was crazy or imagining things until that tv program. That prompted me to do an internet search and found your site. It is actually comforting to know that one: I'm not crazy and two: I'm not the only one. They were masculine looking silhouettes that were far darker than a regular shadow and I only saw them in the daylight and outside. I wish I knew what they were.

From: meltonatfairhope
To: The Official Shadow People Archives
subject: Shadow Man
Date: Friday, August 08, 2008 10:33:15 PM

When I was 16 years old (i'm 17 now), I saw a shadow person. I think it was male but can't be sure. I was lying in my bed trying to go to sleep but I couldn't. I had my eyes closed pointed up towards the ceiling. Then, all of a sudden I got the feeling that someone was watching me. So I opened my eyes and looked towards the middle of the room. I saw a large shadow in the shape of a person. It had no facial features that I could see and it wasn't moving. It was just standing there looking at me.

Needless to say, I was very shocked, so I kind of blinked and then it was gone. The weird thing was that it was in the middle of the room instead of against a wall. Also, it was darker and more solid looking than a normal shadow is. To date, this has been the only sighting i've had of "shadow man" as I've dubbed him. Since then, I've told only two people of my encounter with shadow man. Both try to convince me that it was merely my imagination but I know what I saw. I have never taken drugs of any kind and have no history of hallucinations. I don't know what he was doing there but I swear on my mother's life that I saw a shadow person that night.

From: Kat
To: The Official Shadow People Archives
Subject: Shadow Person Going for a Late Night Snack
Date: Thursday, September 11, 2008 3:13:39 PM

Hello, how are you? You are more than welcome to use my story on your site. It's rather short and not as scary as some of the other stories people have posted, but it's something that actually happened to me that I thought was pretty creepy.

Something very eerie happened to me about a month or two ago that could be described as being a "shadow person encounter". I was sitting and watching television. No one was home with me except my mom. I was watching tv and in the corner of my eye I saw a dark figure walk into the kitchen (it was about mid height), so I started talking to it; thinking it was my mom. When my "mom" didn't answer, I asked her if she heard me and no one answered back. I got up and realized that no one was in the kitchen, no animals, no dogs, no mom. My mom was down the hallway and back in her bathroom in her room. I didn't have a feeling of "dread" or fear when I realized it wasn't a real person walking into the kitchen, but it was all a bit odd and strange.


To: The Official Shadow People Archives
Subject: shadow man moved my bed!
Date: Friday, October 03, 2008 6:40:32 PM

Hello! Thank you for creating this website as i don't feel like i'm crazy reading all these other stories!

Well, a few years ago i was sleeping in my old room at my mother's house. Suddenly i woke up because i felt my mattress move as if someone had bumped into it or was adjusting it. There, at the foot of my bed, was a tall dark figure like a shadow. It appeared to be almost 7 feet tall with broad shoulders and was wearing what seemed to be an old fashioned top hat and some sort of cape. Certainly i was startled but more confused than anything. I watched as it glided past me and out the door of my room. I assumed it was someone in my house who came into my room to find something and accidentally bumped into my bed as they were searching. But, the next morning at breakfast i asked who had come into my room but, of course, no one had. Until recently i had never heard of "shadow people". But i do believe that on that evening i had my first encounter!!

Fort Lauderdale, FL

Feel free to post my story if you like!

From: Dianne
To: The Official Shadow People Archives
Date: Tuesday, October 07, 2008 5:42:57 PM

This is my story of my shadow person experience. It happened about 5 years ago. One afternoon I was visiting my grandmother. She was sitting in her rocking chair in the living room and I was standing behind her. I felt like someone was watching me so I turned to look toward the hallway and there it was in the doorway of the hall bathroom. It was a black figure. I could only see from the torso up. It was leaning out into the hallway. I felt it was a male and could feel that it was looking at me. I turned away for a second, not believing what I had seen, then turned back. It was still there. I didn't feel any fear. I started to walk towards it and it disappeared back into the room. I waited a couple of days before I told anyone. I told my brother and his wife because they were living with my grandmother at the time. Before I could finish my story my brother said "I know, I've seen him too!" My brother and his family all saw shadow people at different times while they lived with my grandmother. When I bought my grandmother's house 3 years ago, they were glad to leave and told me "enjoy your haunted house." My grandmother is now 94, and neither she, nor anybody else in my family, have seen the shadow person. I'm kind of hoping I will see him again one day.

Recently, my neighbor told me about his experience with a shadow person. It was at night and he stated he saw a complete shadow person. It was standing next to my house looking over at him. He too felt it was male. It was probably 50 feet from him. As my neighbor continued to look at the shadow person it started to "march" down the street and disappeared into the tree-covered lot across the street.

From: Eddie
To: The Official Shadow People Archives
Subject: Seen by the five of us
Date: Friday, October 10, 2008 8:59:20 PM

One night, approx six years ago, I and four other of my friends, were outside of one of their houses in the street playing basketball. We live in a neighborhood: in Atwater, CA. At about ten o'clock in the evening, we had stopped to rest. The five of us, sitting on the curb at the bend of the road, were facing straight down the street at a three way intersection. Along the intersected street were another row of houses, so that the front door, with the lit porch light of one of the houses, was facing us. We were sitting and joking around when suddenly a beam of bluish-white light, like the light of a light-house, hit us in the face at eye level. Although the beam was intense, it did not hurt the eyes. We looked up, expecting a car coming down the street but, standing straight down the street, right in front of the house, was a silhouette figure. No recognizable features could be made out. However, we could tell this thing was tall, very tall. It represented the "Hat man" figure almost to a T and looked as though a substance of itself, was dripping off of it, upside down. That is.. dripping in a upwards direction towards the sky.

We sat there speechless, and it stood in place for approx' five seconds.long enough for us to get a good look at its outline and size. Then suddenly, seemingly from 0 to 60...impossibly fast, it took off. Not just disappeared or turned into a gas or a mist, but moved, "ran" if you will. It was so fast that it just turned into a blur and was gone before you could trace it with your eyes. The only thing that allows me to still realize that I had actually saw something was that when it "ran" off it had blocked out the porch light of the house it was standing in front of for just a super split second. I believe that if it weren't for the porch light it would have seemingly disappeared but we were actually able to see it had moved..."ran" of at an impossibly fast speed.

I've never heard a story similar to this one. Nobody ever reports an extreme beam of light skimming the air before an appearance and commonly reported to be in a witness's bedroom. I've never seen a "shadow person" before that nor after either. I've actually never experienced anything paranormal before or after that experience. At least nothing that I, myself, couldn't make a rational explanation for. I am convinced, without a "shadow" of a doubt, that these things exist and that they are indeed intelligent.


Please feel free to post my story and or reply as well

From: Mandy
To: The Official Shadow People Archives
Subject: Re: shadow person story
Date: Thursday, October 16, 2008 6:15:23 PM

My experience:

We live in Andalusia, Alabama. My sister-in-law didn't see it and I didn't tell her about it until I had turned her around. But both of us were in a hurry to get back home. I would love it if you posted my story. I know I was really glad to have found your website with the other stories in it. That way I know I wasn't going crazy or just being paranoid.

To: The Official Shadow People Archives
Subject: shadow people
Date: Sunday, October 19, 2008 10:54:39 PM

i was in my early to mid twenties, trying to fall asleep at night in a dark room. i was having difficulty falling asleep and opened my eyes, i was thinking of getting up. i saw the shadow person, as if it was standing beside the bed. it was a frontal view, not periphial. it was also the kind described as wearing a hat. it looked, by the outline, like a 1930's to 1950's outline of a man in hat and long coat. the lines were very defined and it was two dimensional, which was what initially freaked me out. it was a solid black, darker than the room. i could still see objects in the room, but not thru the shadow person. when i realized i was viewing something real, not simply the dark playing tricks on my eyes, i jerked up and back in bed, to a sitting position. it was gone then. i have never seen one before or since. it wasn't until i was watching a show on tv that i even knew about the term "shadow people" and not until tonight while researching the phenomenon on the web did i know that others had seen "hat men." i was very scared at the time, but did not experience any odd smells. the shadow person didn't move or point and i never saw it leave. it just was no longer there. i assumed for years that it was some sort of subconcious manifestation, altho i was at odds as to why i would pick a man in a hat, 1930's style. the only person in my life that consistently wore a hat was my grandfather, and that was a derby.

i would like my email to be kept private, if you post this. thank you.

To: The Official Shadow People Archives
Subject: Shadow people post
Date: Monday, October 20, 2008 10:58:04 PM

I recently posted this on a message board (i am "anonymous") in response to people claiming shadow people are only hallucinations.. Now I am looking at the shadowpeople.org website so I thought I'd send this e-mail.

Anonymous said...
About 20 years ago, when I was 10 years old or so, I experienced one of the most frightening things that ever happened to me. I would lie in bed every night staring out through my bedroom door into my 2 older sisters' room watching little shadow children running around the bed. One night the feeling of absolute terror struck me and I was frozen in bed unable to move or ever scream out for help. I felt as if someone was watching me the whole time, and when I finally able to turn my head to look at the foot of my bed, there it was! A HUGE SHADOW LIKE FIGURE!

It was completely black and I could not make out a face or eyes anything. It stood about 6 feet tall and had a very pointed head, like it had on some kind of hood or cloak. It was there for about 5-10 minutes or so, and felt almost as if it had pleasure tormenting me. Then all of a sudden I heard a loud explosion, in my head of course, and felt a burst of heat flow throughout my face then body, and it was gone. I was to scared to get out of bed or cry out so I layed in bed until I passed out.

I recently told one of my sisters about this experience and it turns out that she would also see these shadow children running around. She even told my mother how they would follow her around the house. (I never new about this!)

So I have a hard time believing that this was all my mind playing tricks on me because we both saw the same things. Anyone care to expain how we could both have the same "hallucinations"?

P.S. Thanks for having such an informational and wonderful webpage! Keep up the good work =D

To: The Official Shadow People Archives
Sent: Thursday, November 6, 2008 1:25:23 PM GMT -05:00 US/Canada Eastern
Subject: Shadow People

I have always had an interested in unusual subjects and phenomena. I have had just a few experiences, but nothing like the stories I have read on your website. My experience with shadow people, if it were even a true experience, happened when I was living in a navy bachelor's barracks back in 1992 in Point Mugu, California.

It was late at night and I was asleep. I was dreaming that I was in my bed, lying down on my stomach, looking toward my stereo system that set on my chess of drawers, directly across from me. In my dream, someone was bent over looking at my stereo. The figure was kind of sideways, showing a profile in the dream. As I was dreaming this, I suddenly awoke in the same position I was in while dreaming. It was completely dark, but I could see a dark silhouette of a human figure in the exact same position that I had just dreamt.

I said, "What are you doing?"

I them got out of bed, walked up to the dark figure thinking it was my room mate and asked again, "What are you doing?"

I slowing look over to my room mates bed and he was soundly sleeping. I turn back to the dark figure, that I was no more than two feet away from and I watch it as it faded into nothing. Well, I am still half asleep but I had to go to the restroom. After I came back, I jump into bed and went back to sleep.

I had already figured it was just a result of coming out of a dream and being half asleep. The only problem over the years I have had with this conclusion is that, the apparition lasted a considerable amount of time and I can distinctly remember even to this day that it looked solid up until it began to fade out.

Over the years, I have seem things out of the corners of my eyes around the house I have live in for 12 years, but I just chalk it up to imagination and light reflections. My German Sheppard and three cats never seem to be freaked out, so I figure it's just me, but you never really know?


From: anonymous
To: The Official Shadow People Archives
Sent: Sunday, November 9, 2008 10:44:44 AM GMT -05:00 US/Canada Eastern
Subject: Shadow person story

I have two shadow people stories.

One is recurring and the other is not. The recurring one is a blob form that shows up in the doorway between mine and my daughter's bedroom. I've never spoken to anyone about these, especially my daughter, and she has from time to time come to my room complaining about shadows moving in her room. :( We've only lived here 3 times and I've only seen this particular shadow thing maybe 4 times and my daughter has talked about her shadows in her room maybe twice. She'll be 5 in January.

The other shadow person I saw or rather "felt" was night before last. I heard what I thought was my husband coming to bed and I opened my eyes (I'd just gone upstairs not that long before and wasn't asleep yet, but was sleepy). I saw him (or thought I did) and closed my eyes and rolled over expecting to feel him crawl into bed. He never did and when I opened my eyes there was nothing there. I asked him in the morning if he'd come upstairs at all the night before and he said no, he'd fallen asleep watching TV on the couch.

So, I don't know. I've had other experiences since I was a little girl with seeing people and actually talking to them, but supposedly they aren't there and I've had one very scary premonition.

Just found your site and thought I'd share since you were asking for stories.

From: name withheld by request
To: The Official Shadow People Archives
Subject: about seeing shadow people
Date: Thursday, November 13, 2008 6:39:15 PM

ok this may seem crazy but it happen to me when i was 13 im 29 now when i used to live with my sister and her husband, in my room i had 2 beds with a stereo case in the middle no one else slept in my room and my sister and husband didnt have any kids. in the middle of the night i woke up and saw a shadow of a person standing at the foot of my bed at first i thought it was my brother-in-law playing jokes on me, then the next night i saw 2 of them and they were standing right in front of me the crazy thing is i could only see the figure and nothing else. a week has past then BAM that night i had one stare right in my face it scared the crap out of me and all i did was put the blanket over my face. the next night i got frustrated and my mom always told me if you see a spirit ask it what it wants and say a prayer or get mad and tell it to leave you alone. so the next night i seen it seating at the edge of my bed sitting down like it was thinking!!!! so i kicked it with my foot and it went right through it thats when i got frustrated and started to ask it what does it want it just turned its head and looked at me then i told it to leave me the fuck alone, and started to say a prayer, and screaming at it telling it what does it want after that night i never saw one again but there are times where i think i see one but i just ignore it or i dont do a double take to see what was there

From: "\"Petra Mönter\"" petramoenter@t-online.de>
To: The Official Shadow People Archives
Sent: Sunday, November 16, 2008 4:26:25 AM
Subject: Re: shadow people

Hello, I'm from Germany and three days before I had an experience- I thought I'm going to be mad. It was about 7 o'clock in the morning. Like every morning I opened the Kindergarten, where I'm working, and this morning i had an unpleasant feeling. I closed the door and started to switch on all the lights- normally I like it a little bit darker.

Now: I was standing in one of the rooms, looking to the hall, when I saw a dark shadow man (?) passed through. He/It looked at me, while walking out of my field of view. This without any noise. It was about 4 m distance. There was no face. It was like a Spiderman-Figure ( in a skin-tight suit) in black. Although I didn't see a face, I knew the figure looked at me. I was shocked and my hair stood to end- but for all that: I ran after the figure. There was no way out, but the figure wasn't there. Now, I searched in the Internet and found out, that this could be a Shadow-Man- but my question is: What is a Shadow-man? Why can I see this figure- is it a bad sign? I would be very happy if you can answer me?

Petra Mönter... and sorry for my bad english!

From: Megan
To: The Official Shadow People Archives
Sent: Thursday, November 27, 2008 7:13:52 AM
Subject: Scared Stiff

I was Googling "Shadow People" hoping for someone to talk to about my experiences, and I came across your page. On and off for the last few weeks, maybe months (I try not to think about it), I have been waking up terrified, in a cold sweat, from a deep, peaceful sleep, usually if not always at 3 am. I see a distinct shape of a dark figure in the corner of my room, near my door, always darker than the pitch black around it. It seems to notice that I'm awake and slowly dissapates, as though it is slowly becoming a lighter black to match the pitch-black of the room around it. And then I just stare at where it was until I get up the courage to move and get a flashlight, and after about a half hour of laying there with the flashlight, I jump from bed and turn on my overhead light, dashing to the living room for the phone to call someone, anyone to take my mind off of it all.

I know it is not a regular shadow, because it's not see through, and I have a blanket over my windows, so that rules out street lights or passing cars, and the only light in my room is the light from my alarm clock... I'm getting to the point of freaking out. I've always been "in tune" with the paranormal, but I've never felt so terrified and invaded--more my personal space being invaded-- especially since I annually put up protective wards around my room, I'm seriously considering doing that for the rest of the house, but I have to find the time...my mom is a serious Christian, and wishes me to not practise magick of any kind in her house.. I really need some advice about this, anything, I just can't handle having to stay up till dawn to not feel so scared, and having to call friends at 3 in the am to calm me down...


From: Jenna
To: The Official Shadow People Archives
Sent: Thursday, November 27, 2008 11:07:25 PM
Subject: My Shadow Story

I have never heard of "shadow folk or people" before, and i had no idea other people had the same experience.

Story #1 When i was 14, my bedroom was in the basement and my parents and little brothers room was upstairs. We lived in a house where as soon as you walk in

There are stairs going up to the main floor and stairs going downstairs to the family room and bedrooms. One morning i woke up, and was about to head to the washroom which is located directly across from the foot of the basement stairs. I glance over and could see my little brothers shadow at the top of the other stairs around the corner(the sun shines through the kitchen window and bounces off the front door) kinda hard to explain. Anyways as soon as i saw his shadow and he could clearly see mine...he kind of just ran off to his room, i thought well maybe he's just being goofy or shy for some reason. so i finish up in the washroom...head to my room and i hear the car pull up. In walks my mom and dad and...yes...my little brother...they were at my grandparents all morning!!! To this day...im still in disbelief!!

Story #2.. I was about 2 years younger...in this one. We lived in a different house. My mom and i were out late visiting my great aunt. We got home and everyone was asleep. I always slept with my door open and the bathroom light on. For some reason i was feeling kinda creepy. Like scared or something...and all of a sudden im laying in bed staring at the wall and i see this shadow figure walk by. I was so scared i remember i was really sweating!! i never sweat because im always a cold person. So i call out my moms name...and nothing i call again...and still nothing... My mom and dad sleep with their door closed and i can always hear when there is a door opening and closing...i never heard anything!! I dont know how long it took for me to sleep that night.....but i know that it was not my mom that i saw walk by.. My stories are a bit different because its not a shadow that i see in front of me.,...but rather ones that appear on the walls...like as if blocking the light behind them... ...i dont know...i have never really had the guts to tell anyone...because it would seem flaky.. Its hard to explain the unexplainable i guess.


From: Camilla
To: The Official Shadow People Archives
Sent: Friday, November 28, 2008 6:12:15 AM
Subject: story

Hi there,

My name is Camilia, I am 24, and from near Asheville, NC. I have a story from about a year ago when I was living in Boone, going to Appalachian State University. I was living in an apartment close to campus, and I had been living there for several years and never experienced anything quite like this. I was sleeping by myself and my bed was next to the window with the window up and screen up, so my cat could go in and out. The window was only two feet from me. I woke up at some point, but was still in a state of hypnogogia, half-awake, half asleep. Instantaneously, a shadow person leaned through my window, so that just the torso up was through the window. The shadow person had its arms up and then waved them in several distinct movements (much like when a person is signaling a distress call or motioning 'over here'). I FELT THE AIR COME OFF OF ITS ARMS! With each movement, I felt the wind blow over my face. That was very amazing to me. As soon as it appeared, it disappeared. I stuck my head out of the window to see if I could see anyone or anything, but nothing was there. By the way, I lived on the second floor, which was level with the parking lot (I lived on a hill), and so the shadow figure was on my porch. I wasn't scared, just amazed and confused. I did not get a bad feeling from this figure, could not see any eyes or hat, and had the general feeling that either it was playing a trick, or seeing if I would notice it. How strange! So what do you think of my story? I only recently found out that "shadow people" have been experienced by others. Wow.


From: Ryan
To: The Official Shadow People Archives
Sent: Friday, November 28, 2008 11:40:18 AM
Subject: Shadow Person Encounter

Hello, my name is Ryan. I am 15 and am a Sophomore in High School. I myself, have been able to feel presences around me for much of my life but never SEE them.

Just last night though (from the day this is being typed) on 11-27-08, I had my first physical encounter with what I believe was a shadow person. Yes, it was on Thanksgiving. I was out with two of my friends around 9 pm. We went to the local park and started to head up this hill. Now, our shadows were all being cast in front of us, none to any sides at all and there were no buildings or anything tall for a shadow to catch on. As we were say, about half-way up the hill, I felt the urge to look to my right. I looked just past my friend and, to my utter surprise, I saw something walking almost parallel to us; just a bit ahead of us. It was a semi-transparent, yet blacker then anything around, 'thing' that looked as if it was wearing a hooded robe. I watched it for no longer then 2 seconds if that. All warmth in my body immediately drained away and I was filled with an icy cold feeling and a heavy sense of dread. It felt nothing like a regular ghost. Nothing that was of this world. No humanity. It felt of pure evil. I freaked out. I think it noticed that i saw it because it vaporized right there once my reaction occurred. I made a total about face and started saying to myself "OH MY GOD! I...I just saw.....I just saw..."

I scared my friends. They ended up believing what I told them though. And, this was my first experience with a Shadow Person. All I know is, I'm at least mentally prepared if it wants to bother me again.

From: Mark
To: The Official Shadow People Archives
Sent: Saturday, November 29, 2008 6:47:08 PM
Subject: The Morning Shadow

The story I am about to tell you happened in the summer of 1988 when I was about 6 years of age. My Mother, my Father and I were going to L.A. California for a summer vacation to visit some relatives and just get away. This was the first time I would travel outside the state of Florida. When we arrived in California we stayed with my great grand parents from my mother's side of the family.

One morning I woke up, took a step out of bed, and looked up to continue my journey into the livingroom. When I saw a shadow that looked like it could have been my own, for it was the same size as I was. But the shadow was not cast upon a wall or the floor. It was standing straight up in the center of the room and slowly walking towards me. Every step it took towards me I took a step back until I was back in the very bed I crawled out of. I was so scared that I could not speak or make a peep. It finally walked through me and disappeared leaving me with a tingling sensation all over my body. When I finally made it to the livingroom, my parents told me I had sleptwalk the night before. Which was weird because I have never sleptwalk before that night nor have I after that night. I dont think that I ever did tell them what I had experienced that morning, and until now I thought I was the only one

From: Name Withheld by Request
To: The Official Shadow People Archives
Subject: dark shadows and whispers
Date: Wed, 03 Dec 2008 16:49:35 -0500

About a month ago our 18yr old son moved one evening to a two room attic apartment in a huge old house because it was cheap rent, and he wanted his own place. It was an old funeral home converted to several apartments. I have a friend living in one of the apartments that had told me stories of weird things he had heard and seen, but I had never mentioned it to my son.

The next morning I called my son to see if he wanted me to bring his stereo over and help him hook it up to his tv. He said, I don't think I will be staying here another night. Yes, he experienced things I have only heard of but would not want to. I will read one of the text messages he sent me the next morning.

" It was freezing in my room and the heat was on when I awoke, but the shadows were the worst, they were moving around everywhere and one was like right in my face and little whispers and stuff. One was like watching or looking very hard at me, like it was trying to figure out who I was and I felt like I could not move or say anything. This happened around 2:00am, and right after this happened a friend in another apartment called me freaking out and had experienced a similar situation and wanted to come to my apartment not wanting to be by themself. We watched movies until it was time to go to work this morning, and we couldn't wait until it was light outside ".

After reading that text from my son, I called and talked to my son and he said it was to much for him to handle and was grabbing some of his stuff and getting out of there! When he came home completely exhausted from the night before, we talked about what he saw and heard, and it was similar to what my friend had experienced. My friend says he tells the shadows, noises, and voices to leave him the hell alone and somehow deals with it from time to time! We didn't go get the rest of my son's stuff for about a week or so. My wife, my son, and a friend went and got his stuff and he showed my wife where and what he saw, and my wife was ready to get out of there! I thought I would share this true story but do not want to share my identity or email address.

From: Chris
To: The Official Shadow People Archives
Sent: Thursday, December 11, 2008 7:07:32 PM
Subject: shadow people

hi... umm... well i have something to add about the shadow people as you call them, i started calling them tragedy shadows because i started seeing them after a tragedy happened in my family. Well they have the ability to transfer themselves into your dreams. Well for me they do, they haunt my dreams. i remember one time, in a dream it grabbed my arm, and it started burning, and when it let go my arm was all bloody and cut up. i looked at it, as it faded away, and another one came and jumped into my cut. i woke up shortly after and looked at my arm, i had blood on it, but when i wiped it off there were no cuts. Well later that day i felt as if something were controlling me, i couldn't make my own decisions, i couldn't do much of anything. but all i remember is that once i looked in the mirror all i saw was the shadow. Finally after staring at the image for about a minute or so i was able to control my own body. i looked at my arm, and there seemed to be black faded marks, and when i asked my friends about them no one could seem to see them. i know this sounds a little bogus, but its all true. i just thought i should let you know this. They can hurt you in your dreams, and this one person i was talking to was telling me how one cut him severely. thank you for your time...


Editor's Note

It is very, VERY rare for a shadow person to inflict physical harm on a person although not totally unheard of. I do not discount Chris's story but I have awakened to blood on my neck just after dreaming someone cut my throat. Obviously upset, I realized later I had fallen asleep with an open book over my face and discovered the edge of a page had blood on it too. It was simply a paper cut. The external world, outside of malicious beings, can wreck havoc on sleeping people as well.

From: Bonnie
To: The Official Shadow People Archives
Sent: Monday, December 15, 2008 10:07:43 PM
Subject: Shadow people

Hello, my name is Bonnie. I've just been looking around on the internet about shadow people. I've seen a lot of them in my life, especially when I was younger. Usually it would be when I was laying in bed and either one or a group of two- five would start walking towards me, coming from my closet. I could close my eyes, but as soon as I opened them, the figures would still be there. There was a shadow figure once that had what looked like a top hat. It sat on the edge of my bed by my feet and watched me until I fell asleep.

One of the last times I saw shadow figures; it was one of the most memorable experiences of my life. It wasn't a typical dark shadow...it was a brilliant white. And it didn't have the feeling of the black shadows...it had a warm feel to it. I was sleeping on the top bunk of the bed I shared with my sister, and it came walking towards me from the hallway, glowing with a bright white. I didn't feel dread, or fear. I didn't shy away from it. In fact, I felt such an enormous form of...peace. The white figure extended its hand to me and I started to cry, stretching my hand out as far as I could, trying to grab it. My parents were trying to get me to go to them and to stop crying, but it was as if I couldn't hear them. All that mattered was taking the hand of the white shadow figure. I almost grabbed it...but someone turned on the light, and it disappeared. I never saw another white one again to this day. I was just curious of there have been other people who have seen white shadow figures as well as black ones.

From: Jessica
To: The Official Shadow People Archives
Sent: Wednesday, December 17, 2008 4:45:20 AM

Hey um I don't really know much about these "shadow people" but I have a story and I think that it may have been a shadow person. My name's Jess and I'm 14.

There were guests staying in our bedroom so my sister and I had to share a double bed in the spare room. I think I was 9 or 10 and she was 8. The was a big long hallway that ended at the spare room, and we slept with the door open. The first night we slept in there, my sister woke me up in the middle of the night and asked to switch places with me (she was on the side nearest the hallway). I didn't really think about it and switched with her, then quickly fell asleep. The next day she told me she had seen something big and dark in the hallway.

The next night we slept there again, and I think I must have woken up in the middle of the night. I think we had a lamp in the room, but the hallway was dark. I saw a big, dark figure in the hallway, about the size and shape of an adult person, but it was just a figure. It didn't have a face, just black, and it looked like it was wearing a hood. My sister was awake too, and she said she could see it. It wasn't like we saw it out of the corner of our eye - we just stared straight at it. The thing kind of stared back for a few seconds, the bowed its head and looked at the floor, and quickly faded away. Then a few seconds later, it would reappear a little closer to us down the hall, and do the same thing again. Finally when it was almost at the door, I jumped up and turned the light on, and it vanished. My sister saw the same thing as me, but now she has almost convinced herself that it was just her imagination. I don't think it was though. Thanks for reading this, and do you think it was a shadow person?

From: Jason
To: The Official Shadow People Archives
Sent: Tuesday, December 23, 2008 12:19:18 AM
Subject: My Stories

I love to read the stories on this sight. I think my friends think I'm crazy so I like to think of this as an outlet so I can talk about it. I have a theory of the haunting I dealt with while growing up. I don't think the house I lived in was haunted. I think my brother is so sensitive to this he brought it to the house. We were haunted by a boy that drowned across the street in a pond. My parents saw him, I saw him as a shadow person, and my brother saw him. He still won't talk about it to this day. He doesn't know that I know. He has never spoke a word of this to me.

I do know that he is 45 now and just sold his haunted house in Indiana a week ago. I don't think the house was haunted. I think he is so sensitive that he attracts them. His neighbors have seen people walking around the house he has seen doors open and close, He is in India right now and still his neighbors see people walking around in his house.

I live in Georgia now and have not seen anything here since I moved. Either I lost that sensitivity or It was tied to my brother. I hope I didn't loose it. They are here and they are real.

Atlanta Georgia.

From: "Gore Gasm" goregasmik@yahoo.com
To: The Official Shadow People Archives
Sent: Thursday, January 1, 2009 5:05:30 PM
Subject: My experience.

Around the time I was three or four years old I had a strange experience while I was in bed. Being a little kid, I preferred to sleep with my parents when I could. One night I woke because I thought someone was there in my parent's bedroom, I looked at the bottom of the bed and there stood a large black shadow. This man was wearing what looked to be a hat and a long coat. That first night I quickly pulled the covers over my head and went to sleep. Over the next few nights he kept appearing and I seemed to be getting use to his presence. I got the courage to sit up and crawl over to where he was standing. I reached out to touch him and he vanished. I've never seen him again.

A few months ago I was asking my mother about my late uncle and asking if he ever wore a hat with a trench coat. I had brought this up because he was a very tall man and lived there in the house before he died. My mother said he never even owned a trench coat. I told her about the shadowy figure but she had no explanations for me.

Recently, I have been going out at night for smoke breaks. Near my neighbors house I see a shadowy figure, not like the previous shadow I have been describing, darting between their cars. When I start to stare he runs (gosh, not even runs. It's very difficult to describe how fast this shadow goes) behind a wooden fence. I have been seeing him the past few nights, I'm not scared just extremely curious.

I've read a theory that shadow people appear when something bad might happen. It may explain the sudden appearance of them, recently we had a minor earthquake.

Tonight I am hoping to snap a photo of this shadow. Maybe then I won't feel so crazy

From: anonymous
To: The Official Shadow People Archives
Sent: Wednesday, January 14, 2009 2:10:15 PM
Subject: I see them.

I have had a couple encounters with "shadow people". One of them involved several of these things, but the latest contact was with just one.

It was a few nights ago, and I was sound asleep on the couch in my living room. I usually leave the TV on at night for some light and background noise while I rest. If I sleep with it off, noises and movement in the dark bother me. I always play it off as "my eyes are playing tricks on me", but enough about what bugs me lol.

So there I was sleeping, oddly with the TV off when I awoke. It was late, maybe around 2am or slightly later. I had a strange feeling something was going on, almost as if I knew ‘it’ was there. I had the feeling it was watching, and waiting for me to close my eyes again. I was right because I played a little trick of my own. I figured I'd close my eyes, and take some relaxing breaths, then open them really quick and catch it! So that's what I did, and when I opened them...there it was!

I saw it come up from the bottom of the couch near my face as if it came up through the floor. Its movement was very fluid and quick, and reminded me of a snake. Like a cobra lifting itself up in a sway type of motion. It realized I opened my eyes and saw it there, it darted away going in the direction above my head. It moved even faster than before, and I tried to follow it with my eyes to see where it was going. This all happened in an instant, and when I tried to see where it was... I was hit with a deep horror. I couldn’t move my eyes, and my body was frozen. I tried to look and felt a strange vibration and pressure in my head as I laid there completely stiff and frozen in terror.

That feeling only lasted a moment; just enough time for the "shadow person" to make its escape. In describing it... I'd say it had a human form, but it was black without any type of features. The way it moved made it seem like a smokey object in a jet stream. It was also small; about the size of a child, and if I were standing, it would have been a little taller than my waist. The only thing I want to know is…

Why are they watching me sleep, and what do they want?

From: Lynn
To: The Official Shadow People Archives
Sent: Sunday, January 18, 2009 12:59:32 PM
Subject: Two people saw a shadow person

One day while I was talking to a co worker in the kitchen area where I work, we saw a shadow run past the bay window in the living room area. He went to see if it was a person who ran by the window but no one was there. It was dark and had a black human shape to it. Since that experience we haven't talk about it. But I was wondering if there has been other writings about more than one person seeing a shadow person. This was my first experience seeing a shadow person with someone else. I have seen them before but only when I was alone and no one around. This experience happened at my job so I will not use my real name to protect the agency.


From: Alan
To: The Official Shadow People Archives
Sent: Wednesday, January 21, 2009 5:26:50 PM
Subject: experience

I've been seeing shadows out of the corners of my eyes for probably 5 years now. I don't feel bothered or threatened by them and just dismissed them as a "figment of my imagination". Yesterday, I saw a shadow out of the corner of my eye and verbally told myself that it was just my imagination. I had left the room and when I came back into the living room I saw a shadow figure with no face. This is the first time I ever saw this! It stayed there for a brief second the disappeared. I then told myself ok they do exist but they are not here to harm me. Weird but true.


From: Alicia
To: The Official Shadow People Archives
Sent: Monday, February 16, 2009 3:45:13 AM


Let me introduce myself, my name is Alicia 19 and I live in NY.

All my life I have experienced these things; things that are not exactly natural. That’s what brought me to your web site. I am researching shadow people, as well as animals. I have had distressed spirits in my house; felt emotions of them. I have been touched and talked to. They have been rather invasive and well, as most people have done, I dealt with them. Then I moved.

Within my new house I encountered a rather hostile spirit I have nicknamed, Fred, only Fred is different than my other spirits. My other spirits were through my other senses; smell, touch, on the occasion emotion… and the usual objects flying across the room. Fred I could see and smell. He is straight up ‘a shadow’ and an aggressive one to say the least. His smell is of old pinewood and his visits are few and far in between. Not to mention that this is a good thing since last week he locked my poor boyfriend outside of my house and flashed the front porch lights on and off at him. The morning after, Fred stared me down standing in the middle of my room.

Now getting to the point: Fred, as rare as a visitor as he is, needs to go. If you have heard any way of getting rid of a spirit, let me know. I do not know how many times my boyfriend can take being trapped outside in 20 degree weather. He is very new to the whole ghost thing and I am afraid, being with me, won’t be his last encounter. I’m afraid it is one of those invisible clauses that is imprinted on my spiritual contract.

Subject: My encounter with, and attack by, a shadow entity
Sent By: "Josh”
On: Mar 03/14/09 11:46 PM
To: The Official Shadow People Archives

Having recently found this site, I decided that I might as well share my own experience...maybe it will help shed some light on what's happening to all of us out there, somehow.

I'm 27 now...this happened when I was around 13 or 14, I believe. My bed was up against the north wall, and perhaps a foot away from it was a small night-stand with some things on it, and a night-light across the room on a dresser (I still can't sleep in total darkness, thanks to varied experiences I've had).

I was facing the wall, half asleep, and stretched on the bed; that's when my arm came into contact with some sort of material or some such, right next to the bed. I rolled over in confusion and looked up, to see a tall, cloaked figure standing over me, face hidden in the folds of a hood. This entity seemed much more solid than many of the accounts I've read, with the color of its cloak being a dusky brown-grey, barely discernible in the dim light of the room. I didn't see it appear from anywhere, or hear anything...I only remember how tall it seemed, and that the material of its cloak felt almost oily, and somewhat chill.

Clutched in two muscular, solid hands was a long staff of some sort. It proceeded to bend over with startling speed, in a twitchy, sort of disjointed manner, and press the staff against my throat. I remember choking in surprise, and managed to choke out Jesus' name at which point it simply vanished. I sat up in bed, frightened out of my wits, and went out into the living room to stay up the rest of the night, too afraid to sleep. I've not had any encounter with a shadow-being since.

The whole thing seems surreal, but I'd swear on all of my paychecks for life that this really happened, or seemed to.

Thank you for your time.


Subject: Shadow Man
Sent By: Christina Ms666Kristina@aol.com
On: Mar 15, 2009 4:45 PM
To: The Official Shadow People Archives

I am 35 now but, when I was younger I saw a shadow person. The tall man in the black hat, looked like he has a cape, and a cane. Happened all the time. He was like right out of the corner of my eye, and than when I would look back he would be gone. He kind of scared me but I never opened my mouth about it. I was brought up in a home that be lived in ghosts and things. I thought that's what it might be or I was going crazy. I saw this man a lot and at my Grandmothers home a lot more than at mine. Now I don't remember when I stopped seeing this shadow person, it just stopped.

A few months ago my son was up with me and his father camping and had Coast to Coast on. My son likes to hear things about ghosts and shadow people were brought up. Someone called in and described the Shadow man with the tall hat. My son looked at me and said, "Mom, that's kind of funny they said that." I asked why. (Now let me say I never once told my son about what I saw when I was a kid.) When I asked him why, my son, who is 12, said, "I have seen that person before a lot of times. I mostly see him in the kitchen." My mouth dropped.so I told him that, when I was a kid, I saw the same thing all the time. The next day we got back to the house and he show me the corner in the kitchen where he sees him a lot. I just couldn't believe this. It was weird.

I would say a week later, I called my mother and after about 15 minutes, I told her the story of me and my son and the shadow person. She comes back at me with, "You have got to be kidding me!" Of course I said, no. She told me when she was a young girl she would see the same shadow person in her bedroom. Right out of the corner of her eye. And it was the same one.

I thought about calling my Grandmother and asking her but I always forget. I just think it is strange. off the wall. Three generations has seen this shadow person. I have a Daughter who is 11. She has never seen him.

I wanted to share this with you. I would like to know if there has been other families that have gone through this.

Thank you so much for your time.

From: karma
To: The Official Shadow People Archives
Sent: Wednesday, March 25, 2009 3:15:24 PM GMT -05:00 US/Canada Eastern
Subject: shadow people experiences

i've been seeing shadow people since i was a kid, when i finally had my own kids i was able to tell them "it's not the boogeyman, it's just shadow people - they can't hurt u..."

i see them right in front of me, i have basically come to accept it and not fear them...sometimes i see someone walk past the window near my door, a full-upright person with arms and a head - i go to the door and it is one of my dogs or cats...

i have seen them while in bed with my significant other, she will ask "is someone standing at the doorway?" and i'm like "yea, it's a shadow people..."

i have seen them with my dogs, we would be sitting outside at nite looking at stars and something would catch my dog's attention in the yard 30-40ft in front of us - shadow people...he would get up to see who the intruder was and i would follow and we would find nothing...eventually i just told him "it's shadow people bro, let them play..."

i have been with groups of friends and all 10 or so of us (including my dog) saw probably around 5 or so of them just hanging out in the empty lot...so me and 3 of my friends and dog went to go look and found nothing, no evidence of people being there, the grass wasn't even trampled...

i have seen them when i was perfectly sober, i have seen them when my friends were sober and i wasn't and they saw the same thing...i think they are entities vibrating at a different frequency than what our mind normally can perceive, but if you alter your current state of conciousness or open your mind you can see them...

From: "mathangi ravi" mathangi.ravi@accenture.com
To: The Official Shadow People Archives
Sent: Tuesday, March 31, 2009 4:12:58 AM GMT -05:00 US/Canada Eastern
Subject: The Evil Black Wind


I was googling about a phenomenon that I had seen about 9 years back and that is still fresh in my memory when I stumbled upon the Wikipedia entry for Shadow People.

I was shocked and surprised to see that there have been other people who had also seen what I saw once. I want to share my experience with you.

I live in India. It was a breezy summer evening and I went to the terrace in my house for a walk. I usually carry my diary with me when I go for a solitary walk to record some thoughts. It was around 6 pm in the evening and day light was still bright.

I was looking at some parrots that were flying in circles. And I saw something extraordinary in the distance.

There was a lawyer who lived down the road and his house was being renovated. Workers had demolished portions of the house and were rebuilding them. However, at this time the place was deserted. And I saw a black shadowy creature moving at high speed to and fro on the lawyer’s terrace. It looked like a black personification of the wind. And it sprouted two arms with fingers every time it moved around. It seemed to be agitated.

For a moment I thought I must be hallucinating. I looked away and looked back and it was still there. I tried to examine it to see if it was a cloth or a shadow but common sense told me that it was neither.

I finally concluded that it must be a ghost and I ran away because I did not want it to attack me. I went through an anxiety disorder for 2 weeks after this event. In Tamil, we talk about a creature called “Kaathu Karuppu” which is supposed to be an evil black wind. If the wind touches you, you will develop anxiety syndrome or an illness. I don’t believe in ghosts but I don’t have a rational explanation for what I saw that day.


Mathangi Ravichandran

From: Joan Iovino
To: The Official Shadow People Archives
Sent: Sunday, April 5, 2009 6:54:40 PM GMT -05:00 US/Canada Eastern
Subject: My Shadow Encounter

Yes, you may use my name, but not my email info! Thanks!

To Whom It May Concern,

It was not until recently that I first heard the term "shadow people", but when I heard the definition, I realized that I had met one.. It was an experience I will never forget.

In Spring of 2000, I was sitting on a wrought iron bench in my friend Kate's back yard, enjoying a hot cup of tea. My back was to a hedge of bushes which lined her yard, and Kate was situated directly across from me on a matching bench, facing in my direction.

We were laughing and talking, it was late afternoon, not quite dusk yet, but just on the verge. As we sat and shared a joke, I heard a faint rustle in the bush behind me, but thought nothing of it. Then, something pounded me on my right shoulder three times with enough force to send me forward in my seat. Instead of making a "smacking" sound on my shoulder, I heard three unearthly "booms" that sounded like they were right in my ear. I froze, and looked up at Kate with a puzzled expression on my face. Despite the bizarre sound I had heard, I half expected there to be a neighbor kid who had snuck up behind me. Kate was looking behind me, with huge, wide eyes. All the blood had drained from her face and she was pale. "Kate... what's behind me?" I said evenly. Kate is by nature a very calm and sensible girl. She just put down her tea cup and said in a low voice "Just get up and walk into the house, hurry, but don't trip." Kate kept her eyes on the ground the whole way back to the house. I was very alarmed. I did NOT look behind me as I made my way across her back yard into the house as quickly and carefully as I could.

Once we were inside she told me what she had seen from her vantage point. Kate said that she saw a very tall, completely featureless, black "shadow" come out of the bushes behind me, touch my shoulder, and stand there for a second or two before receding back into the hedges. She said the shadow figure was three-dimensional and somewhat translucent, but very dark, and that she had never seen anything like it in her life. Nothing like that has ever happened to me before or since, and I still have no explanation for it. But I remember it as vividly as if it happened to me ten minutes ago.

Yours Truly,
Joan Hunter Iovino