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From: Sarah
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Sent: Monday, July 1, 2013 11:15:03 AM
Subject: what are they?

I have been seeing human like figures out of the corner of my eye of about a year now. I had one or two of these experiences when I was a teenager as well. I have always, pretty much, been able to explain them away, but I was worried that there might be something wrong with my vision.

I decided to confide in my brother, and he was the one who originally told be about 'shadow people'. I have felt a little better since I have discovered that I'm not alone. I don't know if you're the right person to ask, but I was wondering if they're dangerous (shadow people). I was told by some that they can be, but then was told that no one has ever been harmed by on.

Basically, I think I was wondering if I should be concerned about the these, images. I feel uneasy when I see one, but I don't think I would call it fear. I'm sorry, I've never had to deal with anything like this before, and when I mention it to someone, I can tell they don't believe me. I just need some answers. Even if you know of someone who can give me the answers I need, I would appreciate it like no other. I'm desperate for information, and I really hope you can help me. Thank you for your time. I will leave my email address below, if you know of someone who feels they have the answers I'm looking for please forward my address to them. Thank you again.


From: Stephanie
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Sent: Thursday, July 4, 2013 12:42:29 PM
Subject: Shadow people

Hi, I am 23 years old. I have a six year old son who I must stress hasn't witnessed any shadow people. I on the other hand have seen and felt presences around me my whole life (well since I can remember).

My first experiences is of a shadow man who would walk from the dressing gown on the back of my bedroom door and stand at the end of my bed when I was in between the age of 3-4 I told my foster career everytime but they just dismissed it. I used to sleep with my head under the quilt and sometimes, had the courage to look...he was always there, although I was terrified I was never a scared as the day he walked from the end of my bed to the side of my bed. He leaned over at me and I pulled my quilt over my eyes. I screamed and my older sister, who was in a bed next to me, couldn't hear me even though I shook her. She did not wake up but she remembers me telling her about this shadow man. Still, she insists it was 'my imagination', which I must stress to anyone who has not witnessed this, it was NOT my imagination although I wish it was.

As an adult, I have had many other experiences, such as numerous electrical things switching themselves 'on' over the past year, feelings of evil presence in my house, which I also put down to the shadow people.

I wish I was crazy but the fact is I'm not. I hope I get some help after sending this but even if I don't, at least other people who have witnessed this can know they're not crazy either.

I do not know who they are or what they want but people who can't see them don't be fooled that they're not there! Please anyone who can help as I've been struggling to sleep.

email me at:
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Thank you, Stephanie

From: Eliabeth smilzee@gmail.com
To: shadowpeopleorg@comcast.net
Sent: Sunday, July 7, 2013 10:02:41 PM

It happened again tonight, I've moved in a new apartment. I've been here 6 weeks. It first started with what I thought were whispering noises. I passed it of as the central air blowing but it has happened again several times.

Then I awoke one night my bedroom door was open but I could see behind it and I saw a dark figure standing there. I screamed and reached over it turn the lamp on when I looked back it was gone.

Then a few nights ago I was lying in bed and kept hearing a noise. I looked over at my lamp and it seemed to be rocking, so I turned the lamp on and it was still rocking back and forth. It is a heavy ceramic lamp to remind you. I just laid there for a few minutes and it stopped.

Then tonight, I was laying on my couch and my front doors are French doors with glass from top to bottom and I looked up at them and I saw a dark shadow standing. It looked as a big, tall male figure and it looked like it had a hat on too; the same as behind my door that night. It was just standing there. As I got up, I had this awful feeling like I was in danger. I was so afraid but it just vanished.

I live in North Wilkesboro, North Carolina. You have my permission to use this if you want.

From: Alexis
To: shadowpeopleorg@comcast.net
Sent: Monday, July 8, 2013 1:36:35 PM
Subject: Shadow people

It was the scariest night of my life. I am 21 and this was my first time seeing this.

I awoke from a scary case of sleep paralysis, which I have suffered since starting college 3 years ago. There was a figure standing at my door. It was thin and wearing a hat. I am sure it was a male. It never moved and it scared the HELL out of me. I woke my mother up who did not see it and it stayed until I fell asleep again and was gone in the morning. I do not know if it was...there to hurt me or to be threatening, I was just SO scared because I couldn't believe something was in my room. It also had company. A random black...blob-like figure in the corner of my vision. It disappeared every time I tried to look at it. I seriously hope this never happens again.

Alexis, from Norcross, Georgia

From: Jack
To: shadowpeopleorg@comcast.net
Sent: Saturday, July 13, 2013 8:29:59 AM
Subject: An encounter after a long absence


I used to have frequent encounters with a shadow person. As a child I would wake up and he would be standing over me with white gloves. That shadow person only met with me in Queensland (QLD), Australia. That shadow person scared me.

After I moved to southern QLD I saw the shadow people as fleeting glimpses in the corner of my eye. This happened for years until I moved to Victoria.

Three years I have been in Victoria and I haven't seen any shadow people until about 30 minutes ago. I was sitting on my couch and I saw him. In my kitchen, I saw him for about a second. I felt like it was looking at my soul. Sorry, it's not a great description but it felt like it was me.


From: Liz
To: shadowpeopleorg@comcast.net
Sent: Monday, July 15, 2013 8:21:48 PM
Subject: My story of a shadow person experience

Before I stumbled upon this website, I had been dwelling a bit on my experience with a shadow person over the years. The location of the sighting took place in Duluth, Georgia... About 13 or 14 years ago. I am 31 years old now, but at the time of the sighting, I was still a high school student, either around 17 or 18 years old. I was living with my parents, and my two younger brothers, and we were living in a house that was built for us, at a country club.

It happened during the daytime I believe. I was taking a nap in my bedroom, and I distinctly remember it being daylight... I think in the late afternoon. I distinctly remember being in a state where I was about to wake up, but I was still asleep. So, it was almost like I was in that stage of trying to wake up. I still debate if I was dreaming, or what have you, but I remember looking over to my right side of the bed, and I saw a dark figure by my bedside. It did look to be a male figure, mostly a human shape, but I remember it being a little misty too. But the color of the figure was pretty much black, really dark even. I was a bit confused at this point, and I thought for some reason that my mother had come into my room for some reason. So, I tried to speak, and I remember specifically saying, "Mom...?"

The shadowy figure, all of a sudden, growled really loud at me in response. I felt a little bit threatened, and felt paralyzed in my bed at this point. I either closed my eyes or looked back at my bedside, and the shadow figure wasn't there anymore. At this point, I knew I was very much awake and I guess the paralyzed feeling had gone away. I never saw this shadow figure again, and I am 31 now.

I've kinda shrugged the experience off as a night terror, but it is making me wonder now if this was really a shadow person? Was it just a dream or did this really happen?

From: Landon
To: shadowpeopleorg@comcast.net
Sent: Saturday, July 20, 2013 12:44:03 AM

Well here is what I think and I know what I had seen.

It was almost winter of 2001, what I saw was by Camp Monteith in Kosovo. The name of the city I can't spell so I am not trying, anyway.

I was in the Army and my other squad members were guarding other parts of the city. It was me and another guarding what they say is Serb Church. Well, during witching hour so to say; it was late at night, I was alone in front of the church and the other squad member was in the back of the church. The unit, we replaced there, told many of us that the church is haunted. I said, "Yeah, right,"...until that winter night. I was looking down and I just glanced up and saw the figure. It was a perfect, black, not wispy, perfect shape. It was leaning towards the window as if it was looking at me from the outside. It seemed like eternity but only lasted for a few seconds.

I know what I had saw. I don't know if it was evil, we all know that Satan took the 1/3 of the angels with him when he was kicked out of heaven.

From: Hans
To: shadowpeopleorg@comcast.net
Sent: Sunday, July 21, 2013 10:20:27 AM
Subject: Experience

My one and only experience with something like this was when I was pretty young, around 12 years old. I'm an only child and had my own bedroom.

One night I woke up in the dark and had this feeling there was some kind of presence on or in the wall next to my bed. Turned on my nightlight but there was nothing. The feeling remained though. Slept uneasy and when I woke up in the morning the feeling was still there but more powerful now.

I have to say here that, even at that age, I loved horror-stories and was beginning to read Stephen King novels. Also, my father, with whom I had a very good relationship, had passed when I was 11.

However, this felt absolutely real, not like the scare you can get from a good book or a powerful nightmare. Even in the morning light the feeling of dread was there and now I imagined I could see a black mass or spot on the wall, there, out of the corner of my eye.

I've never actually seen it head on, but when I came back from school that day and went into my room the feeling immediately was back, more intense than ever. It scared me so much, I refused to sleep there and moved to another room. For about two and a half weeks, I was too scared to even enter the room and would do it as fast as I could when I needed something.


One day, I needed something from the room, went in and it was gone. I sat on the bed for a bit, looked around the room and more intensely at the spot where 'it' had been. I was still scared but the feeling of presence was completely gone. That night, I moved back into my room and although it took a little longer to get to sleep, nothing happened and I haven't had this happen to me ever again.

I did nothing to make it go away, I was 12 and my parents didn't believe me so there was nothing I could do. It just went on its own, whatever it was. The only thing I can imagine it was now (I'm 40 now) is a shadow person and a very nasty one at that.

I'm still puzzled at the fact it stayed at the same spot in the same room. The menace I felt from it can only be described as murderous intent yet it didn't follow me, even in the same house.

This is just about the weirdest unexplainable thing that ever happened to me. There have been other weird stuff but nothing that felt bad. Except for a few bad dreams that came true I have not had bad experiences like that.

From: kayla
To: shadowpeopleorg@comcast.net
Sent: Sunday, July 21, 2013 11:49:48 PM
Subject: Shadow people

As I lay in my bed and slowly fall into sleep, night begins to fall. I soon find myself lying on my back unable to move. The blankets I lay on are now being dragged to side of the bed. That's when I first saw her; the shadow girl.

She was about 10 years old, dressed all in black, shoulder length, dark hair, dark skin, and had her face covered with a black mask that appeared to be made out of some type of black glass. She had no facial expression; I couldn't even see a mouth on her. The mask covered her cheekbones, eyes, and forehead. She kept pulling me closer and closer to the side of my bed.

My body struggled in fear trying to get away. When I screamed my lungs out, I couldn't make a sound. I faintly could move my legs trying to kick her away, sadly missing with every small movement I forced out. Soon I could feel hopelessness sinking in, inches away from her presence. Until I noticed she stood still, staring at me.

As half my body lay off the bed, I felt a cold male hand grab onto my arm pulling me under. I soon awoke from this dream, scared, upset, and wanting to leave. As I looked around my room all my blankets were off my bed.

If you have any idea what this was, please MSG me back.

From: Alice
To: shadowpeopleorg@comcast.net
Sent: Thursday, July 25, 2013 11:53:19 AM
Subject: I think I've been seeing shadow people since my chilhood...

Dear all,

I'm writing you briefly (because I am at work and don't have much time), because I just found out today that the dark human shapes I've been seeing since I was a little child are known as shadow people.

My name is Alice. I'm French, almost 35 and the mother of a 15 months old boy. I haven't seen any shadow people in years now, but I never forgot what I saw, and didn't know what it was until today.

It all started when I was maybe 3 or 4 years old. Every night when I went to bed, I saw a male dark shape with a hat (always) from the waist up, waving at me as to say hello on my bedroom doorstep. The rest of his 'body' was hidden behind the wall. His presence was never hostile and I never was scared of him. He was some sort of a friend in my memory. Then we moved from this place and years passed before I saw another one of them.

It happened when I was 23. I was reading on a summer afternoon on my bedroom, lying on my bed and I saw, coming to me from my doorstep, this same dark human shape with a hat, but this time I felt it as hostile. I wanted to scream but couldn't. I felt a weight on my chest and I could barely breathe. My book fell; I watched it fall. This movement took my eyes off the attraction this shadow had on me. I could finally scream and breathe and then it was gone. It is still all so clear in my head and I still shiver just thinking of it.

Since then I never saw anything anymore. Maybe felt a few things but nothing so clear.

What do you think this was? I feel like they were not the same, the one from my childhood and the other one...

Waiting impatiently for your information as I am just discovering all this!



From: Jerusha
To: shadowpeopleorg@comcast.net
Sent: Wednesday, July 31, 2013 4:50:54 PM
Subject: Shadow people

This happened when I was 12 years old the year Dec 25-30 2011.

I was trying to go to sleep at 12-3 am. In my bed, I was just staring around like the usual before I go to bed. But what caught my eye was a shadowy figure in the corner near where the bathroom was. I was terrified. It was pitch black, blacker then my surroundings, and short and huddled in the corner with no eyes, yet I could feel it watching me. I immediately hid under my covers and started praying saying, ''God in Jesus name, please make that thing, or whatever it is, go away.'' Repeating those words very fast, I peeked from my covers to see if it was gone. It started to disappear in black flames.

When I first saw it, I felt like it wanted to kill me. I've had at least had 7 experiences with these shadow people and they are never positive experiences.

Around the time August 24-30 2012, I believe I could feel the energy of the black shadow trying to take control of me. This time, I could not see it but I could feel it in my spirit , because all I could feel was scared and didn't feel like myself.

I started seeing things and also felt an evil that can't be explained. Supposedly, I'm bipolar but I stopped seeing them and feeling them around by August 2012.

This has happened at my apartment in Texas.

From: Traci
To: shadowpeopleorg@comcast.net
Sent: Saturday, August 3, 2013 2:17:15 AM
Subject: Shadow forms with red and green eyes

I was 5 at the time. This is about the only dominate memory I have at that age.

I could not sleep, so I pulled my blanket off the bed and my pillow. My intentions were to watch TV until I got sleepy. So leaving my bedroom, you would step into what we called our 'playroom'; it was like a second living room. To my left, along the same wall, is the restroom. Then the adjacent wall, to my left, was my parents room and the big arch to the living room. To my right, was a small wall but around this small wall area is a door way into the kitchen. In front of me was the big window. Though, being night, the curtains where closed. So, I go to the living room. To my left is a the TV. Next to it, a small foyer to the front door. To my right, a reclining chair and couch. So, I go for the chair. I turn the TV on lower on a show to not awake my parents.

After about 20 minutes, I had to use the restroom. So I move my blanket...ever get that oh so watchful feeling? I did. As I looked left to where the restroom is, my eyes see them in the kitchen. To the left corner, a set of red eyes. To center just below, there was a set of green eyes. To the right of them and just below, was another set of red eyes. It was so dark so I couldn't make out a form. I would say, as adults, they stood: 6 ft, 5 ft 8 inches, and 5 ft 4 inches.

I got scared and hid under my blanket till morning, holding off going to the restroom. That next day, even at 5, I tried to find an explanation as to what I saw, even while my mother shooed me from the kitchen. And no, I did not allow my parents to know. This was my first experience bringing me to the knowledge of a gift I have and the so many more things that happened to me in my life down the road.

From: Samantha
To: shadowpeopleorg@comcast.net
Sent: Monday, August 5, 2013 3:14:07 AM
Subject: My shadow person

I've been seeing my shadow person since I was a little girl, so much in fact I refer to him as "My ghost". I say 'him' because well, I'm not sure how I know but I know the presence is male.

He doesn't wear a hat and I've never seen his eyes, he's more of an outlined figure. His height is pretty tall, like 6' 4. His shoulders are hunched over a little and that's what scares me; his aggressive posture.

I cannot remember the first time I saw him but every visit is different. I can always sense when he's near and sometimes the feeling he brings is fear and sometimes he's just there and no feeling is provoked. He comes and goes; sometimes I'll go months without seeing him before he'll make an appearance. I've had a tons of visits with him ranging from pleasant to horrifying.

One day, carrying clothes into my living room, I felt his presence. I looked up and he was standing in front of the door. I acknowledged him by talking about how Tosh.0 was coming on and I how I loved his show. Then I sat down and started folding clothes. He stood there for about 5 minutes and left.

We have plenty of good encounters like that; just him showing up saying hi and leaving. However, we've had a few bad ones too.

Just recently, it was about 4 a.m. and I was startled awake because I felt someone in the room with me. I saw a huge outline in the dark. Thinking it was my dad, I start asking, "Dad what's wrong? What happened?" Then the feeling in the room changed and he jumped at me. I screamed and jumped back in bed then flicked on the light. Now, for some reason, I know he wouldn't hurt me; I don't know how I know that but I just feel it.

Seeing 'my ghost' after all these years, isn't too big of a deal anymore but I've noticed that whenever we have a bad encounter, something bad happens to me or my family which scares the hell out of me more than anything. I understand that he's warning me and I'm grateful to know to prepare for it but it scares me to tears to think that he already knew what was going to happen.

From: Dean
To: shadowpeopleorg@comcast.net
Sent: Tuesday, August 6, 2013 11:08:46 PM
Subject: Shadow Ghost

Let me start out by saying: I didn't believe in ghosts until my experience and I'm not sure if I believe even now. Here is my story, although not much of one.

My girlfriend and I moved into a new house in Winston Salem, NC. While sitting on the couch in the living room, I would get a feeling that someone was watching me from the kitchen. I would turn and look and I could see a figure dart behind the wall really fast. Sometimes a shadow but sometimes it reminded me of 'The Predator' from that movie when it was cloaked.

I actually thought someone was in the house at times. It happened about once a day. I never mentioned it until one night, we were driving home from work and my girlfriend was asking me if I believe in UFOs, monsters, etc. When she asked if I believe in ghosts, I said, "No." Well, not until we moved into this house." She looked stunned and asked why I said that. I told her what I was seeing and she told me she was seeing the same thing. That made it very real.

We shot some video and snapped some pictures around that area but nothing showed up and our dog never reacted at all to it. We got very comfortable with it. We would just say things like, "It's watching us right now."

We eventually moved for unrelated reasons but the last week we were there, I saw a black, cloud-shaped shadow float on the ceiling across the living room. It was weird but none of it really scared me. It just stood in the kitchen and stared at us. That's about it. Nothing special but I've been thinking about it a lot lately and I wish we would've done some investigating before we moved. If you think about it, if this is what we think it is, then the world we thought we knew is turned upside down in my opinion. That's what is kind of freaking me out a little lately. I'm gonna try to contact the current owners to see if they've had any experiences. I'll keep you posted on what I find out.

Dean from Winston Salem, NC.

From: Shantel
To: shadowpeopleorg@comcast.net
Sent: Thursday, August 8, 2013 4:57:17 PM
Subject: Shadow

The house I used to live in, always made feel strange like when I would play outside in the backyard, I could feel something watching me from the windows of my house. However, this one day really freak me out.

I was nine years old sleeping in my room upstairs. I was dreaming, like normal, but then my dream went black and I woke up gasping for air; like someone knocked the air out of me. Then, while trying to catch my breath, I saw something standing to the right of me. I looked and it was a dark shadow but a kid-sized. I could not see through it and it had no face or eyes. Then, I hurried up, covered my head with my blanket and started to cry. I prayed for it to go away. A few minutes later, I looked and it was gone. I'm 34 now and see shadows every now and then, flying across the walls. What can this be?

From: name withheld by request
To: shadowpeopleorg@comcast.net
Sent: Tuesday, September 3, 2013 10:41:44 AM
Subject: Shadow people

I'm not really good at this so I’ll try it this way.

I don't want my name or email shown. The only reason I'm doing this is because my older brother admitted to seeing them as well.

I used to share a room with him when I was younger and sometimes when he'd be on the computer I'd be on the bed reading or whatever else I was doing at the time.

I don't know when it started but I know I saw it at least seven or eight times before he got a room of his own. It would be something tall and dark; I’d see it out of the side of my eye and always just standing behind him like curious of what he was doing on the computer.

First time I saw it I thought it was my dad so I tried talking to him before it just well, went poof? I don't know how to explain it but it was there then it was gone. Brother looked at me like I was crazy but just went back to his computer stuff.

Do I still see them? I don't know. Sometimes I'll see something darker than regular dark but that'll be very rarely. My brother on the other hand finally told me that he sees them a lot more then he wants to. He said he even saw one at the college he went to. Maybe it's a family thing?

Thank you for listening. I'm just glad knowing I wasn't seeing things.

From: Afton
To: shadowpeopleorg@comcast.net
Sent: Wednesday, September 4, 2013 4:33:58 PM
Subject: Shadow People

My first ever experience with a shadow person was in '89 at the tender age of four. My memory of what I saw and felt are extremely vivid, but other details are a little hazy.

I remember that my parents had just moved my bed underneath the only window I had in my room. I do not remember what month it was, or the reason that I decided to look out my window that night. I just remember that when I did, I saw this hooded figure at the top our driveway. (Our house was downhill from the driveway.) I remember very distinctly that it was black, like a shadow, and it seemed to have some sort of cloak on. And I will never forget the eyes; red and glowing. I was horrified. I couldn't move. I screamed for my parents and of course, when they came in and I pointed out the window, they didn't see a thing.

This continued on for months. He wasn't there every night, but most nights he was there. He was either at the top of the driveway, or sometimes, if I was too afraid to look out, he would come and peek into my window. I always felt the same: paralyzed with fear. And though I wouldn't have been able to describe it at that age, there was an incredibly hostile feeling to this shadow person.

Eventually, my parents got tired of me screaming at bedtime, so they bought me some strawberry shortcake curtains. After that I always made sure the curtains were closed well before dark. I didn't have any more sightings for a long time after that. But my feeling of dread at open curtains at night still haunts me, 24 years later.

Now that I am older, there are so many things that I wonder. What could I have been seeing? We lived out in the country, away from neighbors and kids playing pranks. But to this day, when night starts to fall, I have to shut my curtains, every single one. I make sure that there is no part that I can see through. If for some reason, one doesn't shut, it takes all that I have to force myself to go up to it and shut it. Almost always, this is done with my eyes shut. It is absolutely my biggest fear to look out into the darkness, and see something looking back.

From: Bunny
To: shadowpeopleorg@comcast.net
Sent: Monday, September 9, 2013 4:06:48 AM
Subject: Shadow person

This is my story of my encounter with a shadow person. It happened approximately 3 and half years ago. It happened at my work place in the evening. The building has two floors and it occurred on the second floor. It happened in the winter months, there were two other people downstairs on the north side of building.

I was with a coworker. We were upstairs to return a camera to another coworker. As I was standing in the foyer waiting for her to come from the office, I looked down the left hallway, and noticed a pitch-black figure standing inside my office. It was near six feet.

Here’s the thing about my office: there are three panes of glass, then the door. Also, there is nothing in the area by the glass panes. When you walk into my office and look left, there is a desk, file cabinet and bookcase, while on side of glass panes, there are no objects there.

When I noticed the shadow figure, it was behind the glass in my office. The glass is frosted in the middle of the pane. The figure turned left and walked toward the door to the hallway. I can see it moving, it is sooo black; blacker than black and so noticeable in the dark office. I mostly noticed the upper body moving towards the door.

As it neared the door; like a couple steps away from turning into doorway to enter the hallway, I moved a few steps forward. When the coworker turned into foyer, I told her to hurry and I just ran down the stairs and down to her office. I just knew I had to get away fast from the shadow person.

From: Sarah
To: shadowpeopleorg@comcast.net
Sent: Tuesday, September 10, 2013 12:49:33 PM
Subject: Shadow person

One day, I think I saw a shadow person while driving home from work at about 11 o’clock at night.

It was raining outside and there was a young man standing on the side of the road. He looked like he was about to cross the road. I slowed down and watched this slim man in a hoodie and jeans start to walk into the road. He was walking across the left lane and I stopped about 30 feet from where he would cross. I assumed he was going to go in front of my car. He had started to walk across, then seemed to phase more and more translucent as he began sprinting toward my lane. He then vanished.

I looked around, thinking he may have fallen or that my eyes were playing tricks on me. But there was no one around. I felt scared and in awe by what had just happened. I am not sure if this was a shadow person, it never turned into a shadow. It just went from a real image and phased to nothing. I have never hallucinated, don’t drink nor do drugs. I was a little tired but not that tired.

From: Steven
To: shadowpeopleorg@comcast.net
Sent: Wednesday, September 11, 2013 2:26:03 PM
Subject: My story !

I have always remembered when I was scared to death as a six year old child but until recently, I have always put to back of my mind.

I watched a very informative program last week about the djinn and also shadow people. As I watched, I was amazed; it was describing everything I had seen at that young age.

I was in bed, must of been around two but I'm really not certain about time. My room door was open so I could see right along hallway. I opened my eyes and about ten feet away was a large black figure, very tall with an old-fashioned type hat on. Right next to it, was a smaller shadow about four foot tall; I saw no other features than the silhouette of them both. Straight away, they both sort of floated towards me as there was no movement I could describe. I was frozen in terror and pulled my duvet over my head, but I could feel their presence right next to me.

I know it's not the most exciting of accounts but what I do struggle to understand is I woke up next morning having fallen asleep whilst experiencing the most terrifying event of my life. I have always wondered what went on to make me sleep. Well thank you for giving me platform to tell people as I don't or haven't spoken about this to anyone but parents way back at that time.

Kind regards


From: anonymous
To: shadowpeopleorg@comcast.net
Sent: Friday, September 13, 2013 7:47:16 PM
Subject: Shadows in my life

I’ve seen shadow people since I was 5 years old, I’m now 26.

Arrival of the shadow being – usually they would come out of the walls, the most I’ve ever seen at once was 12.

Actions of the shadow being – 'they' usually run around my room, on the floor and walls. Sometimes they would walk right up to me and lean towards my face

Physical attributes: They were usually small, around 4 foot however they were always accompanied by 1 or 2 taller shadows between 6 and 8 feet. The smaller ones were thin and the larger ones were of normal build.

Demeanor of the shadow – The smaller ones seemed to run around like children and seemed very aware of me; the larger ones seemed to stare into me. The smaller ones didn't worry me too much but the larger ones scared me so badly, I couldn’t move

Departure of the shadow - usually they would disappear back into the walls however on occasion, they would disappear before me.

My reaction – The first time I saw them, I screamed for my parents (age 5). After the first few encounters, I watched them running around. As I became more used them, I began to study them. That's when the larger ones appeared and filled me with fear. My last sighting was aged 18 just one small figure watching me from the corner of my room.

Last night 12-9-2013, I saw a shadowy figure again (age 26). I have felt this presence for months and last night, it appeared; even my fiancée saw it. I felt this was pure evil. My fiancée has claimed a few times to have woken to see a figure watching me. She saw the figure for the first time when I was 16, in bed, following a car crash. She saw it in a mirror and saw it walk up the stairs to my room. I could really do without all this... any ideas?

From: Luke
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Sent: Saturday, September 21, 2013 6:10:49 PM
Subject: Shadow people experience

I can recall two specific experiences with shadow people.

When I was about eight years old I remember being awake at night and seeing a shadow of a head continuously poking its head out from behind the doorway. I asked each member of my family if they looked into my room the night before and none of them had.

Another incident accrued around the same age. I woke up in the middle of the night and a shadow figure came from underneath my bed and sat on top of me grabbing my shoulders. I could not move or scream. I was in complete shock for several minutes and the figure had just vanished when realized I could move again. I still remember feeling the weight when the shadow jumped on top of me. I don't believe I was dreaming being that there was no point when I ‘woke up’.

I'm not trying to prove anything by sharing this. It's just interesting to find out this has happened to other people.

From: Lon
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Sent: Wednesday, September 25, 2013 2:59:27 PM
Subject: ongoing

Came across your site and only recently have I wondered and looked into what I always assumed for years was just my eyes playing tricks on me.

As far back as I can remember, and I mean like back to being five, I have seen, what you call, shadow people. Yes, I get the sense someone is watching me but not necessarily when I think I 'saw' a shadow person, only that I always thought it was odd that it was there.

I have seen a full figure once or twice but they have been mostly 'partial' figures and moving to one side or another. Then I get that strange sense; it is like an energy feeling, real close and next to me. I could swear on my life that have been touch or grabbed while sleeping. Something will push against bed sometimes. I felt like I was dreaming but could unmistakably hear one or two words whispered to me.

Have I ever felt scared? Yeah, on a couple occasions but mostly not. Just wondering if others have this type of experience.

I could try and explain in greater detail like, seeing it in the hall, day or night, inside or outside, no particular place. No, I'm not mentally troubled person but always have had an odd sense that something else 'is there'. I can feel it but it is hard to explain how I can. I just 'know'.

I lived in many different locations since I first started noticing this and have a reoccurring dream since I was that five years old about dying in some war. It is vividly the same all these years.

I did have a near-death experience of my own and I swear it was my sister who past on who help me out of a frozen river. I had fallen through the ice in heavy winter gear after I had been drinking. I thought I imagined it but later thought about it because I could recall her vividly. Odd though, my other sister gets strange sensations too but she hasn't gone into detail because like me, doesn't want people to think we’re crackpots.

From: Lena
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Sent: Wednesday, September 25, 2013 9:53:18 PM
Subject: My Story

My daughter saw a shadow person sitting on our couch in the daytime this past weekend. She described it as having big teeth that were smiling at her, with a hat on and that she saw it before and is always watching her. I'm paraphrasing here but these were her words.

She's 7 years old and very bright and inquisitive. I've never mentioned or made any reference of seeing shadow people but I always see things whisping across the floor or feel something watching me. I tend to ignore it for lack of knowing what to do. Also, I sometimes feel someone press on my thigh or side and very few times on my arm. I will look down and see the impression if I can look quick enough. WTH is that??

I only know about the term shadow people from listening to the radio broadcast, Coast to Coast AM with Art Bell via YouTube. Now that I know that my daughter and I are not the only ones experiencing this, I really need some guidance as to how to deal with this. I read that if I would call on the Archangel Michael he would take this "spirit" away.

I don't want this experience to continue. What is really up with this? Could it be from what our televisions are doing to our minds and vision? All these screen items are not natural. TV's, computers, handheld games, smart phones, videos on top of games on top of TV on bright screens for the majority of my day, can't be beneficial. Could this be the reason for seeing what I see in my peripheral? I would say it sounds like that could explain it but what about the strange things from when I was a kid? I still remember dreams I had when I was kid!

If me and my daughter are connected to some ability, I want to learn more but if I can ignore it and find that it will go away, then I can live with that too. Just tired of not knowing.

From: Ryan
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Sent: Saturday, September 28, 2013 9:29:25 AM
Subject: My Shadow People Experience

Hi there. I just want to submit my story to you guys so you guys can learn more about these experiences. In no way do I see these shadow people any more.

Well, I saw these figures back years ago when I was still in elementary school, and my parents were still married (I lived at a different house at the time). Also, the house was JUST built, so I doubt anyone died in the house or anything. Anyways, I ALWAYS felt like I was bring watched at the house and I did see things out of the corner of my eye a lot. I got horrible nightmares almost every other night so I usually would wake up and run to my parent’s room so I could sleep with them.

The experience with the shadow people I remember the most is when I was lying down in my parents bed. When I saw about 5 dark cloaked/hooded very tall figures surrounding the bed. With red eyes. Staring at me. I remember feeling very scared, and remember I was frozen. I couldn't scream, I could’t move to wake my parents up, even though they were right beside me. This happened for I don't remember how long, when then they just flew up to the ceiling and left.

I don't really remember what happened next, but I remember I felt really drained of my energy.

Anyway, truthfully, I was having these experiences until I started going to church a lot, and whenever stuff would happen at the house, I would just pray and say stuff like, "Jesus is my lord and savior," out loud and the experiences would go away.

Anyways, well thank you for reading my story, it is true, and I just wanted to let it out.

Thank you, Ryan

From: Liam
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Sent: Thursday, October 3, 2013 12:33:46 PM
Subject: Shadow Person Sighting (3rd kind)


This Shadow Person incident happened on my honeymoon. I was staying in Hotel Vidamar, in Funchal, Madeira in September 2013.

One night, I was asleep and rose from my sleep by something pulling my toe. I woke up to see a dark silhouette at the end of my bed holding my foot. I thought it was my wife in the shadows. I moved my leg and it pulled me again. It was definitely there and I was awake. I then looked to my side and expected to see nothing but to my shock, my wife was there. I looked back and the figure had disappeared. It took a few seconds to register what I had seen. Then I got the fright of my life when I realised that this was a suspension of the laws of nature, as we know it.

I turned on all the lights and for a few nights, I couldn't sleep properly. I have never seen anything quite like this before in my life. Other things we both noticed were popping noises that would happen in the room for no reason. Could be caused by an insect or a spider in the room but we couldn't see any and was right above our heads as we lay down. Also, the lifts stopped working when we were in it as well.

All this happened the day after the shadow person incident. The only thing I can think of is that on Madeira most of the tourists are in their late 70's and 80's so many must die in their hotel rooms. The spirit must be a relic from this.

I am an engineer by profession and a very rational person. This has opened my mind on lots of possibilities in the universe from what I witnessed.

From: Alejandra
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Sent: Friday, October 4, 2013 2:52:15 PM
Subject: From: Alejandra

I'm 14 but when I was around 10-11, I saw a shadow person.

My bed was a bunkbed/desk/shelf/drawer combination. It was positioned in a way I could see out the door and into the hallway and it was positioned right in front of the closet which were sliding mirror doors. My bedroom had security windows so a lot of moonlight came in through the windows. It begun around the time I got over my fear of the dark and slept with the lights off.

One night, I woke up and as I looked around for no apparent reason, I saw a shadowy figure standing in the hallway. It had a pale complexion, black holes where the eyes and nose should be, white gloves, a black coat, and a black Mad Hatter hat that appeared to be broken (he kind of looked like Michael Jackson). The creature was hovering a few inches off the ground while looking directly at me. As I stared at it, unable to move, it raised its hands and dashed towards me. Just when it was going to reach me, I closed my eyes. As if it were some sort of projection, it ‘re-setted’, standing where it was originally. It dashed at me again and just when it was going to reach me, I reached for the desk, grabbed the switch for the desk light and turned it on. It disappeared. I searched with my eyes around the room. In the mirror in front of me, his face was marked in the mirror with my casual fingerprints from touching it.

A few weeks ago, I was in school talking to a friend of mine when the topic came up. She told me a story similar to mine. To prove that, I asked her what it looked like. She said in great detail a creature similar to mine but when I was describing the face, she said, she only saw the shadow one. She told me she had a friend who had seen both and that she knew of two confirmed. Her story matched up to mine and I hadn't told her mine so she couldn't have invented it. I know of two confirmed but when I was thinking, i came up with a theory. There could be four possible versions of seeing this fiend: shadow, white shadow, the one I saw, and one with the opposite colors black gloves.

From: Mike
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Sent: Saturday, October 26, 2013 9:54:54 AM
Subject: In the dark of night

My girlfriend and I just had our first baby a month prior. Everything in the house felt fine. She would get up in the middle of the night to go in our spare bedroom to take care of the new baby so that she wouldn’t wake me up before I had to go to work in the morning.

Around 3:00 am, I suddenly awoke and standing right next to me, was a darker than dark, full apparition of a being; I could not make out any features. It caught me off guard. The room itself was dark but I could still see around the room except where the shadow stood next to my bed. Stunned with fear, I jumped over to the other side of my bed. This thing moved quicker than light it seemed.

Here's where it gets crazy for me.

It didn’t go away, like how one would hope that your mind was playing tricks. As I jumped to the one side, it shot up into the corner of my bedroom next to the bed. I kept my eye on it. It had transformed into an amoeba-like creature that had some transparency, like something of a cell you would see under a microscope except it was about 1 1/2 feet in mass and still darker than the surrounding shadow. It had 6-7 arms and a body that could stretch, move, and transform.

It seemed to know I was looking at it but it couldn't move from its point of origin as long as I had my eyes locked on it. It began trying to stretch its arms into the darker region of the room and could transfer itself into the shadow of the room and become one with it. I felt scared and fear while going through this, I prayed in my head and demanded it leave my house. I couldn’t speak no words; I was so scared. I never moved so fast. I jumped out of bed, ran down the hallway into the other bedroom and turned on all the lights and told my girlfriend what happened. I was completely awake through this experience. I have attached a picture I drew of what I saw that night. I have been sleeping with the lights on for some time now.

From: Kody
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Sent: Thursday, November 7, 2013 11:25:12 PM
Subject: My shadow person story

Hi, my name is Kody and I have a story that frightened me to death. At the time I had no idea what shadow people were, but after doing some research I feel the need to get this off my chest.

I was about 12 years old at the time. I was staying at my friend’s house this night. We had gone to bed late after a long night of video games and pizza.

My friend was sleeping in his bunk bed, and I was on the floor, in a sleeping bag. I was lying down next to the closet trying to sleep, but for some reason I felt very restless. I was tossing and turning, trying to get comfortable on his hard floor.

The closet was small and had two doors. It was mostly empty and had white walls on the inside. One of the doors was slightly open (enough for me to see the white of one of the corners). I turned away from the closet for a bit, and then when I turned back there was an extremely dark figure inside of it. I froze, and was scared out of my mind. I suddenly felt as if I had no sense of hearing, and we just stared at each other. I was too scared to be able to know for how long, but it could only have been for a few minutes. I tried to wake my friend up, but no words could come out of my mouth. It even felt as though no air was even coming out.

The shadow itself looked somewhat like a man, but features such as arms, legs, and clothing were not distinguishable, because the shadow looked more like a cloud of pitch black smoke, in the form of a man. The edges of the shadow seemed to vibrate almost.

After staring at each other for a while, I see my friend's cat come into the room. As soon as the cat enters, the closet door slams shut, but made absolutely no sound. The cat ran up to me and cuddled with me for the rest of the night.

Thank you for your site! This memory has been haunting me since it happened, and I have had no one to share it with that believes me.



From: Marco
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Sent: Saturday, November 9, 2013 1:46:21 AM
Subject: Shadow Person, Probably

Was that a shadow person?

I worked in an urban office building, most often third shift. Lots of times, I was alone up there all night. I thought everyone in the office agreed that there are ghosts, so I never avoided the subject. Unfortunately, the new district manager thought some people are nuts. That isn’t in this story, though. Every once in a while, over time, I would leave my desk to go see who had come in. It sounded like someone coming through the office door, throwing keys on a desk and generally getting prepared to face the day (in the middle of the night). Each time, nobody home. Other things happened as well, but they aren’t in this story either.

Never before had I seen a shadow person, nor have I seen one since. In fact, at that time I had never heard of shadow people.

One night, I was typing alone in the typing room, absorbed in what I was doing and unaware of my surroundings. It was common for people during daytime hours to pass through the typing room, a large room, so that wasn’t a distraction. As I worked third shift one night, a male in a black trench coat and Fedora hurried through the room and went out the door leading to the hallway. He seemed to be late for something. The door was about 40 feet from my desk. Again, I only saw this peripherally and was hardly paying attention. His coat seemed to flow behind as he hurried. I assumed he was a real person, as there was the familiar sound of footsteps on carpet. A minute or so later, I was rather startled to stop and realize I had not heard the door slam. Our assistant manager had recently taken his life, by the way. Later I related the story to a fellow employee, a self-claimed witch. She asked if it could have been the ghost of our assistant manager. Not sure, but it sure did walk through a solid, locked door.

That was over ten years ago. Only about two years ago I stumbled onto the subject of shadow people. The idea of shadow people, upon first reading, gave me a royal case of the creeps. Thinking back, that was probably a shadow person. I don’t need to see any more shadow people, but thank you anyway.

Marco M.

From: Rea
To: shadowpeopleorg@comcast.net
Sent: Saturday, November 9, 2013 10:32:45 AM
Subject: Shadow figure sighting

My encounter with a shadow person.

It happened in November 2011, when I was just fourteen. My whole family had gone to bed early and it was only ten o'clock when I decided to get up out of bed and go to the toilet; the toilet was across the hallway from my bedroom, about a 5 meter walk.

I was in the toilet for a minute or two then I came out. I was on my mobile phone. My head was down, looking at my phone whilst walking down the hallway. All of a sudden a tall, black shadow figure appeared in front of me. He wore a high bowler hat and a long coat with the collar up, he had no body features and just resembled a shadow free standing in the centre of the hallway, I had jolted my body back, it was almost like if I had walked an inch further I would have walked into him. As I did this I grabbed on my parents doorway waking my mother up instantly, i was petrified and she told me to go back to my bedroom, the figure was no longer there so I ran back to my bedroom and got under the bed covers. I fell asleep after that and haven't spoken about my sighting to anyone apart from my family.

Thank you for reading my encounter, I would love to see it on your website so other people can hear about my sighting.

Regards, Rea

From: Rich
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Sent: Wednesday, November 13, 2013 3:25:04 PM
Subject: Shadow person


A number of years ago (nearly 30) I was a security officer working at a large, luxury London hotel. The hotel had a long and varied history and had been, among other things, apartments and a hospital. There were a number of strange things that had been reported especially on the 4th floor which had cold spots, lights flickering and some people had reported seeing strange figures.

One afternoon, I was carrying out a check of the 4th floor as part of my general checks. It was about 1630 hrs and there were not many people about. If you can imagine, one part of the floor was shaped like a "P". Inside the loop of the P was a landing with a service lift and set of stairs at the top of the P and a set of double doors, leading in to the loop, on each side of the lift/stairs. As part of my checks I walked along the corridor, around the loop and back through the furthest set of doors.

On this particular occasion, I walked along the corridor and glanced through the glass on the doors leading into the lobby/lift area. I recall a shape standing by the lift. I don't recall any features, just a dark outline if you will. The "head" of this outline turned to look at me as I looked through the glass. I hadn't stopped to look through the door but as I passed, I sort of took a step back to try and verify what I had seen. As I did this double take, the shape/outline had vanished.

Although this incident took only a split second, I can still recall everything in detail.

Kind regards

From: William
To: shadowpeopleorg@comcast.net
Sent: Saturday, November 23, 2013 9:56:52 PM

It was about three o’clock am and I was driving my car to work. The road I was on was familiar to me. Driving at thirty miles per hour, I came to a bend in the road and suddenly I had to slam on my brakes. A dark figure had stepped off the curb and proceeded to cross the road, fifty feet from the corner. I watched as it reached the other side. It dissipated; sort of like when plastic burns and leaves a wispy trail…then gone.

This all happened in Queens, New York. The corner where it stepped off, there was a very large cemetery and where it disappeared, train tracks.

I had no idea at the time what I was seeing until I related the story to a friend. Right away, she said, “Shadow people.”

From: Saif
To: shadowpeopleorg@comcast.net
Sent: Saturday, November 30, 2013 3:52:09 PM
Subject: My own story

Okay, so here is my story. I live in Egypt in Cairo and my first experience with the shadow people was when I was 8 years old. I used to move around my apartment during night when no one was awake.

Once I was in front of a dark window after midnight and suddenly I began feeling something moving outside of the window (I live in the 10th floor so it can't be a person ) and then I saw a shadow of a kid with white eyes and wearing a hood, floating in front of me. The shadow didn't make any movement and neither did I. I remember that I stood there for god knows how long and then walked away and went to bed. The same scenario kept happening every day for a whole year.

When I was 9, I stopped seeing the creature and forgot about it until one night when I dreamt about it and it was the first time ‘it’ talked to me. I remember how it told me that he was meant to protect me from something and I must go see him tonight and how it was important. When I woke up, I remembered the whole dream and waited for midnight. When I went to the window, I waited there until it appeared suddenly, as usual, and he told me to come closer. When I went closer, I saw his hand stretching out carrying a hood just like his with a big (M) letter in the middle of it. As I walked away, I felt him still watching me but I didn't look behind and went to sleep. When I woke up, I found the hood and remembered everything but decided not to go see him again.

Today I still have that hood because I think it meant something important but I never wanted to see the shadow again. Still, every time I stand in front of a window I feel like something is watching me .

From: anonymous
To: shadowpeopleorg@comcast.net
Sent: Sunday, December 1, 2013 8:14:34 PM

I'm a female teenager who's experienced with these shadow people my entire life. From my earliest memories, I've seen these shadow people. In my experience, I've only seen these shadow people when I'm going thru, or about to go thru, problems. I want to share a very special appearance this shadow person made in my life.

I was twelve and this was around the time my father went to prison for murder.

Weeks before my father committed this murder, a shadow person would stand in my bedroom hallway for what I felt were hours. At that time, I'd only see half his head and it gave the appearance that he had a hood on. Although he was darker than dark, his silhouette made it look like he was hooded. Well for weeks, this was all ‘he’ or ‘it’ ever did. Just show up outside my bedroom staring at me. At first I felt uneasiness and paranoia but after a while, I stopped minding it because I never felt him do me harm. Until the night my dad committed the murder, I hadn't fully seen him. Well that summer night, around midnight, I saw him.

I was in my living room, just lying on the couch, when I saw his tall silhouette in my kitchen. He appeared to be just a few inches from touching the ceiling and was just standing there, looking at me. At the moment I saw him, I was terrified so I covered myself up, head to toe, with a blanket. And after a while I felt this pressure; the closest thing I could describe it to, is a hug, I felt this shadow person lean down on me and hug me!

It was something I just can't put into words but I felt a sense of love and protection. This embrace didn't last for too long though. Minutes later, my dad was at the door, drenched in someone else's blood.

To me this shadow person is like an angel, who takes care of me, because I only see him when I'm at my lowest. Of course, this experience happened years ago but I still manage to see him or it from the corner of my eye sometimes.

From: Gina
To: shadowpeopleorg@comcast.net
Sent: Saturday, December 7, 2013 1:52:46 AM
Subject: I've seen the shadow man

When I was seven years old, I went to California with my dad. He went out with my aunties and uncles and I was home with my other cousins around my age and their grandma.

I missed my dad and I missed home so I tried calling him on the phone but I didn't know about the area code difference so the call didn't go through. My cousins and their grandma were sleeping at the time and I went outside because I thought if I waited outside, my dad would come back soon.

As I waited outside, I saw a very tall man who was in the form of a shadow. He was holding a briefcase and was wearing a hat. He was taller than the telephone poles and stood outside the gate just staring at me. He wouldn't come into the yard, he just stood out on the road. I slowly walked back towards the house and watched him through the window. He walked away maybe twenty minutes after I went into the house.

Not soon after that, my dad came back. No one believed what I saw. I've seen him a couple of times after that. I'll see him occasionally, mostly at night. He'll just stare. I am twenty four years old now and I still see him. What is he? Who is he?

From: Kiersten
To: shadowpeopleorg@comcast.net
Sent: Monday, December 9, 2013 2:30:06 AM
Subject: My guardian

Hello, I’d like to share my experience and hopefully maybe someone...somewhere has been through this too so we can know we aren't alone.

My name is Kiersten. I’m 20 years old and a mother of a 6 month old. I am also a paranormal investigator. Since I was a child, I have seen a dark figure that would be at a distance from me, just standing there. The first few times seeing it, I would run away as I was in 4th grade and seeing a dark figure staring at you is very scary. But as I got older, I would try to walk over to it but once I’d get to a certain distance, it would vanish.

Even now, I still see it and when on walks, I'll point it out to my fiancé and he'd see it too.

Now ever since we brought our son home from the hospital, he will stare at a place in the room and smile or talk. I’m worried my son sees it too. Hopefully he doesn't; the mystery, of not knowing who or what is watching you, is maddening sometimes...

From: anonymous
To: shadowpeopleorg@comcast.net
Sent: Wednesday, December 11, 2013 2:10:13 AM

This experience is not my own, but my step mom who witnessed it.

My step mom sleeps with her door closed so that my 13-month old sister, who sleeps in the room also, can't get out of the room in the middle of the night.

My step mom woke up to find my sister shaking and asleep on the ground just outside of her wide open door. She saw a shadow that was the size of a child. She went to grab my sister and the shadow was gone. At that moment, my 5-year old brother walked out of his room crying about seeing a shadow that scared him. When she got them to go back to sleep, she got up to close her door and saw the shadow walk from my little brother’s room and hesitate at the top of the stairs. She ran for the light and saw it dash down the stairs. When she turned on the light... nothing was there.

We have had quite a number of experiences with seeing and hearing things within the past year. We have also had repetitive nightmares of death of those who live in the house. My 5-year old brother and step mom have those most often; sometimes more than twice a week of the same nightmare.

From: anonymous
To: shadowpeopleorg@comcast.net
Sent: Saturday, December 21, 2013 11:55:14 PM
Subject: shadows in Texas

My shadow person story was told to me by my four-year-old daughter. I live in a small suburb just north of San Antonio, Texas. I realize my story might not seem legit, due to the fact that my child is so young and I did not see the shadow person myself. However, I've never seen my daughter more terrified in her life.

It was a school night and she was in the shower. I was in the living room on my computer when she called my name screaming. I ran into the bathroom to find her, wide-eyed and terrified. I got her out of the shower and had her explain what happened.

She said that she saw a dark shadowy figure walk into the bathroom. She saw the silhouette through the shower curtain. She peaked around and saw a very small black shadowy figure, roughly 3 feet tall. She said it passed in front of her and disappeared into the wall that leads to the backyard.

As any mom would do, I calmed her down while I brushed her hair and had her tell me her story over and over. She said she was scared and didn't want to shower alone anymore. I told her all we had to do was ask the spirit to leave because we didn't invite it into our home. So there we sat, in her room, yelling at the house for the spirit to get out of our house. After the third or fourth time yelling it, one of the light fixtures attached to our dining room ceiling fan came crashing down onto the floor. And me not being a skeptic for one minute more, grabbed my kid, tucked her under my arm like a football and ran out of the house and into the street. Luckily, my husband and his coworker were just pulling up to the house during my moment of panic.

The next day I had a girlfriend of mine come by and check out my house. She is a self-proclaimed medium and I felt that it was a great time to test out her skills. She said, she felt no negative energy, only good things. She then explained that children tend to pick things up (meaning spirits follow them home). Even people just coming to the door can bring things in. Hopefully, we got ours out.

From: Juliana
To: shadowpeopleorg@comcast.net
Sent: Monday, December 23, 2013 4:48:32 PM
Subject: Re: Encounter with a Shadow Person?

My name is Julie. The following occurrence happened when I was still in in my middle school years, and when I still had a night light due to my dread of the dark. Rather logical for my age, I decided that there were no such things as monsters, and this cleared away the normal childish fears that plagued my peers. However, I couldn't escape the sensation that hidden in my dark basement a shadow watched me, with unseen eyes. This was deeply unsettling.

One night, (it must have been after midnight since my parents were asleep) I woke suddenly, for a reason I couldn't place at first. After a few moments, a cold chill registered through my spine. The more I grew awake, the more aware I became of the strong energy of something standing behind me, at my bedside. I could feel the pressure of air between myself and it, leaning, and I knew it wasn't my mom, dad, or brother. It was impossible not to feel that dark, heavy presence. The only way to describe what it felt like, is that it didn't feel human. It lacked any type of faint warmth given off by living closeness. How could it not be human though, when it cast a shadow on the wall. A large, bulky shadow.

Slowly, unspeakably terrified, I rolled over while feigning sleep, and peeked up at what stood over me. The figure was about nine feet tall, give or take, and leaned over the side of my bed, over me. The shadow was blocking the light from my night light. Not just blocking, the darkness of it was almost consuming, eating up the light. It was devoid of features, covered with a black cloak, darker than any black I'd ever seen. It had mass, but was too tall to be human, and neither fat nor lean. That alone did not scare me so much as the intense bad energy around it. I could feel that it was not a "good" being, and it filled me with dread. Though I didn't think it was anything more than curious, the wrongness of the vibes it gave off frightened me.

I covered my head with my blanket and lay awake in fear, praying and still, for what felt like hours, (but was probably less than ten minutes) until I felt the pressure of its presence disappear, and could see light through my blanket. When I looked once again, it had gone from the room. In the light of my night light, I saw that my door was closed. I'd never heard it open, or shut. I never saw it again, and after a few years, the presence in the basement faded entirely.

From: Dusty
To: shadowpeopleorg@comcast.net
Sent: Wednesday, December 25, 2013 8:54:46 PM
Subject: Shadow people

I have had a few encounters with shadow people. I have not seen any in a few years but first encountered them as a child.

Our family moved into the country of Erie County, Pennsylvania. I was elementary school size and thought I might have been visited by an animal doctor. It looked to be in the form of what I now think of a monk shape. At first, it would walk through my room but once the shadow stood at the bottom of my bed and stared at me. I don’t think it noticed me before but it was now terrifying that it now knew me. Once I heard it in the kitchen opening all of the cupboards and went out to look but only saw the kitchen calm.

There were many encounters there before we moved into the town center. Here, I would see shadow people at night passing by the bedroom door and/or standing by the bed. A friend and myself ran down the stairs one dusk and as we sat in the chairs saw a dark figure run past us as we might have been chased. Do the figures follow you? I have seen them at my parent’s house but not since I have I moved to another state.