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From: Carmen
To: shadowpeopleorg@comcast.net
Sent: Saturday, January 3, 2015 4:22:05 AM
Subject: My shadow person story

Hello out there!! My name is Carmen and I am 24 years old living in the DFW area of Texas. I've had only one experience with a shadow ghost/person and I hope to never have another!!

I was visiting my grandparents in the Hill Country of Texas around 10 to 12 years ago. I don't exactly remember how old I was. Their house is in a small town where everyone knows their neighbor. I slept in a room by myself and I had been sleeping in that same room in all the years I visited their house.

One night, I was laying down trying to sleep, facing one of the doors of the room. This one led outside and it was made of glass so you could see the outside. All of the sudden, a very tall- 7 to 8 feet- pitch black shadow figure walked in front of the door and walked up to the house. It then turned around and stood directly in front of my window and was just standing there, staring at me. It looked to have a top hat on and bright red eyes that glowed. I could not believe this was happening to me!!

It didn't seem to be angry it was just walking around outside snooping and looking in the house. I was so shocked and scared that I just stared back at it and started saying the Holy Father prayer in my head. It just stood there for about 5 seconds and then walked away. I thanked God that it was gone and I didn't tell anyone about it until last year. But I only told a couple of friends and now you fine people. Nobody in my family. So yeah, it was the scariest thing to ever happen to me. I recently found out about what they were actually referred to as and that other people have had the same experience which is awesome!!! I'm sleepy so thank you for reading goodnite!!! :))

From: Scott
To: shadowpeopleorg@comcast.net
Sent: Wednesday, January 14, 2015 8:49:48 PM
Subject: Shadow person caught off guard

When I was young, let's say 7, I suddenly developed an intolerance for the wrinkles in my bed sheet. I would do everything I could to make it flat and stay that way, but never could. So, I started sleeping in the living room instead. I would watch TV for a bit and go to sleep with a comforter on the couch. It was great. I'd hang the comforter over like I was in a fort. I spent the next week or so sleeping on the 3-seater couch, the 1 seater chair, dangling my legs over one arm rest and my head over the other. Sometimes, I even set up a tent in the backyard and camped out with my dog who was twice my size, a big German Shepard named Odis.

One night when resting on the couch watching TV, I had to get up to use the restroom. All the lights were off in the house except the television. I started walking towards the hallway, the blue glow and small flashes of changing light from the TV were shining from behind me. When I got to the hallway, there were two doors on each side on this half of the hallway, my brothers on the left and the restroom on the right. But when I got to the hallway, I was stopped in my tracks, petrified from what I saw.

The bathroom door was open and sticking halfway out from waist to head was the silhouette of a man or boy; perfectly shaped, no distortion, no ridges, no movement. It was as if someone was standing in the bathroom and leaning forward, hunched over. It didn’t move, it stayed there, staring blankly across at my brothers door for several seconds, perfectly colored in black. There was no change in form from the changing light of the TV around the corner, just a figure staring across at my brother’s door or the wall. Petrified, I didn't know what to do. I clenched my fist and thought about punching it but instead I backed away, turned off the TV and hid under my covers.

The next morning, I asked my brother if he had done this, but he said no. I don’t care how memory might distort things, since that day I never forgot what I saw, and don’t care what anyone says.

From: Jason
To: shadowpeopleorg@comcast.net
Sent: Friday, January 30, 2015 10:55:09 AM
Subject: Following Shadow

I'm 51 years old male and live a simple life but for that past 8 years, I constantly feel the presence of another, often in my personal space. I often wake up with scratches on my legs or by being tugged on.

One night, I awoke a little scared and got the idea to get my cell phone and take a picture… just because. The photo depicted a dark shadow figure but with some detail kneeling at the edge of my bed. It resembles a skulled type woman with long hair, maybe braided or matted, dark clothes and big hands. It looks like one the hands tried to cover its face. Maybe the flash I don't know. Look at photo. It or she never goes away.

One day, I was sitting in the kitchen and my arm started burning. I looked at it and, etched in my left forearm for 2 months, was 2 pitchforks or tridents facing each other. It looked very primitive. I took photos back then but I am still looking for them. There were on an old cellphone.

Someone in our house talked bad things of my marks. That night they woke up screaming because something was on their chest choking them but there was a lot of pressure on their body and couldn't sit up. The screaming woke the whole house up.

I've move 3 times and still same thing. So I've just given up and accepted it there. For some odd reason, I was happy those former residents were choked for saying things.

From: Ginnee
To: shadowpeopleorg@comcast.net
Sent: Monday, February 2, 2015 3:40:05 PM
Subject: Shadow people

In 1980, in the town of Woodridge, Illinois, I moved into what were called ‘the patio apartments’ at the time.

As I was unpacking in the kitchen, I felt someone brush up against me and then there was a chill; I really paid mind. Then after a while, I kept hearing a young girl calling out, “Help me mommy.” I walk all around the townhouse and the noise was coming from the walk-in linen closet through the wall.

We had a community laundry room. I ask the neighbor whose little girl was always calling for her mother. She said I was the only one with a child.

Then I was fixing up the baby’s room for my coming baby. I put a pacifier, doll, and bottle in the crib. It disappeared. It wasn't my daughter; she was staying with my mom because I was due any day.

One evening, my husband and I were watching TV. In the corner of my eye, I saw something moving. I turn my head and there was a shadow of a young girl of, maybe, five or six years old sitting at the top of the stairs. She stood up and vanished. She had long hair to her waist and a long nightgown. This was all in the outline of the shadow. My husband said, “Did you see what I saw?” We broke our lease after my daughter was born.

My husband wanted me to go to the office to see if a child died or was killed in that townhouse but I didn't want them to think I was crazy. I have tried to do research on and off for 34 years and I've been tempted to knock on the door and ask the tenants if they had the same thing happen. I search for deaths and murders but found nothing.

From: Christopher
To: shadowpeopleorg@comcast.net
Sent: Tuesday, February 3, 2015 12:37:05 AM
Subject: Shadow people when I was young

Somewhere around the age of 6-8 (some time in the 90’s in the Arizona valley), I would occasionally see dark figures pass by from the corner of my eye. I would only pause long enough to notice them, but never look directly at them. They would only take a few seconds to pass by and disappear.

One time, I saw one lingering longer than usual, and I made the mistake of looking directly at it. It was already staring at me, which was also the first time I think they ever looked directly at me too. I was immediately paralyzed with fear, but it vanished after a second or two. After that, I still saw them pass by, not looking at me and I didn’t dare look at them. That was until one night a year or so later.

I was in the living room and I glanced from the TV to the entry way and noticed one walking towards the front door from the dining room as if it were looking for me. It abruptly stopped, and I was paralyzed again. Then it turned towards me and we stared each other down for a second. It was about 6 foot and proportional, slim to medium build, with a crisp outline yet featureless. After that brief pause, it slowly walked towards me, almost as if it was just as curious as I was. It moved from 20 feet away to 6 feet away. I was terrified until my father walked in and it darted off. He didn’t see it, but he saw I was pale-white with fear and couldn’t make sense of anything I said. I think this shadow was the same one that saw me before, but all the others were different. I think to the shadow figure, I also appeared as a shadow figure or something that the other couldn’t make sense of, and that’s why it was searching for me for over a year.

After that incident, I haven’t seen any more of them. Around the same time period I used to sleep walk, mimicking the paths of the shadow people, and a dozen or so times I would end up standing next to my father while he was sleeping and he’d wake up, nearly having a heart attack to me glaring at him with a dead stare. I think I was either seeing myself from the past or future most of those times, but what about the one that haunted me the most and actually hunted me down? That one was the same height and stature as I am now.

From: anonymous
To: shadowpeopleorg@comcast.net
Sent: Tuesday, February 3, 2015 2:08:06 PM
Subject: Shadow people


You can post this story to my site. Please leave out my name and email address.

Well, I've seen shadow people for a while now. Maybe a few years? I'm not really sure because I always chalked it up to just, "I'm seeing things".

I don't know when the first incident was but I can tell about the last one.

I woke up in the middle of the night, maybe two days ago, from a very deep sleep. I see a black figure near the doorway of my bedroom. Not very tall. I guess just a general outline of a person. No face or details. It always scares me so badly that I shake my husband until my eyes can fully focus and the figure disappears. It was just standing there as they usually do. I just think I'm seeing things, lie back down, and quickly fall asleep again. My husband never wakes up; I guess he's a heavy sleeper. This time he wasn't asleep, he told me I watch too many scary movies. I'm a horror fan but I don't think it's because of the movies.

This has happened 3 times maybe in the last 3 months. There have been other experiences before then as well. At one time, one figure looked to be standing holding a chair over its head, like it was going to throw it. Nothing happened and it disappeared. That was a couple of months ago.

I didn't know this was a thing until I found an article about it on FB. Wasn't even looking, it just popped up. I never think about it until it happens again.

It's always in my room, always in the middle of a dead sleep, and I always pass back out again.

I think I'm going to do a spell tonight and see what happens.

Thanks for letting me share.

From: Katrina
To: shadowpeopleorg@comcast.net
Sent: Tuesday, February 3, 2015 2:28:13 PM
Subject: Shadow people

When I lived at home (Leeds, England), I saw a shadow that seemed to walk quickly across the landing. It didn't seem threatening or even seem to notice me. My friend also saw shadows however, she was afraid to be alone in the house. We had seen/heard many strange things in this house even after my dad had the house blessed years before.

After moving to York, England, I settled in to a new house. After a year, I had just laid down in bed to go to sleep when a shadow walked up to me and stood over my bed. It was a tall male silhouette and made me feel very threatened. I rushed to open the curtains above my bed to let light in and it disappeared. I tried to justify it by thinking what if I'd briefly fallen asleep however, I had only just laid down and was awake enough to open the curtain. It was very unlikely.

A couple of months later, I was in bed with my boyfriend. I had only just fallen asleep and woke up again to him punching the air above the bed. When I asked him what was going on, he said that a ‘shadow had appeared floating above him’. It disappeared when I woke up. I had not told him about what I had seen previously until this point.

Could something have followed me from home?


From: Angelique
To: shadowpeopleorg@comcast.net
Sent: Sunday, February 8, 2015 10:11:29 AM
Subject: Shadow people

Hi. When I was 10 years old, I was sleeping over in my Grandparent’s house in a spare room downstairs. The room had two beds on either side of the room with a window directly behind them and the beds faced the door. What I felt that night has terrified me ever since.

I remember waking up suddenly feeling cold. I was lying on my back. When I opened my eyes, I saw a huge black cloud hovering over me. I felt paralysed and my chest became very heavy and I struggled to breathe. When I tried to push myself up from the bed, it took all my strength but when I did, the black shadow lifted up to the ceiling and retreated back to the wall by the door and disappeared into the corner.

I jumped out of bed and discovered the pyjamas I was wearing that night were on the floor beside my bed; I was only in my underwear. I quickly put on my pyjamas and ran out of the room into the living room and switched on the lights and TV and slept on couch. It was 3:30 am.

I mentioned it to my grandparents who tried to say I was just dreaming, but this has never left me. I’ve mentioned it to a few others but they laugh. When I came across your site, I felt reassured that I’m not the only one to have experiences shadows. I must say, also, the shadow was just like a puff of black smoke; it did not resemble a figure. Also I have went through most of the stories on this site and nothing resembles mine as in physically my pyjamas were removed.

Thank you. I would like you to use my story in your archives. I’m hoping to get a response on whether anyone else has encountered like my story. I never saw the shadow again and I’m 31.

To: shadowpeopleorg@comcast.net
Sent: Tuesday, February 10, 2015 10:59:45 AM
Subject: Multiple Shadow People

Sender: Stetson
To: Subject: Multiple Shadow People
Date: About a year ago
Area: Everett

Hello, I give my full permission for this to be used in your stories.

One this one occasion I have seen multiple shadow people at once, like they was all together, and the funny thing was they didn't vanish when I looked at them, they seemed to have noticed me and started to walk my way, they got about 10 feet away from me, I got a little jumpy, so I turned my phones light to them, all but one vanished, the one that remand pointed at me. Then he/she just vanished like the rest, about the only physical feature I can explain is that they all looked like part of a gang with slightly baggy clothes.

This may not be as long as the other good stories on your site, but needless to say it was a eerie situation for me, I've never told anyone, because I know no one would believe me.

From: Remo
To: shadowpeopleorg@comcast.net
Sent: Sunday, February 15, 2015 7:40:09 AM
Subject: Shadow People.

I am not sure where to start with this whole thing, but I guess I'll start by giving you a name to work with. The name I am going to give you will not be my birth name but it is in fact what a lot of my friends call me. My name is Remo.

I have been seeing shadow people sense I was a little boy. I've always felt there presence around me, and not always in the dark.

When I was a kid, I had problems wetting the bed because I was afraid of the dark. I would see things that frightened me. Not all of them shadow people but they were there too.

The first shadow person I met, (And I use the word "met" very loosely), stood in the corners of my various bedrooms as I grew up. He stood there just looking at me with his mustard yellow eyes.

I am going to go in to detail about his eyes because they weren't actually there on his face. I know it sounds strange but it was more of the perception of his eyes. I didn't see them on his face, I saw them in my mind. He had a large head with a long hooking nose and a long tongue. More of which also seemed to be projected perceptions of itself on my poor little mind.

I remember being terrified of it for years. It just stood there smiling at me that contributed to the fear that I was some sort of strange snack for it to gorge itself on as I hid under my covers.It never moved from its spot in my room once it found its place.

I believe it brought on nightmares so it could feed itself. My mother and father would always hear me screaming in my sleep; like I was being tormented by the Devil. I always awoke with no memory of these things, except for a few times.

I don't ever see that particular one anymore. I believe it finished with me when I stopped fearing it.

But I have, and still do see others.

From: Yasmin
To: shadowpeopleorg@comcast.net
Sent: Tuesday, February 17, 2015 12:58:03 AM
Subject: My story about the shadow

First, hello to everyone (If you wish, you can call me Yasmin - yes, this is my name)! I beginning already apologizing for my English; since I'm writing this with the help of Google translator and, well, let's say it does not help much. But that's enough!

Anyway, I am a habitant of the city of São Paulo, Brazil. I guarantee that I am still a new girl, yet I already have my story to tell.

In mid-2013, I had my first experience with "sleep paralysis". I remember I woke up and felt my body stuck to the bed. I was afraid and I felt my heart beat fast, not to mention the feeling of a sudden chill felt at the time. With difficulties, I managed to turn my head slightly to the right side of my bed and I see a shadow. I remember perfectly that I could not blink and I had a good look at the dark silhouette. It was tall and wearing a hat and, for some reason, I felt he was looking at me too. I could not see his eyes. It was just a dark silent thing that caused me chills; maybe because it was so close or simply because I can see nothing of his face.

After long seconds, which seemed like hours of watching him, I finally can move my body and I could close my eyes as I turned to the opposite side of the bed. I still managed to look over my shoulder but could see only the shadow of the wardrobe; no man with hat. He was gone. Simply this.

An interesting detail is that at the time of his appearance in my room(which was tightly closed and in low light not to mention the fact that it was night) was illuminated by a strange light in a dark blue color.

Well, this is my story. I've seen more shadows, but surely this was the which most marked. "The Man with hat" ... I never would have thought that he was so well known in the world!

From: Gary
To: shadowpeopleorg@comcast.net
Sent: Saturday, February 28, 2015 9:31:47 PM
Subject: My story

I once had an encounter with what I believe to be a shadow person. I woke up from a dream and then noticed "It" at my door, just standing there.

It was of male silhouette and looked like it was wearing a long coat like early English detectives do. I could make out a clear shape of it, darker then the night surrounding it.

It didn’t have a threatening feel to it nor a non-threatening feel, it was just there looking at me, it may have been studying me but i cant say.

I felt scared because i didnt know what to do, so i just stayed in my bed hoping "it" would go away. It lasted for about 2 hours i would say.

This experience was about a year ago and i have not seen "it" since. It may have been out of sight knowing just where to be. I have a great fear and interest of the supernatural/paranormal.

This may be posted and again my name may be used. I live in Spotylvania, Virginia location may be used as well.

From: Daniel
To: shadowpeopleorg@comcast.net
Sent: Tuesday, March 3, 2015 6:07:27 PM
Subject: I saw it

Hi. I saw your picture. It looks real. I had my own experience.

Me and a friend were playing video games in June 2011 and it was about 830pm. We were wide awake and the light in the room was on. I had the window open with the screen closed.

It all started with a strong wind that blew into the room from the window. Out the corner of my eye, I saw something moving very fast. When I looked to see what it was, it was already out the door. There were head phones on the table that were thrown against the wall.

Me and my friend were scared. My friend had a better look at it, he said it looked like black smoke and a black skeleton hand grabbed the head phones off the table and threw it against the wall very fast.

I haven't seen it again but we did move out that house the next year but I lived there for thirty years and only saw it that one time.

I just wanted to share my story. A lot of other people don't believe us when we tell them but it’s the truth. I think it’s some kind of technology like the Philadelphia experiment or some kind of cloaking system that made the being able to move very fast. Could it be a time warp like a black hole? Or a spirit ?

There are some things you only believe it when it happens to you and for me, this is one of them.

From: CB
To: shadowpeopleorg@comcast.net
Sent: Friday, March 6, 2015 6:49:13 AM

I was very young, possibly three years old at the time. It was 1976 and I shared a room with my infant brother. We lived in Florida and my father was in the air force. I remember a light behind the bedroom door from the hallway shining in under the closed door. I opened my eyes and saw a shadow figure of a man leaning over the crib where my brother was sleeping. I felt panic as if it was about to take him away. The shadow figure looked as if he was wearing a robe with a hood. I shouted for him to stop and he looked at me and stood up from his leaning posture. My mom burst into the room at the sound of my shouts and the figure vanished. At one time I thought it was Jesus or an angel but I don't think that now because of the great fear that I experienced.

From: Shaina
To: shadowpeopleorg@comcast.net
Sent: Sunday, March 8, 2015 12:03:58 AM
Subject: Shadow man

I was 9 when I first started to get a feeling that someone was watching me. It was always when I was alone; the place did not matter nor the light. He never stepped into the light but I could see him under trees, shadows of buildings, etc. I was shaking, surprised, and slightly fearful of him. He was always there watching and I didn't know what he wanted. As I got older, he got closer and closer to the point I would wake from a nightmare with him standing at the end of my bed. I don't think he caused the nightmares but he was always there when I woke from one. The odd thing is, as long as my feet where covered up, he wouldn't leave my closet at night anymore. Odd I know.

At 23 now, I still see him. When I was young, he was everywhere but now he only comes a few times a week and only for short moments of time. To describe him is: tall, dark, and a man. When he leaves, it's like he fades. One moment he is there, the next, gone.

From: anonymous
To: shadowpeopleorg@comcast.net
Sent: Tuesday, March 10, 2015 10:32:46 PM
Subject: Shadow people dreams

Well, I suppose I'll start off with the basic introduction.

In recent times, I've had very unnerving dreams; which happens to be pretty strange since my sleeping patterns and dreams tend to be pretty normal if I actually have one. However these recent dreams have ranged in intensity and content but the last few have really scared me. The most prominent dream I can recall was so vivid and realistic, and I feel that was almost the scariest part of it.

The dream starts off in a small city/country side and I'm standing in a field with the cityscape in the background. Within a few minutes I feel really like I'm being watched and I look around and I see a dark, tall figure with hollow white eyes, a wide grin and sharp white teeth. Their stance gives a very menacing and threatening look to them.

At this point the feeling of dread is overwhelming. Sometimes it just stands there and stares from afar or from behind some tree trunks. However, my personal space isn't respected much. Periodically, my vision will get blurry and out of the corners of my eyes I'll see them getting really close before vanishing completely. This process often repeats numerous times before I actually wake up.

As for their intentions, I don't know. So at this point my alarm is probably going off so I wake up, but I still feel like I'm being watched and that feeling of unimaginable dread is still there so I curl up in a ball and throw the covers over my head and wait until I feel calm before pulling the covers down.

I'm not entirely sure what this means or if this even counts as a shadow person encounter, but I figured I'd share my experience since no one else really understands. I feel like I might be able to find some clarity from sharing. Thank you for reading.

From: Anna
To: shadowpeopleorg@comcast.net
Sent: Monday, March 16, 2015 9:41:40 PM
Subject: Re: Encounter

I have seen shadow people for years. I usually see human figured but also see smoky blobs. I also suffer from "night hag syndrome" and up until last night I thought they were 2 separate things. The main reason being… my night attacks were never accompanied by seeing my attacker.

I have always enjoyed watching shadow people trickle across my ceiling or walk through my house, I never felt an evil presence about them and have never heard them talk either, or so I thought. Last night I met a different breed!

There were several of them present. There were 2 of them in my room with me. One was hooded and one was not. It was my first time seeing one that close up. They had a human form with no face and were black as black can be, like a shadow but not transparent. The two in my room were both on my bed the hooded one was on top of me. I felt like a very eerie feeling and I felt like they meant me harm. I was paralyzed; I could not move or speak and I felt a crushing feeling on my chest like I have felt before. This time no buzzing sound with the paralysis...the hooded being could read my mind...it laughed at me and spoke in an evil voice saying Buzz, (my husband in bed next to me), could not help me. I could also hear many other beings walking through my house and heard a door open. This happened for only 10 minutes or so. I could feel them climbing around on me. When my hair was pulled, it took away the paralysis.

It left me feeling drained, weak and frightened. I've heard this voice and felt this entity on me years ago but never got a look. Now I'm convinced both phenomenons are related; seeing shadow people and night hag syndrome.

From: Cody
To: shadowpeopleorg@comcast.net
Sent: Wednesday, March 18, 2015 7:25:14 AM
Subject: Shadow people story

It (the shadow) was very dark both in aura and appearance. It wasn't approaching me; just standing there. Made a growling noise, I don't think I've ever read anyone saying that. Scared the hell out of me, but it was only there for 3 or 4 seconds.

Looked like a tall man. Not sure it was "threatening" per se, but it felt so. It blinked right out, super-fast.

From: Judith
To: shadowpeopleorg@comcast.net
Sent: Monday, March 23, 2015 6:18:44 PM

December 25, 2012, 1:15am:

I needed to take the long walk down our hallway to visit "the facilities". On the way back to our bedroom, I noticed a shadow standing by the doorway further down the hall. A very tall figure. I could see him looking in my direction despite it was totally a shadow. I stopped, not especially unnerved because shortly after buying our house, we became aware we had unseen roommates but to decide my best course of action. I thought I had a couple of choices. I could approach the figure and demand an explanation, I could scream for help or I could go back to bed. Since I had guests and a busy day ahead, I decided on the latter.

Although, to my mind this whole trip, including the actual trip to the bathroom, had taken only about 5 minutes. When I entered the bedroom, however, the clock read 5:30 am. I still don't know what happened during that lost time. I've not seen the shadow man again.

From: Blake
Email: blake62@live.co.uk
To: shadowpeopleorg@comcast.net
Sent: Tuesday, March 24, 2015 11:29:17 PM
Subject: Perth, Australia Shadow People

I was 7 or 8 when my experience occurred with beings that potentially fit in to the shadow person phenomenon.

Me and my younger sister were sleeping on a fold-out couch when I awoke; I can’t remember why though, there was a light which may have been the reason. Outside we had an undercover area with a bricked in barbeque. Attached vertically to the roof and the barbeque, we had a mesh blocking the outside of the undercover area. I saw through the mesh, when I woke up that night, a fairly strong light clearly defining four silhouettes standing perfectly in line. As they were silhouettes, I can’t say as to whether they were facing the mesh or had their back to it. From what I could see (chest, upwards), they were all identical and all seemingly human to one point, their shoulders were too long. Not absurdly though enough to notice it as not human.

I was in shock, trying to tell myself people had broken in and were outside, though they weren't moving from their ordered line and, as I’ve mentioned, the shoulders. I can’t say how long I was looking though the mesh when I started to scream. My sister woke up, and I tried to look for validation from her while not looking back.

I ran to my mum’s room and banged on her door, she let me and my sister in, not going outside her room. She tried to calm me by saying it was the shadow of the trees, though the only trees we had were very large (past the roof high) pine which in no way match the shape of what I saw.

My sister, me not knowing what she saw, has stuck to the story that it was just trees for most of our lives, though 10-plus years on, she has told me she remembers seeing funny shapes that night.

I was traumatised by the incident and still today have troubles sleeping because of it.

From: KiKi
To: shadowpeopleorg@comcast.net
Sent: Thursday, March 26, 2015 7:50:33 PM
Subject: I stared seeing things

This started about a year ago. I was staying with a friend, and I was helping her take in food. I was outside alone and there ‘he’ was, on the other side of the gate with a black cloak, black sun glasses, dead pale white skin. I ran inside as quick as I could and told my parents. My dad ran outside and saw him walking up the street.

Months later, I was with my friend Dala in her car at about 2:30 am. I heard footsteps so I turned around and looked out the back window. There he was again staring at me. Dala turned around to see me shaking in fear and staring at him. He disappeared.

Since then, Dala and I have seen them following us around. Every time we try to take a picture, the cameras won't work. Once the shadow showed up at my school in the lunchroom and since then, I don't eat lunch. My friend, Haley saw one once and asked me, ‘what it was she got a picture of’ in her room. To this day we don't know why they follow us.

A few days ago, Haley and I were at a park and saw them. We started hurting. I felt like I was stabbed in the stomach. Haley couldn't see them. We got away from them as fast as we could.

I'm shaking while writing this...they are in my nightmares now. I don't know why, but I'm determined to find out. Thanks for letting me share my story. I hope I can find help with finding out why they’re here.

From: Camille
To: shadowpeopleorg@comcast.net
Sent: Saturday, March 28, 2015 9:39:42 PM

I remember it all started when I was about 5. At first, it was just seen outta the corner of my eye and I'd be creeped out for a little bit, but I'd soon forget about it because I was young and didn't think anything of it. But one night, I remember waking up from a nightmare and seeing a silhouette standing in the corner of my room and vanishing into thin air. I sprinted upstairs to the living room and dove onto a lump covered in blankets that I was absolutely convinced was my dad. (The lump took the form of my dad sleeping on the couch and he normally slept there too.) But as I tried to cuddle up and secure myself, I lifted the blankets and he wasn't there. I was paralyzed with fear because up to that point, I was absolutely convinced my dad had been lying there on the couch. Shortly after, I saw the shadow out of the corner of my eye again.

After I regained myself, I sprinted up more stairs only to see the silhouette run at an unnatural speed through one wall across the hall and into my parent’s room. I stopped outside of their room, terrified to go in because I thought I'd see the shadow with my parents. I screamed for them to wake up even though I was right I outside their door, but too scared to move.

I remember going to bed with them after having my experience plastered in my memories and my parents never knew. Later on and still today, I still see it out of the corner of my eye, but mostly in dreams; like it'll be in the background of my dreams or the main cause of my nightmares. I get such bad chills revisiting this memory. (my name is Camille B. *can use my first name if you post this anywhere* sorry I forgot other requirements if there were any, I just wanted someone else to know my experience)

From: name withheld by request
To: shadowpeopleorg@comcast.net
Sent: Sunday, March 29, 2015 12:19:00 PM
Subject: Shadow people

Hi, I am 23 year old girl from Serbia and here is my experience with shadow people.

I moved to a house 5 years ago. A few months later, I started having nightmares. I would suddenly wake up and I was feeling terrified. I couldn't remember what I was I dreaming about, all I knew is that I was never scared that much in my life. Those 'nightmares' became frequent; I had them almost every other night.

After a few months, when I woke up after a nightmare, I had a strong feeling that something was in my room. It was like my whole body and senses knew it was there, I just couldn't see it. I was still thinking that it's just because of my nightmares which I still couldn't remember what they were about.

About one year after moving in that house, it got worse. I would wake up because I felt the presence and I was even more scared and terrified of something, and every time I wake up I would see something beside my bed. It appeared in two different forms. Sometimes I would see black shadow figure which was standing beside my bed and was watching me. I don't know why but I felt that it was a male's figure. It would just stand there and watched me. I could see it from the corner of my eyes. When I looked directly at it, it would disappear. The other form was black mass or black cloud that was levitating above me while I was sleeping. It was always the same, I woke up terrified, I couldn't move or talk, I could just watch it for a second and then it would disappear. There were few times when it was attacking me. It started suffocating me while I was sleeping and when I woke up, I couldn't move and I couldn't scream. This was going on almost every other night for 3 years. I shared my room with my brother who never saw anything but was often complaining to me that he woke up regularly because he felt that someone was there.

I moved to a new house eight months ago and I haven't seen it since. I found out about shadow people few days ago and I don't know if they are connected to houses, objects or people, but this is just my experience.

P.S. I would appreciate if you don't publish my name and email.

Best wishes

From: "Ezekiel
To: shadowpeopleorg@comcast.net
Sent: Wednesday, April 1, 2015 10:50:16 PM
Subject: my shadow experience part 1

My experience occurred in Wilsonville, Alabama back in the summer of 2001. I was sitting on the sofa watching TV. It was a nice day so I left the front door open to let in the sunlight. The door is on my left side and out of the corner of my eye, I see this black figure outside. I turn to look at it but all I can see is its head and shoulders. It turns and looks at me. It had solid white eyes and the grin of the Cheshire cat from Alice in Wonderland; no nose or ears just eyes and that grin. It then took off to the right and I ran after it. By the time I got outside, which took less than a minute, the shadow thing was already next door at an abandoned house with an unfinished garage.

The shadow thing stood by the open garage like it was waiting for me but how did it get that far so fast? I ran after it and it went in the garage. By the time I got there, I saw it go out the back and turn left however when I got there, it was gone. It led me to the kitchen window of the abandoned house.

From: anonymous
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Sent: Thursday, April 2, 2015 2:02:40 PM
Subject: Shadow People

So I’ve see these shadows everyday as far back as I can remember, but the one that I see most often is a man with a lopsided hat and no face. He doesn’t do much, but he does scare the hell out of me. He’s never done anything violent towards me. He just stands there watching me and it’s especially disturbing when you’re alone. I’ve also had other shadows attack me. I've had a black blobs hurl themselves at me on more than one occasion and more recently, I've had a pair of arms with no body wrap themselves around me.

While they don’t usually last much longer than a few seconds, they always leave me feeling shaky and nervous. And I can tell when they are around, or if one may make an appearance because I get this feeling that just screams at me that something is not right. Like, even if I can see anything, I know ‘it’ is there. I also see them in a range of colors. Some are white, grey or, black and the shades vary.

I honestly have no fucking clue what they are, but they scare the shit out of me and I’ve never known a life without them.

From: Kenny
To: shadowpeopleorg@comcast.net
Sent: Sunday, April 5, 2015 11:05:19 PM
Subject: My Hat Man

I, for some reason, woke up this morning with the sudden thought of googling this. To my surprise many people have described the same thing.

I saw this man once, I was about in second grade or so when I saw him. I’ve thought about him, and talked about him throughout my life in sporadic conversations related to paranormal things... My experience:

I was in bed when I just woke up suddenly and looked out my bedroom door. It was open like always, but unlike before, this man was facing me and he was just staring, He wore a black brim hat. For only about ten seconds, I was looking at him mystified; not a face, no eyes, not depth, no detail just black. I did not think of it as evil, he wasn’t threatening. I was not afraid. Honestly, I don’t think I was experiencing any sort of emotion but I was stuck in that moment; I did not move. I gazed until he just turned around and seamlessly strolled into my parents’ bedroom... and I laid back down. .

After googling this, it’s creepy how other people have experienced this in a very similar fashion. Now, I will buy a black brim hat when I see one, seeing how this experience has now become a little more significant after doing some research.

* -Kenny

From: "Al-Nis
To: shadowpeopleorg@comcast.net
Sent: Wednesday, April 8, 2015 9:49:34 AM
Subject: Shadow People Experience


I have dealt with this, like many, for quite some time. As a child, I have had various contact with non-human entities. I'm writing this because recently I have been experiencing a lot of phenomenon.

First thing. During a full moon the "veil" is thinnest. Watch for shadow activity then. These interdimensional beings find it easier to waft over during this time. Also feng shui highly affects their activity. Is your bed against a wall or in the center? Are your walls blank? Because shadow people tend to be cowards (they are shadows, we are actual REAL people), it begins with believing in the light of human consciousness. So my story...

As stated before, I've always seen them. They feed off energy, especially when we sleep. The second is when I’m having sex but once again your manifesting a lot ALOT of energy during sex. We are disarmed and closest to death. This happened just last night but the story is the same.

I often wake during the "witching hour" (3-4am) to a 7ft tall, man, in trench coat with high collar, hovering over me. Faceless, and quick to be unseen, less than a foot away. Even once I see it, it kinda just stays there, lurking. It will turn on lights, make noises, and whisper my name from time to time.

I wake up out of a deep sleep, and I often feel the presence of something else. I am drenched in sweat and my skin feel like I'm running a fever of death. Once I am awake I quickly cool down. Even my wife has trouble sleeping when they are around (and she sleeps better than the dead).

If you are looking for a way of dealing with them:

I never give a shadow person fear, it's like giving candy to a child. It's an easy and powerful emotion to manifest and your body exudes it. You must address a shadow person fearlessly verbally acknowledging them letting them know that they are unwelcome, that they are causing you detriment...that is if they are. The intent is particular to the entity. Secondly trying meditation, positive thought, burning sage, creating an altar to Mother Earth or any deity asking for tranquility are ways to assert yourself spiritually.

It's only been a year since I've known what I've been dealing with for a lifetime. But we are powerful, and capable of so much more than shadow lurking. Keep that in mind. Peace and Love.


From: DR
To: shadowpeopleorg@comcast.net
Sent: Thursday, April 9, 2015 9:45:51 AM
Subject: My story

Good morning,

I heard about Shadow People today from a co-worker and thought I would do some research on what it was and came across this website. Please allow me to submit my story however, if you decide to post it on your site I would rather only my initials be used.

When I was between 13-15 years old, I started to see a shadow at the corner of my eyes. This usually happened between 5:30 and 6am. I lived at my paternal grandmother's house in Trinidad since I was a baby and my grandmother would usually wake up at that time to prepare my breakfast and lunch for school. My grandmother's kitchen was separate from the house sort of like an annex. Whenever I was at the table and my head slightly downward, I would feel as if I was being watched. Then, out of the corner of my eye, I would see a dark shadow but every time I looked up, it would be gone.

I have not seen this again but I do experience a feeling of being watched ever so often and the hairs at the back of my neck would stand up and I would get a panicky feeling.

Lastly, there have been a few times (can't recall the number of times) when I was in bed alone, that I felt someone come to lie on the bed with me and I would not be able to move or speak. I never opened my eyes because I was scared of what I might see. What I usually did (because of coming from a religious background) was start calling the on the name of Jesus in my mind until I can say it out loud and the feeling/ pressure would go away.

I am not sure if anyone else has felt this and would like to share it because I know this is not normal.

From: Tamala
To: shadowpeopleorg@comcast.net
Sent: Sunday, April 12, 2015 3:51:50 PM
Subject: My experience with a shadow person.

My name is Tamala. I’m 31 from Colton, CA. When I was 15 I experienced, what at the time I thought was a ghost.

I was asleep one night and awaken by an earthquake. I laid there as the house shook. When I looked towards the doorway, I noticed a tall, maybe 6 foot 5, broad shouldered, seemingly male figure standing at the foot of my bed staring down at me. He was completely still. I stared back and was still, myself, with fear. I knew it wasn’t my mother or her boyfriend but asked, “Mom is that you? Cast is that you?” I never took my eyes off him. I heard my mom coming to check on me and my little sister and once she was near my room, he disappeared before my eyes.

I’ve never seen a figure like that again. I get ‘tinker bell’ type occurrences both in my face and peripheral; little white lights shooting across the room at top speed as well as dark entities in my peripheral. I’ve seen spirits live and in actual color. But not what I seen that night. I wonder if he appeared to protect me or was a relative I never met. The only tall one is my deceased Uncle Anthony.

I’m not afraid of the spirit world, paranormal, ghosts or demons…whatever the names. It’s intriguing and it goes to show there is more to life than what meets the eye.

Email Lisa
To: shadowpeopleorg@comcast.net
Sent: Sunday, April 19, 2015 1:29:12 AM
Subject: Hat Man and other Shadow People

I’ve seen Shadow People since I was a child. I’ve actually walked into one on two occasions and fell back onto the floor from the impact, but was not hurt. The being didn’t intend to knock me down; it was just like bumping into someone expectantly. The first time was when I was about five and running around outside at night, playing hide and seek. The second time was in my early twenties, in the hallway of my in-laws’ house. I’ve seen other Shadow People countless times over the years, but until last March, I’d never seen the Hat Man.

I had my first visit from the Hat Man a little over a year ago. I was sleeping alone, since my husband worked nights. Around 2:00 a.m., I woke up suddenly from sleep, as did my dog who was sleeping at the foot of the bed, and we both automatically looked at the bedroom door, which was ajar. The Hat Man, in a trench coat and fedora tilted downward like Humphrey Bogart, was leaning around the door, peeking in at me. I felt no fear, just a mild curiosity at what my dog and I were seeing. I had an immediate sense of him saying to me, without speaking out loud, that he was just checking to see if I was okay. I felt no fear at all and didn't sense anything negative from him. He felt familiar and friendly to me. I just said back to him mentally, Oh, okay, and then, he left. I can’t believe I just laid back down and went back to sleep, but that’s what I did. My dog did the same thing. He clearly saw this being and exhibited no fear. Normally, he’d have barked up a storm at a stranger in the house. He might have even attacked, but not this night. We both went to sleep without another thought about it. I hope he comes back, so I can talk to him, if that’s possible. Has anyone ever had a conversation with this being?

From: Robbie
To: shadowpeopleorg@comcast.net
Sent: Saturday, May 23, 2015 8:50:20 PM
Subject: My experience with Shadow

It began and ended within the time span of a couple months. It was always in my bed when I was trying to go to sleep or trying to wake up.

The first occurrence was hearing and feeling this vibration that was almost deafening, then I realized I could not move. I was completely paralyzed and there was a man standing in my bedroom. There was nothing but blackness about him, no identifiable features except red eyes and his silhouette. He was abnormally tall with a hat with a wide brim and what seemed to be a long coat with a collar. After a few minutes I was able to move and the vibrations disappeared.

Like any normal person, I chalked it up to a dream, but it was one of those dreams that you couldn't shake off. The dream stuck with me heavily. Shortly, thereafter I experienced the same thing. Once more it occurred and it spoke to me. It said "I am Shadow." (Like saying he was Asian or Cherokee). He continued, "You are not afraid of me, but you need to be."

There have been many strange, unexplainable things that have happened to me and my family in the past so I told my mother and sister about it. They both just responded and thought perhaps it was a warning of some type. At this point, I knew it was not dreams so I searched the internet and was completely floored at the amount of information on the internet with people experiencing the same thing: the description of the man and the paralysis. I'm not sure what the vibration was or even how to interpret all this.

Shortly thereafter, I was asleep on the couch and was awakened by a neighbor banging on the door. My house was on fire and she said she couldn't even see me when I opened the door for so much smoke. I literally ran out without shoes, car keys or my cell phone. I barely made it out. I don't think it was a warning, I really feel like this man meant harm to me.

All this happened about 5 years ago and I have not had any vivid experiences like those with the "Shadows" since but I feel like something is starting up again. The strange things that have happened to me seem to occur in waves. It could be nothing out of the ordinary for months or even a year or more, then things start up again. Any ideas or information about this would be much appreciated.

From: anonymmous
To: shadowpeopleorg@comcast.net
Sent: Friday, May 29, 2015 1:33:40 PM
Subject: My experience with the Shadow People

My experience of spirits are strong. I've seen my grandmother full in body appearance and apparently when I was little I'd seen my grabdfather. It runs in my family so my 6th sense is strong. I had written this after I had figured out what has possibly been going on

Lying in bed,
I sleep with my lamp flooding the room with a bright light,
Only to wake paralyzed with that light dimmed,
Hands made of shadows were reaching out the edge of my vision.
I couldn't speak,
I couldn't yell for help.
I was shocked and couldn't say a single word.
No one is there to assist me,
In the terror of shadow hands in my vision.
I sleep once more.
But that was not the last.
Again awake of paralysis.
I could only choke out a single word.
Me, yelling for my Dad,
With only my head allowed to move.
The lights were dimmed again,
Shadows at the edge of my vision,
I could barely breath.
I could only lay there choking on my words.
Then the bible.
I had opened it.
I regret it.
A sudden force rushed at me,
Almost like a windy day.
I closed it immediately and threw it onto the bed.
On my second try,
Dare I did it again,
A dark shadow flickered at the edge of my vision.
Who keeps messing with me?
Someone has always been watching me,
Making my stomach flutter in a sickening way,
Giving me such paranoia,
And messing much with my emotions.
After research,
There was only one answer.
The Shadow People.

I still have those watching experiences. I had opened my curtains after hearing someone, outside my window to my apartments, scream. I heard footsteps and saw no one although there was running. Maybe another spirit? I am unsure because I only saw white shoes.

The second time,. I was going back up the stairs when it was still dark out and footsteps ran up behind me and followed me up the stairs. I turned back to close the door and saw no one. But I had even seen myself closing the door.

Those were a lot of my experiences. My friend had even once encountered one. It was the Hat Man and then I knew it. Please let me know if there's anything I can do to stop this. Thank you.

From: Shaina
To: shadowpeopleorg@comcast.net
Sent: Sunday, June 14, 2015 1:55:59 AM
Subject: My experience

I want to share my experience with as many people as possible. I believe others should as well. I don't care what people think or believe. I just know what I seen and felt.

I was in my bed with my spouse. It was really late, between 3am and 4am. I woke up out of nowhere and noticed something really black and out of place. At first, I thought it was our vent because it was above our bedroom door. Then I see the vent and knew it was something else. Once I knew something was there, it started to get bigger; like it was slowly coming through the wall. That's when I found out I was frozen. I couldn't move or talk.

Now my spouse was right beside me and I couldn't even touch him or wake him up. This thing realized I’d seen it and I believe, knew I couldn't move. I was scared to death. I tried to scream and nothing came out. Out of nowhere, it flew across the ceiling and stopped right above my head, then flew down at my face. I closed my eyes and clenched my face. I was bracing for it to hit me in my face. It was like it got mad that I saw it peaking in my room.

After I closed my eyes I remembered where I placed our TV remote. So all of a sudden, my arm flew above my head where I put it. Now all of this happened in seconds but felt like forever. When I opened my eyes, it was gone and I turned the TV on. I cried all night and couldn't sleep.

My spouse thought I had a nightmare and that I was crazy. I think he believes me now but I really have no idea. He knows I can't lie and I wouldn't cry and act like that for no reason.

This thing was the darkest black and really had no exact shape. I would say a cloak or blob like shape. It didn't make a sound the whole time. All I felt was fear and this thing was not nice.

I googled the look of it and shadow people came up. Not sure if my story will help. I just want people to know. We moved to a different apartment and I never seen it again. I hope I never see another one.

From: David
To: shadowpeopleorg@comcast.net
Sent: Friday, June 19, 2015 10:34:08 AM
Subject: shadow people all my life

I have a few stories. One of my earliest memories is about a shadowy person. I would wake up in the middle of the night and leave my room to walk to the end of the hallway and when I turned around there would be an outline of a human male shape with no other distinctive features. I sensed no danger from it, and in fact I felt as if it was just curious about me as I just stared at it until it faded away (usually gone after a blink). This went on semi-regularly until I got moved to a different bedroom. That was from age 4-10.

More recently I was working alone at night closing up shop, when I started to feel uneasy (which is a big thing since I rarely feel that way). I double checked to make sure all the doors were locked up. The second I got into the tightest quarters, I saw movement out of the corner of my eye which I dismissed as trick of the light. Fifteen minutes later at 180°, I see shadowy finger tips start moving more into my focused vision. As soon as I see the full hand shape, the finger tips start elongating to a point, like claws. I centered and calmed myself, making a conscious decision to not let myself get creeped out or tense. I turn around to see nothing. Another 15 minutes later, I turn to see a distinctive male shape wearing a shadowy fedora-ish hat. It has no distinctive facial features but I got the sense like it was grinning at me. I get the feeling it wanted me to see it only for that fraction of a second. It definitely felt malicious, but I refuse to freak out about something that is potentially a psychological trick.

From: name withheld
To: shadowpeopleorg@comcast.net
Sent: Friday, June 26, 2015 10:53:42 PM
Subject: "The shadow"

Hi Susan!

I'm Tif and I’m from the Philippines. I happen to stumble to your site and I'm writing to you now, not out of curiosity, but by experience. I had always thought that the "experience" I had years ago was just a product of my "imagination" - just as my classmates told me upon hearing the story. This is the tale of my eerie experience.

Although this incident already happened years ago, I can still remember it very clearly because it was a bit traumatic and in a way that I kept on remembering "that day".

It was like any other "school day" so, after school, I hurried home to finish my homework then gone to bed early that day. While sleeping, I felt some human "presence" in my room. Before I opened my eyes, I really assumed that someone (my mother or brother) had gone to my room to wake me up for school or something. But the moment I opened my eyes, I saw a shadow figure standing beside my bed and it seemed to be observing or looking at me.

My heart was beating so fast and I'm panicking inside. The idea of burglars even popped up in my mind. Since the room was a little dark, I thought that I'll just "play dead" and pretend to be asleep since, if there were actual burglars in the house, I think they would just take things and leave. It didn't go that way though after a minute or so, the presence was still there. I gathered some courage and took a peek at the "being" Then at that time I finally realized that it was not human it was just a shadow figure. Then I panicked even more - I was so scared I can't even think anymore all I did was close my eyes and prayed so hard. I got the feeling that at the time, the shadow figure already knew that I was aware of his presence then he walks and vanishes. The other creepy thing about this shadow being is that he seemed to walk out of the door - a slightly opened door not even a cat would fit in. It’s like him being able to vanish through thin air.