Updated: March 20, 2017

From: Stephanie
To: The Official Shadow People Archives
Sent: Saturday, January 7, 2017 11:21:11 PM
Subject: Shadow person

This happened when I was 13, I had just moved into my new home in the Bay Area California. It was in the middle of the night when I woke up and looked to my right side to see a tall dark figure of about maybe 7ft with red eyes just looking at me. I couldn't see no face just the bright eyes.

My dog was at the end of the bed and all she did was whimper. I was so terrified I feel as if I fainted. It felt like it was seconds later that I woke up with this thing still besides me but then I started to float in the air. My whole body was just tingling so much so now I'm as high as this thing is as tall and I faint again and then I wake up and it's morning. I felt terrified and my heart beat was out of control when this was happening, I sweated a lot.

From: anonymous
To: The Official Shadow People Archives
Sent: Thursday, January 12, 2017 8:38:32 AM
Subject: Shadow people

I live in Massachusetts. When I was a young girl prior to age 7, I would wake up some nights and see this dark shadow of a man lying in my bed on my left side. His head on a pillow and his feet touched my wall opposite of the headboard. Our house was very small so my room was small but this was a very tall shadow. When I woke, I saw him and screamed. My mom or dad would come into the room and when I told them what happened, he was gone. I'm not sure how he actually left except to disappear.

Of course, my parents would console me and I would go back to sleep. I lived in this house until the age of 7 and had more than one episode of this happen to me. He would be lying in my bed mostly. But a few times a shadow face would appear above me as though filling my ceiling. Of course, it would disappear when I would scream for my parents.

He did not have any eyes that I remember. He was just a very tall, long shadow figure.

I'm not sure if this is what you call shadow people or not but when I saw a video on YouTube this morning it reminded me of those dreams I had when I was little. I still remember these episodes as though they happened yesterday. This did not seem to be a dream to me because I felt I was awake when I saw him. I would swear I was awake at the times I saw him.

I was terrified but this shadow man did not seem to be trying to scare me. He was just there.

You can use this story if you like, without my name. Although it's not as crazy as some I've read.

Thank you for letting me let spout off about what happened back then. I've never forgotten nor knew what the heck it was.

From: Tiffany
To: The Official Shadow People Archives
Sent: Saturday, January 14, 2017 1:22:24 PM
Subject: Shadow in my hallway

This happened to me 9 years ago.

I had just moved into a house right across the street from the main cemetery in my town (it's a small town with 3 cemeteries). Weird things happened in this house all the time and my husband never seemed to notice. If I told him about it, he always said it was my imagination acting up because I was freaked out in the first place moving so close to that cemetery.

One day he went to work, I was still in bed but fully awake because I remember saying, “I love you,” and I saw him walk out the front door. I turned over to face the wall to go back asleep but I had a feeling of someone behind me so I look back towards the hallway where I see a shadow in the middle of the hallway. It looked like it had a cloak on and felt like it was staring at me but had no face; it was just a shadow. I can't move, I can't just stare, it's about 10 feet away from me. I blink and when I open my eyes, it's right next to my bed. I couldn't breathe, it felt like it was choking me. I don't know how long it lasted but what felt like forever, seemed to just end, it just vanished; like it wanted to scare me and now that its job was done, it left.

I have told people about this and they all think I was asleep or it was sleep paralysis I don't know maybe it was all I know is it was the most terrifying moment of my life.

Thank you for reading.

From: Kira
To: The Official Shadow People Archives
Sent: Tuesday, February 7, 2017 2:27:57 PM
Subject: Shadow people

Redding Ca: I was about 6yrs old. I shared a room with my baby sister, who wasn't older than 1.

My bed was along the same wall as the door, and her crib was against the opposite wall (furthest from the door). My parents room was just across the hall.

I woke up in the middle of the night and laid there trying to fall back asleep. A single-file line of shadow people started coming into the room. There wasn't leg definition of walking and they weren't floating above the ground; just moving slowly and in sync. They were hooded, kind of cloaked figures and some had their arms crossed as if they were holding a baby. They were all very tall. They didn't have faces or legs or any features.

In their single-file line, they walked over to the crib. The ones that appeared to have crossed arms, leaned into her crib as if setting a baby down then would go to leave. The ones not holding anything still bent over her crib and paused before standing upright and leaving. They kept a steady pace and an even distance in between themselves. I was petrified. I knew they weren't causing any type of harm because my sister stayed asleep. I didn't want to get up because they were coming and exiting through the door. None of them acknowledged me in the slightest. (now that I'm older, I can only describe the line that they had like when people line up to say their farewells at an open casket funeral: a line to casket, pause say farewell, then exit). There were at least 30 of them but I didn't count; it just seemed to go for a very long time. But after the last one left, I got up and looked down the hallway and there was nothing. My sister was still asleep and I decided not to wake my parents because they probably wouldn't have believed me anyway.

This wasn't the only strange occurrence at this house but it's the most haunting. Still, I never told my sister about her visitors… not sure if she would call me crazy or be creeped out.

From: Sammie
To: The Official Shadow People Archives
Date: February 16, 2017 at 5:05 AM
Subject: My Shadow Person Experience

Hi! Wonderful website by the way, and I give all permission for my story to be uploaded to the Official Shadow People Archive!

Anyways, when I was about 8 or 9 years old, I was still living in Florida. It was the middle of the night and I woke up because I was extremely thirsty, so I got up and went to my kitchen. On my way back to my bedroom, I saw my dog laying on the couch, so I decided to lay down with her. I woke up about two hours later, around 3:30 am, to a breeze. The windows in the house were not on, so I was a bit alarmed. I opened my eyes to see if anyone was awake, and I saw a shadowed figure in the hallway right next to my bedroom door. To me, it looked like someone was standing there wearing a hood, but they didn't have any legs. It didn't appear to have any motive to move, it just stood there staring at me. I was quite shaken, so I turned away. A minute later, I turned back and they were gone. The next morning, I was asked my mom if we had anyone stay the night, and she told me that no one had stayed the night.

For the longest time, I honestly thought I had saw a ghost, but as I looked more into shadow people, I truly believe that I saw a shadow person.

From: Josh
To: The Official Shadow People Archives
Sent: Monday, February 27, 2017 2:03:14 AM
Subject: My shadow people experience

I came across this website after discussing my experience with a buddy of mine while serving in the Navy. He explained to me that my experience is not that uncommon and he explained the term shadow people to me.

It was a Sunday night in April 2013, I was driving from Gulf Shores Florida, leaving a bachelor party, to my home in Houston Texas. I was so exhausted. I pulled over to my Grandparents house in Lake Charles, Louisiana to get some rest and I was going to head to Texas early in the morning.

I was laying on my stomach, falling asleep and I felt a hand press down on my back; it felt like a human hand so I assumed it was my grandmother waking me up. The hand was holding me down to where I couldn't roll over or get up. I really started to panic. I grabbed my pillow and swung it behind me and then rolled off the bed. Then I saw tall cloaked black figure; complete darkness, just a silhouette, the figure reflected no light anywhere. I began swinging my pillow towards the figure and screaming at the top of my lungs, "Leave me alone!" over and over. The figure slowly glided back.

My grandmother then entered the room shortly after hearing my screaming. The shadow person rapidly glided into the corner and came a part of the furniture in the corner of the room. My grandmother turned on the light and there was nothing there, just furniture. I couldn't explain what had happened, I thought it was just a night terror. I didn't go back to sleep in that room. I tried the couch but ended up leaving because I was too shook up. That's my experience.

From: Brian Bayless
To: The Official Shadow People Archives
Date: March 6, 2017 at 1:56 PM
Subject: Shadow person in my room

This is long overdue. I am 21. When I was 18 I saw a shadow person and it was not the first time I saw a shadow person but it was most important time.

I was in my room sleeping on my bed I woke up and the hairs on my body were standing up; I was incredibly scared. I couldn’t move. I looked with only my eyes to see a shadow of what was clearly a man sitting at the foot of my bed. I was scared but in I quickly reacted. I yelled at it the words, “Come on!” as if I was ready for a fight. Then my head started pulsing. I started seeing red, as it felt like I was having a heart attack or stroke. Finally, I jumped up and ran for the light. I got to the light and I can’t remember if it, the shadow, was gone when I ran toward the light or after the light was turned on.

I know it was there and it may have tried to communicate with me. The red pulse may have been the entity trying to say something or perhaps was mad I yelled, “Come on!” at it.

This happened at night and lasted 2 minutes tops.

From: Rachel
To: The Official Shadow People Archives
Date: March 20, 2017 at 1:28 AM
Subject: My Story Rachel F

This happened a few years ago.

I was 24 lying in bed, restless and wide awake. I was laying there thinking about my family and how depressing it was that they were acting so heartless over the recent passing of my grandfather. “I want this… you can't have that…” kind of stuff.

I looked at my clock and it was 1:17 am. Shortly after that, I hear a loud BANG, BANG, BANG and jolt up. I sat there trying to figure out what the hell it was. My heart was racing and I was breathing heavily. I quickly realized it was my box fan I had sitting on my window sill that didn't have a front face on it; something must have fallen on it, I thought. As I go to lay back down, I realize there's really nothing that could've fallen on it or caused that noise.

No sooner as my head hit the pillow, I hear, clear as day, this deep weird voice speaking in a tongue I'm unfamiliar with. It sounded like it was talking backwards. I'm freaking out and practically hyperventilating, my heart beating out of my chest. I look to the foot of my bed and see a dark figure start to take form. It was growing up from the floor. It was as black as black could be and the room immediately filled with the thickest most evil, menacing energy I've ever felt. You could cut the air with a knife. This figure started to crawl up my legs. I described the sensation of its touch as electric and the feeling of pressure from being under water. It kept moving up my body, at which point, I turned my head to my dog who was lying in bed with me and decided to tell him he was a sweet boy. My logic was ignore it and it'll go away. As I tried to talk, I felt it push on my neck and then blackness... I passed out.

I woke up and it was morning. I leapt out of bed, frantic, and ran out of the house. After somewhat gaining my composure, I went back in and grabbed my dog, some mismatched clothes and went on a hike. I was enraged at what had happened! Why me? How could this be allowed to happen to anyone? What did I do to deserve this??? I didn't sleep the next two nights. All lights were left on and I actually slept with a cross in my hand for weeks.