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From: anonymous
Subject: Old house in AL
Date: Tue, 9 Sep 2003 11:30:47 -0500
To: The Official Shadow People Archives

We moved an old house to our location a few years ago. Weird, but non-malevolent things started taking place such as our names being called and thumps.

A few years ago, my daughter and I began seeing a tall dark shape in the hall. It could be seen with peripheral vision and it would walk quickly away. We never felt any evil from it, but it was rather scary anyway. We picked up a small dog someone had left in the road and brought her home with us to live. After that, we didn't see it. It was as though she scared it away. Our cat doesn't seem to be able to accomplish that.

After the dog died, it reappeared and now I also see a smaller figure. It is roughly my daughter's height and I would initially think it was her, however, I realized it was another shadow figure. Again, it is always out of the corner of my eye. My daughter is 18 and she has been seeing the taller one again, but not the small one.

I would like them all gone. I think it is creepy to have these things in our house. I have not seen them in my son's room. He lives in another town. My daughter's friend says something touched her on her cheek one night in that room. I get a sense that I am being watched in that room and I don't like it. I use the room for my office and must be in it and I hate that sense of something else in there with me. I am too old for the creeps.

On an aside, I would like to address psychosis: Seeing or hearing things that are not there. If others are hearing and seeing them, it probably is some manifestation. If you are seeing full apparitions and communicating, you might want to talk to someone you trust and see what they think. If you are seeing what you think are real people, etc and others say they aren't there, go see a psychiatrist. The same with voices: if you are hearing them and others are not, go see a doctor. Medications can work wonders.

Name withheld.

From: Kevin
Subject: Ghost Woman
Date: Fri, 17 Oct 2003 17:29:34 EDT
To: The Official Shadow People Archives

I lived by myself in a tiny house. An elderly woman died there in the kitchen. The house was so small it could have really been considered a cabin. I saw and felt the presence of the elderly woman. It was never a threatening presence. I never told anyone about this. One night I was laying in bed reading. I felt or sensed her being there. I turned off the light and was thinking about my construction project at work. I felt something grab my wrist and squeeze very firmly. I literally jumped out of bed screaming. This was not a little sensation. I am a 45 year old electrician and I was terrified. I slept with the lights on for about a week. I told my best friend and my wife years later. I have since moved but I have never forgotten that night. This is 100% true. I lived in that home 7 years. Sorry I am not a writer but the story is real.


I am so pleased to hear from you. I am a teacher of electric at night. I just got done telling my friends I sent that to you. You have my permission to print and have any one respond to me.

I have been out of that home for 3 years now. I only saw a shadow person of the lady maybe 9 times in 6 years. She was the previous owner and was found in the kitchen. The neighbors told me her name was Mattie. I never told them of the incident. I live in a really nice home in the outskirts of St.Louis now. I was single during the occupation of the small home. I was supporting my two sons that lived with their mother. I worked and attended night school for continuing education. You know what the weird thing is, now, the home is being rented by another elderly woman now. My brother is the landlord. Weird how she moved in right after I moved out. That house really had a lot of character. I really miss it sometimes because I worked, studied, and had a peaceful life there. My home now is 7 times bigger but I was just as happy there. Feel free to contact me. I wish I would have taken more time to write the incident but sometimes the truth is better written simple.

Kevin in St.Louis Mo

From: Rachel
Subject: shadow people story
Date: Tue, 21 Oct 2003 22:12:06 EDT
To: The Official Shadow People Archives

I see shadow people frequently. I didn't know what they were till recently. Mostly believed they were a figment of my imagination. I have seen ghosts and they looked nothing like them (shadow people). Ghost... you can see colors and physical features. Where as the shadow people I have seen are these black cloaked masses that are the size of an average human. They have no real physical humanly shape characteristics to them.

I see them jet behind bushes when I'm driving down the road. I have one that hangs out in my back yard that breezes by the door while I sit here and type on the computer. I can see out my glass paned door with the back porch light on. I have seen them come into the stall of the bathroom when I am in there.

These (shadow people) freak me out the most because they only hang around for seconds if that. I don't know what they are about because I can't communicate with them. They are gone before I can even open my mouth. Where on the other hand, ghosts stay long mostly for several seconds and you can even communicate with some. Even if you can't see the ghost, you can still feel them there. I have never really encountered (evil) shadow people. I wonder if that how they go about their business? jetting from one place to another. Maybe they don't know I can see them, or, it could be the other way around; they are scared of me and don't know what to think about me. How they see me. Well that's my input thank you for giving me this opportunity to share these stories with people.


From: anonymous
Subject: Shadow Person
Date: Sun, 2 Nov 2003 20:42:39 -0500 (EST)
To: The Official Shadow People Archives

Lying in bed at about 1 a.m. with my 3 yr.old son next to me sound asleep I turned to my left and saw a dark figure. I hadn't been to sleep yet so I wasn't waking from a dream. I put out my hand to touch whoever it was and the figure turned and glided out the open doorway. I got up immediately and checked the doors which were as I had locked them so I proceeded to my mother's room and asked her if she had seen anything. She said no but that she too hadn't been able to fall asleep.

I felt no fear and returned to bed to go to sleep for the rest of the night. All the years since then I never spoke of it again and now I'm finding there are many who had an experience similar to mine. In this same house I felt a presence when I first moved in and was in the attic. I found an old trunk there and proceeded to open it. Inside was a tiny pair of high top shoes with little buttons up the sides. As I reached for them I felt the hair on the back of my neck seem to rise and someone touched me on my face and right shoulder. A slight brushing feeling is the only way to describe it.

I've had other experiences that were strange but never frightening. Was told by a lady named Ms. Wendling to go to the church of Parapsychology, I believe the name was, as I should develop whatever it was that she thought I had. But I never did go there. My grandmother had a talent for telling folks things that only they could know about themselves. I used to joke about the creepiness of it all. As I grew older I changed my mind and no longer think of it that way at all. Now I wonder about these things.

Thanks for listening.

From: anonymous
Subject: Shadow pain
Date: Sun, 9 Nov 2003 20:14:11 EST
To: The Official Shadow People Archives

The way my room is set up, when I'm in bed I can see the door. The door is on an angle, so there is a corner behind it. I very rarely wake up in the middle of the night but this one night I woke up and looked toward my door. I thought I saw someone standing in the corner behind my door watching me, but all I could see was a shadowy outline. As I squinted to see what it really was it started moving towards me. The only features I could see were very dim yellowish eyes. It gave me chills and it felt evil and angry. I put my covers over my head hoping it would go away. Then I felt it sit down on my bed next to me, just as if a regular person had sat down. My face was in my pillow now and it grabbed my neck and squeezed it tighter and tighter until it started to hurt a lot. I told it in my head to go away. Then it let go and stood up off the bed. When I uncovered my head it was gone.

This all happened about four days after my grandfather's funeral, and somehow the shadow figure was making me feel as if it were my grandpa. After I told it to go away, I could sense a big feeling of disappointment coming from this figure. Anyway, I don't believe it was my grandpa. It seemed like the shadow was trying to fool me into thinking that somehow for some reason. My mom also had a similar experience a few years ago with a shadow person painfully squeezing her side as she laid in bed. Sorry for the long email!

From: miriam th mth4943@yahoo.com
Subject: Encounter With Dark Shadow Man
Date: Tue, 11 Nov 2003 08:54:41 -0800 (PST)
To: The Official Shadow People Archives

My cousin came over to sleep over my house. We were staying up watching TV all night, but then she felt sleepy and went to sleep. I stayed and watched TV for like half an hour more; it was like 1 or 2 in the morning. When I decided to go to bed I couldn't open the door, she was sleeping on the floor blocking my entrance. I kept calling her name telling her to get up and let me in, but she was sound asleep.

I finally gave up and grabbed a blanket from the closet and went to sleep on the couch. About 3 minutes later I started seeing this dark figure approach me. It was kind of a silhouette. I didn't notice until later that it was kind of like smoke. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. At one point it was right it front of me, I couldn't move. All I could think of at the time was to start praying. I noticed that as soon as I started praying it started moving back. Then I stopped. It started coming forward again, I started praying again, and again it began to move backwards.

The figure kind of seemed like that of a man, but then it kind of went into a big ball of smoke. (I don't know any other way to describe it.) It kept going back and forth between those two things. I kind of knew that it wanted to hurt me, so I kept praying hoping it would leave. I kept praying and praying until the figure of a man just became a ball and slowly started to move back and disappear through a window.

After that I didn't even think about it, I was so tired I just fell asleep right after the incident. I haven't even thought about "it" much until I stumbled into this website. It's good to know I'm not the only one who has experienced something like this. ;)

If anyone has any questions feel free to email me at mth4943@yahoo.com

name and email withheld by request
Subject: Shadow Thing
Date: Thu, 20 Nov 2003 10:05:17 -0600
To: The Official Shadow People Archives

Years ago when I was in college I had an evening job so I got home around midnight. I still lived with my parents so I had to be quiet. To unwind I would lay on my bed in the dark with just the light from the stereo dial which softly lit my bedroom. I listened to music through my headphones. I could see my bedroom door, closet door and a fishing net that I draped on the wall between the doors. One night as I lay in bed I noticed a Shadow thing about 4 feet tall, solid black, almost human shaped but not exactly, It never moved it just watched me & I watched it. To make sure my eyes weren't playing tricks on me without moving I looked around the room at the closet door, bedroom door, fishing net and back to the shadow. I slowly reached up to turn on the light and it was gone. I looked in the closet, under the bed and nothing was there. My bedroom door was locked so nobody could have gotten out. I was terrified and did not sleep that night. What ever it was it was not of this world and dark and evil. I think it saw something near me that I couldn't see maybe an angel that was protecting me from it. To this day I have never seen anything like it.

From: Malissa
Subject: Walking Shadow
Date: Sat, 13 Dec 2003 14:44:02-0600
To: The Official Shadow People Archives

When I was 8 yrs old me and my family where sitting at the dinning room table eating supper with the front door open and the screen door closed. There were only steps leading from the door. We where going to a tent revival that night where there was a 13 yr old boy preaching. Me and my sister were to be baptised. As we were sitting at the table I had finished eating before the others and I looked out the front door just looking outside, when a dark figured appeared. It wore a black hooded robe. I could see it plain as day. It had no face, hands or feet. It walked gracefully across the top of the steps as if there was a long straight walkway there. It was like it was in slow motion. After it had passed out of my site I came to notice my family yelling at me and asking me what was wrong. They said my face was pale. I told them I just seen something or someone walk by. My father jumped up and we followed him and we looked all around outside but no one was there. The church told me I had seen the devil himself.

From: Nicholas
Subject: Shadow People Story
Date: Tue, 23 Dec 2003 15:20:23 -0500
To: The Official Shadow People Archives

My name is Nick and I am 23 years old. As long as I can remember I have always seen shadow people. When I was around the age of 5 or 6 I used to lay in my bed and watch them dance around the room and make me laugh and I never really got the feeling of a need to be scared. I have lived in numerous places throughout my life yet they always seemed to follow me as if they were attracted to me in some manner or another. It has always been the same hide and seek kinda experience. Except for this one particular night.

I had been out street racing like any normal night and returned home at a pretty late hour. I managed to make it to my room and flop down on the bed. Sometime in the middle of the night I was awakened for some odd reason. I was lying on my back when I opened my eyes to see dark floating figures circling the ceiling above my bed. Normally this would not really bother me, after so long you kinda become used to it, but this just felt evil. As soon as I attempted to adjust myself in bed and rub my eyes I noticed a rather large shadowy figure standing at the foot of my bed. I again just felt the evil if that doesn't sound to crazy. The larger figure began to grow larger and larger until it basically covered my entire bed over me. As much as I wanted to I couldn't move. I tried and tried to sit up but it just wasn't happening. So, I closed my eyes and and began to sorta will myself to sit up and turn on the light.....and before I knew it I had snatched on the light and everything was over and the shadow people were gone.

That was my only bad experience with shadow people. I have read many theories and beliefs but have never seen any that pairs with mine. I believe to them we are ghost in their world they want to know why we are here which is why they hide most times. I truly believe no matter how evil they may be they can't hurt us. After all I have been seeing them as long as I can remember and still see them today and they haven't hurt me yet.

Anyway, that's my story a little long winded I'm sure but I'm just glad to be able to share my experiences with people who understand and don't judge.

From: Matthew
Subject: Shadow Woman
Date: Mon, 29 Dec 2003 19:33:00 -0800 (PST)
To: The Official Shadow People Archives

Ever since I was a child I have been a magnet for ghosts. This experience with a shadow person happened when I was about 17 years old.

It was late and I was in bed when my bedroom door opened. I could see the silouette of a tall, long haired woman. She entered my room and moved towards my bed. I was very relaxed and it seemed perfectly normal to me that she was there. She then bent over and tucked me into bed. She then exited my bedroom as gracefully as she came in. I then rolled over and fell asleep.

I did not remember this until the next day in school, when during a boring lecture I drew a picture of the woman standing in my doorway in my notebook. At that point the events of the nite before came back to me and my hair stood up on end. I hadn't really been concentrating on what I was drawing which is the strange part.

I have seen shadow people in my house since I was a child. They used to run around my room and I clearly remember two of them. One was an emaciated woman (not the one that tucked me in) and the other was a man. I always remembered a bad feeling whenever I saw them, they were clearly evil.

This brings me to the final and most evil of the shadow people that I've experienced. I called it the gray ghost and it's more of a dark cloud that inhabits the main stairway of my house as well as the hallway outside my bedroom. It used to open my door when I was little, and I heard it laugh and tug at the covers at the foot of my bed. At nite I used to see it hovering in the stairway as if it was watching me walk from the bathroom to my bedroom. I haven't seen it of heard it since the nite I challenged it. It opened my door one nite and I threw a book at the door to close it and told it that I wasn't afraid of it anymore and that if it wanted me to come and get me. Since then it wasn't been around. Feel free to use my stories on your site.

From: name withheld by request
Subject: (no subject)
Date: Tue, 30 Dec 2003 23:46:24 EST
To: The Official Shadow People Archives


I am a "ghost hunter" as it would be named and I myself have had an encounter with one of these "shadow people" I was investigating a cemetery, just your average spooky cemetery; particularly a growth of trees that were in an odd pattern. I was snapping some photographs when I swore that I heard a sound.

Shaking it off as jitters I re entered my car and proceeded to look out of my front window and noticed a being on the side of a tree near my car. It was about 4 or 5 feet tall, however, I did not get a good look t it because it immediately shot up the tree and over (The three had been cut about half way up) I accelerated (rather quickly) out of the cemetery and am still shaking from the very thought. I never felt threatened, just startled. I plan to return to this area for further investigation. I hope to send another report ASAP.

From: Barry
Subject: shadow people
Date: Wed, 4 Feb 2004 20:53:43 EST
To: The Official Shadow People Archives

I have begun researching shadow people only recently after witnessing them myself.

One night in June 2003 I retired to bed early, about 8:00 or 8:30 pm. I awoke about 10:45 pm. I did not move except to open my eyes to view the clock to check the time. The clock sat on the end of the dresser; next to the dresser sat a ladder back chair. I was facing the back of the chair. When I opened my eyes to see the time, I saw a man sitting in the chair by the clock and dresser. The man was holding a baby about five or six months old. I knew the age of the baby by the way it was playfully waving its hands and arms as babies of that age do. The baby was being held in a standing position. I viewed the man across his left shoulder and don't really know how I knew it to be masculine.

The room was almost totally dark with both doors to the bedroom closed; however, I could see them both very clearly as if they possessed a self illumination. I stared at them for several seconds; then wondering what would happen if I turned my eyes away, I did so. When I looked back, they were gone. Both images were totally dark with no clear features. They seemed to have no ill intent so I felt no anxiety at seeing them. I wish I had not taken my eyes off them. Feel free to use my letter on your site, Barry

Hoping your paranormal experiences are happy ones,
Barry in N. C.

From: Julie
Subject: what do you think?
Date: Fri, 5 Mar 2004 11:13:27 -0600
To: The Official Shadow People Archives

I may have had an experience with "shadowpeople"; I just heard of the term yesterday.

This happened to me about 10 yrs ago when I lived in an apt. by myself. It occurred more than once. It only happened in this apt. and never has happened since, at least not to this extent.

I remember waking up in the middle of the night hearing something come through my sliding glass door in the living room (which was on the 3rd floor). I saw 3 or more tall dark slender figures coming towards my bed. I knew I was awake, because I could see myself in the mirror, but I could not move. I was paralyzed with fear. They came closer and closer and I was looking right at them. I just lay there not being able to move. Finally I got up enough strength to fall off of the bed and jolt myself out of the paralysis like state I was in.

This happened the same way several more times in that time period and really scared me. I thought it was some sort of alien at first, I never talk about it b/c my friends would think I was crazy, but I know it was real. I was in school the other day and we were talking about paranormal stuff and shadow people came up, and I told my story. They suggested I post my story here to see if anyone had a better suggestion of what I saw.

Thank you!

From: anonymous
Date: Sun, 7 Mar 2004 12:58:51 -0500
To: The Official Shadow People Archives


I am writing you about my experience with a shadow person.

I have been married for two years, and have been in my new home the same amount of time. I sleep on the left hand side of the bed when you are laying down. Well, last night I was woken up from a deep sleep I was on my stomach and I lifted my arms underneath me and looked to my right, when in the window I saw as plain as day a male shadow person. He did not see me looking at him at first. He was just looking out my window. I stared at him for about 10 seconds then he turned his head and looked at me. He was old with a long face, he was appox. 6 foot high with long legs and arms.

Then he ran into the tall dresser to the right of him. His hand was still hanging out as I got up quick to get another look then he was gone. It was the most surreal thing that has ever happened to me. When he was gone I went to the bathroom got a glass of water and then laid back down, and just stared at the window, but he never reappeared.


From: Katy
Subject: Secret Agent Shadow!
Date: Thu, 11 Mar 2004 23:42:18 -0600
To: The Official Shadow People Archives

Hello there! This was such a wonderful site that I wanted to share a shadow experience with you. I am Kate from Texas. I am 19 years old, and I have been seeing shadow people and heard voices all my life. I usually see the coat-and-hat variety, but I have never seen them as clearly as I did one night on July 5th, 2002.

It was nearly 11:00 PM, and I was walking into the sitting room of our home. As I entered the room, a transparent figure of a very pale, narrow-faced man ducked and darted away as if attempting to avoid my vision. He wore a black, wide-brimmed hat and a black trenchcoat. As he fled, he looked back at me with what seemed to be curiosity. Observing him head on, I could clearly see that his eyes were completely black and watery, and shone with intellect.

Months later, I saw this guy walking toward me at the very edge of my vision, again in Technicolor. I think he may be the shadow being that I have seen all my life, and that I had not seen him clearly until this time. I am unsure of his purpose. He hasn't done anything to harm me, I have just been startled by taps on my side and breaths in my ear. He may be a psy-vamp...who knows.

This person also appeared to me in a dream. He was standing before me on a white field, and as he came close to my face, his eyes turned to a light, luminous blue. He smiled...something wasn't right about that smile. His mouth was not deformed in any way whatsoever, it's just that something wasn't right with it...it made me uneasy. I didn't feel threatened, just uneasy.

Thank you for taking time to read this. I have drawings that I produced after the first head-on sighting if you're interested.

Thank you!

From: anonymous
Subject: Seen Them Too!!!!!!!!!
Date: Sat, 13 Mar 2004 00:47:33 -0700
To: The Official Shadow People Archives

My son first started seeing shadow people when he was about 3 years old. He use to get frightened by them, he would come screaming out of his room and say "he" was standing behind my door watching me play. Another instance was when he used the bathroom, he'd say "They" would peek around the corner at him. Now that he is 6, he still sees them and he is no longer afraid of them. He was playing in the backyard recently and seen about 10 of them at once, and as other people say, they seem to run away when he notices them. I too have witnessed shadow people.

I've seen one during the daylight on my deck, and too, turned and ran away once noticed. On another occasion was a few nights ago, in my bedroom, and of course they seem to run when noticed. Anyone know what's up with that? Why do they run?

From: anonymous
Date: Mon, 22 Mar 2004 15:16:51 -0600
To: The Official Shadow People Archives

I can see shadow people they are not ghost; they have not ever given me the feeling of fear. I know not where they come from but believe it is from another dimension. The one I see often flips along my wall and actually stayed long enough for me to get a good look. I think they are afraid of people but like to watch us.

From: anonymous
Subject: Shadows
Date: Tue, 30 Mar 2004 20:55:33 -0700
To: The Official Shadow People Archives

When I was a young boy; probably about 8 or 9 years old, I had several experiences with shadow figures.

After I had gone to bed, I could see from my room out into the hallway. In the hallway a shadowy figure would appear, it was about 5 and a half feet tall, and it would stand for several minutes against the wall in the hallway. After these minutes the figure would always begin walking toward my room. I would call for my mother to, "Turn on the hall light!"? When she did, it would disappear. This occurrence repeated itself many times with the same end.

Finally, the last experience I had with the shadow figures was similar to the others. But that time the shadow was well over six feet tall and much more detailed than the others. When it began walking to my room, I began screaming in terror for one of my parents to turn on the light. But, they did not hear me.

I remember the shadow ducking its head as it entered my room. It walked to the edge of my bed and I could feel its presence, as you would a stranger standing too close, and it knelt beside my bed. I hid beneath the covers until I fell asleep. I don't believe the shadows ever returned, but I do recall sleeping with my head under the covers for a considerable time after that.

Years later, while at work, we were talking about strange things that had happened in our lives. Before I could relate my story, a co-worker told his story which was eerily similar to mine. The same kind of shadowy figures that would start in his hallway and walk into his room.

I have seen the fleeting figures that are mentioned often, but really I've never thought much of it; I always thought it was my imagination.

From: Dale
Subject: my encounter
Date: Tue, 6 Apr 2004 19:11:37 -0500
To: The Official Shadow People Archives

Hello. I would like to tell you about an encounter I had with what I think is a shadow person.

The encounter took place sometime in Nov or Dec of 2003 (just a few months ago!). It was sometime around 1am-3am. I was sleeping and I woke up to a feeling of something being in the room with me. This feeling of utter terror and fear paralyzed me and I could not move except to pull the covers closer to my face so I wouldn't be noticed.

The way my room is set up, there are 3 windows which are in the front of the house 2 of which face the street, 1 faces the next house over. As I lay there, I couldn't do anything except stare at the window that faces the next house. Normally, the street lights filter in through the blinds and slightly illuminate the room. But instead, I saw an area of pitch-black that was hovering above the floor, as if it was waiting for something, blocking out the light. It was not a definite shape other than a "blob-like mass".

I don't know how much time passed, but eventually the fear receded and I could move again. I shut my eyes and went back to sleep, apparently my experience was exhausting on me.

I told a friend of mine about this last week and he told me that I had an encounter with a shadow person. Luckily, that was the only experience I've had with them.

On a side note, I believe in ghosts and the paranormal, but I have never seen or felt anything like that before. I just wanted to relate my story for you.

Update on September 12th, 2004

I had another encounter several months ago, but instead of terror and fear, I simply told it to leave me alone and it did. Seems as if I conquered my fear after the first encounter.


From: Kathy Smith
Subject: shadowman
Date: Fri, 9 Apr 2004 10:59:43 -0700
To: The Official Shadow People Archives

I am so glad that I found your website and read about the shadow people because now i have an explanation for what I seen and experienced.

Several years ago, my daughter and I resided in a small community in Arizona. Mobile homes were popular then, as now, and we lived in an older mobile for many years. One night after inviting a good friend to dinner, i was told to go sit and rest in the living room and she would do dishes. Well, I couldn't argue with that so away I went. I was sitting on the couch, playing with her dog and talking while she did dishes. All of a sudden the dog started to act really weird and so I looked up and in the hallway was the shadow, totally black, of a tall, very thin man wearing a cowboy hat. I kept looking and blinking and trying to figure this all out before I told Sherry, my dinner guest, and right when i went to say something to her, he disappeared into thin air. It was summer time and all i had was a swamp cooler so I had a small fan sitting on the table to help cool the place off. All of a sudden the fan flew off the table and hit the refrigerator door and the dog started barking and would not go near the kitchen. My friend looked at me and asked what the heck just happened. I then told her what i had just seen and needless to say, she was totally done with doing dishes for the night.

This shadow person was seen again on several occasions and by another friend of mine and my daughter who occupied the back bedroom. I would go out for the evening, turning the lights out but I always came home to the light burning in the spare bedroom, right off from the kitchen. This happened more then once but never did I feel threatened by this shadow person. My daughter would tell me that he would come into her room and sit on her bed and then he would lie down next to her and she would try to scream but nothing came out. Even though we don't live there anymore, several have and only one couple has told me that they felt the presence of something but never seen my shadow man. We are the only ones who seen him. After reading about the shadow people, it all makes sense now. Thank you for putting this up so others like me can read this and know that they are not crazy.


From: LoveMum
Subject: shadow folks
Date: Wed, 21 Apr 2004 10:27:57 EDT
To: The Official Shadow People Archives

I was on my way home from work one night, around 1am. I live in a typical old Pittsburgh neighborhood; the streets are lined with trees but they were still bare. I was parking my car in front of my building, an old Victorian which has been converted to apartments, when out of the corner of my eye I saw the silhouette of a man with a dog stopped on the grass in front of the building. I sat in the car for a moment so as not to disturb the dog and to get my things together. When I turned to see if they were done, they had disappeared and there was no one on the street at all. I thought, "That was weird," but it didn't really faze me so I started walking to the porch. As I walked up the walkway to the steps of the front porch I saw another silhouette running from the front door to the railing as if he was going to jump to the side yard, it disappeared completely before reaching the rail.

By this time I was a little scared and fumbled with my key to open the security door. I walked as fast as I could without running upstairs to my apartment. I told my husband what had happened. There were some, "I see dead people" jokes but by the next day it was all but forgotten.

Three weeks later I was out about 15 miles from my house, it was a bright sunny day and we were driving about 35MPH past a vacant lot. As we past I saw, again out of the corner of my eye, another "shadow man" running past the lot very fast, almost pacing our car. When I looked back he had disappeared. I haven't felt threatened by them really, although now that I've been researching them and writing about them I feel as though I've made myself more attractive to them somehow (I think they like hearing about themselves). I'm just really glad I haven't been the only person to have this experience, it's kind of comforting to see that others have seen them too.


M. Love

From: Steve A phaedrus128@yahoo.com
Subject: I've encountered one of these shadow things
Date: Mon, 26 Apr 2004 22:35:46 -0700 (PDT)
To: The Official Shadow People Archives

I was blown away when I found your site and saw that other people had also experienced this. Here is what happened to me:

One evening, I was walking down the middle of the street to a friend's house. This is in a residential neighborhood and there are no streetlights, so it is very dark. I noticed a man on the right-hand sidewalk walking the opposite direction, towards me. I couldn't see details, only a black form which was moving. I looked down for a moment, and then looked over again. He had advanced much faster than seemed right to me. He was still fifty feet away though. I looked down again, and then looked up and he was a few feet away, coming right at me! I put up my hands and said something like "Whoah, hey!" and braced for a collision. Instead of an impact, an icy cold wind blew through me. I will never forget it. He passed right through me. But the scariest stuff happened later that night.

That night I dreamt that the same figure was trying to steal my soul. I don't remember every detail but it was a very intense, life-or-death struggle and in the end an angel came to my aid and fought him off. I woke up drenched in a cold sweat and paralyzed. I couldn't move for ten minutes or so, and when I finally got up and walked I was shaking like a leaf. That's when I realized it was no dream.

Steve A.

From: anonymous
Subject: staring at darkness
Date: Wed, 28 Apr 2004 13:06:07 -0700
To: The Official Shadow People Archives

I have only seen a shadow person once in my life. But they’ve been with me forever. Seeing a shadow person is one of the few pieces of my childhood I remember. People say there ghosts or things like that. I don’t know, but I do know they are evil.

I was about six years old maybe less. My parents had divorced so I had to sleep at my dad’s house one week. My dad put up a little tent for me on the floor with a sleeping bag. It was a hot night and the sleeping bag was making me too warm. So I got up… it was late and everyone was asleep.

I went into the bathroom to wash my face and hands to help me cool down. It’s a habit I have. As I began to walk back from the bathroom, I saw a black form jet behind a green chair by the door I figured it was just my imagination but I was never more wide awake. I lay down in my sleeping bag and shut my eyes… a minute later I opened them...and there it was… a dark shadow with evil red eyes, hovering over me and looking mad as hell. It was darker than the dark itself and its eyes where filled with this burning look. It was in the outline of a man with perfect symmetry. I was scared out of my damn mind.

I threw the sleeping bag over my head hoping it would go away. I stayed like that till morning till I was sure that my father and little sister were up. I told my mother about it when I got back home. She said she had seen the same things when she was young and that they would sit on the foot of her bed and stare at her. I still thought I was the only one who saw things like that until I got an after dark magazine. People make their theories about shadow people.

I began to practice witchcraft so more shit like this is always happening to me. I believe they are attracted to negative energy, that they indeed must be some kind of spirit form, perhaps an incubus or succubus- demon explaining why some see them in a women and man form, maybe just the darkness and hate this energy needs a place to go. All I know is that after I saw the shadow I've always slept with my head under the cover because I knew they were out there watching me. I got over that but I still see them scurry around the room at night.

From: Dallas
Subject: hey
Date: Mon, 3 May 2004 15:28:51 EDT
To: The Official Shadow People Archives

Hi my name is Dallas and I'm 26 years old. The other day I was listening to the radio in a taxi on my way home. They were talking about ghosts or something and a phone caller called in. He said something about shadow people and it got my attention because it also brought back a memory that I haven't thought of in along time.

When I was around four years old I remember waking up in the morning and looking on the wall next to my bed. There on the wall was a shadow of a person, I'm thinking it was male. The one thing that was different then some of the stories I read on your web site was that the shadow I saw was red. Well it scared me so I hid under my covers until some came in my room 'cause I was afraid to even move. I never saw it again and actually forgot about it until that fateful cab ride. I do think back on it now and feel like I was safe and that if it was something, it was only there on good or curious intentions. Well, that is my story and I thought that I could share it with you.


From: anonymous
Subject: (no subject)
Date: Mon, 17 May 2004 07:55:54 EDT
To: The Official Shadow People Archives

My encounter with a so-called shadow person was a brief, startling surprise. I had just awoke and was sitting up in bed getting ready to go use the bathroom, when what I would describe as more like a "large bat shadow creature" came flying through the wall in front of me, directly at me and through me. It happened so fast that I thought maybe I was experiencing the tail end of a recurring dream. But to my recollection I had not been dreaming anything prior and was certain that I was awake during the occurrence. As it approached me at a very high speed I thought I could see its wings folding forward as though it were preparing itself for its shot through me. I thought for sure I was going to experience an impact, but only felt what I would describe as a whoosh. Also, I should mention that my room was very dark that night, yet this thing was darker than my room.

This was the only supernatural experience of my life and although it scared the hell out of me at the time, it has left me with a strange curiosity about them. ~ Brian

From: Name Withheld By Request
Subject: Shadow Persons
Date: Tue, 18 May 2004 15:49:42 EDT
To: The Official Shadow People Archives

I'm e-mailing you because your web page indicates some people see a male figure. I've been seeing (numerous times) a small girl figure who appears to go from one bedroom to another. I can not tell you how many times I've gone into my kids bedrooms thinking that I just saw one of them go into the others bedroom but find them both in their own bed sound asleep. I thought I was seeing things until I finally said something to my dad. He knew what I was talking about and that it was called shadow people. What causes this or how is it that I am able to see this but my husband is not. Is it possible to see them on the side of the road during the evening? About 15 years ago I went through about a three month time where I would see a dark figure wearing a hat on the side of the road as I was driving. Every time I looked in the rear view they were gone. If I asked passengers if they saw the man they would look but see nothing.

Any info is appreciated.

From: anonymous
Subject: Shadowpeople experience at the Hotel I work for
Date: Tue, 18 May 2004 21:19:23 EDT
To: The Official Shadow People Archives

I've read your web site and I have had a similar experience as has a co-worker of mine. I work the 11pm to 7am shift as a night auditor in a hotel and on several occasions I have had the feeling that I was being watched while I was working and felt this eerie presence. When I turned my head to see what it was, a black shadow person or thing quickly fled out of the corner of my eye. This experience happened on a regular basis until my father passed away about seven months ago and then they seemed to have stopped recently.

The other frightening experience at the same time I have had, and have since had at the hotel, is that I'll be sitting there engrossed in my work and I'll get the feeling that someone is going to come up behind me and grabbed me around the throat to strangle me. I turn to look and of course there is no one there. I have a co-worker who works another shift who has experiences very similar to the one I have had. It is very unnerving at times. Any suggestions on how I should deal with this should I encounter something like this would be much appreciated.

From: anonymous
Subject: shadow "Thing"
Date: Fri, 21 May 2004 01:41:17 -0500
To: The Official Shadow People Archives

My husband and his best friend had an encounter with a "Shadow Thing" in the summer of 93. Let me start by saying that my husband is a down to earth businessman, and his friend is a successful artist/writer/filmmaker. They are not the sort to lie. At the time they were living in a rented "college shack", which as students, was all that they could afford. The following is a direct quote from my husband:

"It was approximately 1:20 in the morning and we were bored, so we decided to go for a walk down the street. We grabbed a beer apiece and set off down the road. We walked about a block when we came and empty field on the right and a house next to an empty field to the left. We were laughing and carrying on as 21 year olds do, when we heard a distinct rustling in the empty field to our right. All of the sudden, out of the field, came a "shadow being", I say shadow being, but I and my friend call it the "Thing". It came running out of the field, and stopped in mid road. It was all dark, as in absence of light, and small, I'd say 3'.0." It looked in horror at us, as much as I could judge by its shocked stance, as if saying? Shoot, they can see me!" Then it ran down the road to the opposite field, with footfalls slapping."

They both swear this is true, and both shudder at it. If you doubt its truthfulness, e-mail me, perhaps you will believe both accounts, I am sure both will verify the story

From: Sam
Subject: Shadow Men In The Dark
Date: Fri, 21 May 2004 15:47:27 -0500
To: The Official Shadow People Archives

In 1979 I rented a small guest house behind a larger house in Midland Texas. It was real quaint and had a very nice yard, but I moved out in less than a year because I was bothered so much at night by dark shadow figures. Once I awoke with the feeling that someone was standing over me, and when I opened my eyes a dark shadow figure was standing beside my bed bending down to look at me, then it vanished. While in the house I constantly felt as if someone was standing behind me, or I'd see a shadow walk across an open door. Another night I awoke to find a shadow standing at the foot of my bed. This one backed into a corner and squatted down as if it were trying to hide from me. It was so solid looking I turned the bed side light on just to see who it was, no one was there. My cat slept at the food of my bed in cold weather, and one night she woke me up growling at something. I moved out soon after that.

I had no idea other people had seen anything like that, and once in the mid eighties I saw an episode of the "New Twilight Zone" about "The Shadow Man". It scared me so bad I almost passed out. I've never seen them again, and I pray I never do.

Sam Fowler
Ft. Worth, TX

From: Wendy
Subject: Shadow man
Date: Thu, 27 May 2004 14:51:33 EDT
To: The Official Shadow People Archives


I had no idea this was a "phenomenon" until I started researching it. I recently began counseling for my anxiety and as a result, began thinking about childhood events and made a connection between a present happening and a past event.

Last year I was staying at a property that had been around since the Victorian era. One night, I was standing in a cottage waiting for my son to use the bathroom. It was about 10pm and I was leaning against the wall looking toward the window on the other wall. As I waited, I saw a silhouette of a man's head go across the window. The figure had a hat on and the head was slightly bowed down. The weird thing was that it just only went across the window, there was no continuation past the window onto the wall on either side. Also, the window was a hand crank type that opened out into the room as two separate vertical panels. The shadow did not move across the partially opened glass as a normal shadow would, it was just like a black cutout moving across with no distortion. It lasted briefly and disappeared. I ran to the window and looked out. There was about a 15 foot drop to the ground and a wall underneath the window which would have prevented someone from walking past. I shouted, "hello" but there was no answer.

Earlier this week, as I pondered over my childhood I remembered back to when I was about 4. I used to see a shadow of a man pass the window on occasion. I would call out to my mom because I was scared. I called her yesterday to see if she recalled this and she said yes. She said she had gone out into the yard to check the gate and assured me no one was there. She told me I should be cautious as there is something known as a "Familiar Spirit" that is not good. You can look this up on a search engine...I am really concerned about these shadow spirits and hope I never see one again.

Thanks for sharing all the stories. It was interesting to compare them all to mine. Good luck on the website!

Wendy Cook

From: Name withheld by request
Subject: Fwd: shadow people
To: The Official Shadow People Archives

One nite when I was about 16 yrs old, I lay in bed trying to fall asleep. I heard a faint sweeping sound, as if someone was slowly sweeping a floor. As I look around, see nothing so I lay back down. The sound stops and I finally go to sleep, but abruptly awoken by something covering my mouth and nose. I could not breathe. As I look at what is there, I see a 7 foot tall jet-black shadowy figure standing over me, pushing on my chest. I remember not being able to get up; it was very strong. I started seeing sliver and red and everything went black. When I came to, it was gone, but I hear that sweeping sound again. I lay there afraid to move, afraid to breathe. The sound faded away. And I get brave enough to run to my mother's room. When I tell her what had happened she told me it was bad dream.

Now when I turn about 25, I start seeing black shadowy human figures out my side view. When I look right straight at them, they disappear. I tell my mother about them and she tells me that she has seen them too. She did not want to scare me by telling me that the night I awoke, she awoke also but felt being choked instead of feeling pressure on her chest. She sees them a lot.

Now that I am 30 I see them all the time in and around my house, daylight or dark. I haven?t been smothered by one since that nite but they are here. I not only see them, I feel them when one is around. I get a bad feeling of dread. I am not the only one who sees them because my husband sees them too. I don?t know who or what they are, or what they want or how to make them go.

I am afraid of them but I guess they are here to stay.

From: Stephanie
Subject: I saw a shadow person
Date: Mon, 19 Jul 2004 01:21:47 -0700 (PDT)
To: The Official Shadow People Archives

When I was about 8 my mom had just had my little brother and he was asleep in his crib. Our kitchen, at the time, was right across from the room the baby slept in. Well, that evening he was asleep so the light in the room was off. The door was left open so while my mom cooked, she could hear and see the baby. I was playing and wanted to see the baby so I made my way towards the door to the room. I saw it ?a shadow of a figure that look like a man wearing a top hat. Needless to say I was scared, and thought the monster was going to get the baby, so I screamed to tell my mom and it disappeared. My mom didn't believe me and neither did my dad.

I had forgotten all about it until about 5 years ago when I married a man interested in aliens and ghosts. I am now 25 and have always been scared of the dark. One night, on a long ride home (about 30 minutes), my husband was listening to a talk show called the Art Bell show. That night of all nights, he was talking about these things. People reported seeing beings called ?shadow people.? It started me remembering that night and I told my husband. He believed me. We figured that's why I'm so scared of the dark.

Well about three months ago my 4 yr old daughter said that she had seen something in the room at night when she was trying to sleep I asked her to tell me what it looked like and she described what I had seen as an adult. The figure reminds me of the evil guy from the Rocky and Bullwinkle Show?... the one with the top hat. So I showed my daughter and she said, ?That was the man that was in my room.?

I saw I it again after my memories were stirred don't now if it's real or my eyes playing tricks. Please post this I would like any feed back.

Stephanie TX


The cartoon referenced, 'evil guy', with the top hat, was probably 'Snidely Whiplash' from Dudley Do-Right cartoons often presented on the Rocky and Bullwinkle Show; a cold war animated cartoon series from the 1960's. The cartoon was created by Jay Ward in 1959.

From: Tyler
Subject: Nightmares
Date: Mon, 19 Jul 2004 16:22:55 -0700 (PDT)
To: The Official Shadow People Archives

Well, I've got two quick stories that happened, both involving dreams.

1. I was having this awful dream about how a man broke into my house and killed me and my parents and right when he was about to kill me i woke up. But when I woke up, the nightmare wasn't over. I opened my eyes and noticed that the dark room had a darker spot in it. About 2 feet from the edge of my bed was a man, all black. I don't mean like Afro-American black, I mean pitch black. So black that I wasn't actually sure that it was there. But I flipped out. I pulled the covers over my head and whispered to myself, "Wake up, wake up." Then something happened. Something that I can't explain, but when I pulled my covers back and it was gone.

2. This one is practically the same but, oh well. I was sleeping and heard a voice that I thought was a dream. It told me something I couldn't understand at first but it faded in. And as if it were a dream, a bearded man was like 6 inches from my face telling me it was "all gonna be okay in the end." But for some reason, I don't know, he just backed away and sat in the chair next to my bed (this dream was taking place in my room with me lying on my bed). He said "You know, it happens to the best of us really." I asked him what he was talking about, but right when i did, i woke up. I opened my eyes slowly and looked at the chair. A shadow of the bearded man was there. Now, I still thought I was dreaming, so I got up really close to him and asked, "What do you mean?!" in an almost frightened way. It looked like he was looking down at the floor and when I said that, he looked towards me (It was hard to tell but it sure felt like it). He shook his head and disappeared. And as though I had thought it, I heard his voice say into my head, "you'll be okay boy you'll be okay"


From: anonymous
Subject: Mike
Date: Sun, 25 Jul 2004 16:46:14 -0700 (PDT)
To: The Official Shadow People Archives

I was very excited to find this site, because I have seen shadow people - and animals - many times, especially in the last seven to eight years or so. I have seen person-shaped, black shadows walking, out of the corner of my eye, and the distinct feeling of being in the presence of someone. I think I have a shadow cat of some kind. whom I see off and on darting under things or around corners. Now, I have a cat, and one time I actually thought it was her; it was so solid-looking. I called her and looked under the table but she wasn't there...she was sleeping on the couch! The interesting thing about this was that my roommate was there and saw it too. I said, "OK that was creepy...I swear I saw the cat running under there." She said, "Yeah I saw it too." And we both kinda stared at the area under the table for a second. But the kitty entity is not bad or good, just seems to follow me from house to house over the years.

BUT the most striking and frightening experience I ever had was with a shadow person that I saw when I was about 21 years old. I was spending the night at a friend's house. I was sleeping on the living room couch, quite soundly, when suddenly I awoke in the middle of the night to a feeling of being watched. I saw in the corner, very clearly, a squatting fellow with a very clearly defined outline and a dark but transparent body, looking at me with a rather evil-looking smirk. I was terrified, and I just froze under the covers. I remember that he had red eyes. He disappeared suddenly but I felt very disturbed by the entity, and I have seen and spoken to ghosts before and never been afraid like that. I talked to my friend the next morning, describing my experience. She said, "Yeah, that was just a shadow person. I call him Mike. He's been around me for awhile; I think he was just checking you out. I wouldn't worry about him." It is from her that I first heard the term "shadow person", and I immediately knew that the entities I had seen were they. I have seen others, but just briefly, and while it's a bit creepy, I have never been terrified like that since.

From: anonymous
Subject: My Experience with Shadow People..
Date: Fri, 30 Jul 2004 00:35:18 EDT
To: The Official Shadow People Archives

I happen to be speaking to a long time friend and she is a great fan of the Coast to Coast Talk Show....We were coming home the other night when I told her about my experience and she proceeded to tell me about "Shadow People" Well, to the best of recollection, about 10 yrs ago, my husband, my son and I lived in this old frame house in Bartow, Fl and this is when I had maybe 5 or 6 episodes but 2 that really stand out.

My husband was a Security Guard and was working late one nite, I had gone to bed and was sleeping, but as I slept I felt myself open my eyes to see a shadow enter the bedroom, I kinda assumed it was my husband, arriving home from work. It strolled around the bed to my husbands side, sat down on the bed, which I remember feeling a weight sit down....now I am feeling frozen. Fear is keeping me still. I finally turn over and whatever I saw was gone!! I thought I might be having a "Waking Dream".

Several weeks later (and this one repeated itself frequently) I would be laying in bed and roll over on my back, looking up at the ceiling, I saw huge black stringy things falling towards me. One instance, one night, I literally jumped over my sleeping husband to get away from this falling blackness. I almost scared my husband to death. I was literally on the other side of him almost falling on the floor....trying to get away from it. We eventually moved to another town and it ceased. I feel whatever it was, it was in that house. I've always had and have a sensitive psychic ability and I believe I was able to "see" them due to that sensitive ability.

From: Magz
Subject: My shadowperson experience
Date: Sat, 31 Jul 2004 16:55:47 EDT
To: The Official Shadow People Archives

My late night shadowperson experience happened about a year ago. I was asleep on the couch in my living room, when a noise that sounded like snoring woke me. Even though I had my back turned to the room, I could feel a heavy presence and it seemed as though something was staring at me. I turned over slightly to see what was there. To my shock, there was a black, almost human like figure looking back at me with golden eyes. The being was about 10 feet away from me, and it didn't move at all.... it just stared. At this point I was really creeped out, so I told the shadowperson to go away because it wasn't welcome. After I spoke, the being looked as though it walked through the wall, and has not returned since. I don't remember feeling as though the shadowperson was really evil, but it certainly freaked me out.


From: Name Withheld by Request
Date: Tue, 3 Aug 2004 18:20:37 EDT
To: The Official Shadow People Archives


I have seen the shadow people for about 3 years on different occasions. My uncle used to tell me about the shadow people but I never believed him until one day I saw one for myself in Woodlawn Park near Yonkers in New York. I saw a black figure with no facial features at all. It was peeking out from behind a tree as if it was observing me and did not want to be seen. Ever since then I believed him and started to see them more frequently.

I'm a venturer (Boy Scout unit but males and females can be in it together). I went to camp this year on July 26, 2004. I went to Ten Mile River Scout camp and from the first night I arrived I started to see them. They were interested in observing my venturer crew. Sometimes at night when we were in our tents we would hear branches breaking and leaves moving as if someone was dragging there feet in the leaves and when I flashed my light towards that direction and nothing was there. One night was different though. That Thursday I was sitting on a table under a tarp and shadows started popping up every where. They got pretty close before I finally started to freak out so I shined my light at them and they vanished. Later that night I when I was sleeping in my tent I could hear sluggish footsteps from the empty tent next to mine. I jumped up out my tent to see what was there and when I went into the empty tent, what ever was making the sounds had left. I turned around to head towards my tent and there one was in front of my tent. I shinned my light and it vanished.

In total over the past 3 years I have seen about 15 of them. I have seen them in Ten Mile River camp in Upstate New York, camp Alpine scout camp in New Jersey, and Van Courtland Park in Bronx New York. From what I have noticed, they fear or dislike bright light shined at them like fire works and flashlights. I used to think my uncle was crazy then I saw them. Then I thought we were both crazy because I used to see them with my friends but they said they never saw it. This website proves I am not the only one that I have seen them.

From: Dawn
Subject: Darkman
Date: Thu, 19 Aug 2004 20:09:14 EDT
To: The Official Shadow People Archives

Hello there!

My experience with a shadow person took place about three years ago. I was in the Air Force, stationed in Germany. I was working the shift that lasted from midnight until 7AM. Part of my duties was to inspect all of the equipment assigned to me every week.

I was inspecting an air compressor, with the headlight beams from my shop truck pointing on me for better visibility. I was leaning into the equipment, about to sign the inspection forms, when I saw a person walk past one of the headlights, which were about six feet away from me. I saw this out of the corner of my eye. Of course, I turn to look in surprise; at three in the morning, I wouldn't have expected to see too many people around. The person passing the light was a walking shadow that walked past the second headlight before I could scream, run to my truck, and take off. The light did not pass through the figure, and I was close enough to see that there were no discernible features on it. He walked away into the night.

I was very scared after that. I told my coworkers, but of course they thought I was nuts. I wouldn't even get out of the truck to inspect the equipment by my lonesome self after that. I begged to be placed on a different shift. That didn't happen for a while, but I never saw him again. Every time I got out of my truck my eyes were wide, searching the dark, but not wanting to see anything.

I was reassured about my experience when a few days later. I asked around after the cops who were known to work for hours by themselves on the flight line and I got answers I would have never expected. The few cops that had seen the shadow, called him, ‘Darkman'. They told me that there were times they thought they saw an intruder running from them, but when lights were shone on the individual, or when they chased after it, nothing was there. One guy saw Darkman head-on. He told me that when the figure realized the SP (cop) was looking at him, it disappeared into a shadow; just blended right in.

The rumor is that someone had shot himself out there on the flight line, went crazy and shot himself in the head. The strange part is that I didn't tell the SPs what I had seen until after they described the same thing I had seen.


  1. flight line - The area of an airfield near hangars where maintenance and repairs on aircraft are performed.

From: Quentin
Subject: "Turn Around"
Date: Thu, 2 Sep 2004 01:14:41 EDT
To: The Official Shadow People Archives

Hello, My name is Quentin and I have a rather interesting experience with this particular subject. A year or two back before I moved, my family and I lived in a house that had gradually become like a living entity itself. My brother was doing drugs and quite a lot of bad things went on in this house. I had seen several shadow people, they were very tall (about 7'ft) and fast. I started reading the bible but found out this did not help and angered them. I have heard them speak once before while staying alone but by far the worst experience I had was while I was reading; I felt something and turned around only to see a huge figure. It ran almost as soon as I turned around but the next morning I couldn't move my back and felt paralzyed. I couldn't go to school even.

While in that house and occasionally where I live now, the stereos will go on at high volume; blast all the way up late at nights and randomly. This has always happened to me and my family in every house we've lived in. It is known that in my family: my dad, mom, and other members, have a sixth sense.

The events or experiences I and my family had living there have changed me. I can hardly sleep at night by myself anymore and most often find it hard to even study the bible now and any religious materials. I believe that for the most part these are demons. Thanks so much. By the way I'd love to hear any input you may have concerning shadow people.


From: Stephen
Subject: My experience with shadow people...
Date: Sun, 5 Sep 2004 00:01:07 -0400 (EDT)
To: The Official Shadow People Archives

Great website. I recently found out it existed!

When I was 4 and 5 years old we lived in a house that we rented from my mothers parents in Los Angeles. The first time I saw the shadow man was when he came out of the closet (through the door no less!) in my bedroom. It was a man and he was quite 3 dimensional, but he had no features - just empty blackness. I remember being terrified and screaming. This would usually bring my parents running. I was (or so I'm told) fairly articulate for a 4 year old and I was able to tell my parents exactly what I saw. They, of course, told me I was having a bad dream as this first experience was at night.

Over the next 2 years this happened rather frequently and it happened night AND day. Usually it was only one, but sometimes it was more than one. Other than the sheer terror I felt when I saw them, I don't remember them ever having an interest in me or even coming in my direction. They would just go walking through the room, walking VERY slowly. I remember wishing they would move faster! They would usually come through the closet door or through the walls and exit the room through one of the walls. They were not ON the wall like a shadow. They moved through the room like a person. I remember my mom asking me if I knew what or who they were as it became a fight to get me to go to bed at night or even be in my room alone. I told her they were called Lolo's (lowlow's) God knows where I got that name from! We moved from that house and I never saw them again.

One day last year I was telling my Aunt about them (my mother's sister) as she apparently had never heard the stories about my experiences when I was little. It turns out she lived in the same room when she was little and she saw them too! She never mentioned it to anyone, but they came out of the closet as well. Oddly enough, she said she remembered Abraham Lincoln living in her closet (with the black coat and black top hat) but she said when I told her of my experience she remembered him to be just a shadow. Her parents were not as understanding as mine so she kept it to herself and she says she remembers she named him Abraham Lincoln so she wouldn't be so scared.

Hope this sheds some light.

Stephen Ingalls

From: Email Withheld By Request
Subject: Shadow of Death?
Date: Sun, 5 Sep 2004 02:55:02 EDT
To: The Official Shadow People Archives

My shadow people experience was much like Steve's "Life-or-Death" experience, so much so it gave me shivers as I read his story. Though I don't remember, and I seriously think I couldn't forget, having had a previous run in with the shadow that visited me one unforgettable night. This was truly the weirdest and scariest thing I've ever experienced.

One night about 10 years ago I went to bed?nothing unusual except my youngest daughter, then 10, for whatever reason I don't recall, wanted to sleep in my bed with me so I said yes.

In the middle of the night I remember very vividly having a "dream" that a large black human type shadow was crawling in my closed bedroom window, right through the glass and mini blinds. I remember feeling totally terrified, and somehow getting the impression that it was the shadow of death coming for me. I began to cry in my "sleep" and my daughter heard me and tried to wake me--this is when it really got weird.

I could see myself from above the bed and I could see my daughter shaking me to try and wake me and saying "mommy please wake up!" she began to cry also. I remember her asking me if I was okay and replying "NO," but I couldn't wake up, and I couldn't stop crying, I was so terrified. It was so strange I felt like I was trapped in a kind of twilight place. Eventually I awoke, or came out of whatever it was, but I was totally paralyzed and couldn't move for several minutes.

I really feel if my daughter hadn't been there and saved me, that shadow thing would have taken me that night.

About a year after that night I had a checkup and the doctor said I had had a heart attack at some time--I still wonder if it was that night. I see fleeting shadows around my house now, and once I got a good look at what looked like a long black coat moving quickly around the living room corner--naturally no one was there. I have three daughters, and they've all seen them at one time or another.

From: Corey
Subject: I Have Seen my Shadow Guy
Date: Wed, 08 Sep 2004 22:25:59 -0700
To: The Official Shadow People Archives

Hi there,

This is highly unusual for me cuz I don't normally respond to much of anything in regards to message boards, but I feel the responsibility to share my experiences with those that are willing to listen.

I have had several experiences of different natures since I was a young child of 12 and quite a strong mind back then, but scared. Since I have come to accept my abillities many things are much clearer now...

Shadow people experience:

Sunday morning doing laundry and look out the window and I saw this black blob and as my eyes focused it realized that I saw it and quickly bolted. I watched it run a few steps and then it vanished into thin air. It was almost like looking at a cartoon of spy vs. spy and watching this tall black figure run but since there is no colour like clothing it looks like how a cartoon would run. That is the best way I can explain the visual.

The last time I dealt with a shadow figure it was in the shape of a wolf and black with red eyes and that was when I was 12. Had a hard time getting rid of it...cuz it fed off negativity and fear, my general feeling is the nature of their presence is one that generally involves a time in ones life that many things are going on at the same time ie, arguing, depression, stress and so on. I feel like when you see them it is a symbol of ones fears and knowing when not to let your fears rule you!

Well I have tons of stuff to share, but this story is all you were looking for so...

Ciao for now


From: anonymous
Subject: shadow folk
Date: Tue, 14 Sep 2004 19:49:42 EDT
To: The Official Shadow People Archives

It was in the summer of 91 when I was eight and I was hanging out with three of my friends we each sat around a large tree on the sidewalk taking our own spots on the large roots that turned up the sidewalk. It was about eleven AM and the sun hit everything - there was very little shadow, after a time and a few jokes we just sat quietly. Then as I looked down the street a dark figure started coming up the block. I didn't think anything of it until it got closer and I realized it was still dark it eventually got close enough to see silhouette features, a tall muscular man with what seemed to be horns walking up the street, I would have thought I was dreaming or seeing things if it weren't for the fact that one of my friends - that was sitting to my right - was looking over my shoulder at the same thing; when we went around the tree to tell our other friends it was gone. We ran from the spot and never sat around that tree again.

From: belle fleur
Subject: Shadow Visit
Date: Fri, 24 Sep 2004 04:16:45 +0000
To: The Official Shadow People Archives

A few times I have relayed this story to close trusted friends and family members about an experience I had 17 years ago. No one knew what to make of it and they all said they never encountered such a thing as I had. Only after reading similar stories did I feel relieved about what happened to me. I am a bit shocked to see how common these 'visits' are although with my Catholic upbringing, I have always been aware that a spirit world exists...both good & evil!

At the time I had just rented an apartment in Houston, Texas and was living alone. As my room was small, my bed was positioned with the long side flat against the wall. Every night I slept with my back against the wall. Except for the faint glow of a far away street light, my room was very dark.

I recall being awakened out of a deep sleep by a strange feeling of uneasiness. I opened my eyes to find a short dark figure standing up against my bed directly opposite me. This figure was blacker than the darkness of my room and it was in silhouette. It stood there staring very intently at me. I could not make out any facial features or eyes and the outline looked like someone draped in a sheet. It was short, maybe about 4 feet tall. The intense energy of this being was very frightful and I did not have a good feeling about it. I laid there for a time feeling somewhat paralyzed and all the while this figure continued to look at me. Suddenly I reached up and turned the light on and the figure disappeared. I know this was not a dream because I recall distinctly being awakened from my sleep. I know now that what awakened me was the intense energy and presence of this shadow person. It seemed like it stood there watching me sleep almost out of curiosity. I have never encountered it again and hope not to. It's not the kind of thing you want coming around for a visit.

I have made sure many times to say the very powerful 'Prayer to St. Michael the Archangel' for protection. I would suggest that anyone having these kinds of strange encounters to please do the same. He is very powerful in protecting us against the forces of darkness! Trust me, it works!

From: anonymous
Subject: Shadow People
Date: Sat, 25 Sep 2004 03:52:05 -0400
To: The Official Shadow People Archives

When I was a child, every night I would wake up around 2 in the morning. My bedroom was adjacent to the kitchen and my bed would face the kitchen table. Like I said, I would wake up and there would be a shadow person sitting at my kitchen table. It would call my name (Male voice) and when it had my attention it would walk into my room. When it got to my bedside I would cover my head with my blanket and most times it would disappear. Sometimes it would still be over me and I could hear it breathing. No face, just a dark shape that looked like a shadow to me.

What was this creature? It used to visit me every night until I was a teenager. It never touched me, but scared the crap out of me. I told my mother and father and they ignored me. I've recently discussed this with co-workers and two of them had similar experiences. Same thing, they were visited at night when they were children.

From: Bob
Date: Fri, 8 Oct 2004 17:52:06 -0700 (PDT)
To: The Official Shadow People Archives

I recently came out of the hospital with a bad infection caused by bed sores. I also have TM (Transverse Myelitis) a form of paralysis in my lower extremities. I live in a two story home which I purchased two years ago and since purchasing the home, I have always felt uncomfortable like I would sense something in the house or yard, usually in the middle of the night. Anyway I cannot go upstairs due to my condition so I had to rent a hospital bed and set it up in the family room. I stay here all the time.

Approximately two weeks after coming home, I started waking up about 1:00 AM. This happened for about 4 or 5 nights. Then on the 6th night I started to notice dark shadows in the room. The room is fairly dark and these shadows were a lot darker; they stood out in the dark. After this, I was unable to sleep.

The next night, I could not sleep and I started to look at the shadows. It turned out there was five people-shaped shadows. They did not make a sound nor did they move. It was just an eerie feeling that I felt. One shadow sat on the couch, one sat on top of the bar, one sat right next to me on a night stand, one sat on my wheel chair and the last one sat in the middle of the floor. They just sat there and stared at me. I tried to sleep but could not. This lasted for about three weeks.

One day, I finally broke down and told my daughter about what was happening. She is into the Catholic religion and I guess she talked to several people in the church who recommended that the house be blessed. My daughter went and asked for a priest to come to the house and perform the blessing.

The priest came to the house within the week. When he came in, he said he sensed something was in the house that did not belong. The priest then started to bless the house including the front and back yard. The night that the house was blessed, I did not see anything but I still could sense something. The following night I could not see or sense anything. The blessing must have worked. This was done about five months ago and the shadow people have not returned. The only affect that they left to this day is I cannot fall asleep at night. I guess they really frightened me.


From: Karen
Subject: shadowpeople experience
Date: Fri, 15 Oct 2004 16:53:56 -0700 (PDT)
To: The Official Shadow People Archives

Hi. I just read your page on shadowpeople, and I just had to write. I had an extremely scary experience with one once.

The night before my experience, I had been the target of poltergeist activity. I don't mean the mischievous kind of poltergeist, the presence in my room was downright evil. That's another story, but I do believe the events were related. The night I had my experience, I went out to the bathroom (this was in the middle of the night, around one or two am). As I walked into the kitchen (the bathroom is connected to the kitchen in my house, go figure), I was still jumpy because of the previous night. Therefore, I turned on every light on my way to the bathroom. When I walked in the kitchen and reached for the light, a shadow oozed out of the sink. I told myself it was just my imagination, until it turned around and came towards me. There were glowing red eyes glaring at me from the area the face should have been!

The feeling I got was a definite presence of evil (again, like the night before). I screamed and ran out of the room, then spent the rest of the night in my parents' room on the floor (I'm not ashamed to admit it, even if I was twenty at the time).

That's my story. Every word is true. I would appreciate any theories or serious comment about what it could have been. My email is eternalsailoraquarius@yahoo.com.

Thanks for reading!