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From: Dawn
To: shadowpeopleorg@comcast.net
Sent: Sunday, January 5, 2014 8:39:58 PM
Subject: Shadow people

I did not know there is a site that takes our stories.

It was 1966 in Brighton, Michigan. I was 18 years old. Mom and my sister moved there after a divorce. The street was Merle St.

My little sister had a canopy bed. I had come in late and sis was in sleeping with mom. So I went to sleep in her bed. I was sound asleep, I felt the bed shaking and I rolled over and looked at the end of the bed. There stood a black tall shadow image with a cape and top hat on. I sat up in bed and rubbed my eyes, looked again and it was gone. But I've always caught figures out of the side of my eyes. At the same time, the water would turn on and off in the house. One night the gas stove was on and no one was cooking. Ever sense then, I've seen things. Thanks for letting me share.

Dawn Schneider

From: Mark
To: shadowpeopleorg@comcast.net
Sent: Wednesday, January 8, 2014 4:29:58 PM
Subject: Fedora hat man

When I was four years old, my mother and I shared a room in a small apartment in Idaho Falls, Idaho.

One night, I woke up and saw a very tall black figure standing in the doorway to our room. I was in a bed by the door, my mom was in another kitty-corner to mine. The room was dark but this thing was darker. I immediately felt terror and dread and started screaming for my mom to wake up. I could see her in her bed while I was crying and screaming, "There is someone here!" She slept on.

The figure looked like a tall silhouette of a man, dressed in a trench coat and Fedora hat. I couldn't see its face, but I knew it was looking at me. It entered the room, walked up to the head of my bed, leaned over and looked at me. I still couldn't make out any facial features, but knew it was looking me in the eye!

I continued to scream and cry for my mom to wake up. Then it walked over to my mom's bed and bent down, looking at her and touching her. Now I was really scared and screaming louder at my mother. She never stirred. It then spun around and quickly came back to my bed, threw something gritty into my eyes like sand. That was the last thing I remember. That memory has been with me all my life; too real to be a dream!

Recently, I watched a show called "Monsters and Mysteries in America". I got chills when they described a shadow man wearing a Fedora hat! Now, after hearing other people's experiences with this, I am 100% sure this was not a dream.

From: Remedios
To: shadowpeopleorg@comcast.net
Sent: Sunday, January 19, 2014 10:39:54 PM
Subject: Shadow Person.

I started seeing these shadows at a young age, at least 5 or 6.

At the corner of my eye I always saw shadows running from room to room in my house, but never seen them outside. I thought it was just my eyes playing with me, but these shadows started to get more clearer each year.

When I turned 7 I noticed at the Corner of my eye, there was a hand coming out of my fathers room. I stayed still, watching it, trying not to move to see what it does next. I waited, then it slammed its hand on the wall so quickly, no sound but I was so shocked I looked straight at its way, I caught a glimpse as it ran away. If I'm right It was at least the same height as me back then.

At the age of 8 I experienced it again, it came back. I was home alone for a few minutes just in the lounge watching tv. I got the shivers. I sat up and sat still, looked around if anything was near. I saw nothing, I took my earring out, it could reflect so I thought I'd use it to see if anything was behind me. I stared at my earring, and I saw a head appear out of no where. No face but it was so clear that I got so scared and ran into my room.

I never saw it again until I turned 12, but it was taller this time, about my height. I had to go through the whole 'each year it gets clearer' thing again. I noticed it first, every night standing in front of my room door. Now I'm 14 and it's starting to do more than watch me sleep. It's like its happening all over again.

From: Jackie
To: shadowpeopleorg@comcast.net
Sent: Sunday, January 20, 2013 11:12:12 PM
Subject: Shadow people idk

My name is Jackie Garcia; I'm 15.

My story is pretty scary but I've gotten used to these "paralyzing dreams," hallucinations or… I don't even know what to call them anyways.

It all started when I was somewhere around six. Me and my twin brother had a bunk bed. I slept on the bottom that night. I suddenly woke up for some reason and as I got up, something flew across my face. I laid right back down of course, being 6 years old. I was scared as f&#* but as I caught my breath, I turned around to see a dark shadow. I was so scared.

At first, I thought my brother was messing with me so I looked at him. He was sound asleep. I was too scared to sleep with the light off since that night.

This happened to me again when I was 10. I was in Mexico. I just remember waking up and being paralyzed; I was only able to move my eyes. I was terrified and so confused. I remember looking at the corner of the room and there was a shadow sitting down on a chair. Also, I remember seeing a grin on its face; it went from one side of the head and to the other. The weird thing was that I couldn't see his eyes, arms or legs, just an evil grin. Anyway, I closed my eyes and I began to pray to God, then I ‘woke up’. As soon as I regained consciousness, I ran out the room.

The third time this occurred to me was in my room. This was last year around September or November. I remember being paralyzed again and only able to move my eyes. I turned to my doors with my eyes and I saw a dark shadow again. I couldn't yet distinguish facial expressions. I wasn't scared. I felt bad for it; I don't know why. Well that is the last experience I've had. Thanks for reading!

Karen's Email
To: shadowpeopleorg@comcast.net
Sent: Wednesday, January 22, 2014 4:50:34 PM
Subject: personal account of a shadow person

I am still trying to understand what exactly I saw. The details are hazy, but I remember how I felt.

My account happened about 3 years ago in a small sleepy town of Summit Hill, Pennsylvania. I was lying in bed with my husband. At the time, we only had one dog and he liked to jump in bed and lay at my feet. It was the middle of the night, and I didn't know if I was dreaming or if what I was experiencing was real. I saw my dog just staring at the corner wall by my bedside, I looked and thought I saw something. Then I sat right up and looked again and that is when I noticed a black figure standing next to my bedside. I screamed and felt frightened. Immediately it was gone. The figure was just standing over me. I would guess the figure was male, not quite sure, it just seemed to be male because it looked like it was wearing a hood, like a one piece black garment. He had no facial features, just darkness.

My husband asked me what was wrong, and I told him, then went right to sleep. The next morning, my husband told me that he was awake right before this episode happened to me and witnesses everything. He told me that he saw the dog just staring at the corner wall; didn't think anything of it until I sat straight up and screamed. He did not see the figure. All I know, that I was really scared. I was caught off guard and never expected to see a black figure standing over me. It must not have scared me too much as I was able to fall back to sleep.

I think of this quite often, and this whole incident is quite strange to me. I always profess that I do not believe in ghosts. When I hear the term "ghost" I attribute it to reality TV ghost-hunter shows and scary movies. I guess I do believe in some kind of presence, I am not sure just how to define this.

I give my full permission to publish and upload my personal account and share it with others who may have had a shadow figure visit them. I hope my account will help others. Again, this shadow figure posed no threat to me whatsoever. I guess I screamed because I just didn't understand what was happening, but again, I was frightened, but frightened because I just did not expect this to happen to me.

Thank you,
Karen Horvath

From: Kara
To: shadowpeopleorg@comcast.net
Sent: Tuesday, January 28, 2014 3:32:08 PM
Subject: Shadow People story


I have never heard of shadow people, until my boyfriend told me to look up sleep paralysis. My parents think I'm crazy. What I saw, I was ready to cleanse to whole house of bad energy! It was so frightening, and I never understood why my dreams were this way, until I read about sleep paralysis and realized I experienced everything having to do with it. Here's my story.

This happened on January 27, 2014. (Note: I was very anxious that night; even going to bed. Scientists say this can contribute to sleep paralysis and seeing the dark intruder). It must have been approximately 4:00AM. I went up to go to the bathroom, normal routine. I turned on the TV in my room and put the 90-minute timer on. (I don't like to sleep in the dark). I shut my eyes and opened them. I saw my TV was on still, and I felt instant and total fear. I could not move my limbs or scream, which is what I wanted to do. I looked and in front of my door was a dark shadow. I'm not sure that it was looking at me, but it was there. It disappeared seconds after, when my mother turned on the kitchen light, (She gets up at 5 AM to get ready for work), and I heard her making coffee, and saw her walking back and forth. I then was able to shoot up from my bed, and turn my light on. I frantically searched the house for the dark shadow, or any negative energy, not knowing what I saw.

I didn't know what a dark shadow was until about 7 PM yesterday, (January 27). I don't know whether I should be frightened or relieved that people all around the world have experienced what I have. Now, I'm starting to remember all the nightmares that I've had where I've opened my eyes to exactly where I am on the bed, not able to move and speak, and something happens. It's always floating, or even the pushing on my chest, (Which was pretty scary). I can recall twice of seeing shadow people. The first time I thought it was a nightmare until now, this "nightmare" has always kept me spooked.

Approximately, November, I was over my boyfriend's house. Scientists say that drug use may be a factor in sleep paralysis, so I will mention that I'm sure I smoked a little pot that night. I opened my eyes to the wall, and could not move or speak, and saw a shadow form of a girl in the corner. She was walking towards me and I shut my eyes. I woke up and started to cuddle my boyfriend, only thinking it was a nightmare.

I hope this can help someone who was just as confused as I was.

From: "lesliecournoyer87" <lesliecournoyer87@ymail.com>
To: shadowpeopleorg@comcast.net
Sent: Thursday, January 30, 2014 1:48:53 PM
Subject: My Shadow Story

I was about 11 years old when I saw my first shadow person. I was lying in bed, trying to fall asleep, while my parents entertained their company. I couldn't fall asleep so I just laid there. When I looked up, in the corner of my ceiling, I could see a short, kind of "heavy set" man figure, crouching and staring at me. It was a black misty figure. I wasn't scared, more intrigued at what I was seeing. This Shadow Man was in my room almost every night for a few months from about midnight until sun up. I never saw that Shadow Man again.

However, many years passed without anything happening, up until I was 25.

It was about 5 AM and I remember I could hear a buzz in my ears. My body turned stiff and I could feel a pressure on my chest but couldn't breathe. I felt cold hands on my neck and I was being choked. I then heard a man's voice saying, “Don't scream, don't fight. No one is going to save you. He's not going to help you". I think this Mean Shadow Person was saying this because, when I felt it's cold hands and pressure on my chest, I was screaming ‘in my mind ‘for my husband, who was in the kitchen, preparing his lunch for work. I was saying (in my mind) “Help me! Please, I can't breathe!" Over and over. I could see a black, blob, mystified figure on me… really evil and it was like, it enjoyed hearing me ask for help.

I then could see my husband walking from our kitchen to where I was. That is when I sat up, out of breath , sobbing and basically, freaking out! He said ‘to say a prayer and I will be ok.’ I did and I just fell back asleep. I still see the shadow in my home from time to time.

My story may seem crazy to some but I know what I went through. Not trying to convince anyone, just want to share my shadow experience. I’m now 26 and my name is Leslie. I live in Iowa, United States.

Thank You.

Email Q
To: shadowpeopleorg@comcast.net
Sent: Friday, January 31, 2014 4:29:46 PM
Subject: Possible Shadow Person/Specter sighting

About 8 years ago, my car was totaled in a car accident. Uninjured, I had to face the challenges of a commute between home, college, and work. A large part of these efforts were dependent on me catching rides with friends and/or family.

That night, after work, I was waiting on a friend to give me a ride home. I was supposed to wait for him at a bus stop a few blocks from where he worked. As I was walking, I saw something out of the corner of my eye glide past me on the right. I distinctly remember hearing a screeching sound as it past me. This entity appeared to have no legs, and had a shadowy form, although its features seemed kind of skeletal. I felt as though I had seen a grim reaper. I immediately felt as if it were a foreteller of death, though I was not afraid. The being showed no apparent interest in me, as it quickly glided past. I reasoned that it only sought to announce that death, in some form, would cross my path.

Mere moments after my encounter with the entity, I was approached by a teenage girl who was distraught and possibly under the influence of drugs. She briefly lamented about her problems, and she surmised that the only solution would be suicide. She spoke of wanting to simply throw herself into the path of oncoming traffic. I told her that such an approach wouldn't guarantee her death and that it might only compound her misery. I tried to convince her that suicide wasn't the answer, and how devastating that would be for her family and friends. Though she didn't seem to be convinced, she seemed a bit more composed and she continued on down the street. Oddly enough, she went in the same direction as the entity. I am uncertain as to what happened to the girl, but metaphorically, and quite literally, she appeared to be chasing death.

This person encourages email feedback.
Email Q

From: Adrema
Sent: Friday, January 31, 2014 10:59:07 PM
Subject: My shadow person experience

On June 13, 2013, my son and I were just going to bed. He was facing me and I was faced toward him looking toward the wall. The room was dark but there was some light coming into the room from our kitchen. Within about two minutes getting snugged in, a huge shadow appeared over my son's face and rose behind me. When I turned to see what was behind me, the shadowy figure was gone.

Only my autistic son would have seen what was behind me. He did acknowledge that he saw a dark figure of a person behind me. It was all black and then the shadowy figure disappeared into the thin air as I turned around to look on the other side of the bed. It was just very strange, but I have come to accept it was a guardian and not evil.

It should be noted that at this time this was seen, my aunt who had passed away from lung cancer in 2009 would have been 71 years old that day. I was also going through an angry period in my life since my ex had just stolen money from me and was not even seeing our son. I mentioned this to a friend of mine after this occurred and she helped me see a different perspective from this apparition. It was just a few short months after this happened. I was able to take the ex to court and expose what he did. The friend told me this was someone dear to me once who was letting me know they were standing behind me through the turmoil in my life.

I believe, truly, this apparition brought me strength and courage to go the distance and expose the evil wrongdoing against me. Could it have been my aunt? Sure, something happened in my life once I encountered it. That I have no doubt about it, but it is hard for my son and I to sleep in the room now with the lights off because, frankly, it spooked both of us and still does. Whatever it was, it did bring us some peace.

From: anonymous
To: shadowpeopleorg@comcast.net
Sent: Sunday, February 9, 2014 10:57:30 PM
Subject: Shadow person incident.

My experience happened just about 2 years ago. I was working third shift at a warehouse in a well-lit room. I had to move a pallet of parts out to a staging area and opened a pair of 12 foot tall, 8-foot wide, double doors and propped them open. I went out and got a walk behind electric forklift, entered the room and picked up the pallet of parts. I moved the pallet out and returned the lift to its storage spot. I turned to my right and there, in the doorway, was a solid black silhouette of a human form about 6 feet tall. It had no discernible features, the arms stopped at the elbows and the legs stopped at the knees. It was about 10 feet from me in bright light and in the doorway about two feet out from the RH (right hand)doorframe. It took two steps toward me then just blinked out. I had not seen it in my peripheral vision and it's almost as though it materialized just as I turned to my right. It gave no indication that it had been aware of my presence, it was almost as though I scared it. I know it scared me!

I remained calm but spent the rest of my shift trying to convince myself I was imagining things; I was unsuccessful. I never told my counterpart on days about it but several weeks later, he made a half joking remark, asking me if I had seen the "spook" so I suspect I'm not the only one that has seen it.

The site is reported to be the most haunted place in this area. It was the site of a prison for Confederate soldiers during the Civil War and there is a Confederate cemetery nearby. A retired security guard told us they used to park next to the cemetery on moonlit nights and shut their lights off. He claimed they could see the shadowy outlines of Civil War era soldiers walking guard over the cemetery.

From: Matt
Email: squidy.my@gmail.com
Sent: Monday, February 10, 2014 1:50:32 PM
Subject: Developing shadow

I first started to see the shadow that follows me when I was about 5 or 6years of age. My parents let me stay in their bed one night after I woke from a nightmare. I could not get to sleep and then looking at the foot of my parent’s bed, I saw a shadow of a man, almost with a pale outline, there were no apparent features or clothes on the figure.

It began to pace up and down either side of the bed as if trying to get to me but couldn't because I was between my parents. Then I must have fallen asleep because I do not remember seeing it leave. This happened 3 times in the space of a year and even though I was young, the image and fear of it, is imprinted on my mind well enough.

The next problem came years later when I started working. I work as a gardener and as I was going about my normal routines, I began to see someone out of the corner of my eye. It was the same figure from my parent’s room, I am sure. This figure began to appear more frequently but I can never catch more than a glimpse of him. It is still happening now.

The most frightful of the experiences came about a year ago. I am a skeptic and had joined a group of friends who have their own paranormal research group. We were at an old castle and in one of the rooms, there was a wall comprised entirely of mirrors. The lights were out and there was no light yet staring directly at the mirrored wall I saw the figure in full view looking directly at me. This time, the figure had lost his pale outline and was just black. Then the figure began to expand into a black mass. It slowly filled my entire vision yet I did not cry out and I don't know why. I just felt compelled to watch. Fortunately, people began to speak again and the darkness faded away.

To this day, I have never told anyone about it, even the people that I was with that night. However, this being, whatever it is, appears to be getting stronger and I just don't know what to do.

England (uk)

From: Grace
To: shadowpeopleorg@comcast.net
Sent: Tuesday, February 11, 2014 12:58:38 PM
Subject: Shadow person

One night, I had fallen asleep on the couch. I woke in the early hours of the morning and saw a figure standing above me. I thought I was seeing things so I closed my eyes and turned away. I opened them and turned again and it was still there.

I was now frightened, I turned away hoping it would have disappeared but it was still there. It was just a figure; I couldn't make out any distinguishing marks or features.

I was petrified. I finally gained courage and put my hand through the figure to switch the light on. On doing so, the figure seemed to disappear into smaller and smaller cyclones of shadow, until it just disappeared. I was scared, I couldn't tell you if it was bad or good but it was there. I wish I knew.

To: shadowpeopleorg@comcast.net
Sent: Tuesday, February 11, 2014 11:46:10 PM
Subject: Shadow person experience

I wanted to share what I experienced last Friday.

I live with my boyfriend in a two bedroom apartment in Chicago. My boyfriend went to bed and I fell asleep on the couch. Our couch faces our bedroom door so if you're watching tv on the couch, you're facing the same direction of our bedroom.

It was 1:30a.m and I woke up to a loud clanking noise and a sharp pain on my left ankle. I noticed one of my dog's bones had been thrown at me from the direction of my bedroom. I looked up and saw a shadow of a head peeking around the door from my bedroom. I thought it was my boyfriend and I started to ask him why he was just standing there looking at me and why he threw a bone at me because it really hurt my ankle. When I picked up the bone from the couch where my feet were, I looked backed up at my bedroom and the person was gone. Still thinking this was my boyfriend, I got up and walked into my bedroom. To my surprise I found my boyfriend sleeping. I woke him up asking why he was throwing things at me. He had no idea what I was talking about. Nor had he gotten up to peek at me from the doorway.

At this point I freaked out and started crying because someone was staring at me and it wasn't my boyfriend. I wasn't scared at first because I thought it was boyfriend but after he convinced me he wasn't awake, I got really scared because this thing was trying to wake me up and ended up hurting me. My boyfriend checked my ankle and saw that it was red. The next day it started bruising up. There was no way that my ankle just got hurt on its own. I still am not too sure what exactly happened but I do see the proof on my ankle.

From: Deswy
To: shadowpeopleorg@comcast.net
Sent: Thursday, February 13, 2014 2:32:03 AM
Subject: Shadow Guardian from a past life?

I was born in Paterson, New Jersey in 1956. Growing up on North 8th Street just three doors down from the Commons Field was fairly happy for me as a child. I was born three months premature and for all intensive purposes, should not be alive right now...by all accounts told I was just 2 pounds in weight at the hour of my birth, and dropped several ounces. The doctors did not hold out any hope that I'd survive, but I did, much to their amazement.

I saw my first shadow person...ummm...people...when I was around five years old. I would actually hear them whispering first, and would only catch glimpses from the corner of my eye, but that was enough for me to run, screaming, into my parents' room. Most nights I would ask my mother to sleep in my bed because the ghosts would get me. Mom tired of this after a while and insisted to me, there were ‘no such things as ghosts’.

They would appear to me on a constant basis...sometimes just one (he was tall and thin...I say "he" because I could "hear" his voice speaking in another tongue that I was not familiar with (in my house we spoke both English and Armenian on a daily basis. My grandfather spoke many languages, but never mastered English), and on some occasions there would be as many as four, all together in a group. Their appearances became so commonplace that by the age of seven, I was convinced that, because no one would believe me, I would wait until my mom and dad went to sleep. Then, armed with a flashlight and a camera, I would sneak into the living room and hide behind the colonial tall-back chair, lying in wait for the "ghosts", surprise them and photograph them. I was never successful.

After a while, I ceased to be afraid of them, especially since they didn't seem to want to harm me. Years later, as a member of a Wiccan temple, I was told that they were guardians, one of which was someone I had known and loved in a past life. It does make me wonder. I had been told by some that shadow people are malevolent. I have to disagree to some point...I've had many experiences in other places with these types of entities and not all were pleasant ones.


From: Lisa
To: shadowpeopleorg@comcast.net
Sent: Sunday, February 16, 2014 4:48:07 PM
Subject: My daughter's experience

My daughter first started seeing a shadow figure when she was very young; four or five years old.

At first, I didn't really pay attention. I thought it was some sort of trauma from dealing with the sudden death of her daddy. She said she saw a figure as tall as the ceiling, wearing a tall hat with a brim and he was all black but she could make out the outline of buttons on the front of him. I tried to tell her that she was probably dreaming but she told me she sees him during the day, too.

One day when she was about 8 years old, she came home from school, put down her backpack and headed to the bathroom. All of a sudden, she came running back into the living room and said, "Mommy..that THING is back!". She said, that as she passed by my bedroom on the way to the bathroom, she looked into my room and saw a Silhouette Man standing next to my bed. She said she hadn't seen him in a while, but over the years, she had seen him more than a few times, sometimes standing at the foot of her bed at night just staring at her. She never told me...she said she would just put the covers over her head and try to go to sleep and pretend he wasn't there. She has been telling me for years that she feels like she is being followed by something.

I decided to search shadow people on the internet and was astounded at the stories I read because they were so similar to my daughter's. I have never seen one. My daughter is 14 now and says she still sees him once in a while but is so used to him that she ignores him. I am so freaked out by this, that I purposely don't ask her about it anymore for fear of conjuring him up.

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To: shadowpeopleorg@comcast.net
Sent: Tuesday, February 18, 2014 6:43:11 AM
Subject: Shadow figure

I was on the couch in my mom's living room. Watching videos on YouTube and keep in mind the only light on is from the TV. I was overwhelmed with fear, I felt a big chill from head to toe. I turn and see a shadow of a man walking towards me from the closet to the love seat and just vanished.

We have heard three knocks on our door, wall, and window. I've researched it and people say it is satanic; an insult to the holy trinity. I think it is the shadow man. I have not been harmed or touched but it scares me so bad I cannot talk or move. Please, if someone has any ideas to help please do.

From: Rômulo Salobreña  rsalobrena@gmail.com
To: shadowpeopleorg@comcast.net
Sent: Thursday, February 20, 2014 12:50:50 PM
Subject: Shadow people testify


My Name is Romulo, Brazilian and I´ve seen shadow people. It happened quickly and I didn't checked it after because I was too scared.

I will now tell you how was it.

I was in bed already and was not asleep yet when I noticed the black silhouette of my father walk in the room. He appeared as a black dense shape. He walked into the room until he reached the foot of my bed. I was thinking that he maybe was looking for something but he just assumed the position of a gargoyle, you know? Then I realized that this was not my father. When I asked it 'who it was', it turned and slowly disappeared until he was complete gone. I almost covered my head but instead, I just turned my face away and tried to fall asleep as fast as I could!

This was the situation ... very spooky!

This was like 2 or 3 years ago. My sister-in-law came to my home. I was not there at the time so she slept in my bed. She told me that, during the night, she saw a man behind the door and when he realized she was paying him too much attention, he tried to strangle her. She screamed and he disappeared in the manner I mentioned before. The important thing is, that she wouldn't know that I had seen a shadow in that room before.

From: Sue
To: shadowpeopleorg@comcast.net
Sent: Monday, February 24, 2014 7:19:55 PM
Subject: Shadow People

At 8:15 PM on December 6, 2012 in Charlotte, NC, my 18 year old daughter and I headed out to go shopping. I turned right out of my driveway and drove up the darkened street past the only street light. About 50 feet in front of me, I thought I saw a shadowy figure in the middle of the road. I slowed down to give it time to move out of the way, either to the left or the right. As I approached, I observed a black, tall, thin, wispy and quivering figure that resembled smoke. It did not hover but instead contacted the road, and it appeared to be as tall as a man. It vanished and I drove through nothing!

I said to my daughter, “Hmm. I slowed down because I thought I saw something in the middle of the road in front of us. I guess I didn’t.” To my shock and surprise, she replied, “I saw something, too.” I asked, “What did you see?” She then described an entity, about six feet tall and wispy like black smoke, that accelerated rapidly down the road and disappeared. That was our eerie “Twilight Zone” moment!!!

I felt disturbed that I saw such a strange, unexplained “ghost” in my own neighborhood, and I was even more bothered when my daughter described the exact same being!! It wasn’t just my imagination! She surmised that maybe it was the ghost of the man who had died alone in the house across the street from us, undiscovered for two weeks. Before my daughter’s similar description, I was willing to believe that I was just tired or that my 56 year old eyes don’t see so well in the dark anymore. I have never seen anything supernatural before. I discovered your website while researching “black, wispy, smoky ghosts.”

Yes, I give permission for publication.

From: anonymous
To: shadowpeopleorg@comcast.net
Sent: Thursday, February 27, 2014 1:11:59 PM
Subject: Obsessed shadow being

Before I begin I wish to remain anonymous. I've always been able to see spirits and some of my earliest memories are of strange figures standing in my room. I always see an old man walking round my house. I discovered he was called, Albert, and he had lived and died in the house prior to my parents buying it 24 years ago.

As well as seeing Albert there has always been a black figure lurking round the same places in my home and it’s been there for as long as I can recall. The figure is around 5’4” and slight of frame and I can’t explain why, but I get the feeling it's male.

Up until a few months ago, I was the only one in my home who had reported seeing what I now believe to be a shadow being. My mam is now also able to see the being who I've been seeing since my childhood (I'm now 18), only she tells me that whenever she sees the being, it's always standing next/near me. She also described the shadow being the same way I did and sees it in the same places as me. What’s worrying is that instead of keeping its distance like it used to, it's become attached to me or something.

It has started sitting on my bed when I try to sleep, or he follows me everywhere in the house. My mam has often said that when she checks on me when I’m in the living area, the shadow being is stood right behind me and she has also seen it on my bed when I'm asleep. I never used to be scared and there was a point in time where the presence comforted me but now I feel terrified when I'm home alone, I'm always on edge in my house and feel as though I'm constantly watched. The quick glances to look at the being have now become short bursts of fear that leave me feeling vulnerable and I've began to wonder what it is about me that appeals to him.

From: Amy
To: shadowpeopleorg@comcast.net
Sent: Sunday, March 16, 2014 8:49:38 AM
Subject: Shadow people

I've been seeing a shadow person since I was around 10 years old. It started when I moved into a new house with my parents and brother. However, the shadow person didn’t seem too interested in me until my brother moved out and I got his room.

The room is an odd shape and the door is in a corner with another doorway in front of it. My bed is along one of the walls and at night, when I put my phone on charge and settle down to sleep, I feel as though I’m being watched so I turn around and there’s a tall, black shadow. He doesn’t touch the floor and he just stays there all night. He also seems to wake me, just before the sun comes up as though he’s saying, “Bye,” to me.

When he first appeared, I was scared at first but he didn’t seem interested in harming me so eventually I just accepted his presence. He always disappears as the sun comes up or if I wake up to go to the bathroom etc. but as soon as I’m back in bed he’s watching me again.

I now have my own flat but the shadow person doesn’t seem to come here. My dad, his new girlfriend and her son also see things like someone running up the stairs or jumping from one landing to the other and watching us through the spindles on the banister. My dad thinks it’s his brother who died watching over us. He also says that the shadow person has taken over his dreams to warn him of something that’s going to happen.

I like to think it is my uncle watching us too; makes it a bit less creepy, and the person also only seemed to allow me to see it after we had a psychic over. The woman was talking to my dad about my uncle, and my uncle said ‘hi’ and he will always watch over me. Before this I had felt as though I was being watched but never seen anything. I find the figure comforting and isn’t exactly scary. He has never moved from that corner that I know of, and seems to be protecting me and wakes me up when I’m going to have a nightmare.

From: Amanda
To: shadowpeopleorg@comcast.net
Sent: Thursday, March 20, 2014 4:56:22 PM

I was awakened about 5am and I sat up. I rock back and forth like a child sometimes; it makes me sleepy. I started to nod off and kinda lean to the side. I felt someone or something hold me up to prevent me from falling over. My husband usually catches me...so I looked down at him but he was asleep with his back towards me. I looked up and saw a shadow of what looked like a man...broad shoulders and built big. He was leaning over my bed with both hands on the mattress. I couldn't make out a face...just darkness. I took in a deep breath and closed my eyes. When I opened them, he was gone. I can't say I was afraid as much as I was in shock. I can’t explain it any other way.

I lost my dad 2 years ago to COPD. I like to think that it was him visiting me, but I’m not too sure. This happened just this morning so, I don’t know if it will return.


From: Laura
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Sent: Friday, March 21, 2014 1:47:08 AM
Subject: Encounter

As I was leaving for work around 6ish in the morning, it was still dark. There are no streetlights on my street, and it was overcast, so there was very little light, other than dim porch lights from neighboring houses. I backed out of my driveway, looking over my shoulder to make sure nothing was there. I stopped and turned back around as I was about to put my car into drive, and I was startled by a large, very dark black figure, like a silhouette, at my right front bumper. The shape looked like a tall man, with broad shoulders, wearing a hood. I did not see any appendages, but It was visible enough to startle me, as I thought I had hit someone. It disappeared into the air as quickly as I saw it; within a split second. As I was driving away, I got the chills - and had them for a couple of miles as I drove away. I called my husband and told him about it as I was driving down the street. There was no sign of anything unusual inside our house. I don't know where it came from, or where it was going when it appeared in front of my car.

This happened yesterday. The night before, my husband thought he saw a shadow moving in another room, away from us. He saw it out of the corner of his eye, but can't provide any information, other than it was very dark, and obscured the view of anything behind it as it moved.

There have been questionable activities that have occurred in our house, but this is the first time there we have seen anything like this.

I hope someone who sees this can provide some information. My husband is less creeped out about this than I am, but I had a much closer encounter than did he.


From: Barbie
To: shadowpeopleorg@comcast.net
Sent: Friday, March 21, 2014 3:30:35 PM
Subject: seeing shadow people as a child

When I was about 4 or 5 years old,( im in my 40`s now) I lived in Youngstown, Ohio with my Grandparents. Every night when I would go to bed, I would see shadow people. That's what I called them then because that is the only way to explain them. They were darker than the darkness in my room. All you could make of them was silhouettes of their bodies they had no eyes, mouth or any human features, except for the outline of a human body. I had a closet by the foot of my bed and that is where they always stood.

At first, there was what I call a mother, a father, a little girl and boy. I never felt afraid of them, they never moved or tried to talk to me; all they did was stand still by the door. I would just watch them waiting for something to happen, but the only thing that happened was that I would fall asleep staring at them. After awhile, the little boy left and there was only the 3 others there.

I would tell my Grandma about them but she could never see them, and now that I’m older, I respect the fact that she didn't tell me ‘I’m crazy’, they weren't real, or it’s all in my head. She would just tell me that they were watching over me, and I was at peace with that. After a while, not sure if it was months or years, they quit coming.

As I got older and to this day, I would see real sprits that scared the heck out of me. One was a lady I would see in our basement. I would get so upset, crying and panicking. This I also describe to my Grandma and she told me it could be the person who used to live there before.

I've really not looked into shadow people before today and found this site. I am amazed at how many people also know of them. I don't know why they are here, but unlike other people’s experience, I can honestly say I never felt anything but curiosity about them and I imagine they feel the same about us. One last thing I would like to say is, if your child sees these types of things, don't try and sweep it away like they are crazy.

If they are afraid, pray with them, try & understand them, just because you may not see them, doesn't mean they don't. Yes, you have my permission to use my reality, it’s not a story; it’s true. :D

From: Sonja
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Sent: Saturday, March 22, 2014 12:36:43 PM
Subject: My Shadow People Experience

I didn't start seeing shadow people until after my mother died in 2010. About a week after she died, I was standing in my kitchen talking to my husband and I felt this push on my lower back. I fell forward. My husband even asked me, "What was that?" I explained to him what I just felt. About a week later, I felt the same thing again at work. Then it began!

I was living in Fort Worth, Texas at the time. I have a dog who likes to wake me up at night to go outside. I started seeing the shadow people at my back fence line. For some reason they would never come into my yard.

At times, my dog would be too scared to leave the steps. He wouldn't go to the bathroom in the middle of the night anymore. I would see several shadow people and they would be different heights. I know my mind was not playing tricks on me because I had lived in that house for 5 years prior. It got so bad, I didn't want to go outside anymore and neither did my dog. This went on for months.

I told my husband what was going on (I feared he would think I was going crazy) and he believed me. So that night, he stood at our stairs outside (he never saw them) and yelled at our fence line, "You need to leave, you are not welcome here." and they left. I never saw them again. My dog was fine to go outside after that. I am not sure if a confrontation with an “Alpha Male”, so to speak, was necessary to tell the shadows to leave but it worked and for that, I am thankful.

From: Dianne
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Sent: Sunday, March 23, 2014 1:43:18 PM
Subject: Shadow Person

It was the middle of the day. I was leaning on the back of a rocking chair where my grandmother always sat in her living room. I had been there several minutes watching TV with her. No one else was in the house. I suddenly felt as if someone was watching me. I turned to look to the hallway. There in the doorway of the bathroom was a blacker than black thing. It was a head and torso sticking out like it was looking around the wall at me. I thought I was seeing things so I turned back around for a couple of seconds and then looked back. It was still there as I had first seen it. I had no fear of it. I actually felt nothing. It had no eyes or anything. It looked solid but I knew it was looking at me. My feeling was that it was male. As we stared at each other for about five seconds, it slowly moved back until I couldn't see it any longer. I walked over to where it had been and of course it wasn't there.

This was the one and only time I have seen a shadow person. It is something I will never forget as long as I live. However my brother and his family have seen several shadow people at every home they've lived but that is their story to tell. They on the other hand have felt frightened by their shadow people sightings.

From: Geo
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Sent: Saturday, March 29, 2014 12:46:47 AM
Subject: Shadow people at work

Almost two times a week while I am at work, I’ll see a tall, solid, black male figure sometimes out of the corner of my eye, other times in the reflection in the window or mirrors. He stands there, hands in fist and staring right at me like I did something wrong to piss it off. But nothing bad has really happen to me personally. And I pray every day to the lord all mighty. I try to follow the rules and stay out of trouble.

Like tonight at work, I just got done grabbing food from the freezers to make up the meals and I looked up in the window in the kitchen. Standing behind me was the black shadow man, hands in fists, staring me down. He has no face but I can just tell from his body stance that he is angry about something. Sometimes, I feel scared or surprised but lately I am use to seeing him so he is not as scary to see now. It is just weird

From: anonymous
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Sent: Tuesday, April 1, 2014 4:38:16 PM
Subject: Shadow people

Since I've moved in to this new house, I've started having encounters with these shadowy figures. Late one night, I was exhausted and tired ready for bed, tossing and turning to find the right position. I turned to look out the window and there was a full moon. Near my window, I have a closet and between the closet and the window, I saw a very tall man figure standing there or floating. I could not see a face nor feet or hands. I felt panic. I called out to it in hopes it was one of my siblings. It just came towards me and before it reached my bed, it just disappeared out of thin air. I thought I was going crazy. I let it go; figuring I had fallen asleep and had a bad dream.

A couple nights later, I felt a presence in my room. I had been awaken by something and I turned away to avoid seeing anything. My bed is a double so it’s pretty big for just one person. As I turned, Isaw this black figure beside me. Instantly, I freaked out. I pulled myself back, being that I was almost face to face with the figure. I tried to think, fixing my eyes to it. I thought my younger sister might have a night terror and decide to sleep with me. I called out to it, "Gaby, is that you?" I felt like I startled it because it just sat up and disappeared. I just lost it. I could not sleep alone.

When I try to remember what it looks like, I just remember it giving me chills down the spine and the black shadow with no face, hands and feet. The most terrifying encounter I had was maybe a couple weeks later.

It was a week after I stopped asking my sisters to sleep with me. I was sleeping, peacefully then got a very bad feeling. I opened my eyes and saw the same man from the night of the full moon and he was standing at the end of my bed. I was startled and tried so hard to move and sit up. I swore aloud. It seemed evil; it just gave me a bad vibe and I trembled as it just stood there. Suddenly, it started to crawl on my bed. I felt an awkward pressure on my body. I tried so hard to move but I just felt paralyzed because it crawled over on top of me so fast. I really pushed myself up and succeeded to pin my back against the wall. Then it just floated towards the ceiling and disappeared.

From: Heather
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Sent: Thursday, April 3, 2014 12:45:57 AM
Subject: Shadow People Experience

In October of 2013 I was admitted to the ICU because I had bilateral pulmonary embolisms and a hemothorax in my right lung. I want to point out that I am a nurse and very comfortable in the hospital setting. I also have to say I had been given a lot of pain medication.

When I saw the shadow people I was the clearest I had been of the entire 4 days that was spent in the ICU. There were many moments during this 4 days that I thought I would die, and I'm lucky I didn't. I do not know what night they came to me but I woke in the early morning hours to 6 shadow people surrounding my bed. There were 2 on each side of me and 2 at the foot of my bed. At first I was confused by their presence. They stood perfectly still with their arms at their sides. I was not scared and I did not feel threatened. I would close my eyes to sleep and wake to them still standing there. I cannot tell you how long they were there. I remember looking for a clock to kinda document things in my mind. There was no clock in my room so I was unable to do this. I only saw them the one night and I do believe it was my most critical night. I was moved out of the ICU onto a medical floor for two weeks and never saw them again.

I have tried to tell people of my experience but they try to make me believe that I was dreaming, or that something evil was lurking over me. I do not believe either to be true. I can still see them clearly in my mind now. They were darker than my room which was pretty dark. None of them had hats. The only way I can describe them is as a perfect sillouette of an average size man. Again, they stood perfectly still but I could feel them watching me, with their hands at their sides.

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Sent: Friday, April 4, 2014 1:02:29 AM
Subject: Hooded shadow- New Jersey

I am 45yrs old and never experienced anything like this before.

A few nights ago, I was slowly waking up. In my doorway, I saw a 4-foot, tall, hooded figure with almond shaped eyes; the color of red and yellow that glowed. The entity gave me a knowing look. When I turned away to fully wake up and sit up in bed, my eyes fluttered and rolled back; I felt weird vibrations in my head and ears. I sat up looked and it was gone. I was not afraid, just annoyed it woke me up. I just don't know what to think. I have been looking for answers and thought to share my story.

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From: Christopher
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Sent: Monday, April 7, 2014 4:30:35 PM
Subject: Re: I may know the identity of shadow people and share my story below

Editor’s Note: the following responses were structured from the Writing Guidelines on How to Submit a Story at: http://home.comcast.net/~shadowpeopleorg/submitstory.html

You may publish my story.

· Arrival of the shadow being – I woke up and at the foot of my bed there was a figure, completely in black and had a hood. I asked it if it was my Dad and I got a message in my head without a voice that said "No.". I asked it who it was and it identified itself as Satan.

· Physical attributes: It was a man of sufficient stature, about my height, 5'11". No other attributes other than it seemed to be a male and was a 3 dimensional shadow.

· Demeanor of the shadow – The demeanor, he just stood there and waited for my inquiry of who he was.

· Departure of the shadow - After I prayed to Jesus to make him leave, when I opened my eyes he was gone.

· Your reaction – I was terrified, but the second time he decided to show up I was annoyed and asked Jesus to make him leave.

As a side note, about 6 months before this happened I had a dream where God told me I would have to "face" Satan. I asked God if he would be there with me and he gave no reply.

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From: Jacob To: shadowpeopleorg@comcast.net
Sent: Tuesday, April 8, 2014 11:37:43 AM
Subject: Shadow people.pdf

This happened to me last night and it was my first shadow people experience.

It was about 4 am because I could hear the cars passing by and it was still dark. I woke up suddenly for no reason and I could hear my clock, my mom and my sister in the other bedroom. I sat there listening to the night, facing the wall and it was so silent, I could hear my mom and sister breathing in the other room. I sleep alone in my own room so there couldn't have been anyone else in the room.

I was listening and I heard someone whispering. It wasn't in my ear but it certainly was in my room. I froze. I was too scared to even open my eyes. I wanted to turnaround because my arm was starting to go numb from laying on it but I was afraid it might jump out at me. I lay there listening to the whispers for about half an hour and prayed in my head and told it to go away, whatever it was, in the name of Jesus.

I finally got enough courage and turned onto my back with my eyes closed and put the covers over my head. I was sweating and I was afraid. My mom had the same experience only she said she wasn't afraid and saw a silhouette of a man with a hat staring at her. Well, I pulled the covers down and looked at the door. Nothing was there. But in the corner of my eye I saw someone standing there, watching me, and I froze in terror. I kept praying until I fell asleep.

I wanted to share this experience to everyone because I know I'm not the only one experiencing this. I'm only 12 and I hope this doesn't keep happening because it scared the hell out of me. Please reply because I'm looking for answers.

From: Geoff
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Sent: Saturday, April 26, 2014 9:27:58 PM
Subject: Our visitor.

In 2004, my wife and I built a new home in the Victorian country side of Australia .This was to be our final home; a farm / B&B to retire to.

We first started to experience our visitor within the first year. We had run into financial difficulties and we faced losing the farm. From that period of time up to now, we have experienced the wispy shadow out of the corner of our eyes. It flits quickly passed ones line of vision as described so often by other people. This visitor, as we call him, always appears in times of adversity. On many occasions when we were fighting to save the farm he would appear. We felt he was protecting us.

Many guests commented that our farm house had a sense of calmness about it .These comments were total innocent by our guests. We finally lost the farm to the banks in 2013. We have been renting in another property for the past 18 months. A month ago, my wife had been diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease with a fatal outcome. Our visitor has sinced returned after 18 months .I caught a glimpse of him just the other night as I was watching T.V. on my own.


From: Ed
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Sent: Monday, May 5, 2014 10:09:39 AM
Subject: My experiences with Shadow People

I used to be a Deputy Sheriff in eastern Nebraska, and about 1 am, I was sitting on a dark highway "running traffic". I was sitting on the side of the road, across the road from a small cemetery, waiting for cars to come.

I could see for miles in all directions and didn't see anything coming and was a little bored, so I spot-lighted the cemetery. There are MAYBE thirty headstones in this cemetery, but from behind one in about the middle of the cemetery, a very black human figure appears, takes two steps to another headstone and simply disappears. I couldn't see any features, it was just a black mass in the shape of a human, but I could see the legs move as it walked. I suddenly had an over powering fear hit me, and I had to leave the area.

That incident occurred about ten years ago, but I still get visible goose bumps whenever I relive that memory to tell someone. I also lived in an old house about that same time and was almost constantly seeing shadowy movement out of the corner of my eye but were nothing more than brief glimpses.


From: Abigail
To: shadowpeopleorg@comcast.net
Sent: Friday, May 9, 2014 10:40:45 AM
Subject: Shadow Stalker

I've been followed by this shadow for as long as I can remember. I've only just discovered that Shadow Figures are real and not just my imagination; other people experience them, too.

My Shadow is very tall, has eyes the colour of blood, and long, pointed figures. I'd see him everywhere and not just in my bedroom at night. I always felt like he was watching. But at night, he'd talk to me. Tell me horrible things, like all of my family and friends were going to burn in Hell, and that I should stab my siblings, or even harm myself. (I've been struggling with self-harm for over four years)

Five years ago, when I was ten, we moved to a different state. After a year of living in a new house and not seeing him, I felt at ease... I eventually forgot about him. But today, he came back. I was sitting in the living room in broad daylight, and I heard a knock on the window beside me. He was there.

I am desperately searching for ways to get rid of him. When I see him, I can't move, I can't scream, I can't even think. My mind gets filled with a static-like noise.

I'm a devout Catholic and I know all the prayers, but when I see him, I can't pray them. I can't tell him to go away, because when I see him I can't talk. I feel scared and alone, and there's probably no way out of this, but maybe my story can help someone...

From: Chris
To: shadowpeopleorg@comcast.net
Sent: Sunday, May 11, 2014 3:22:00 PM
Subject: recent experience

I am a 50-year-old woman that has had many different experiences over my lifetime. Recently, I had an experience that I just try to block out of my head. While I have no problem with other memories of amazing things, this experience left me very uneasy.

I was wide-awake, playing a computer game and I just got a bad feeling. I stood up to close the sliding glass door next to me. As I turned back around, I saw a tall shadow running across the back wall. It was very weird because there were no real distinguishable features; it was just a tall figure and I just knew it was a male.

Now, I stood there a second trying to process it because I knew it wasn’t a ghost but I knew it didn’t feel right, and I knew I never wanted to experience it again. I have tried not to give it a lot of thought because it felt like a negative experience but I'll never be able to get that image out of my head! Basically, I came to the conclusion it was someone trapped between planes, but who really knows?

Thanks for listening. I’ve shared very few of my stories to anyone except one good friend, but this story kind of freaked me out a bit and felt great to put to words.


From: Jacob
To: shadowpeopleorg@comcast.net
Sent: Monday, May 12, 2014 5:00:24 PM
Subject: first time seeing a shadow figure

The first time I saw a shadow person, was when I was at my brother’s apartment. It was about 2 o’clock in the morning and I had been trying to astral project for about 2 months now so I told my brother and his girlfriend that I was going to meditate. They went in to the other room and I turned all the lights out.

I was sitting on the couch going through YouTube on the phone to pick a meditation track and, as I was sitting there, I saw out of the corner of my eye, this dark human- like figure

about 6 feet tall. It had a white glowing outline around it and was standing about 3 feet away from me and not doing anything. It was just looking at me so I turned my head as fast as I could and then it was gone.

I wasn't scared of it; I don't know if I wasn't scared of it because my best friend is schizophrenic and she has told me countless stories of the shadow people but that night, I astral projected and saw some of the craziest images flash in to my head. I just thought that it was weird that the first time I astral projected, I saw a shadow figure before I actually did so and it was staring at me.

From: Tiger Kitten
To: shadowpeopleorg@comcast.net
Sent: Tuesday, May 20, 2014 2:16:58 AM
Subject: Shadow people

I have seen different forms of shadow people from the barely, "Did I really see that?" to the “Oh crap, it’s in front of me!” sightings. I have seen more of them in times where I was deeply depressed or stressed. I have two kids: one five years old and the other 11. They have both seen them as well.

They have been something I have witnessed my entire life. Sometimes the energy they give off is scary, other times it is not exactly peaceful but it isn’t setting me on edge either.

I will tell you what I have learned about them from the years I have encountered them. Yes, they like to be near those who can see or feel them. When the energy you feel is enough to make you feel on edge (as in feels like it want to harm you) start making sure everything and everyone is ok and safe. If they take a interest in one person more so than others, it is time to start asking questions to the shadow and ask why they want that person. Sometimes it is as simple as wanting to be seen. Usually if you call it out on that, they seem to back off for a while. Some people will tell you they are bad news but in my opinion they are just like us living people; some are bad some are good. Best of luck with your shadow.

From: Alyssa
To: shadowpeopleorg@comcast.net
Sent: Monday, May 26, 2014 11:25:26 AM

I live in Rochester, Michigan, and when I was really little, like 4 or 5, there was a figure that would lay in the corner of my room on the ceiling every night. It was just a head and shoulders with a disappearing body, but it always lay horizontal in the same place. At first I remember not even thinking about it, but when I got older I realized it could not be a shadow of me, because it did not move with me, so I started rearranging my room every night to see what was casting this shadow. Nothing made it change, so I eventually shut the blinds one night, to remove all light sources, but the shadow was still there; I could see it in the complete dark. This is when I stopped moving objects around because I was quite afraid, and it just disappeared one day. I had not changed anything about my room the day it left, and I remember ambivalence toward its disappearance. I could not see it in the day, and it stayed there for at least a couple years before disappearing, I was about 8 I think. I really thought it was being casted by an object in my room for years, but the edges were round and I don’t know what was in my room those years.

From: Niamh
To: shadowpeopleorg@comcast.net
Sent: Friday, May 30, 2014 5:20:17 PM
Subject: Shadow People

Hi. This is my story:

The first time I saw it was at the Dormouse Pub in York, England. I was leaving with my family, when I looked over to my mum and there was this bald sexless figure with glowing red eyes.

Then at night, at home, I woke up because of a bad dream. I can't remember what the dream was about but when I look to my right, the figure was there. It stared at me for a minute or two. It looked like it was staring into my soul, eating the fear inside me. It walked along my wall, behind me, and out of the room. Being the curious person I am, I followed it. It went up to my brother’s room on the next floor. When it saw I was following it, it once again stared, then just vanished in thin air. I never saw it again.

I have a different story, not about shadow people.

I lived on the outskirts of York, and whenever I went to bed and went to brush my teeth, this man came out of mine and my sister's room and walked down the hallway, into my mum and dads room. He looked like a farmer and the devil. But our house used to be a barn, so this creeps me out.

He came every night about half nine to ten, and just walked down. I was always too scared to follow as I was only five. I think he just disappeared once he reached the end.

- Niamh, 5, 2010.

From: Fiona
To: shadowpeopleorg@comcast.net
Sent: Saturday, June 7, 2014 7:16:39 PM
Subject: Ghost person


I had an encounter last July that was very strange and unique.

It had been a very hot day and when I went to bed at 11 o'clock, I had a bit of trouble sleeping as it was very humid, but I eventually drifted off. At about 2.00 am, I woke up suddenly and immediately looked over to the side of my bed. There, I saw a definite figure, a wide shape, dark, with a vague widened body and head shape. It seemed to just be standing at the side of my bed, which is near my door. A split second after seeing it, my body seemed to act independently of my mind - an automatic reaction. My upper body turned towards the shape and my hands came together like you would see in a prayer but in this instance, pointing the hands towards the shadow. My arms stretched towards the shadow and my hands touched it, although I didn't feel anything.

This all happened in the space of two or three seconds. The shadow person promptly disappeared, and I was then fully awake and wondering what had happened. I wasn't scared though, as other strange things have happened in the past around me such as spontaneous physical mediumship.

I attend a circle at a spiritualist centre and a couple of days after this happened I asked my mediumship teacher what he thought of it; it was then that he mentioned shadow people. I had never heard of them until then.

I am usually very grounded and I know that a lot of problems that can be experienced when dealing with 'paranormal' events is that fear kicks in. Horror films etc., can play up to that. I really don't know what shadow 'people' are, but if my experience is anything to go by then facing them is the best option.


From: Josh
To: shadowpeopleorg@comcast.net
Sent: Wednesday, June 25, 2014 12:47:20 PM
Subject: Small Shadow Person Sighting

It was the fall of 2001. I was living in Champaign, IL at the time, on South 5th street. It was about 10pm one evening, and I went outside the apartment to smoke a cigarette. I was sitting on the steps, and noticed a small, black figure running incredibly fast towards me. It must have noticed me also, because it jumped into a pile of leaves no more than 5 feet from me. At that point, I thought it was a squirrel or possibly a cat. I sat watching the pile of leaves very intently, and soon saw 2 small, black hands begin to move the leaves, followed by 2 dark eyes peering out at me. At that point, every hair on my body was standing on end. I wasn't afraid, but I had no idea what I was looking at. It was definitely not a squirrel or a cat or any other animal known to me. All I could see was 2 little hands and a pair of eyes. I said something like, "Hey there little guy, what are you?" and it darted out of the pile of leaves, and ran away from me. At that point, I got a pretty good look at it. It was about 12 inches tall, and running upright on 2 legs. It appeared to be dressed in black, much like what I would expect a Ninja to look like, and the speed at which it moved was astounding. I had no clue as to what it could have been, and decided to keep it to myself. A 12 inch tall Ninja running around the neighborhood seemed a little crazy.

Several weeks later, I was driving late at night, and searching through stations on the radio. I heard something about "Shadow People", and began to listen. It was the Coast-to-Coast AM radio show with Art Bell, and he had a guest talking about an experience with a shadow person. What he described is exactly what I saw. I believe his guest even used the term "Ninja" to describe it.

Before I saw it, I was a complete skeptic whenever I heard people talk about seeing ghosts or UFO's or anything like that. Since it's happened, I've learned to keep an open mind, and I'm convinced that we do not entirely know what is lurking out there.

From: anonymous
To: shadowpeopleorg@comcast.net
Sent: Monday, June 30, 2014 8:51:45 PM
Subject: Green eyes?

This happened when I was 14, so about 1988. We were living in Georgia, in an area (Troup Co. Corridor) known for UFO activity and hauntings. Weird things happened in the house, but nothing that couldn't be explained by normal occurrences.

It was about 2-3 am, and I woke up during the night for no reason I could tell, but when I turned to look at my clock, there was a solid black shape blocking it. Male, quite tall but otherwise normal shape I guess, wearing a coat and a hat. I didn't feel any kind of fear or danger. If anything, I felt like the presence was a watchful one? Not protective, just curious.

Thing is, his eyes were green. Bright, reflective like a cat's eyes, I mean grass green GREEN. It's weird how non-phased I was at the time. I remember turning to look out the window and thinking to myself, "Shouldn't they be red and glowy? Like the boogeyman or something?"

When I looked at him again, they were, in fact, red and glowy, but it still wasn't scary, it was more like he was being funny? Or didn't understand the thought was meant as a joke.

Then I realized he'd responded to what I'd been thinking and I sat up in bed to see if I could communicate with him and he just stepped through the wall and was gone.

I don't remember being afraid during any part of this encounter, I haven't had any other experiences like it since, but my stepmother also saw the "hat man" walk through the living room one night, a few weeks after that. She also wasn't frightened of it.