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From: Keirsten
To: shadowpeopleorg@comcast.net
Sent: Friday, July 1, 2011 4:47:26 AM
Subject: Shadow people/ghost

I have 3 sections exactly.

One was when I was little; I finished watching a movie with my mother, she had already fallen asleep. I made my way into my room and saw what looked to be a dog. I immediately started bawling and ran out. I learned that the previous owners had a dog that tangled itself up in the hanging lines for laundry. They buried it in the back yard. Apparently, my grandfather built me a tree house that went straight through the bones.

Second: This has happened on two separate accounts. I was sitting at the computer and felt a "chill" and assumed it was the vent. I carried on when my hair was brushed from side to side. The next time was more recent (ie. last week). I was walking in my neighborhood park, talking to a friend about the paranormal. As we continued our walk, I got a strange tug on my hair. (Not the best of stories, but it has happened more than once).

Now on to the Shadow People... I have had these experiences more than ever now. I have never seen one, but from reports, I believe I have encountered them. I, again, was walking in the park with my boyfriend and the friend in the earlier story. They had recently installed lighting to the park. There was a flash of darkness on the one behind us and I started crying uncontrollably. From the accounts of other people and the synopsis of a Shadow person, you feel an overwhelming desire to flee, as well as despair. This has happened multiple times where I will start crying out of nowhere after feeling something around me. Another time I was asleep on my couch and woke up. In front of me was this (as the descriptions go) blacker than anything, and a male figure. I could not move, I could not scream. It came upon me and just watched me, then just disappeared. This might have been a dream, but if it was, it was of a shadow person before I knew of them.

I hope these stories will find there way onto your site and help others.

Saint Petersburg, FL

From: "Henry McIntyre" mezz07@yahoo.com
To: shadowpeopleorg@comcast.net
Sent: Saturday, July 2, 2011 8:43:58 AM
Subject: My encounter with a Shadow Man

When I was six years old I had a startling and very real run in with a Shadow Man. On this particular afternoon in 1986 I was home with my mom and was going about my business playing with my Hotwheels. My mom was in the front room watching Oprah as I walked about the house running my toy cars along the walls. I was concentrating on my task and wasn't very aware of my surroundings. I eventually made my way into our laundry room where I dropped to my knees and continued to play with my cars.

After a few minutes I happened to look up. What I saw filled me with such terror that to this day I have trepidations about being alone. In the window was a large male silhouette observing me. It terrifies me to no end that this evil thing was watching me for as long as several minutes without my knowledge. It was an utterly black figure with wide shoulders, a large brimmed hat, and what I interpret to be a trench coat. Other than the shape of its silhouette it was completely devoid of any features. This is astonishing considering this entity was outside in broad daylight at 2 p.m. It was blacker than black, as if it absorbed all light. It stood directly in front of the small window and never moved or responded to me in any way; although I had the distinct feeling it was watching me. I have always maintained that this being was evil and wished me harm but could not execute its intentions on me physically. Its presence felt overbearing and malevolent. On witnessing this heinous presence I remember feeling a burst of adrenaline and a sensation of absolute shock and extreme fear. Similar to the shock one may feel seeing a loved one suddenly run over by a car. I darted out of the room and straight to my mom. I felt physically sick after this encounter. After reading other stories about this subject I think it's noteworthy that I looked directly at this thing in broad daylight and it did not even move.


Feel free to post my story on the Official Shadow People Archive

From: Lonnissa
To: shadowpeopleorg@comcast.net
Sent: Tuesday, July 5, 2011 11:31:00 AM
Subject: Hide & Seek Shadow

I'm only 15 but this shadow has been around since I was about 10 or 11. I see it whenever I go to my grandparents' house and it never seems to leave the living room, a room between the den and the back hall of the house.

The layout of my grandparents' house is weird. When you walk in the front door, you're in the den. From the den you can go straight ahead into the dining room and around into the kitchen, which leads to the living room OR you can turn right and go straight into the living room. When I first saw the shadow, I was sitting in my grandfather's chair by the doorway leading into the living room watching TV and there was something in the corner of my vision standing by the doorway. I thought it was my older sister, she was 16 at the time but when I looked up, it moved across the living room behind the couch against the wall. I ignored it and kept watching TV but I saw it again. I didn't turn my head but I looked out the corner of my eye and I saw a shape that looked like a little boy, maybe the height of an 8 year old and it was SITTING on the bench by the puzzle table. Its feet were dangling, kinda swinging and I stood up and walked around into the kitchen. I looked at the seat and the shadow was now standing. My grandfather came into the living room from the back hall and the shadow ducked under the puzzle table and blended in with the shadows there.

My grandpa looked at me and asked why I was just standing in the kitchen in the dark. I shrugged and walked over to the puzzle table. I thought I was crazy but over the years I've had even more experiences with this shadow, along with others, in my grandparents' house. My mom sees them, my sister sees them; the only ones who don't seem to notice them are my grandparents.

From: Leo
To: shadowpeopleorg@comcast.net
Sent: Sunday, July 17, 2011 9:50:34 AM

My name Leo from Fresno, CA. I was staying in a garage at the time and worked constantly. When I wasn't working, I had trouble sleeping and would lay there in the dark. I'd leave the door open to cool the place down.

One night I notice a black figure hanging upside down from my door frame. As I got up, it jumped to the roof.

This figure visited me on more then one occasion. It was a female with dreadlocks. Each time she came, she got closer and squatted in the doorway, watching me. She moved very stealthy like a ninja. I thought it was my imagination cause I spent so much time alone but the same figure didn't seem like she wanted to hurt me. It was like she was fascinated that I could see her.

She spent hours at a time (with me) and I was almost comfortable with it. Whenever I move towards her, she would rush out. What really freaked me out was the stack of papers she knocked over when she ran out! I moved to LA and haven't seen her since but I know it was real. Just want to find out what it was and why me? Was I supposed to talk to her? Cause I never said a word to her; it was like we were studying each other.

From: James and Sheena
To: shadowpeopleorg@comcast.net
Sent: Wednesday, July 20, 2011 6:14:46 AM
Subject: I know what I saw, I know what I heard.

Before I start I just have to say that: no, it was not a household pet that I saw.

Before this incident there were what I believe to be other paranormal incidents at this house. Small incidents involving an Ouija board and what may have happened because of the use of that dreaded item; not involving shadows, but incidents none the less.

It was a late afternoon in autumn, years have passed but I believe I was around 17 perhaps. My friends and I were hanging out after school on the side of my house. I remember I was hungry so I decided to get an apple from my refrigerator. I began running towards my open front door from a straight concrete pathway. Now I must stop and explain the layout of the house where I believe to have sighted this shadow being. Once you enter through the front door there is a hall way that begins, and the t's left and right. To the right are bedrooms on either side and a bathroom at the very end. To the left of the t the hall way continues about 12 ft. At the end of that hall way to the right is the kitchen and straight ahead is the living room which loops around and connects to the beginning hallway where I entered the front door.

(continuing) Heading toward my house from the straight away concrete path in the front yard, jogging I leap over the threshold of the open front door and that is when I see it, moving quick and smooth, almost like its movements are floating on a thin cushion of air. If I could explain the form and movement of it, it would look like a shadow of a small male the size of a 3yr old boy but not quite human, more primordial. It was moving along as a monkey or gorilla might move, no tail, no distinct features, just a shadow. So fast it moved but my eyes caught it. Now this is not all, not just sight, I also experienced sound!

My sister and I used to play tag as children and we would run down the hall from the bedrooms toward the living room where in it stood a long dining room table and our mothers china cabinet against the wall. I remember running and diving under that table hearing the china in the cabinet jingle as I made contact with the carpeted ground.

(continuing) I caught that glimpse of the shadow being doing a half run-half crawl deal and my line of sight was cut off by where the hallway t's and the shadow being passed that wall. But a second later I heard it, a thud and then the sound of china jingling. Then what I doubtfully thought may be my eyes playing tricks on me was shattered completely by that sound, the visual of this shadow being along with a audio confirmation made it clear, I do not know exactly what I saw and heard that late Autumn afternoon in my hallway, but I do know it was what I exactly described. That is my experience with a shadow being.

From: "Brenna Botsford" brennabotsford@gmail.com
To: shadowpeopleorg@comcast.net
Sent: Friday, July 29, 2011 2:38:45 PM
Subject: Story and/or help.... weird thing....

Hello, I am sharing my experience because it is so strange. I have lived in the same house for over five years now. About three days ago, on Wednesday July 27, I woke up in bed and observed what I thought was my boyfriend moving from the doorway into our bedroom. I called out to Tom, who grunted next to me-so the shadowy thing I saw in the doorway was not my boyfriend! While our room is dark, I definitely made out a male figure, from the waist up, with arms but no head. I get up early so I thought I was just groggy. I wasn't scared, just startled. The figure exited by floating or moving towards the doorway, towards the bed and then disappeared into the wall area. The next morning I saw the figure again, same description and it exited by moving or floating from the side of our bed to the doorway through the hall into what is considered my bedroom. I am still not scared. I felt that it was someone or something watching over me. This morning, Friday July 29, I saw the figure again. But this time the shadow figure was a whole male body-head, torso, arms and legs. It departed my room and went or should I say looked like it was running out of the room into the hall. I got up and called after it "Who are you." it disappeared.

I am very level headed. I do not feel threatened or scared. I feel like it is just curious or watching. I am 35 and have never experienced anything of this nature at all. I am little concerned that someone in my family or myself may drop dead and this is a warning? The only other odd thing is that recently (six months ago) we adopted a dog who while friendly, hadn't quite got used to us. In the last three days, the dog has been determined to sleep on the bed, practically on top of my head and is insistent at being at my side anytime I am in the house. My other dog is indifferent. Any thoughts?

You are free to use this. I know it is short, but I am at a loss for what I am all of a sudden experiencing.

From: Joey
To: shadowpeopleorg@comcast.net
Sent: Saturday, August 6, 2011 11:17:57 AM

My name is Joey and I am 14. Here is my store of the encounter.

It was about midnight when it happened. Me and my friend was walking down the street. We were about a mile away from my house. Nothing too bad. I was looking into the woods and I saw the shadows (thought nothing of it; I have been seeing them for about a year now). Well, I looked away and kept on walking. About a half hour later, I looked back over my shoulder and there he was again. He was about 6" tall black cloak. He was standing on his own two feet. I still didn't think much of it so I started to walk again.

We were almost back to my house when I looked back, and it was closer. He stuck out his hand. I thought he was going to grab me so I took off running.

Someone called my name from behind me so I turned around because I thought it was my friend. No, my friend was gone. All I could see was the shadow person. It, like, glided up to me and touched me. I felt coldness wash over my body and the last thing I know, I am falling, blacking out, as I fell. My friend said that when I took off, I slipped on some rock and hit my head but I did not believe him.

From: Rod
To: shadowpeopleorg@comcast.net
Sent: Sunday, August 7, 2011 6:18:26 PM
Subject: crossing the highway

I was driving along a stretch of highway, late at night, when in the distance, I watched a shadow person slip over the side onto the highway and sprint across the pavement at an incredible speed; loping over to the opposite side and dipping up and over the other side. It was very tall, very crooked, very angular with a crooked hat, bony elbows, long crooked arms and legs and blacker than pitch black.

You can certainly add this.

rod B.

From: Alonzo
To: shadowpeopleorg@comcast.net
Sent: Wednesday, August 17, 2011 1:22:55 AM
Subject: my shadow person experience

It was about 5 and a half years ago when this first happened to me.

My house was pretty old and it saw a lot of death. My uncle and my grandmother as well as my grandfather were killed but 'not at the house'. Anyway, my mom told me that she had seen someone out of the corner of her eye one day and described as a shadow of a big buff man. He was standing there, next to her, while she was watching TV. Honestly, at the time, I didn't really believe her and just shrugged it off.

About a week later, I was asleep on the couch; I was like 15 at the time, (I m 24 now), anyway, it was about 3 am and all of a sudden, I woke up out of a deep sleep. It was almost like a movie. I just shot up and looked toward the corner of our living room and I saw it, clear as day. It was a shadow of a really tall, muscular man standing in the corner. It was almost like a cardboard cutout. It was so vivid and I not only saw it but I felt it. It wasn't a scared feeling that I had, it was just a stillness to everything; no emotion nothing, just stillness.

After about nine seconds I kind of shook my head, rubbed my eyes and it was gone and I went back to sleep. Ever since then, I have had this dream, on and off, where I'm chasing a shadow figure and its running through back alleys and buildings. When I catch up to it, I realize that what I was chasing was myself...

From: Julia
To: shadowpeopleorg@comcast.net
Sent: Tuesday, August 23, 2011 4:09:04 AM
Subject: Shadow Person Story - Julia

You have permission to post this on your site. My name can also be posted, but not my email please.

Usually, I have only seen my shadow person either when I am walking through my living room to my room, or when I am having a bad trip on any certain hallucinogen. I hadn't seen my shadow person again till recently when a friend of mine came over and when she went to the bathroom she saw a crouching figure in front of the toilet. She had seen my shadow person and it was her first encounter with anything of the sort.

What I remember about my shadow person is that he is usually crouching and he has long fingers. It seems as though he is a male version of me, plus the long fingers. The thing that frightens me the most about my shadow person is the fact that he seems to paralyze me in my sleep. This has only happened a few times, but every time it does I cannot move anything except for my eyes. I am usually on my back when I wake up and no matter how hard I try, for about 30 seconds I cannot move or breathe. It is one of the scarie,st experiences of my life.

I never understood this phenomenon until I came upon this site the other day. I had no idea so many other people have seen these shadow people. I have never seen more than one, but now that I know his presence is real, he seems to show up more and more and he seems to be messing with me every night now. No matter how tired I am, I cannot fall asleep at night because I feel his presence in the room. When I turn off the light, I see his shadow in the corner of my eye. I fear to close my eyes whether the lights are on or not, because I think he is going to be there without my knowing. I don't believe he is evil in any way, but now that I know of his existence, he will not leave me alone.

I didn't used to mind his presence, but now I fear that he is never going to leave me alone now that I know he is there. Hopefully, he is a nice shadow person and he will not continue to keep me up at night...but I don't think I will know for awhile.

Thank you for reading my story!

From: Kalley
To: shadowpeopleorg@comcast.net
Sent: Tuesday, August 23, 2011 2:10:27 PM
Subject: my shadow person experience.

It was around midnight. My friends and I really wanted to play 'ghost' in the grave yard at the time. Kelsey and I were standing on their back deck and we were talking about things teenage girls usually discuss. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a black figure move at a pace, a person would be jogging. Then I quickly looked at it and it was still gliding across the grass. I thought this was a figment of my imagination, but then I asked my friend, Kelsey, "Did you see that too?" She replied in shock with a yes.

We couldn't make out any physical descriptions and we tried to come up with as many outcomes as possible but nothing fit the description of what we saw. The shadow seemed to disappear into a dark area, which was right next to a bush. The figure was solid black but the edges of it seemed to have a more smoky look and it had legs, moving like someone was running.

I felt like it wanted to frighten us and make us confused. At first, we thought it was my friend's neighbors trying to play a trick on us but we later found that they were asleep and had been since ten o'clock.

Then I asked my other friend, Yaz, if her neighbor, diagonal from her house, had a dog. Yaz replied with a no and then Kelsey and I told her what we saw. But Yaz didn't believe us at all. Later, it led up to more events.

The first event was the gate being opened and my friend's dogs escaping from the yard. Then it led to little things like: the garage light being on, the backdoor being open, a bedroom light turned on, weird noises in closets and in the hallway of her house.

This was my first experience with a shadow person and to this day, I will never forget it.

From: Rachel
To: shadowpeopleorg@comcast.net
Sent: Saturday, August 27, 2011 10:55:06 PM
Subject: Shadow person

I was about to walk into the bathroom when a human figure caught my eye. My little brother's room is around the corner from the bathroom and I saw a human figured walk in there at the end of the hallway. I thought it was my mom at first but she was in the bathroom. No one else was home. So, I went in his room and the windows were locked, nothing was under the bed and nothing was in the closet. I felt calm and curious because I don't get scared easy. I think it was a shadow person. It was tall, looked male and had long arms.

From: Basil
To: shadowpeopleorg@comcast.net
Sent: Wednesday, August 31, 2011 2:17:25 PM
Subject: my experience

It happened 1 night when I couldn't sleep and I was watching movies in my room when I kept seeing figures in my peripherals. When I'd look, they'd just sorta vanish into the wall, into nothing and it made me 2nd guess whether I really saw it or not.

It kept happening for a few minutes until, finally, I turned off the TV. The room was pitch black and I looked straight at my closet door and I just saw these huge red eyes just staring at me. I felt a sudden surge of dread and sadness and I was scared for my life. I decided to insult the thing to prove I wasn't scared. I called it a pussy for trying to hide in my peripherals and told it to stop staring at me and do something. Then it moved just a tiny bit closer and that's when I made a sudden leap for the light switch and the thing lunged at me and got within an inch from me. When I turned the light on, it disappeared.

I threw myself on the ground after that and I couldn't believe what happened. I actually cried and was traumatized for a week or so. I slept with my big light on for that time. I don't know why this thing visited me but I'm pretty sure I know its intensions. thx for reading.

From: anonymous
To: shadowpeopleorg@comcast.net
Sent: Wednesday, August 31, 2011 6:34:34 PM
Subject: Something in the dark

I actually had never heard the term "shadow people" until today. I was curious about an experience I had the other night and typed the description of what I had seen into Google and was surprised by what came up. So the past few nights I have been going to bed around 10:30 or 11 pm, but for whatever reason I awake right around 3 am and am unable to go back to sleep...just toss and turn until time to get up.

Well the first night this started, after awhile my eyes adjusted to the darkness and I was able to more or less see the layout of my room, as is usual. I'd say about an hour after I woke up I rolled over and opened my eyes and there was what appeared to be a mass of darkness which was darker than the surrounding shadows. I could see the wall and desk to the left of this mass, and the counter top and other things to the right, but where I would usually be able to see across the room to the bathroom door, there was just this impenetrable darkness.

I closed my eyes thinking that my eyes were playing tricks on me or something. I kept them closed for about a minute and started to get a real sense that I was not alone in the room. I opened my eyes and the darkness was still there, and I had the feeling that it was somehow solid (although my rational mind kept trying to dismiss this possibility as nonsense). I closed and opened my eyes a few more times and it (I'm not really sure how to describe this) was less vague, like it had more defined edges as if the darkness was drawing in on itself (after I started looking into it today I realized it was very similar in appearance to one of the "hooded" or "cloaked" ones, although that was only a shape...there were no other discernable features. After awhile, although I was feeling rather distressed I forced myself to write it off as imagination and roll over to face the other direction. Eventually the feeling went away and the next time I looked over I could see straight across the room to the bathroom door. Haven't been able to stop thinking about it since.

Please do not publish my name or email address. Thanks for reading

From: Jenna
To: shadowpeopleorg@comcast.net
Sent: Thursday, September 1, 2011 8:46:09 AM

Hello I haven't told many people this but I think it might help others, just to know that there not alone. I'm not really sure where to start with this. My earliest experiences I no longer remember, however my mum has occasionally mentioned bits and pieces to me, usually astonished that I can't remember for my self. One of the experiences which my mum remembered and scared her was when I told her that there were arms reaching through the walls at me. My mum freaked apparently because I was really young and should not have really known what ghosts or spirits were.

I do remember two experiences however, one I was lying in my bed and suddenly I couldn't breathe. There was a heavy weight on my chest and I just couldn't breath! I made so much noise trying to breathe that my parents ran from the lounge room where they had been watching TV to see what was wrong with me. About 20 sec after they entered my room I could breathe again.

The final experience I remember was again in my bed room at night. I was reading a book with the light looked up. About 50 cm away from my face I saw a black shadowy face peering through my wall. It ignored me, but I was so scared I couldn't move. Its face was all black, but there were no shadows on it, it was just a mat black. There was no specific facial features like hair but the face had a male look to it and more of a western bone structure. When I could finally move, I jumped out of my bed and looked back at the wall and it was gone. A few nights later I had the feeling of not being alone again and just unease. I started yelling and screaming in my head for them to leave me alone, that was about 5 years ago and I haven't seem them like that since. I used to also feel a much more peaceful presence who I think was my grandma, but she left me as well after that night. I give permission for this event to be uploaded to the Official Shadow People Archive.

Regards Jenna

From: Peter
To: shadowpeopleorg@comcast.net
Sent: Monday, September 5, 2011 1:17:47 PM

So I was at my dads house... well this occurs every time I'm at my dads house laying in the living room at about 3am. I'll look towards the dining room area and its dark and I would see a shadow person peeking out looking at me curiously. It looked like a misty black shadow but it looked like a male. It would appear for 2 minutes and then it would disappear. My little sister says another shadow person peeks over her bed looking at her curiously.

*PeTeR_GoEs_RaWr* XD

From: anonymous
To: shadowpeopleorg@comcast.net
Sent: Wednesday, September 7, 2011 9:32:25 AM
Subject: Evening.

First off, I give you permission to show this message as well as my email address. My name will be hidden in any other form.

Secondly, this is the second time I've seen this and since I'm bluntly scared of it, I'm deciding to share in hopes that someone reading this might know what to do.

I'm a college student in Rockingham CC and for the last week or so my schedule has been strange and mostly messed up. I get here 7:30 in the morning, leave at noon, and come back at 7:40 that night for my last class. However, in the last two weeks, when leaving my class to go to my truck parked in the back of the far parking lot ( I don't want to hit anything so I park kinda far from most cars.)

It starts like this; I'll be heading toward my truck, kinda quickly since I have a slight fear of the dark, and when I get past the third light-post, I can see this black person standing on the other side of my truck. First time I saw it, I froze because it was looking straight at me. I tried to get details of it but all I could see was the outline of a dark person. After standing there for few seconds, it must have noticed that I could see it and ran to the left. I saw it clearly for a few seconds but the closer it got to the light-post, the harder it was to see until it was straight under it and vanished from sight. I didn't tell anyone about it seeing how I thought no one would believe me anyway. That was last Thursday.

Now, last night, being Tuesday, after leaving class again I was walking toward my truck when I heard something say somewhere behind me with a very light, female voice, "Do you see me?" I turned around to see who would ask something odd like that, to a black silhouette of a face only a few inches from mine. Easily said, I screamed loud enough for the people off the parking lot to hear me and to come see what was wrong. But by time they got there, that shadow that was already spooked from my scream, (and I know this is going to sound odd), blinked out of existence. I'm really terrified of the idea of meeting it again and I have a feeling that it's going to continue spooking me until my classes are changed.

I hope there's someone out there with similar experiences who can help me with this.

From: Ahmed
To: shadowpeopleorg@comcast.net
Sent: Thursday, September 8, 2011 2:34:44 AM
Subject: shadow person in saudi arabia

I am Ahmed from Egypt and 21 years old.

My dad is working in Saudi Arabia and on vacations, we go to spend the vacation with him. Our house in Saudi Arabia is in a remote place in front of old grave yard.

Every body in the house was hearing a sound of a shaking bed, like when somebody is sleeping on it. I was the one who heard it the most. One day I was going to sleep in my room. When I was about to sleep, I felt someone in the room moving; it was a very tall and thin shadow and very dark. I first thought it might be my brother because the room was dark but also it was strange because no body would enter my room. (My dad used to close my room when I am in Egypt) and when i ask him, he doesn't answer me. Any way I fell asleep.

There was a chair in front of my bed, close to my face. I would open my eyes and see some one staring at me. I thought it was my brother but when I fully opened my eyes, I saw the same shadow, very tall and dark; it looks like a shadow sitting on the chair, watching me. As soon as I opened my eyes he got up of the chair and walked out of the room. I could see him walking. I was scared to death.

Since then a lot of things happened to me in this house. When I was reading the Quran in my room, I felt something and then a bottle of perfume was thrown from the table, clothes thrown out of the laundry. (I had) dreams of people I didn't know; they were telling me their names and they were very tall. One day around 4 am, I was going to my room and saw a girl in white with a long black hair going to my room and I saw it clearly. That's my story. Thanks for sharing and sorry for my bad English.

From: Claire
To: shadowpeopleorg@comcast.net
Sent: Thursday, September 8, 2011 10:24:10 PM
Subject: Shadow people

My experience is different. I was in school only last year and the teacher was talking about math when out of the corner of my eye, I saw something black pass through the window. My friend next to me asked what I was looking at and I said I saw someone pass by the window but her reply was only a stare, saying that we were 'three story's up'.

I smiled I loved it; the ghost if my childhood was back. It used to appear at my window, even though it was a two-story house. We'd moved since then and I'd missed it's presence but it had never been back because it stopped its visits when I was 8. Now I'm 13 and it's good to see it again, no matter if it was only once. I'd always pictured it as my guardian angel helping me through life, I'd felt alone. Then it started appearing though I'd never been scared of it, always happy.

My parents thought I was crazy and took me to the doctor. He said it was just my shadow but I knew better. I'd talk to it and it would listen through the window, watching my every word, taking it in. It would out stretch its hand to me, but I would shake my head. Its hand would lower and it would fade into the distance; that would always sadden me. I haven't seen my shadow since last year but I have a feeling it will come again. My name is Claire and my shadow is my guardian angel. Sent from my iPod

From: Steven
To: shadowpeopleorg@comcast.net
Sent: Thursday, September 15, 2011 1:10:55 AM
Subject: Shadow Person Story

You have permission to share my story online.

I am a firefighter of 22 years. Back in 1993, I was temporary stationed at an old firehouse which was built in the early 1900's. The bedroom at this house was very dark but my bed was near a window with some light coming in from a street lamp. I was in a deep sleep and suddenly I felt a sensation on my face...like a feather being lightly brushed on my cheeks and brow. First thing I thought it was another firefighter playing a joke, so I opened my eyes expecting to find some jokester pulling a lame prank on me, but this is what I saw.....

My eyes opened to see a shadow that was hovering over me face to face, shaped like a cut-out silhouette head and chest, darker than anything I've ever seen, solid blackness. I immediately sat up on my elbows, now wide awake in time to watch it leap back and then disappear into the wall next to my bed. It went through the beam of light that came in through the window before disappearing, which gave me a better look at it before it vanished into the wall. I saw its face as it turn to look at me smiling while it melted into the wall....but here's the kicker, it was MY FACE!

I pulled the blankets over my head like a scared child but managed to fall back asleep. The next morning, I went to the kitchen where the next shift of firemen was having coffee. I shared my experience with them...expecting to laughed out of the firehouse, but instead, I was told by one old fireman that I had met the ghost that he had seen on occasion throughout the years at that firehouse! He said it had sat on his bed one night. I'm still not sure what to think of this encounter, but being face to face with an entity that stole my facial feature has me a little unnerved!

From: Torrie
To: shadowpeopleorg@comcast.net
Sent: Friday, September 16, 2011 11:22:44 PM
Subject: My short story

I only seen one shadow person in my life (so far) and that was the point where I started to believe in spirits.

I was about 11 when I saw it. We were living on an air force base in Florida. My family and me just got home from church that night and I was the first one to get to my room since it was the first room in the hallway. I went to my room and turned on the tv. I then turned back around and saw a black figure run past my door. It wasn't that tall to me. It kind of looked thin and small. Maybe around 5'2. The foot steps were loud just like if someone was running down my hallway.

I thought it was one of my sisters and decided to run to the back to look for them. However, when I turned into the first room, there was no one there. I then went to the room across from it, which was my dad and step mother's room, and no one was in there either. It didn't scare me to the point where I ran away, but it did give me an uneasy feeling.

Torrie T.

From: Christina
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Sent: Friday, September 23, 2011 12:27:10 AM
Subject: Playful shadows

I like to say that my family has always been more in tune with the paranormal then we would of liked, So much has happened that I have become happy with the fact that other entities trust us enough to show us they're presence. When I first came across a shadow person I was 12 I think it didn't so much as scare me a tiny bit. He was about 6'4 and looked like and older man. He never caused any thing other than moderate uneasiness and he was always pacing. He never lost his solid form and he showed his self to everyone.

There was also a little boy who came later on in my life. The last time I saw him I almost died while having my son but I felt so calm, I was able to sit down and call my husband to take me to the hospital. I honestly believe he calmed me so my stroke wouldn't get worse.

I guess you can say I always felt as if they're looking after us. My grandma always told me that they've protected our family since her mother was young...and now that I have a child of my own and he sees them also, I take a little pride in passing down the stories my mother and grandmother passed down to me. And the interesting is the same man I grew up seeing, my mother also saw, and now my son's imaginary friend bares a shocking resemblance to him. Also I have recently discovered my grandmother's ancestor was a Indian shaman I can't help but wonder if that has anything to do with our particular friends.

By calm

From: Jeri
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Sent: Friday, September 23, 2011 1:29:37 AM
Subject: Shadow person

Hi my name is Jeri and I saw my first shadow person last night. After telling many people about what I saw one finally explained it to me as a shadow person.

It was around 6 AM in the morning, on Sept 22, 2011, and my cat woke me to go with him to get his cat food. He will not walk into the garage without someone going with him. It is the strangest thing. So after I came back to bed I laid on my back staring at the ceiling. It was still dark outside but I noticed a very distinct figure on the ceiling staring at me. It was directly above me but to my left on the ceiling. I just stared at it for about 20 seconds thinking that is really weird. This is a shape of a man and what seemed to be a hood over his head and two distinct shadows behind him or may what have been his wings or arms. I did not see the shadow fade at the edges the way a normal shadow would but his out line was very distinct and the shadow was the same darkness through out (normal shadows fade at the edges). So I waved my hand in the air to see if I could see a shadow of my arm on the ceiling and as I did it faded into nothing (what seemed to be regressed into the ceiling.) So that is my story and I did not feel afraid but knew it was not a shadow, but man or being of some type in a cloak.

From: "Livya M" livya@windowslive.com
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Sent: Friday, September 30, 2011 11:05:19 AM
Subject: An observer

At first I'd like to say that I'm not a native English speaker, so sorry for any mistakes I made writing this. Here's my story.

When I was a liitle kid I often had these recurring nightmares: I'm lying on my back, asleep. Suddenly I wake up feeling I cannot move. I'm hearing children voices everywhere and then feel many children hands all over my body, as if they were trying to tickle me (but it was rather painful). Then a terrible creature appears and sits on my chest. It is very ugly, has big teeth and it's definately female. It's starting to strangle me and I can't utter a sound (I later found out this kind of creature is called strzyga/striga/shtriga or strega in Central and Southern Europe).

This happened again when I was about 5 or 6 years old. It was very late at night, my window was opened. This creature came through the window and sat on my chest and I started to choke. But this time I was able to whisper "help!" and then I saw him. a hooded, dark, shadow-like man standing in my room, next to the window. I couldn't see his face. I was sure he's been standing there for a while. When I looked at him he said "Leave her alone. Get out!" and the horrible creature disappeared. I was staring at him, shocked, and he just vanished in the air.

Although I believe he helped me, he didn't seem to be a guardian. He was more like a neutral silent observer. He wasn't evil but there wasn't any aura of goodness around him. He seemed to be very powerful, the creature was clearly afraid of him. I never had such nightmares since then. I've never seen another shadow person again. It happened over 22 years ago but I still remember every detail. There is one more thing that came to me when reading other stories. The hooded/cloaked shadow people seem usually to be watchers or guardians when those wearing hats usually seem to be evil.

From: "Beverly Dhaliwal" beverly.dhaliwal@live.com
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Sent: Saturday, October 1, 2011 8:40:52 AM
Subject: Cloak and Top Hat wearing Shadow Man

1966, I was four and lived in a long L-shaped range styled home, my room being at one end of the house and my parents room at the other. I woke one night to see a bright light shinning into my room when I noted a man wearing a cloak and top hat standing at the foot of my bed. He was very still. I remember seeing the pine trees outside swaying behind him in the light outside, and he was motionless. I wanted to scream in fear but was unable to make a sound. I pulled the covers over my head. The next thing I remember is being awakened by my mother the next morning in exactly that position. It was and still is a very clear memory!

I give my permission to upload my story and share my email.


From: Erica
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Sent: Sunday, October 2, 2011 5:55:18 PM
Subject: My shadow experience

Ever since I can remember I have felt presences, seen spirits, heard voices etc. Since I have moved back to my original town I was brought up in, I have noticed more and more strange occurrences.

I was over a field near my house on a mini hike with a friend and in the distance I saw a black shadow of a man. Shocked and bewildered my friend asked me what I was looking at so intently but I couldn't speak. The shadow was coming closer and then around 50 more shadowed people walked behind him. They all stood still and then an overwhelming warmth came over me and they left.

The next day I saw them again and they were following me up the road only this time there were 4 of them and spoke claiming to be my brothers. Since the first encounter I have had many more and they have always scared me but I knew them to be safe. I have been hearing voices too and it's only been after I saw these shadowed folk that they have been incessantly yabbering away wherever I go. I am not schizophrenic nor am I delusional. And I believe these spirits to be from other dimensions rather than spirits though. what's the fundamental difference?

If anyone else has seen these in the Essex region of England be good to hear other stories.


From: Dennis M.
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Sent: Monday, October 17, 2011 6:24:57 PM
Subject: Shadows sightings in my house

Hey I live in an older house and I've lived here for several years. I'm 21 and I am interested in the paranormal, ufo, alien, bigfoot and any other kind of stuff that people think they can prove but can't. To me, I know everything I believe in exists.

Okay, well, my house is somewhat big, very old, and creepy looking. A few years ago was the first actual sighting of a shadow/black figure being in the window to the left of my front door. Ever since, there has been sightings on numerous accounts. The weird thing is, myself, or anyone in my family has (n)ever experienced a negative, afraid, terrified feeling from it. They only show themselves to my friends and people that don't live here.

Its seriously the most interesting thing to me. I've heard stuff and been scared in my house but I never legit saw anything. My mom said she's seen something and my dad def has but he doesn't care to even acknowledge it.

Well, the sighting that occurred last night has me so interested that I really don't know what to think? I was walking out of my front door and two shadows were quickly going past the front window right behind me! My friend was terrified and when he told me it gave me this weird feeling like I am connected with the shadow beings or something. Like maybe they manifest off the houses negative surroundings and negative events that we go through as a family. I have no clue, but they never hurt me or anyone in my home and we never see them, only people who don't live and sleep here hahah. So I have to be scared shit but then again I'm really not because they don't harm me. Unless they do harm me and I have no clue about it, mentally maybe. This is jus really crazy to me because I'm so into the ufo/believing in other alien beings phenomenon that I feel maybe they are a form of some aliens involved in my life. Black shadow figures are known to be a part of "reptilian" or "grey" aliens apparently. But it seems malignant to me and that's what scares me, how can it be good? I'm stuck, I believe in things that normal people wouldn't even consider. Just wanted people to hear my story.

I would like you to post this if you can, thanks.

Dennis M.

From: Garth
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Sent: Wednesday, October 19, 2011 4:34:33 P
Subject: my story

ca. 1975/76.

I was about 5-6. My cousin was staying with us and he had my bedroom, I had my sister's and she slept out in the hall kinda thing on a cot. I suddenly woke up and sat up in bed. In the doorway, filling it, was a large shadowy figure (backlit from a night light). I started to make some noise or fuss because he was scary and seemed mean and he told me to be quiet and I instant did so. Then I asked him who he was. He said "Mr. Big" (LOL I know, right? WTF?) and then he made some sort of up and down gesture with a very long arm. He appeared in outline to be wearing an oversized fedora and trench coat. I thought he looked like a cartoon Spy almost. But he was frightening.

Then the next thing I knew, I saw him going down the stairs (about a 10ft distance from doorway to stairs).

He said to me, "Go to sleep. I'm going down to get your parents now". So I went back to sleep. I asked my sister the next morning if she'd seen him as well and she said that yes she had. For years I thought the apparition might have something to do with aliens until I learned about shadow people and was shocked to find that it matched what I saw exactly.

From: Diana
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Sent: Thursday, October 20, 2011 1:17:25 PM

One day last yearon a bright sunny day, around 4:45 in the afternoon, I had just gotten home from work. I walked in the front door of my house, barely got into the front room, still had purse in hand, and stood frozen to the spot. At this point, I was not far front the front door. What I felt was a state of, at first, confusion. As I stared longer, I began to take in the full account that I was looking at something I should not be seeing!

My body went into a state of shock; I could not move. From where I was standing, you can see the start of the hallway. I noticed that the basement door was open, and the light was on. The light was shining on the hallway wall. I saw a very black, solid figure about 7 to 8ft tall, on the wall! As I stood staring at it, I didnt move, It didnt move! Taking this all in, I noticed it was a perfect figure of a person, only very tall. Its head was a side profile, as if it were looking at me as well. Even though his body was facing forward, this let me know that he was aware of me. I decided to yell at it and say, "Who is in here?!" Still not making a move on my part, this thing turned its head the other way as if looking down the hallway for a quick escape. When it left, it was like it was moving down the wall at the speed of lightning, all in a blink of an eye, and was gone. You could hear, not footsteps, but a swoosh and it disappeared!

I ran outside to the driveway, bent over trying to catch my breath! Called the hubby on the cell phone and refused to go back in the house until he showed up! This might be every ghost hunters dream, but not mine! Hope never to see that again.....I did not feel threatened from this shadow person, but it did scare me! You may post this!

thank you,

From: Jennifer
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Sent: Friday, October 21, 2011 2:35:54 PM
Subject: Shadow person encounter

In 2009 we bought an old 1901 farmhouse in NYS (New York State).

I was in 1 of the 3 bedrooms which is at the top of the stairs and my kids where in the bedroom next to mine playing. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a tall skinny all black (like a crayon) male human looking figure walked quickly up the stairs, walked pass the bedroom doorway then down the hall and into the third bedroom. At first I thought it was my husband so I wasn't afraid of it. I called out, Hey babe, can you come here for a sec?

Right then my son came in the room and said, Daddy isn't up here.

This is when I started to panic a little. I looked in all the completely empty bedrooms and told my kids, Get your toys; we're out of here.

We met up with my husband who came up from the basement. I told him what happened and he said there were also some strange noises in the basement. It was then that we left the house, and thankfully, sold it.

I've seen only a few shadow people in my 36 years of living. They have never hurt me and it is only from the corner of my eye. This time however was the longest moment I have ever seen one and will never forget it.

From: A. Lee
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Sent: Monday, October 24, 2011 3:36:16 AM
Subject: Shadow man (hat man) identity

Dear Sir,

I am a Chinese living in South East Asia.

The Shadow man with the hat is what we call Hell guards by the Taoist ppl here. The hell guards are made up of two ghosts. They are called Hei bai wu chang (Black white guards). In Chinese lore, they normally catch ghost which run away from hell to our mortal world. The black guard is very fierce. He emits a very strong aura of fear so all the ghosts afraid of him. In the story, he is merciless but in truth, a very kind hearted ghost that stands up to justice; cannot take injustice.

That's why you don't see Chinese people posting shadow man sightings because most heard of the tales and will not be afraid. Hat man is there to do his job. Just don't make him angry or he will do nasty stuff.

Editor's Note:

Chinese Hell Guards, hei bai wu chang, are closely related to western countries notion of the 'grim reaper'. In Chinese lore, the 'reaper' has duality; one guard captures the soul while the other disperses it to hell.

Hellguards - Chinese History Forum

From: ja14@sbcglobal.net
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Sent: Thursday, November 17, 2011 11:18:09 PM
Subject: Shadow person scaring my dogs

So, two years ago, around five in the morning during my senior year, I was getting ready for school when all of a sudden, all my dogs started barking and jumping from couch to couch in the living room. So I got out of my room and started walking to see what was disturbing them and when I got to the living room I saw this black figure on its knees on the edge of the couch scaring my dogs. After a few seconds it turned it's head and just, saw me. Then, it just went behind the couch, slowly, without a worry and I just left the living room while taking one of the dogs, who was shaking and scared and who urinated all over my shirt, as I walked away.

Even though that was the worse of the moment with the shadow person, it isn't the only moment I've seen it. My sister, me and even my aunts from Mexico, have seen a shadow walk across a window which is next to the living room. I've even taken a picture where a bald, old, white person is next to my face and where it's eyes are scooped out.

From: ja14@sbcglobal.net
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Sent: Thursday, November 17, 2011 11:34:46 PM
Subject: Ghost car

So when I was a kid, me and my parents went to lytle creek for a drive. After the sun went down, we started going down the mountain to go home when a guy started waiving to us. We stopped to see what he wanted and he told us that his wife was pregnant and she got shot and that he had the person who shot her, so my parent drove down as fast as they could to the rangers station but it was closed. We kept driving down to the nearest gas station and there, my brother called the cops and told them that a lady was shot and where to find them.

So after he finished calling the cops we went back up and we found the man, in different clothes, a different car, alone and an ominous look. After my mom told him she called the cops and that they were on their way, he got into his car without a word and drove away. My parents followed him and after a while driving right behind him, he turned a corner and when we did, he was gone and the road was at least two miles of straight road. There was no lights or cars ahead of us. After an hour of searching for him, we never found him. The weirdest part is that neither the cops nor ambulances ever showed up to the area or scene.

From: "Linda Jones" lindajones2@earthlink.net
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Sent: Sunday, December 4, 2011 3:40:44 PM
Subject: Shadow Being Experience

I was driving down a major road, in a business district, late at night with no other cars around. All of a sudden, a shadow darted out of nowhere on my left and hit my car on the side and actually broke my fog lamp bulb. The shadow was about the size of a large dog and appeared horizontal; so at first I thought it was a dog but it did not have the shape of a dog. I felt something bounce off my car so I slowed down and looked in the rear view mirror. There was something on the road not moving. It did not have any particular shape that I could determine.

I was afraid to go back to see what was lying there, so continued on until I found a parking lot with lights and people to investigate the damage to my car. A broken fog lamp bulb was the only damage to the car. There were no dents, blood or hair anywhere on the car. It was as if the target of the shadow was the light. When I mentioned my experience to a friend, he told me about shadow beings.

From: "Nataly *****" simply_natty_2004@yahoo.com
To: shadowpeopleorg@comcast.net
Sent: Sunday, December 11, 2011 10:55:09 AM
Subject: 2 shadow people on my closet door

Hi. I decided to share my story with you because I've been trying to find answers for the past 31 years.

My experience started when I was 5 years old. One day, as I was sleeping, something woke me up. I looked around in my room when I noticed those 2 shadows on my closet door. One was a tall man with a high hat and a cane and the other one had some kind of a joker hat and was moving his head from side to side. It seems like they were talking to each other. I got scared and since the window was reflecting on my closet door, I got up to have a peek outside to see if it was coming from there. Nothing seemed to be doing this. When I knew that it wasn't coming from outside, I started to be really scared so I jumped back in my bed and pulled the covers over my head. I told myself, if I wait a while, they will leave so I waited for a good 10 minutes. When I pulled the covers off my head to look if they were still there ..... they were still there. I thought it was my imagination but it wasn't because I was fully awake.

I had this experience for a good 5 or 6 months. They would show up on my closet door every night, doing the same things. They didn't harm me at all but I really don't know what was their purpose to show up every night. A few years after, I started to see things move in my house that no other person could see. I was the only one that was able to see things move. My parents didn't believe in those kinds of things until I met my husband that had many paranormal experiences in the past. He sees the people and I feel them.

Anyways, to make my story short, I'm still trying to find answers about those 2 shadows that I saw in my childhood. I still cannot find answers. I just hope that someone out there would be able to help me because I've been living in denial ever since.

I give you my permission to share my story with other people. You can post my email and my name if you want. There are probably other people that would like to help me or share their experiences with me. Thank you

From: Maria
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Sent: Sunday, December 11, 2011 6:03:30 PM
Subject: Shadow People

I have a question. Are the Shadow People always two-dimensional or can they be 3-dimensional as well?

These stories sound very similar to mine but the image I see is always 3D. It's like there's a man-shaped glass vessel that is filled with black sand. It's got substance, it's not smoky.

Like I said these stories sound so much like mine, it's weird. The first time I saw him, he was standing on a hill at Valley Forge National Park. It was just standing there. It was like it was waiting for someone to notice it. I am an empath and I felt its hatred and malevolence flowing down the hill in waves. I looked up and there it was. When I saw it, it was like it was surprised. Then it was halfway down the hill in a heartbeat. I was standing there and I started feeling the power of the earth flow up into my body from the earth. I looked at it without fear because, at that moment, I knew that I would blow it out of existence if it got any closer.

I was still watching it and it was just gone between one heartbeat and the next. It was there and then gone. It just disappeared. Years later, I've seen it many times. Every time, I pull the power up (now that I'm Wiccan I know what it is I'm doing) and when it gets to a point where it knows I'm going to release it; the thing disappears without my releasing the power.

Once I got so pissed off at it when it showed up at an extremely unexpected place that I astral traveled to Venus, threw some magic around, waited for it and left when it showed up. It seems to be attracted to my magic.

It's threatened people before. It does communicate with me. I've been plagued with this thing for so many years that I'm tired of it. I just want it gone at this point. It's had me, at times, to a point where I'm so paranoid that I'm suspicious of everything and everyone.

I also think that it tried to get me to kill myself at one point. Please, if you can think of anything else that I may be able to try, can you let me know? If you think it's not a shadow person and have an idea of what it may be, let me know that also.


From: "joanna hernandez" bananas_luuv@yahoo.com
To: shadowpeopleorg@comcast.net
Sent: Thursday, December 15, 2011 5:53:09 AM
Subject: Shadow Man

My story dates back to 1997 in Chicago Illinois when i was only 5 years old, but I remember this day like no other.

I had just finished saying goodnight to my mother and was on my way to my own bedroom. I had to pass the kitchen in order to get to my room. I don't quite remember why but I happened to glance into the kitchen and saw something so pitch black that I felt like for the first time I was really staring into pure darkness. The figure which seemed to be male looked as if it was wearing some sort of top hat and maybe a long trench coat. I could tell he was wearing this, but then again, there were no distinguishable outlines of facial features or even clothing outlines; just a black solid silhouette which also seemed to be sitting in a chair with legs crossed. I remember so vividly immediately noticing that he had white glowing eyes that were just staring at me. No pupils or anything.

Unlike most shadow figures I would often see, this one didn't vanish when I looked directly at it. I almost felt the sense that it was taunting me by not disappearing; as if waiting to see my reaction. Being very young at the time, I immediately froze in fear and panic. I must have stared at him at what felt like almost a full 15 seconds before finally being able to feel my legs again and began sprinting to my mothers room screaming.

He never really vanished and I wonder if he would have at all if I hadn't run away. My mother thinking maybe someone was in the house got up and turned all the lights on to check the apartment. Discovering no one there she sent me off the bed. But I do recall later seeing that the chair he was sitting on was still pulled out. Seeing this made me scared because I now live every day in fear that shadow man will one day visit me in the night again. And there's nothing I can do but hope and pray he never does again.

I give permission for my name and story to be published if it does draw your attention. Every thing I typed above is as accurate as possible and is as real to me now as it was 14 years ago.

-Joanna Hernandez

From: anonymous
To: shadowpeopleorg@comcast.net
Sent: Wednesday, December 21, 2011 5:02:58 AM
Subject: Tall shadow figure

Well I'm glad that I'm not the only one who has this happening to them. I have read what might cause this but in the end, science can't really explain this. So here it goes.

When I was about 8, I was almost ran over by a speeding car that was being chased by LAPD in my neighborhood. I was about to step off the sidewalk, when a tall man with a hat, grabbed me or stopped me somehow from behind. I don't know how he stopped me but I never felt his touch. This was during the day. I remember his tall figure and he was in a rain coat with a weird hat that covered his face and the part of his face, that was visible, was dark as if he had no face. I stared at him and he did the same but we never spoke. I stood there and he crossed the street. None of my friends ever saw him nor did I after that second when he passed me. This was about 25 years ago.

After that day I began to see shadows out the corner of my eye and they were usually running. Even in my dreams, I see that guy but as a dark figure now. I never felt as if these shadows are there to hurt me but I get spooked for some reason.

On December 21, 2011, at about 11pm, I was driving out of my station (police). I came a complete stop because I saw a shadowy figure jumped out from in between some of the units as if it wanted to get hit or wanted me to stop. At first, I thought it was one of the guys on the other shift. But when I looked, I've I actually saw it for a few seconds before it disappeared. It had to be about 5'9 but had no bottom half. It was all black with a hat and some sort of coat that was wailing in the wind, but there was no wind. I had this feeling as if it was evil because of its stance but then I also had the feeling it wasn't. Like it wanted me to stop and look at it.

I get these visions all the time and the problem is, that when I work nights, I think it might be a suspect. Sorry for the long story but I hope this helps someone or vice versa. I hope someday we all get our answer for this phenomena.


Email: Send Email to Matt
To: shadowpeopleorg@comcast.net
Sent: Wednesday, December 21, 2011 8:03:17 PM
Subject: My shadow person experience

I'm not really sure if this would actually qualify as a shadow person experience but the image of what happened has stuck with me for a couple months now.

I remember having a very vivid dream one night. I got the feeling that I murdered someone or even several people. Three men were chasing me (for apparently what I did) and were out to kill me. After a while of being chased through a neighborhood that I didn't recognize, I was finally cornered around the side of a house. I told them that I'm sorry for killing their friend and that I just wanted the chase to end.

They forced me onto a table and cut me with a knife down and across my mid-section. I felt myself starting to slip away and then I started to notice what looked like my soul coming out of my body. But when my soul started to leave and I started to feel myself sink into the ground, I saw two shadow people ripping at my soul. They looked like they were fighting over it.

It was probably one of the most disturbing experiences I've had and the image, of them ripping at the arms of my soul, has really stuck with me. I would like to know if anyone has heard of anything like this before. I've read rumors about shadow people being here to trying to take our souls. The experience has strengthened my faith in god however, so if anything can be said about this experience, it's given me more drive to be a good person.

Thanks for reading my story! Happy holidays, be safe.


From: name withheld by request
To: shadowpeopleorg@comcast.net
Sent: Thursday, December 22, 2011 12:40:17 AM
Subject: Dark Monster

When I was a kid I would have frequent dreams of walking through our house at night and know that something was going to jump out from behind a corner and grab me. This thing would take the form of a pair of white hands that leaped out and grabbed me and made me feel like I was being smothered. Later my brother said that he had also had similar dreams of those same hands, even though I had not told him what it was that was grabbing me.

As an adult over the years I have experienced something frightening while in bed. Since it always happens at night and I am in bed I assume it is some sort of dream or night paralysis. I am sleeping or falling asleep and suddenly I will feel a weight on the bed next to me, whether another person is sharing it with me or not, Or the thing will come up from under the bed or out from a corner of the room. It will become a smothering weight over my whole body. The thing seems dark and mindless, but intent on overpowering me. The last time it even made a low groaning noise as it wrapped around me. The past 2 or three times it has happened I have fought back by punching at it and struggling. Then I wake up fully and it is gone.

I wonder if it is some kind of being that attacks me because I am asleep and vulnerable or if it is just a waking dream or even sleep apnea. It seems like the creature has actual life and personality, but only to a point. Some of the other stories I have read sound somewhat familiar, but this being doesn't seem to resemble a person at all. It is just a dark force that appears to me randomly and attacks. Fighting back seems to have helped, but I don't know yet if it will happen to me again.

If you publish this I would like to remain anonymous Thank you. This site is very interesting.

From: Jessica
To: shadowpeopleorg@comcast.net
Sent: Friday, December 30, 2011 11:32:41 PM
Subject: My shadow "person" experience

One night my husband were lying in bed in the dark talking and joking around when I decided to be funny and slap him in the face with my dirty sock I had just taken off. After doing so I threw the sock across the room. As I threw the sock, I saw a huge round black shadow fly across my ceiling. It totally caught me off guard. At first I thought it was a shadow of my sock that I threw due to my clock shinning really bright. So I leaned over the bed, picked up the sock and reenacted my previous sock throw, low and behold the sock did NOT make a shadow.

It didn't look like a person. It was just a huge jet black blob I would say a foot in diameter. It appeared on my ceiling above my bed and to the left. It flew across the ceiling and vanished in to the wall. It didn't seem threatening at all but regardless, it did scare the hell out of me. So much that I had a very hard time falling asleep. I felt like there was something watching me, something that shouldn't have been there.

Since my mother-in-law died 1 month ago, my husband has been seeing shadow people all the time. Mostly walking through our kitchen or watching him while he is at work. He will see a figure out of the corner of his eye, look, and then it's gone. All he tells me about them is that they look like a person.

Jessica R.

From: loyola
To: shadowpeopleorg@comcast.net
Sent: Saturday, December 31, 2011 7:59:02 PM
Subject: shadow man in my nursery

From 1968 to 1970 when I was an infant, I lived in an apartment with my very young parents. My Dad was finishing his bachelor's, so my parents were poor, living in a college apartment in Iowa.

I remember, even though I shouldn't be able to, at less than 3 years of age, having the same "nightmare" almost every night. A shadow would enter my room in the very early morning hours (probably 3-5am), and dart around my crib. It made a horrible "buzzing" sound; like electricity. It was very tall and I felt it to be male. It had thin "lines" of grey going through it vertically, like it was wearing a pinstripe suit.

As I grew older, I would still see it but only in my nightmares, which seemed to be the same one over and over. The shadow in my dream was over 8 feet tall and would chase me through an old man's cellar which was limestone and dimly lit with lanterns. When I reached the age of about 8, I stopped having this dream and haven't seen this particular shadow man since, though I occasionally see others out of the corner of my eye. I'll see a dark figure pass in our finished basement through the doorway into the exercise room.

I do not like these "beings" at all. I feel that although they may not do harm, they are not positive beings.