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From: Dr. J

I, too, have seen a shadow person. Several months ago it showed itself at the end of my kitchen. Surprisingly, it "stared" at me for several long moments until I flipped the light on. It then disappeared immediately.

When I was about four years old, I saw another being in the living room (different house). I have not yet determined if it was an extraterrestrial, a time traveler, or a trans-dimensional being. All I know is, I certainly saw it. I was so terrified that I simply grasped onto my mother's night gown, completely speechless. It was tall (probably around 7ft or so). It was very, very skinny (abnormally so). Its head, however, was its most striking feature. It was very large and shaped like a football, with tiny ears at the tips of each end. It had large, oval eyes.

I have not seen it since, besides in my dreams.

-Dr. J


Some of the most fascinating stories about shadow people come from people who are 'on the job' when they see them.

Hospital employees and public safety officials, who deal with the emotional ups and downs of life and death issues everyday, have emailed stories to me detailing their experiences with ghosts, shadow people and other paranormal events. Most have worked in their profession for decades before they finally have a ghostly or shadowy encounter.It is critical for them to be alert and very observant about their surroundings but their careers often involve long exhaustive hours to give a needy public their best.

This is a tribute to these specialized careerists, including a few scientists, who have allowed me to place a very controversial topic on the website; mostly anonymous of course. As one hospital worker stated: "I need my job."

From the Archives: Health Care Professionals

Any one who has visited a hospital or clinic recently know that visitors cannot just come and go without notice any more. Nurses, doctors, technicians and CNAs (Certified Nursing Assistants) keep a close eye on all the activity around them even noticing visitors, real and otherworldly, that come and go in hallways. Few mention the latter for fear of ridicule, of course.

Below are stories from these dedicated health care employees who shared their experience to this website that they dare not share with their supervisors.

From the Archives: Public Safety Officials

Public safety officials rarely come forward with their paranormal experiences but when the emails do arrive, these individuals are quite 'certain' what they've seen just not sure 'how' it could be that they see it. Some even wondered if they've been too 'long at the grind' and need a career change.

The following stories come from many different sources from police to security and prison guards.

From the Archives: Armed Forces

From the Archives: A Few Scientists

While there are not too many stories in the archives about scientists, it is always fascinating to receive emails from them and read about their observations and conclusions.


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