From: Alex
Sent: Sunday, September 25, 2011 9:51:25 PM
Subject: Shadow encounter.

Dear shadowpeople team, Permission is given for report to be archived.

I am a scientist, living in the U.K. My first degree was in theoretical physics and my following studies are now in biochemistry with molecular sciences. I am neither religious nor prone to superstition. I am however, empirical about all observations I make and will not ignore events if they do not conveniently fit with my own current acceptance or model of reality; hence my report to your site.

I first saw a shadow man when I was a small child (aged about five). He would habitually return and stand in the doorway of my bedroom, completely opaque and blocking out the light from the hallway. I supposed it was a man due to his shape and size; he was six feet tall with broad shoulders and short hair, and stood perfectly still as if just staring at me. Sometimes, he would appear at the end of the bed. I would hide under the duvet and scream until my aunt (now a doctor of clinical psychology) came to my rescue. My aunt had told me that I had been imagining things, but it soon emerged that she had seen the figure standing in her doorway also, but didn't want to perpetuate my fear. I am sure that these experiences influenced our later decision to become scientists.

In the mid November of 2010, my mother had been working late at the hospital when she encountered a shadow entity which seemed to flee from the darkened ward in full view and along the wall of one of the ward corridors. It was described as being a large, dark and blob-like mass, flowing almost like a translucent veil as it darted into the distance, clinging to the wall as it went.

Meanwhile, I had returned home late from university and saw a drifting, blob-like shadow cross the adjacent wall in the nearest bathroom, a phenomenon I observed for a long two or three seconds. It simply appeared to be travelling from one wall and disappeared into the next. Interestingly, the movement of the shadow set off a novelty frog motion sensor and I was careful to determine that it was not myself that could have done so, by examining the angles of the existing light and all of my possible relative positions. My reaction was simply to think 'what the **** was that!?' My mother got home and announced that she had been witness to an unusual experience; I concurred and we swapped stories.

About six days later I was in the living-room having just emerged from the kitchen with a drink and beheld a strange sight. A blob-like wavering mass, dark, smooth and translucent (but almost opaque), about four foot by three foot emerged from the corner of the room behind the sofa(!), travelled along the furthest wall to me and along part of the wall at a right angle to the first wall. Rather suddenly, it seemed to 'pop out' from the wall about a three feet or so and spontaneously assumed the shape of a sphere, about the size of a billiard ball. In this form it was completely opaque and what I could only describe as a 'black hole'. I stood stock still, about six feet from the phenomenon and completely in awe. I thought to myself: 'There's a black hole in my living room...(!!)'

It hovered in mid air for a fraction of a second about five feet off the floor, before zipping toward the lamp on the window ledge (which was on) and standing on some old physics papers. It dashed silently at significant speed under the lamp shade and around the light inside, so the lamp visibly flickered rapidly. After three or so circuits it zipped out again and fled to the wall, where upon it became a two-dimensional blob again, fleeting away in the manner in which it had arrived; along the walls and back to the corner of the room and behind the sofa. I remained in my original position for several seconds, glass of water in hand.

Over the next few days I began to examine the causes of the phenomenon and if it were possible that it could be electrical in nature. Certainly, the phenomenon seemed to conserve its own energy by only assuming a three-dimensional form (and even then , the form of a sphere, the most energy efficient 3-D form in nature) when circling the light. The two dimensional form seemed to be even more energy efficient, although it was limited to other surfaces until it became its own surface as a sphere but this seemed to require a lot of energy. I pondered this over the next few days when I hit upon the hypothesis that the shadow phenomenon seemed attracted to high energy frequencies near the UV range...

This observation emerged from the fact that we had an infestation of wasps in the front bathroom (not much used, expect for brushing my teeth), larvae of which were prematurely hatching. Wasps are especially sensitive and attracted to light in and near the UV wavelength. The larvae had confused the wavelengths given off by the CFT (compact fluorescent tube) 'energy saving' light bulb, with summer sunlight. The bathroom had a compact fluorescent tube which was turned on only when I used the sink but seemed nonetheless adequate temptation for the wasps. The lamp in the living room was fitted with a CFT as was the hallway and the front bathroom with the wasps. CFT's are energy saving because they conserve heat energy by giving off light further in the blue spectrum (which is why they do not get as hot as the older tungsten filament bulbs, which emit in the red spectrum as heat). It may be interesting to note that compact florescent tubes and the human brain can both produce resonances that mimic or emit high frequencies.

It would seem that:

*The shadow phenomenon exhibits phototaxis. Editor's Note: (phototaxis - a movement of a living thing that is made in response to light. Merriman-Webster)

*The phenomenon can trigger fixed electronic sensors.

*The phenomenon is energetically unstable and requires free energy from external sources.

*The phenomenon appears to be attracted to short wavelength (high energy) in the blue spectrum.

* A two-bar heater, an open fire or a sine/square wave generator may repel them. Tungsten bulbs are a preference to limit manifestation.

(If you have any questions, I'd be happy to answer them.)