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Sent: Sunday, December 9, 2012 10:30:22 PM
Subject: Shadow People can possess your body

Today, Sunday 9 December 2012 at approximately 6:55am, I wake feeling well rested after my normal 5 hours of sleep. I go into the closet and collect the iron and iron board. Dig some pants and a shirt out of the clean clothes. I am pressing my pants for work in my bedroom where my wife is asleep in our bed about 7 feet away from me. The TV has been on all night and the closet light is also on. Enough light for me to move about my room without disturbing wife's sleep.

As I am standing over the iron board, my pants flick up off the board. I flatten them back out assuming the cord knocked them. (What I realized later on was, that the area between my body and the board were, now, totally blacked out. I could no longer see the carpet at my feet). I swept the iron over the pant leg a few times and this time the pant leg flicks up higher off the board. As I smoothed the material again I thought maybe one of my young children were playing games with me. I looked down, no one there. (later I realized this was the moment I lost control of my right side). As I moved to continue ironing, a right hand reached around from behind the right side of head, out in front of my face. I naturally flinched back and looked over my left shoulder to see if someone had come into my bedroom as I was standing just in front of my doorway. No one there. I looked back to my right and again the arm came swinging across my face. The arm was wearing a white long sleeve shirt, just as I was wearing on my left arm. It seems obvious that the arm I was seeing was my own accept I was not in control of it. I could not feel it and it had become somewhat of a blur. And I believed my right arm to be holding on to the iron and still down on the iron board.

It was at this time I became aware that there was a very black circular mass down on my right side. It was as high as my hip. Dark enough that I could not see the floor or my right leg through it. I could sense its presence but it gave off neither good or bad vibes as far as I can remember. That was as much as I can recall of the shadow as my focus was on the arm swinging out in front of my face. I spun to see if someone was making sport of me. No one there. I spun in another full circle, convinced that someone would be there. No one.

It was at this point that I lost it. Totally lost myself in confusion and fear. I fell towards my bed to escape the space I was standing in as I could no longer rationalize what was happening. I recall screaming words but not sure what. Landing on my bed my wife springs up ripped from her sleep into her own state of confusion. Unable to provide her answers I sit on the edge of my bed staring at both my hands as I held them up in front of me. At this point I can clearly see that my right hand is still under external control. It is not moving or it is moving. I dont know. Confusion rushes through my mind. I am unable to make my right hand do my will. I see a shadow arm phasing out of my right arm as I focus on regaining my control. At which point I slowly am able to move my hand at my own will.

This whole incident seemed to last for all of 3 minutes. I am truly not sure. I was more under the control of confusion then fear but this was def'ly the most fearful incident I have experience simply because never before has my body been taken control of. (I did sleep walk as a baby, if that means anything to any researchers out there)

It wasnt until 9pm this evening my wife told me I was shouting, "Who is doing this? Who the f#$k is doing this to me?" She said she has never seen me this scared. And after numerous previous incidents with many other forms of energies and 21 years of being a police officer I do not scare easily. I do not know where the shadow person went after the process. I can’t say if it was trying to cause me harm or not. I felt more like it was experimenting with me, like a toy, it was trying to figure out how to use.

If someone can provide me with some helpful effective means of ridding my house, my family and myself from this thing, I would be grateful. For note, this is not the first time I have seen shadow people. I normally give them none of my time. And even now as I type this email, I am aware of a presence and am seeing flickers of movement off to my right hand side right where this morning’s incident occurred. Please share my email as I wish to receive as much information as I can and also to reassure anyone that I can.

Eddie Smith
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