From: name withheld by request
Sent: Sunday, July 24, 2011 11:38:23 AM
Subject: Shadow

Well, in 2006 It all started after I moved in with my wife to be. We were all sleeping in our bed and out of habit I would use my feet to touch hers. I did so early in the morning and she was ice cold.

I woke up and touched her arm. Ice cold as well and she didn't seem to be breathing.

She was levitating from the waist up and there was an orb glowing over her. It was as if the orb was pulling her upright, but not all the way. The orb was the size of a large exercise ball

At the door was a shadow of a man with a hat and red eyes. I could see as plain as day. It was just standing there watching. Her arm was still cold and I refused to let go. I shook her to wake her up, but it was like she was dead.

I am a police officer, and I deal with dead bodies all the time. Her arm was stiff and tense like rigor mortis.

The shadow man just stood there until I spoke. I started "rebuking" the entities in Jesus's name. I was taught this by my 8th grade teacher in a public school in east Tennessee. I just never had to use it until now. The shadow began to vibrate. It vibrated at a super high frequency and began bouncing across the room pinging off walls until exiting through the window to my right.

The face on the orb looked up at me. It was like a face in a ball a swirling misty mountain clouds. The face became angry. I told it that only god could take my life. I kept rebuking and it rolled towards me, into me, and out of me and left the room.

But as it entered my body, my chest felt like a ton of bricks was on top of it. My body felt like I was hit with a taser gun that we use work. However I could still move and talk unlike the sleep awake state some people describe.

After it passed over me, I reached over to my wife and grabbed her arm again and she was warm. I woke her up to make sure and she went back to sleep. I stayed awake for some time before sleeping after that. My chest hurt the rest of the day after that.

In the morning, I told her what happened and she looked shocked. She explained that her room mate several years ago while in the military had told her the same description of a similar event. She had a similar decryption of the shadow guy.

Like I said before, I am a cop. A highly decorated one at that. And I see weird things on daily basis but not like this. I thought I was crazy. Everyone accused me of dreaming this except my wife. I had drawn a picture of the shadow person and searched for it online in 2006. I found an exact match under "demon". But it was just a man with a trench coat and a hat like a fedora hat but with a wider brim and red eyes like those little hooded sand guys from star wars. I'm not sure if it was good or evil. I have looked pure evil in the eyes at work several times and I didn't get that feeling.

I stopped telling anyone on the account that I might loose my job. Other weird things started happening after that. But I won't talk about it now.

I would not have said anything, but then I found all these pics of the same shadow guy here in 2011. How can we all have the same description when I had never shown that pic that I drew to anyone but my wife?

I had to speak up and say something.