Subject: My Experience
Date: 12/17/2007 4:31:28 P.M. Eastern Standard Time
To: The Official Shadow People Archive

I have previously posted this on the Above Top Secret website.

I am a cop and former Military Policeman. I work for a large midwest police department and have seen a lot, being that I have worked the toughest precincts. While in the military I had high security clearances and spent alot of time in the field. I've prefaced my experience with those facts in an attempt to head off some people who are quick to scream mental issues as an explanation to the unexplainable.

I was a member of the auto theft unit last summer, 2006, and we were running a bait car operations on a local interstate. The plan was to haul out a "junk" car onto the interstate berm and sit, wait and watch hoping a crooked tow truck operator would hook it as junk. I know some are thinking, "Why not throw a GPS on the POS and sit in the office instead of using the manpower to set up surveillance." That would be fine if we weren't afraid of losing a $4000 GPS, so we sit.

As procedures had it we were set up as a three officer team breaking the time down as seen fit by the officers.The thefts were taking place through the night so the shifts were only twelve hours. I took the first watch. Starting around 9pm I sat in a "blacked out" Taurus in a residential area watching a piece of crap car sit on an interstate. The time passed pretty quickly with a crossword, a Hollywood rag, and a decent game on the radio. Day turned to dusk and finally to night and the car just sat there.

My shift ends at 1am with not so much as a nibble on the bait car. I proceed to the nearest stop and rob and grab a pop, a Red Bull and a candy bar. Nutrition at it's best. My job now is to run chase car if the car is taken. I tried to stay close enough to an interstate entrance as to where I could jump on without creating any unwanted attention but I also needed a spot out of the public eye. It's embarrassing when a citizen makes a suspicious person call on you (but good because they don't take you as a cop). I chose a local park. It closed at 11pm, wide open for about 100 yards in all directions, and I could park facing the entrance making it quick to get on the interstate.

I got settled in after throwing down the Red Bull and letting my partners know where I was. The only light in the car was from the radio LED which shone green. Out of the corner of my eye I catch movement from the wood line. I think to myself, "I must be pretty hidden if the deer are coming at me". I try to adjust my eyes to the movement and can only pick up silhouettes that don't have shapes. There were five or six silhouettes and I was thinking about past deer seasons when something really strange happened. The objects separated and formed into what I can only describe as a military wedge formation. I immediately think that I am about to get ambushed or robbed. I stay still as I can while grabbing my mag-light and securing my 9mm. Hopefully the darkness hid my movement as they came closer. I know that within 50yds I can hit a target on the well lit range but from a car in the dark, I have to let them get within 10 yds to have a chance. Hopefully, they think I am sleeping so I'll at least I can initiate the action. The sweat was streaming down my face as the adrenaline started to dump. I waited as long as I could, then in one quick movement I raised my flashlight and gun together only for nothing to be there. Nothing. No movement, no mist, no nuthin'.

I know what I was seeing, even in the dark. I recognized the synchronized movement, caught them as they came from the woods and I had every sense of the night. I had not heard of shadow people working as a unit. Did I surprise them? Were they after me or did I happen onto something? All these questions arise when I go back to that night.



Bait Car
- Vehicle purposely left abandoned by law enforcement at the side of a road in an effort to apprehend car thieves.

Stop and Rob
- Police jargon for a 24 hour convenience store; especially those located in high crime areas.