From: Steve
Sent: Tuesday, July 7, 2015 8:01:55 AM

After a six month tour of Kosovo in 1999, I began to experience nightmares and anxieties around crowds of people. I attended a Military Hospital, were I was subsequently diagnosed with PTSD. Even given my diagnosis, I would describe myself as level headed and grounded in reality (PTSD is just a normal reaction to an abnormal situation). I was also devoid of any religious beliefs of any kind. For all that stereotyping is worth - I would describe myself as a typical 'squaddie'.

On one particular night, whilst I was at the hospital, something quite disturbing occurred, something that has quite literally changed my life. The hospital ward I stayed on comprised one long corridor with five, six man rooms on one side of the corridor (each room had three beds on the right and three beds on the left) and on the other side was the ward office and a shower/toilet. My bed was in the far left corner of one of these rooms.

One night I had gone to my room to lie down on my bed, not to sleep but out of sheer boredom. I lay on the bed in such a manner that I was on my back with pillows propping my back up at around 30 degrees. It was night time and the room lights were off. However, emergency lights were constantly on and so the room was dimly lit, making it relatively easy to distinguish objects at the other side of the room. After a second, perhaps two, of laying down I became extremely aware that a figure around seven feet tall (possibly up to 8ft) was leaning over me. The figure was wearing a hooded black cloak which covered its entire body, that's to say, no skin or facial features were visible. The figure came from nowhere, it never appeared (otherwise it would have startled me) and it never walked in to my peripheral vision (otherwise it would have attracted my attention) – it manifested in a way I’ve never experienced before – indeed, how does something get so close to you without appearing or moving towards you? This is really hard to explain because it does not constitute normal human experience.

As soon as I was aware of this figure I could not move, not through fear or being cold, but my motor skills were rendered inert - although I was able to move my eye balls. It was looking directly down at my torso and not my face, leaning awkwardly from the base of its back with its arms by its side. After a few seconds of being 'frozen' there was a bright flash in my mind and I immediately lost the ability to see with my eyes, within the flash was an image of a large and very pale ‘persons’ arm, and on the arm was a tattoo-like printing of a rod/staff with a snake wrapped around it. It is an image I will never forget. I can even tell you that the snake coiled around the staff in a clock-wise direction with its head appearing on the top right side of the staff. After the image disappeared so did the entity and full control of my body returned. I made a conscious decision not to tell anybody because of the nature of the place I was staying.

The next night at the hospital, at around 11pm I went for a shower. On leaving the shower room, I could see down the corridor a small group of people outside my room. As I approached the group it was comprised of a few nurses and another soldier that was staying in my room (middle bed on the right). I noticed that the soldier was in a severe state of shock - dilated pupils, pale skin, trembling hands and manic. With the two military nurses staring at me, he described a long cloaked and hooded entity leaning over my empty bed (while I was in the shower). There was another nurse in the room, sweeping around with a red filter torch, presumably looking for the figure. The symptoms of shock cannot be faked and I had not said a word to anybody about the night before. After that night I seen him the next morning, but then he was gone, I never seen him again.

Around a week later I was on leave from the army close to Liverpool. One night, after having an argument with my step father, I went to the back door of the house just to escape the tense atmosphere. Suddenly I noticed a luminous blue coloured orb around the size of a transit van (around 3 metres in diameter) hovering above the back garden (and I mean directly above the garden) at an altitude of around 80ft +/- 20ft (I could have hit it with a stone if I would of tried). Initially I thought I was seeing things. I called for my step dad to come to the back door to see this with me. Because of the argument we had just had, in normal circumstances he probably wouldn't have come, however, I think he could tell there was urgency in my tone of voice. When he arrived by my side I asked him if he could see it, to which he replied ‘yes’.

As soon as I asked him, the object, seemed to drop slightly, then from a stationary position, accelerated away at tremendous velocity. The object shot away without making a noise (no air displacement and no perceivable propulsion system) and roughly parallel to the ground. Straight away a second, identical, object came into view. The conditions that night were small fragments of isolated cloud dotted around, with large crystal clear areas of night sky visible. The isolated clouds were very low. The second object, at a higher altitude came up alongside the house and disappeared behind a small and isolated cloud to the right side of our house. Naturally both of us were expecting the object to re-appear on the other side of the cloud, roughly in line with its original course. This did not happen, as it disappeared behind the cloud we both became aware that it was going into the cloud again. It’s hard to explain but we watched this object go into the cloud again, in other words we were watching what we had already watched, without us seeing it come out of the cloud to go back in!!!!! We can’t even tell you were about it appeared before we become aware that we were watching what we had already witnessed (when the entity got to my bedside, it was the same king of odd manipulation of time/space). Sorry if you don't understand, because frankly neither do I.

So the second time the object went behind this cloud it did re-appear on the other side and as it did, it came to a halt and then it accelerated vertically upwards into the sky until it had disappeared (which took around a half a second). Now I believe that the luminosity of this object was such that it would have been visible in the night sky, at least at the average cruising altitude of a long haul flight (probably much higher though) say 30 000 ft. So that translates as ~ 9144 m. So it was travelling vertically at 18 288 ms-1, that is ~ 18.3 kms-1, that is ~ 66 000 km/hour or ~ 41 000 mph!! Further, I believe the second object negated the process of acceleration entirely and achieved that velocity immediately.

Finally, a third identical object, at around an alt of 80 ft +/- 10ft came along the side of the house (same initial course as the second object). However, when this object came in line with our house it turned sharply through 90 degrees and stopped right over me and my step dad. My step dad became frightened and went into the house. I stood for another minute watching this object, as I did, I noticed the air had a crispiness to it, almost like a static charge was in the air. On feeling this, I too became frightened and entered the house.

I believe that both experiences are related, I am almost certain of that and 13/14 years on it still bothers me.

I have had several people try to tell me that what happened in the hospital was sleep paralysis, the funny thing is I have had sleep paralysis many times, often when I am really tired, however, make no mistake, my experience in the hospital was not due to sleep paralysis (although similar I suppose). At no time was I under the influence of alcohol, illicit drugs or prescribed medications during these experiences.