From: anonymous
Sent: Monday, August 20, 2012 12:08:50 PM
Subject: Shadow Lady in Ypsilanti MI

After seeing your website I thought I would submit my experience as well.

I have only seen one shadow person. I was house hunting in the Ypsilanti MI suburbs with my Realtor. This was in 2004.

She took me to see a house in a large housing division. It was not green farms but it was around that area. We walked up to the house with no issues. Once we got into the house, I heard a loud "Who are you?" and "What are you doing in my house?". I looked to the right from the entry way and saw it was a kitchen. The outlay of the house was a small entry way with the living room to the left, the kitchen to the right, and the bedrooms, and den were in the back of the house. There was a dark human shaped figure standing in front of the sink which had a window view that looked out of the front of the house and the front yard.

Then it said, "Get out of my house!" Growing up, I lived in an occupied house (not shadows), so my first thought was there is no way I am buying this house. I looked over to my Realtor and she is just chatting up a storm totally oblivious to what it is in the kitchen. Basically she was telling me that the house was an amazing price and the owners were motivated to sell. I thought I bet they are motivated to sell. So we went back to the bedrooms because my Realtor would not take a "no, I am not interested" for an answer. The shadow did not follow. We then went back to the kitchen area and I looked at it from the doorway though my Realtor kept saying you really need to take a closer look at the lovely kitchen and see it has a view for when you are washing dishes. The shadow figure was still in front of the sink and was still upset we were in the house.

The gist I could figure out was that it was a woman. The impression I got was middle aged or older (but that was just from the voice). I don't think she knew she was dead and she highly resented other people tracking through her house without her permission. "She kept saying "This is my house!". "What are you doing in my house!" "Get out!" It seemed to be extremely hostile and ticked off. The shadow seemed to be stuck in the kitchen but who knows what would have developed over time if there was a family living there and more energy was available.

My Realtor just kept pushing this bargain of a house and seemed disappointed when I finally just said "absolutely not". I tried to discourage her from pushing this house on people by telling her I thought there were issues with the kitchen. I did not say what issues and she countered with "you did not even go in the kitchen". I did end up finding a nice house which was unoccupied without any additional tenants.

I should make a note that seeing beyond the veil, per say, (not exactly sure if this is a good description) runs in my family so I am guessing this is why I saw/heard it. I am a scientist (biology field) and yes, I believe in needing hard data but as I told someone once - when you see something and it is also staring back at you, then you have to just consider that some things just are and that one day, hopefully, we will have more definitive answers. Normally, I spend my life blocked and prefer it that way. However, when I have gone house hunting I have opened up to see what is there because practically I am not going to spend a great deal of money on a piece of property that has issues. As far as I know if there is something in a house (or place) it does not normally care if you believe in it or not. It will still interact (cause issues) if it feels like it.