From: Scott
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Sent: Tuesday, October 12, 2010 3:48:42 PM
Subject: Re: Kansas and Maryland

Hello again.

I wanted to conclude my experience with these things with the story of what happened in Maryland.

Again, I am a Military Brat, meaning my father was in the military and we traveled a lot to each of his assignments. He had returned from Vietnam and our new orders were in Wheaton Maryland. It was two years since my first run in with these shadows and I honestly didn’t think much about it any more.

When you are a military brat you get to start your life all over again at each assignment. This was no different. We had moved from Colorado Springs to this new town and gotten a nice house in the ‘burbs. Nothing remarkable about this place at all. However my mom and sister had gotten into astrology and séances. It was quite popular in that day, 1967ish to play with Ouija boards and such. I was in 3rd grade, and was into G.I. Joe and Matchbox cars. Quisp and Quake Cereal were just out and “Windy” was on the radio.

I need to describe the house a bit for any of this to make sense. The bedrooms were on the top story and all faced the same direction. When you opened any of the bedroom doors, you had a balcony that looked down into the living room which ran the length of the house.

We had lived there about 6 months or so when a strong storm came up one night. I was awakened and a dread came over me. I lay awake for a while frozen and sweating under the covers. I looked up and at the end of my bed was the perfect outline of a man but this time instead of black it was gray white and had no eyes like I had seen in Kansas.

All I knew at that time was pure terror and I needed to get to my parents room at the end of the balcony. The gray shape moved out of my room and onto the balcony and out of my sight. I made my move and jumped out of bed and to my door.

Once I was out of my door, my gaze was diverted by movement in the living room. Down in the living room were 5 or so of the outlined gray shapes moving around the room and through each other. They were like milling about and bouncing off of each other. With that I was even more frightened and looked up to go to my parent’s bedroom.

As soon as I looked up, there was one of them standing in the middle of the balcony, in front of my sister’s room. It was blocking my way to my parent’s room. I was determined to get there and walked up to it, closed my eyes, held my breath and walked through it.

It was freezing as I passed through. I kept walking and opened my parent’s door and crawled into bed with them until morning.

Over the next few years I saw similar things again, but not as pronounced as that night. It also opened my mind to the fact that there is a spiritual world, and there is something other than the tangible we deal with every day. This started me on a journey about spiritual things and the creation that we live in.

I knew if these things were real, and there was another dimensional world then I needed to explore the beautiful side of this instead of the dark sided path my mother had led us around. I found my path in Jesus and when in the Bible it talks about Him taking the Keys of Hades when he died and later rose from the dead, that was the light and beauty I wanted to be a part of.

By taking time to be still and not act in fear, I have found that the communion with the peaceful spirit of Jesus has led me to peace and a beauty I still explore to this day.

I’m not sorry that I saw these things, or that we had séances and called upon the dead and dark spirits. It just made it clear that they are real and that darkness is a very easy road for humans to pursue. The fresh spirit of love and peace and communion with the creator of the universe is a harder road but so worth the effort.

Well I’ve rambled on enough, and have given you the other part of this story.

Take care, and God bless.


Scott wrote two stories for the Archives. The one on this page and another titled Thunderstorm Shadow which took place in Kansas.