From: Scott
To: The Official Shadow People Archives
Sent: Monday, September 27, 2010 3:13:45 PM
Subject: Kansas and Maryland

Hello, I was surprised to find your site and even more surprised when I read some of the stories of the shadow people. They so closely fit my experience and a encounter which happened in Kansas and later in Maryland.

I would like to share my experience with what my sister and I saw back in Kansas around 1964.

I was in 1st grade and a military brat. My father had gotten orders again to go to Vietnam so my mom and dad had gone off on a vacation, just the two of them before he left. We were staying at a family friend outside of Fort Riley Kansas for what I remember was two weeks.

The house was a nice rancher with a basement and had huge shade trees out back. It was located on the edge of a farm. I can remember riding my bike down the gravel road to the next door neighbor’s house to play. It was a mile away, very rural.

We were having good time, for about week then one night it happened. We had a huge electrical storm. There were family members of the people we were staying with visiting for the weekend. The room I was staying in had two single beds and there were three of us staying in the room. Since I liked camping, I made a bed for myself between the two beds. My sister was sleeping down the hall on the living room couch.

I can only tell you my side of the story as fact and relay what my sister said second hand.

What I saw: It was night and we had all gone to bed. The storm was quite something with lighting and thunder as only Kansas can give. I was lying between the two beds but the storm and flashing was too much so I scooted up so I could lean against the wall. My head was level with the beds then with the window above my head.

The room would light up when the lightning would flash then go to dark. It flash and then dark, but this time there was something darker in the corner to my right. It was the perfect outline of a person with glowing eyes. The edge was very clear and sharp and the eyes were a yellow red.

I froze. My heart was pounding and I was scared stiff. It just stood there for a long time. When the lightening flashed, it would disappear. I stared at it and it back at me for a long time, then it moved. It didn’t move as a man would move but the silhouette image just traversed the room along the front of the bed, then my little nook and then past the second bed.

I should have looked down to see its feet but I couldn’t look away from the eyes. But then again I was a kid and didn’t have the rational of an adult. Heck, my world at the time was about Jonny Quest and G.I.Joes.

Anyway, it passed by the second bed and got to the door, which was closed. It passed right through the door! A few moments later I heard my sister scream. I freaked out after it had gone through the door and bolted out of my bedding nook and went to hide in the closet. There was a trap door in that room that was used to drop dirty clothes into the basement where the washer and dryer where.

Once my sister screamed and I was in the closet, the lights came on and the last thing I remember of the evening was bright light and hands trying to pull me out of the trap door. I guess I was trying to escape the fright I saw. I don’t know I don’t remember anything until the next morning.

My sister has told me that she was awoken by the storm and described what I saw too. She says it came down the hall and then right through the front door out into the storm.

The next morning at breakfast I started to mention it, but no one wanted to talk so I dropped it. Well until the 1990’s when my sister was visiting from out of town. We were talking about growing up and then she shared what she saw, and then I did.

Anyway, I wanted to contribute my little piece of the puzzle.

Take care, Scott

Scott wrote two stories for the Archives. The one on this page and another titled Spirit on the Balcony which took place in Maryland.