From: Alexandra
To: The Official Shadow People Archives
Sent: Friday, August 14, 2009 12:38:57 PM GMT -05:00 US/Canada Eastern
Subject: The Wise One

I decided to share my "Shadow people" story in the hopes that it will help you understand the nature of these mysterious beings.

First off, as I think about it, I think that I had seen a shadow person many years ago, when I and my sister were children.

It happened when I was awake in my bed, facing the door which was open. My sister was asleep. Suddenly I saw a head peak through the door. I could not make out any features, but could hardly see it. Being a child, I asked out loud, "Who is there?" I thought it might have been dad, checking up on us, but I received no answer. It was then that I started to feel the fear creep up on me, and the head just kept staring at me. I pulled the covers over my head in hopes it would go away. However, I could still feel the presence of someone watching me. That was years ago.

However, the other experience that I wanted to share with you happened a year ago. It was night again, and I was sleeping in the room we shared with my sister. (We lived in an apartment, but now live in a house.)

I woke up around 2 or 3 A.M. because of reasons unknown. Looking across from my bed, I saw a shadowy figure, full length, wearing what looked like a cloak, walking about. It emerged from the darkness of the corner of the room, and walked up to the edge of my sister's bed. I was looking at him in amazement, and noticed that he started writing something on his hand as he looked at my sister's sleeping form. Then, when he was done writing, he turned his head to me and we sort of looked at each other for a minute. I did not feel afraid or apprehensive, and I couldn't help but notice the serenity in the air. I don't know why, but my mind made up a name for him as we looked at each other. The name was "The Wise One".

Then he turned and walked back into the darkness from where he had come. A minute later, he did the exact same thing. And then again, and again. It was then that I noticed an abnormally looking shadow being lying on top of my sister. The shadow being was the size of a big dog. It didn't really do anything, as far as I could see, but it just stood there. Confused, I looked in front of me, and to my surprise I saw a blob-like shadow being sitting on my stomach. It looked a lot like a black blob. It was fairly small, and just stood there. Then I decided to try and sit up so I could see better, and as I moved, the blob moved. It was as if there really was something on the sheets, I was amazed. I thought it would go through or something, but it did not. It had its own mass. Out of curiosity I reached with my hand to try and touch it. As my hand got closer the air around it became extremely cold, until I reached its "core". It was freezing cold. I pulled my hand away, and the temperature returned to normal. Meanwhile "The Wise One" was doing his thing.

Deciding that I did not want to disturb them any more, I went back to sleep, not feeling the faintest panic or insecurity. I hope this helps in your search for understanding. I give permission for this story to be published on your site. You can also attach my name and email if anyone wants to reply.

Alexandra, Pennsylvania